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Is Your Heavenly Passport for the Right Hand or Left Hand?

Sultan al-Awliya

Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani

17 January 2010 Lefke, Cyprus

(Mawlana Shaykh stands.)

La ilaaha illa-Llah, La ilaaha illa-Llah, La ilaaha illa-Llah Muhammadur Rasoolullah alayhi ‘s-salaatullah. A`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytaani 'r-rajeem. That is our first words we must say and we must ask protection from our Lord and as our master, Sayyidina Muhammad (s) is controlling everything on this planet. SubhaanAllah, everything in this world is glorifying You! O our Lord, forgive us, forgive us (because) we are ignorant ones, we are heedless ones, and we are not taking care for learning for here and Hereafter. (Mawlana sits.)

As-salaamu `alaykum! O servants for the Lord of Heavens, beware for everything that may harm you here and Hereafter. Who is heedless person? Heedless person who is never knowing what is for him and what is against him. Heedless never differentiating if this is poison or that is against poison. That is heedless one, not knowing which thing is for him and which one is against him. You must be knowing which thing is for you and which is against you. It is only for a very short appearance on this planet, but it is for you or against you. If that harming only for people here, doesn’t matter. But if it is going to be forever, that is terrible, that is terrible! Therefore, you must try to learn what it is against you forever.

This life is going to be ended by death, you are going to be brought to another level of existence through seven heavens. You cannot imagine its wideness and its length and width. Anyone, anytime you can be taken from this level through death, and you will be taken to another level, higher or lower. We are here, we are looking and seeing that whole people on same level. But people are not understanding what has been said through holy messages addressed to them. They are thinking that here whole people on same level. May be, by looking with naked looking .. but any time you have been taken from this level to another level, which level you are going?

Enlightened levels are countless and dark levels countless also. You must think on it. From this level on this planet, we are looking at everyone on same level. Doesn’t matter what thinking, but it is important what you will be finally, in which direction you are taken, on Right Hand or Left Hand? Because you will find when you are coming out this life, you are coming out (from one of) two entrances: one enlightened, another one dark. Perhaps, no doubt that people will run to enlightened side, but angels going to make them to stop. “Stop, we shall look if your passport for this way or for that way.”

O Our Listeners, think on it! With each passport you are passing from this life, from this level now that you are on it. With which passport you are getting out? May be appear out-looking (cover) is same color, but angels looking, “Your way it is not on this side, Right Hand, enlightened, no. It is written that you are not granted to go this way. Your passport showing that you are going on that (Left Hand) way. Go quickly there!” and taking you there.

Marhaban, O Salafi `ulama! You are saying such a thing, “You may see such commentaries through our books.” If you are not seeing, use (magnifying glass). Look, I am not bringing this from my father’s shop, no. It is written through Holy Qur’an and you are saying, “We are knowing Arabic better than you.” You are knowing, but not understanding. Heavenly addressing, you know where it will be? Where people going to be stopped? From where going and angels looking to their passports, which way it is written for them? Look and do what is ordered to you through his passport, because passing from this level to another level, you must look which direction he is going now.

Yes it is written, you are going to be stopped. Antum, yaa Salafi `ulamas, antum ka-dhaalik, angels keeping you. Mala`ikatu'r-rahman maamooroon bi tawdeeh amthaalikum, thumma bidu yashoofoo ayyi jihhah. (The angels of the Most Merciful are ordered to check on those like you, then they want to see which way you are going.) Because through passport just written, ‘this passport is valuable for this country, that country, this continent, that continent.’ And through your passport, angels looking and seeing, “Yes, it is not written for you to go this way, you must go that way.” For Iblees it is written, quarrelling. Look after for more. Have you reached an amaan, safety, that you are going in Right Hand level or Left Hand level? Don’t be proud ones!

We have been ordered to show ways of believers and also we have been ordered to address unbelievers. They are looking that after a while they are leaving this life and after a while they are disappearing. Where they are going? Where they are going? Muslims or non-Muslims. They must bring a jawaaz as-safar, passport, on first page of passports it is written, “It is a grant, this one granted for traveling everywhere, for Right Hand.” Some of them written, “That one never granted for never granted for reaching to Right Hand level, no.” You know it?

If you don’t know, you must cry sometimes and you must say sometimes, “O our Lord, keep ourselves and keep our safety that we may go on Right Hand when we are leaving this life, and that we may enter from Right Hand on heavens.” That is important, but people forget it. Shaytanic teaching try to make people not to believe in anything! Salafi `ulamas, why you are not ordering a war declaration to Shaytan and whom following Shaytan?

O People! Come and say about yourself, what do you want? And you Salafi `ulamas, you must say, “We are declaring a war against Shaytan and shaytanic people.” Why you are not saying? Why you are not teaching through your schools? You are teaching physics and mathematics and what is the benefit for you if you are knowing, or not knowing? But you must prepare yourself for Last Day, in which direction you are going to be taken. Are you going for Right Hand or Left Hand? Showing on your passport, if showing Right Hand levels of heavens, it is rahmah, Mercy Oceans.

If not, coming a heavenly announcement, “That servant was not a real servant, he was going against holy commands of the Lord of heavens, always fighting against the Creator’s commands. Take him away.” The Right Hand it is rahmah, mercy oceans. Left Hand, that is for unbelievers, that it is written through their books that one never asking their ways after death where they are going to be sent. "Take him to left hand and let him to disappear!" (Allah Almighty is saying,) “I don’t like to be with someone that denying My Lordship and following Shaytan the worst enemy for them. I don’t like to see them away and put them in a darkness world that never can be seen, forever." O Allah, Amaan Yaa Rabbee!

O Allah! O Allah! O our Lord! What is going to happen to His servants, and His judgement is just one-hundred percent okay. O servants, what you are saying, that you are passing this life and you are passing to second level of life after death? Deer baalik, Take care for this very important point!

O Salafi `ulamas, what you are saying to people? You are saying this and that. No. Important advice is to say to people, “O people, beware of Shaytan! Beware not to fall into darkness levels of life.” Why you are not saying? Say to them that oil never saving you or gold never going to save you or jewels never going to save you from falling into darkness, that level, worst level of levels coming! We don’t know if early morning coming or night time coming, we don’t know if after sleeping we are getting up. We are in fear for this, but you are not looking and you are not keeping the orders of Sayyidina Muhammad (s), ad-deenu naseeha, "religion is advising people." (Mawlana stands and sits.)

O Salafi `ulama, you must show ummah right way and you must try to wake up heedless people where they are going, not to be cheated by Shaytan’s tricks and traps. O Salafi `ulama, you know that from east to west, north to south, shaytanic maahads, shaytanic education making people to move on wrong direction! Why you are not saying to people, “Everything you are bringing from western countries to teach your citizens (is harming them), because you are saying, ‘We are not as before, poor ones, now we are rich ones. We are millionaires, billionaires, or trillionaires, so we must not do for our children as our ancestors were doing with old-fashion, we must take new fashion.’”

Why you are not waking up your governments, your sultans? Why you are not waking up, because those people running after new fashions from Shaytan. Only saying this is bida`. Now whole Islamic world filled with colleges, institutes, universities. I am refusing!!! I am denying all of them!!! All new fashion under my feet!!! I am not accepting!!! We are Muslims and our fashion always new, because Allah Almighty sending the best ways of learning!! Why you are not saying to your presidents, maliks, kings? All of them working to be new-fashion people.

New-fashion people under feet of awliya!!! If not changing, whole world going to burn!! Islam is reality, for reality you can’t say new-fashion or old-fashion. Islam is a reality and you must try to teach your children reality of Islam and glory of Islam and its greatness, bigness. You must do this and if not, reaching to you something as a punishment in this life. I am only warning whole Muslim countries. Take away new fashions, and who liking new fashions, send them away to Europe or to western countries.

What are you doing? You are claiming you are Salafi `ulama, but if Salafi `ulama coming they are doing like you, not speaking?!! For whom is warning from Prophet (s) it is very heavy warning. You must speak truth so that you will be in safety. If not, punishment is ready to fall on your heads here and through graveyard and to Last Day, the Day of Resurrection.

O People! Look someone that they are reminding you of the reality of Islam. You cannot find in Islam new fashion. Islam is not a fashion, it is a reality. Take care if saying, “new fashion schools”, “new fashion clothes.” No, it is not like that! You must say what is Islam, the Lord of Heavens just ordered to His servants. Never the Lord of Heavens saying to them, “You may follow new fashions.”

“O my darling, these clothes is new fashions that is 2010. I must change my dressing because it is new fashion now 2010. What do you say o my darling?”

That is their muhimmah, importance, every year bringing a new fashion. What is new fashion? Every day you are going to be like carcass! They are not thinking that after a short or a little more time passing they are going to be like a carcass. You can’t look at them, you are covering and putting in their graves, not to be seen.

“O my darling, you are going to get new fashion clothes. I am making a will and you must dress me every week or every season new fashion clothes on my dead body and you are making me very happy. Why you are not doing?”

“O my darling, you are speaking such a thing and I am looking to you new clothes. O my darling, I am looking to you like my grandfather.”


“Because ladies, we are always new ones, but you are getting to be old one. We are new-fashioned people and you are old-fashioned one!”

(Mawlana Shaykh bows) Maashaa’Allah, maashaa’Allah, alhamdulillah, yaa Rabbee! That Allah (swt) is granting us for speaking such a thing that everyone knowing but not remembering, may Allah forgives us.


(Speaks with Mawlana Shaykh Hisham and Hajjah Naziha on phone. Mawlana is so happy!)

Yaa Rabbee!