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Heavenly Secrets Embedded In Numbers

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazam al-Haqqani (q)

25 September 2009 Lefke, Cyprus

After Salat-al-Jumu`ah

O people! Say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, la ilaha ill-Allah, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, wa lillahi'l-hamd! Allahumma salli `ala Sayyidina Muhammadan Nabiyyina wa Habeebuhu...

O people, O people! Say a`udhu billahi min ash-Shaytani'r-Rajeem. Bismillahi'r-Rahmani'r-Raheem.

Shaytan biggest enemy, terrible enemy, dangerous enemy for Mankind. That is Shaytan. Always ask a shelter from Allah Almighty. If Allah Almighty sheltering someone it is impossible to harm that one. May be millions of Shaytan, can't do anything; if Allah almighty sheltering one servant of him, millions and billions of Shaytan can't harm that one. O people! Therefore run to Allah Almighty's shelter. You shall be in safety here and hereafter.

I am a weak servant, and a weak and old one, but yet my master that, in Arabic words qutb, Qutb al-Mutassarif, making such a weak servant who can't walk if two people not helping him. I am a weak one and I am crying that my days just going to end and I am not doing anything to make my Lord happy with me. Only I am running to His most beloved, most glorious one in His Divinely Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (s). For his intercession, his shafa`ah and I can't reach to that most glorious one. But they making me to reach Qutb al-Mutassarif, the pole of this world who can do as it is written on the Preserved Tablet. And I am running to him that he was my, our Grandshaykh, yet he is on his power. That one only going to be one. One. And he is Sultan for this world.

Allah Almighty's ikram (generosity, grants) granted me to be His useless and weak servant, so useless one. But we are looking at the real mission, real position, reality of Creation, and that is something just put through my existence, through myself, as they like. That is a biggest grant they granted to such a weak servant! And I am so useless one and lazy one. Doesn't matter, with useless they can do as they like, anything.

You are coming here from long distances, Allah blesses you. They are looking for His blessings coming on a servant after divinely forgiveness. If my Lord forgiving, then His blessings open door to ourselves. And I am sitting here ashaming, but it is an order from my grandshaykh to sit down and address the servants of Allah Almighty.

O people, help me. O people, I help you. As much as possible you must try to help each other through Divinely Order, "O My servants, help each other to do good things. I created you and I..." (Mawlana Shaykh sneezes) You know how you are making habshoo (sneezing)? When you are making habshoo, you are never knowing, it is beyond our will power, and you cannot stop it whether you like it or not! You never know, then you are making habshoo! (laughing)

From Grandshaykh, I am not going up, I am only approaching that one who is representing Adam on Earth. Because Adam was created to be deputy and billions of his children or descendants, they are also candidates to be Allah Almighty's deputies, the highest rank for Creation, just we have been granted. When Adam appeared from unseen worlds, how he is coming and proving himself, saying, "I am that one. My Lord created me and He crowned me to be His deputy on this planet, on this Earth, on dunya."

Sayyidina Muhyideen ibn al-Arabi, one deepest ocean, was saying, "How many Adam just created? And this Adam, what is his number? Which number of Adam?"

O people, you are (big?) creatures, just granted to you an honor from pre-eternal up to eternal. One coming, passing, another coming, passing, another coming, passing without stopping. If Allah Almighty has only one dunya, so poor. (Mawlana Shaykh laughs) He is not poor? Yes, O people. What Sayyidina Muhyideen said not everyone can understand, as an elementary schoolboy cannot understand university teachings.

And Allah Almighty putting some reasons and some secret signs and keeping and showing for Mankind some secrets through some numbers. Why, I am asking people, why numbers beginning after zero? 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and stopping and beginning anew 11 to 19, 20, 21…30, 31, 32…40, 41, 42? Some heavenly secrets just the Lord of Heavens putting through nine raqams, numbers. You must say at least nine signs of numbers, they are like nine endless oceans!

O people. Leave jahiliyyah (ignorance) and come and ask something. Look in Holy Qur'an. You must look in Holy Qur`an and Holy Qur`an you may recite it as it is written, but sultan of the time we are in it now, he was saying for some signs for deepest oceans. Bismillahi'r-Rahmani'r-Raheem, alif, lam, meem: three letters in Arabic, each one deepless and endless oceans! Therefore, I heard from such a sultans that they are sultans of `ilm, knowledge. They are not doctors. They are not doctors, but they are as Allah Almighty bi idhnillah, granting to them such a positions and saying, SubhanAllahi ‘l-`Aliyyu 'l-`Adheem, sharaf, who are taking knowledge from secrets of numbers as well as secrets of letters. And saying that Huuuuuu... whom they have been granted something that lam yudhkar, (not to be mentioned) so small things whom they granted, Allah Almighty honoring them by saying ista'idh billah, inamaa yaksha` Allah min `ibaadihi 'l-`ulama. Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala, He was praising them with a rutba, a title for them, "`ulama". But now in our time whom they are trying to learn something is `alaman kafaratu`l-fajara "on the footsteps of unbelievers", unbelievers and no-mind ones for thinking.

They are preferring to be called doctors, but doctors from where? "From Sorbonne, I have graduated, a degree." Or from Oxford or from Toronto or from Mexico or from Rome. Leaving that honorable title and saying themselves, they are "doctors". Donkeys hashakum, laughing to those people that, swearing at them, saying, "You are lower than our levels. Allah, Your Creator giving to you such an honor, saying inamaa. yaksha` Allah min `ibaadihi 'l-`ulama, taqshair quloobahum, "their hearts shivering when they are reciting Holy Qur`an and pouring from heavenly knowledge their hearts, and their hairs standing up. That is Kalaamullah, the Lord's divinely words, we may say Lord's heavenly words, because no one can be able to reach Divinely Presence except one. But people they lost their faith, they lost their mentalities. No more balance with them for scaling reality, and becoming their levels under the levels of animals.

And animals yadhaku `alayhim, laughing to those people, saying, '"You are Mankind? Speak. I may speak." Particularly donkey, very proud with its sound. How we making donkey sound? (a murid brays) We are doing exactly what our Lord--Who is putting that secret power that never granted to others--that (is) granted to donkey, so it is happy making that sound. But people are not appreciating, making a takbir, showing that appreciation for what Allah Almighty granting to them, that is jahlun `ameeq (deep ignorance)! People now thinking they are at top of knowledge, but their degrees are under the level of donkeys! Donkeys knowing Who created it, while so many people graduated by Sadanas are saying, "No!" Oh, people your degree is according to your mentality and understanding; as long as your understanding getting up, you are coming more closer from heavenly levels, and we are not saying there is no Divinely Presence!

Try to learn. Don't waste your time with something that never giving to you honor here or Hereafter. The Seal of Prophets (s) had been asked afdalu 'l-`amaal, from servanthood, best servanthood, and his reply was, al-`ilmu billah. That was the highest honor for Man: to know something from Divinely Being only. But our level on heavenly level is to know more and more and more about the Lord of Creation (al-`ilmu billah). People running after useless things to learn, and they are leaving something to learn a high level of knowledge for understanding Prophet (pbuh) and then Allah (swt) on heavenly levels.

Therefore, as a nisbah (proof) of what we are saying now, it had been said that two raka`ats from Rasulullah (s) if put on a scale on one side, and whole nations `uboodiyyah (worship) was put on the other side, two raka`ats from Seal of Prophets (s) going to be much more heavy from whole nations and their worshipping. Why? Because he was praying to his Lord, Allah Almighty, according to his knowledge. Therefore, just granted to his two raka`ats, just pray as whole nations prays and they never reaching to that point. For example, two plates, one plate you are putting one crown and it is a real one, and second scale, just put a plastic crown for ourselves. If whole plastic crowns, what should be its price, its value beside that one? For that he just had been granted by his Lord a divinely crown. And others, all of them, have offered prayers, but not real prayers, it is imitations. Can be same as a real one? No.

We are asking a question (from that murid). If there is here one beautiful one, living one, lady here and in front of it, second side a plastic one that they are putting, to which one you are running? (Mawlana Shaykh laughs) Ooohh very happy! Ooohhh. Yes. Try to reach reality and real `uboodiyya, worshipping. And try to reach heavenly servanthood, that you should be granted according to that level, a grant from the Lord of Creation. No one caring (for) a plastic mannequin, but there is some mannequins coming, going, coming, going.

"O my darling, how is that one?'"

"Which one, O my darling?''

"That one. "

"O her clothes so beautiful, can I dress it?"

"Which one O my darling?"

'"That one passing, going, coming."

He so happy to see dhafila, a fashion show. "Ehhhhhh, ohhhhhh, eehhh, ohhhh," he is going to forget everything (looking at those pretty women)! "Ehhhhh, ehhhh, mmmmmm, ehhhh, is so beautiful one, ehhhh, emmm, ehhhhe."

You understand my English, O people? Leave plastic things and run to reach a real one. There is imitated paradise, and there is also higher levels of paradises. And there is paradise for animals also. That is haiwaniya, whom they are on the level of animals, they should have a paradise also, but they were running with animals, not going up.

O people! Try to learn about heavenly beings. Try to know Who created heavens and their levels and how many they are. O people, don't be ignorant! Don't be heedless! Be waken up! They think they should reach a happy life with such a thing? Only (that mureed) happy with this. O people, including me (Mawlana gestures to himself), I am happy also!

May Allah forgive us. 'Eid is finished, and try to reach that every day is going to be 'Eid and every day coming in another appearance of Jalaal wal-Jamaal. Haqq! May Allah forgives us. Fatiha.

Something that just they are putting through my heart, they are making me to address to you on our level. But there are so many levels we can speak on through their levels,according to their levels, to their understanding levels. Common people are nearest ones to animal world. Fatiha.

(Mawlana Shaykh sings)

Allahumma salli wa sallim `alaa Nabiyyina Muhammad `alayhi's-salaam

Salaatan tadoomu wahtuhda ilayh ma marra'l-layaali wa toola 'd-dawaam!

Allahumma salli wa sallim `alaa Nabiyyina Muhammad `alayhi's-salaam

Salaatan tadoomu wahtuhda ilayh ma marra'l-layaali wa toola 'd-dawaam!

Allahumma salli wa sallim `alaa Nabiyyina Muhammad `alayhi's-salaam

Salaatan tadoomu wahtuhda ilayh ma marra'l-layaali wa toola 'd-dawaam!