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Islam Teaches Mankind to be Doers of Good

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

22 September 2009 Lefke, Cyprus

(Mawlana Sultan al-Awliya stands)

Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar la ilaha ill-Llah

Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, wa lillahi 'l-hamd

You are our Lord! You are Sultan! You are Creator! O our Lord, send us heavenly support for the honor of most honored one. O Rasulullah! You are representative for the Lord of heavens and we are asking blessings through the majestic and glorious of your position, O Seal of Prophets, O most beloved and praised one and we are saying Bismillahi’r-Rahmani’r-Raheem, according to high command of heavens.

And we are saying to whole people whom they are living on this planet, as-salamu `alaykum. Who are accepting our salute, is salute of heavens. Who not taking care they should be in bad position in here and hereafter. O people as-salamu `alaykum. May Allah forgives us.

(Mawlana Sultan al-Awliya sits)

O people! I am a weak servant and I know nothing and my willpower belongs to heavenly beings. I don't do anything or I can't do anything through my will, but when heavenly Will, what He is changing my face through six directions, just appearing a new, a new vision. If I am looking on my right side, a new vision. I am looking in front, just appearing a new vision. On my up and down, back and front, always there are so many visions, countless visions appearing from unknown, unknown oceans of creation. And I am a weak servant, no will for me. I am ashaming to prepare something from my side and to speak to you. I am really ashaming. But leaving myself in the hands of holy people and I am saying, "O my Lord's beloved servants let me to address to our Lord's servants." Yet we are servants, even we are running away from servanthood. Running away from servanthood to be slaves for a slavery life.

Thousand and thousand times I am asking forgiveness from our Lord not to leave ourselves to be in the hands of Shaytan and its slavery. O people! The Lord of heavens just created you to be honored ones by being His servants and also warning through His prophets and holy ones, not to run after slavery. Yes, it is a short time for our being on this planet, on this world. Very short time. A short time. And the Lord of heavens ordering and Lord of heavens, through that short time asking from His servants, “O My servants! Come to Me! I may dress you a dress of honor. That dress of honor belongs to heavens. Come and put on yourself My heavenly dress of honors.” Angels coming from heaven.

O people! You are getting (out) from your moms' wombs to be your Lord's servants. O people! Don't run after slavery. And slavery is the way of Satan, Sadanas, and coming to fall into darkness, into dark holes and never appearing again. If person falling into black holes, one of them, and black holes countless, you must know that if you fall into it, impossible to again come into existence. That is important. And I am leaving my willpower in the hands of candidates of heavens. I am leaving my willpower, I am putting my willpower in their hands and I am saying, “O my Lord's holy servants, please accept us and we are asking to follow you.” That is the essence of whole holy books, Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and also the Seal of Prophets just granted the Holy Qur'an from heavens. How people should put their steps, where they should put their steps and where steps will carry them. And that is teaching of whole holy books.

O people. Look if it is strong one or not. Don't step on no good place that can't carry you. You may fall down, down. You are finishing, no one can help you here and hereafter. That is the summary of whole holy books. And one way the holy books saying, asking to teach whole people living on this planet. O people , saying, وَتَعَاوَنُواْ عَلَى الْبرِّ وَالتَّقْوَى - wa ta`awanoo `ala al-birri wa't-taqwaa, Help ye one another in righteousness and piety." (5:2). That is one verse that it is just blessed ones. So brilliant, to show people real being of Lord's servants. He is commanding, “O My servants, I am offering to You only two things. You must try to be good ones. I am asking you to be good ones, good servants. And asking to yourselves, this one is a good man. And second of that is the holy books."

Holy Qur'an, saying which command is against humanity? Say! Whole believers. Say! Unbelievers. Say! Buddhist people. Say! People living east and west, say what is wrong in Holy Qur'an. If taking only five verse,... giving a summary of prophecy and heavenly teaching or - another word (training, instruction) training for people, that everyone can keep through their minds so easy. O people! be good ones! O people! don't be bad ones! If anything wrong in Islam people just lose their humanity. What is wrong with their holy books? Just saying as a summary for whole prophets and their missions, except to say O people! come and become good ones. O people! come and don't be bad ones. That is whole heavenly teachings. Heavenly teachings. Asking our Lord from Italians, finding Pope any wrong thing in Holy Qur'an? Bishops and rabbis finding a wrong thing in Holy Qur'an? Saying, "O people come and be good ones!" From Old Testament to New Testament, what other thing just mentioned?

In Islam to be a good one, the Seal of Prophets, most honored one, most powerful one for teaching nations, he is saying, "O people, come and become a good one,” and he is showing how way to be good ones. Yes. What is details that we can offer to people if they are asking, “How are we going to be good ones?” Just Islam bringing five hundred ways to be a person good one. Even if a person taking a thorn from the way of people, that is a good one. If any person may stop himself from drinking that is the way of being a good one. Because drinking taking away our minds and our balance. Anyone who drinking, no balance for him. He can't do anything because they haven't any balance, may burn, may destroy, may be a bad thing because no balancen when they are drinking. If not stopping, My heavenly whip coming on you.

Everyone now are drunk ones. Once I was asking to this person, "From where you are coming?" and he said, “I am from Ireland.” And I am looking that in the city of London such a gigantic city mostly the workers and helpers they are from Ireland, they are humble ones, good ones. Good hearts. But that person saying, “O my teacher, O holy one.” I am saying, “I am not holy one. I am a person on whom the last level of mankind. And holiness, that asking Lord of heavens, that is high! Don't say to me 'holy one'.” Doesn't matter, you may be a holy one. But, as you said, they are very humble people, they are dhu himmah, active people . We are humble but active, we like to do, and people say, "Irish ones, they are good ones." Say, "O my Lord's servant," and I was saying, "I hope and I am trying to be my Lord's servant, so mostly I am running from Lord and running to slavery, so I am not accepting that I am good one."

(He said:) "Oh we have such good qualities, only we are drunk. And therefore when we are drinking, day and night we must drink. Therefore as long as we are drinking no balance for ourself. We are going to be only lowest level, they are putting on ourselves. For what reason? Because we are drinking, you are drunk.

And I am sorry to say, even Muslim people are drinking and they are losing balance, no balance for them. And drinking people they are following devils and no balance for humanity, they are only following devils.

And whole humanity now are under control of devils. And not knowing what is good and bad for them, they are only drunk ones and they are cheating and making every bad things. And they are saying, "We are number one people," but they are only hurting people, killing people, making them down.

But we are hoping Lord of heavens ordering justice and ordering to be merciful for everyone and ordering everyone must keep respect for everyone without looking if that one going to be poor one or slave one. Must give their rights, must give, we must keep their respects because the Lord of heavens respected the children of Adam and He likes that everyone to be respected. O pope! O bishops! O Dalai Lama and Buddhists, O Rabbis! You must understand this or heavenly lightning coming on you and making you a pole, taking you. And now just prepared on heavens, asbaaba al-qahar, reasons of punishment should take - take away. The Lord of heavens is angry with people living on earth, saying no balance and therefore preparing heavenly armies to take from people. Beware O people! Everything you invented coming against you and taking billions, not millions, taking people away. O people beware! Beware Shaytan, and try to run away from slavery and you should be under protection, or heavenly revenge coming on you and taking you away.

And we are saying:

(Sultan singing)

dome, dome, dome, dome, dome, dome

O mankind!

Come and become

a good one

for your Lord's command

here and there you should be

under Divinely protection

and He is going to give

His blessings to youuuuuu

Huuuuuuuuuuu Huuuuuuuuu

dome, dome, dome, dome

dome, dome, dome, dome

dome, dome, dome, dome

dome, dome, dome, dome

dome, dome, dome, dome

dome, dome, dome, dome

every singing only for You

every singing through heavens

only for Your Majesty

O our Lord forgive us

through this holy days

in our lives

Huuu Huuuu

Huuu Huuu

dome, dome, dome, dome

dome, dome, dome, dome

dome, dome, dome, dome

dome, dome, dome, dome

dome, dome, dome, dome

dome, dome, dome, dome

Fatiha (39 minutes, Sayyidi)

MSN singing:

Time is over

you must know it

time is over

you must follow this

time is over

the life of this planet

you must know it

not to be drunk ones

keep your minds good

dome, dome, dome, dome

dome, dome, dome, dome

Ant'Allah O Allah, Ant'Allah

You are our Creator

and our Lord

dome, dome, dome, dome

and we are praising

whole glory

from pre-eternal to eternal

just for You

O our Lord

who created us

and we are happy

to be on Your way

the way to make ourselves

to be good ones

in Your Divinely Presence

Huuu Huuu Huuu Huuu

Huuuuuuu Huuuuuu

dome, dome, dome, dome

dome, dome, domedom

dome, dome, dome, dome

dome, dome, dome, dome

dome, dome, dome, dome

dome, dome, dome, dome

whole praising for You

whole glory for You

and You are most powerful

and mighty One

nothing before You

and comes nothing after You

Youuuuuu, Youuuuuu

Youuuuuuu, Youuuuu

only Youuuu

Youuuuuu, Youuuuuu

Youuuuuu, only Youuuuuu

Youuuuuu, Huuuuuuu

Huuuuu Huuuuu

You are only Huuuuuuuuu

You are only Huuuuuuu

Huuuuuuuuu Huuuuuuuu

Huuuuuu Huuuuuu

time is over

dome, dome, dome, dome

dome, dome, dome, dome

dome, dome, dome, dome

we are happy with our Lord's

greetings for us

Allah Allah

Allah Allah

Allah Allah

O Allah

Allah Huuuuu