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Keeping the Dead Alive

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

27 Janurary 2011 Lefke, Cyprus

(Translated from Turkish)

As-salaamu `alaykum! Welcome! Baba Tahsin, Karadeniz usagi, man of the Black Sea (Northern Turkey). The brother who serves in our presence. Eee, he also fixed his hair and beard, which means he’s trying to acquire Shaykhhood. (Mawlana Shaykh smiles) Doesn't matter...as a Shaykh, I’ll send him to the people of the Black Sea. If you don't like, throw him in the sea. Hah, but even if you throw him in the sea, he won’t fear and will swim like a fish. (Laughter)

As-salaamu `alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh. Haadiroon, those who are here, wa’l-ghaaiboon, and those `aqli-awwal (first minded) people who aren’t present but follow the world through this satanic device from afar. “Ah, Shaykh Efendi, you mentioned aqli-awwal. Is there aqli-thaani (second minded) ones too?” `Aqli-awwal, for example, is Cübbeli Ahmed Efendi. `Aqli-thaani, for example, is Ofli Husamuddin Efendi. We are saying this as an example.

People are in need of suhbahs. When they are in need of suhbahs...everything has a procedure and a protocol. The most important thing is for those who are haadir, present, to listen according to adab. Therefore, in this suhbah, without a doubt, we say, Bismillahi 'r-Rahmaani 'r-Raheem, which is Allah Almighty’s `Ismu Jaleel, Majestic Name! (Mawlana Shaykh stands.) Stand up! Don't sit like a bear! When we mention the Name of Allah jalla wa `alaa, stand up at least one time. You’ll make Allah Almighty pleased. And when we make mention of our Master, Rasoolu Kibriyaa (the Glorious Messenger), stand up, show your respect, glorify him; you’ll find honor in this life and in the Next. Therefore, we stood up now. A`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytaani ‘r-rajeem. May Allah protect us against Shaytan and its representatives. Bismillahi 'r-Rahmaani 'r-Raheem. Earth and Heavens stand firm through Bismillahi 'r-Rahmaani 'r-Raheem! Don't be a fool! (Mawlana Shaykh sits.)

We are weak servants; our strength is not sufficient for anything. It’s not sufficient. But the people of this era who’ve become wild, use their powers to oppress the weak. They don't say, "Let’s oppress Shaytan, let’s oppress the representatives of Shaytan," but they say, "Let’s oppress the weak, the disabled, the poor.” Whether these are men or women, they use their powers to oppress them. But they should know that they will not get away with it.

It is said: "None can escape from the punishment of evil actions." However, such a one, will make up things, saying, “I created the small mountains.” Some rubbish people, when they presume upon their shaytans above, they say, “We created the small mountains.” And the greater dragons amongst them, say, “We created the large mountains.” But in fact, in an instant, something comes over them and they fall down! "What happened? Hurry! Let’s take them to the hospital!" The doctors come and say, "O, our master is finished! There’s nothing we can do for him. We should leave him to his Creator. We step back now."

Some clever ones say, "No, let’s connect him to that machine: one battery from this side, one battery from that side, and another one from the other side. We should tell his relatives, 'Don't worry! Your father or your husband.is under control. We’ve put him into intensive care--a new, modern technological term--and we hope that he never gets back up, but keep connected to that machine. If it’s impossible for him to stand up, we can still keep him alive with the most modern technological equipment and you’ll feel calm and relaxed. Even if he stays alive for three or five days, it’s a benefit to you, but it’s an even higher profit for us doctors. Because this one is someone who is finished, whose sun has set and who reached his destiny. However, in what we call, Intensive Care, we use such kinds of tools and equipment to maintain it.’ We inform their children and families, ‘Look, there he is, still alive.’ We don’t let them go near him. We just show the patient through the pencere, window."

Through a pencere (window) or a tencere (pot), O Baba Tahsin? What do they look through from? (Mawlana Shaykh impersonates Baba Tahsin) "Shaykh Efendi, they look into the pot. Why should they look to the window?" They say, "How much is going to fall into our pot? This one is leaving but before

he leaves, they let us look through the window. But to look through this window is no use for us. We need to know what will enter in our pots! Besides, we don't want him to get up anyway; he has already reached his destiny. But these doctors keep fooling us, saying, ‘Leave a small amount flowing in our direction too.’” These are the things they are doing.

This is something that is touching them now. You deny the Hereafter? Okay, how far will you ride your horse? Up to which border? "To such-and-such border." Alright, when you reach that border and the current touches you, they’ll connect you to these machines in this room, whether you die or stay alive. And even if you do die, they have such capabilities with these new-way modern medicine where they can connect you and have you sit up. What did they do Baba Tahsin? "He entered into the oxygen tent."

O People of the Black Sea! Pay attention! Think deeply. Look, Baba Tahsin is one of you. My ancestors also come from that region. They consider us to be fools, huh? (Doctors say) "Look! Look, he’s alive! We enable them to live.” With what? “By inserting some wires and pipes from top to bottom and make it seem like they’re breathing. If they can’t speak, they make an eahh, eahh, eahh, eahh sound (moaning in pain). You know, like these dolls, Baba Tahsin. Haven’t you ever seen these dolls before? When you push on them, they give out a sound, the same as this: they have some instruments where they push and (the patient) lets out an eahh, eahh, eahh sound, whereafter the doctors say, “He can stand up within a week."

“How is it possible for him to stand up, yahu?”

“How would you like us to do it?”

“Just leave him, don’t help him up!”

“Don't worry. There are many others who come to this hospital. We’re not to keep your patient forever here. We just want to milk him a little bit to get our share, then we'll leave him to you. After that, do whatever you want. Throw or sell him, it’s up to you."

“But this one is in a condition where he can no longer be thrown or sold!”

What will happen then? He’ll get buried. His grave is awaiting. O you who think you are worth something! The soil, your grave is waiting for you too. Tell them not to go too far with their wildness.

One person’s curse may come upon them, and the arrow of unpredictable death will hit their heads and hearts, after which they won’'t be able to get up.

Be humane to humans. Be true. Be just. Say, "These too were created by Allah!" Don't make oppression! Police officers, don't oppress! Military Police, don't oppress! Soldiers, don't oppress! Governments, don't oppress! Bureaucracy, bureaucrats... One day you’ll be lowered into that pit and remain there alone! You’ll remain alone. Think!

This is a short suhbah. Who likes to wake up, wake up! They think we’re still at the start of the world. No, we reached the end of the world. We reached near the end of the world. Do you see these two fingers? (Pointing to his finger) If this is the lifespan of the world, we reached from here to here (from the base to the tip of the finger). There’s only a very tiny amount of time left.

What is the sign for that? People becoming wild and violent. If people have become wild, angry and violent, then from morning up to evening, await for the Day of Judgment to fall upon your heads. "There’s no such thing!" If there’s no such thing, you will soon see whether there is or not. Amaan yaa Rabbee! Please preserve us from bad endings!

O People, especially People of the Black Sea! We belong to them too. Beware! Keep your humanity. All prophets came and taught their people how to save themselves from wild characters so they may be clean, right, nice, and useful servants. You’ve thrown away all the teachings of the prophets! You don’t teach these in any of the schools.

O Bureaucrats! O Governments! There are events which you'll face. May Allah protect us from bad endings. Marhaba! These are just a few words, but it is an ibret, lesson for those who take advice. It is a suhbah. A life without suhbah is worthless.

The Ashaab (r), Companions of our Prophet (s), through sitting and listening to our Master’s (s) suhbahs, became Sahaabah ‘l-Kiraam, Noble Companions. And when their names are mentioned, we say, radiyy Allahu`anhum, "May Allah be pleased with them.” Which one of your elders do you use this for today? Is there anyone left amongst you for whom you could say, "May Allah be pleased with him"?

What a pity! Listen to the word of Prophet (s)! Listen to the word of haqq, Truth! Make Allah Almighty (swt) pleased so that He may put you in His Paradises, free you from this world’s torment and make your face enlightened in the Hereafter. Allah, yaa Rabbee! Tawbah yaa Rabbee, tawbah astaghfirullah! Tawbah yaa Rabbee! Tawbah yaa Rabbee, tawbah astaghfirullah!

We’ve become sinful servants, yaa Rabbee! Send us those servants of Yours who can prevent and prohibit us from committing sins, yaa Rabbee! We’ve fallen into all kind of sins. “Our hoca smokes”--it’s a sin. “The people drink wine”--it’s a sin. “They gamble”--it’s forbidden, it’s a sin. “They go to bad places”--it’s a sin. “They go to the beaches, men and women mixed”--it’s a sin.

Look into the Book. Don't read the book of Shaytan! Read the book that was sent by Almighty Haqq, Mawlaa Muta`al (swt)! Listen to the words of our Master (s). Try to be a human being, to reach Allah’s Presence with an enlightened face. If not, you’ll get the stick, countless times until you die. Then also in the grave, then on the Day of Resurrection, then on Siraat al-Mustaqeem--and if you fall down, you are in a worse situation! Amaan yaa Rabbee!

In the past, they used to teach these type of things, but now they don't teach anymore. It is said, "If you don't teach, sooner or later you’ll get punished for it!" The ones at the top, who are responsible for the government, for the country, they have to state the prohibited actions in form of rules and say, "This is a sin. It’s the law; you're not allowed to act like this," and, "This is a good action, you must do it.” If you don't do this, you'll face difficult times.

The teachers of this time are not able to say anything. They ask, "What can we say, O Shaykh Efendi? We’re obliged to say what we’ve been ordered to say."

“Yahu! The government does not command. Emir, commandment is only for Allah Almighty and His Beloved (s). That is what you have to keep."

"But they don't leave us to act like this."

"If they don't, then pass that responsibility to them and say, 'Take and do it! We may go.'"

May Allah forgive us.

Marhaba! This was a short suhbah. What shall we do? Through such suhbahs, people come to know, love, understand, and help each other. Otherwise, they remain wild. Tawbah yaa Rabbee, tawbah astaghfirullah. There are also some who are unhappy with these suhbas. But what shall we do? If those resentful people give me a salary, they shall leave to pay it! (Laughter.) Whatever he’s unhappy about, may it turn back and come on his head! Tawbah Ya Rabbi!

O People of the Black Sea! Be careful, keep your religion! Stay away from things that religion prohibits, otherwise, you’ll be in regret. Tawbah yaa Rabbee, tawbah astaghfirullah!

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmaani 'r-Raheem.


Live long, live long! Raise the banner of Islam and don't fear anything. Be a servant to Allah and an ummah to Prophet (s)! Ameen. May Allah (swt) provide us a happy and good ending.