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Imam Mahdi (a) Will Appear in Sham ash-Shareef

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

14 March 2012 Lefke, Cyprus

(Translated from Turkish. Visit with Bosnian Guests)

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem.

(Guest: Do you have a message for Adnan Hoja? [a reference to Harun Yahya])

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem, before you start anything, say, “Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem.” Our spiritual son, Adnan Bey, Salaam Allahu `alaykum, and salaams to all who follow you. Also salaams to all the people of Islam. May Allah Almighty reward him and reward you also for thinking of us and making this service for us.

My strength is not too much. The matters that need to be spoken are given to his heart. He may go on and wait, and those who are with him may wait also as the time is near when everybody’s reality will be revealed. He may look like a civilian, but only upstairs they know what he really is. There are very few downstairs (in dunya) who know.

Our Prophet (s) said:

Wa astaqeemu...

Steadfastly maintain... (Surat ash-Shuraa, 42:15)

Be steadfast on the right path, do not be misguided. Who goes on the Straight Path is honored in dunya and in akhirah, gathered with the prophets and the saints. What we want is istiqaamah, to be on the right path as much as possible. Man’s ego sometimes wants to set forth his own desires but one who knows himself can distinguish between the inspiration, which is heavenly, and Shaytan’s whisperings, waswasa. When he distinguishes, he is saved. If he follows the waswasa he is gone.

Therefore, if a person does not have someone who will hold his hand he can’t know where to go. Alhamdulillah, there is one who will hold his hand and he is not alone, my son, Adnan Bey. He looks like an ordinary person among the people, but he really is different. Inshaa-Allah, upon this reality there will be appearance in Mahdi’s (a) time, and he will serve him as well. We hope that he and all of you reach `Isa (a) as well.

(Along with you!)

Our message is this: be steadfast, be steadfast!

An Arab came into the presence of the Prophet (s) and said, “O Prophet of Allah, awsinee, give me advice!” Prophet (s) said to him, “Laa taghdab! Don’t fall into rage, don’t get angry!”

“Advise me again, O Prophet!” he said. Prophet (s) repeated, “Laa taghdab!” He asked three times and Prophet (s) told him a third time, “Don’t fall into rage.”

It means don’t get angry or furious, because your ego condemns you. Therefore, sometimes negative things come to people and there is no need to get angry. Al-hilmu sayyidu ’l-akhlaaq, to be gentle and good-tempered is the best of good character. Who is fiery burns himself as well as those opposing him.

He knows, he knows and he sends to his heart. May Allah protect him and protect you.

It was kind of you to come all the way here. You made us very happy and pleased with this. May Allah Almighty make you reach the happiness and safety of dunya and akhirah. May your dunya and akhirah be prosperous. May your offspring be from the good ones as well. May the saints be your companions, inshaa-Allah.

(Is it needed to look for Mahdi [a]?)

He himself will come. For what should we look for him when He will look for us!


It is like this; He keeps us with the power in his hands and no matter how much we look for him he has not yet received the order to appear, but he will appear after this battle. He will appear in Sham. There is an area in Sham, Qadam, a district on the way to Hijaz. He (a) will say takbeer in Qadam and appear! The moment he says takbeer, all firearms will stop operating and finish! He will draw his sword. He has a red horse, a white horse and a black horse. When he will say, “Allahu Akbar!” it will go up like this and when he will say, “Wa lillahi ‘l-Hamd,” it will come down! We want Allah Almighty to show us this, and for this reason I am preparing myself to go to Sham. I may go to Sham. Sham may open, we are not to leave them there. Go to Sham, “`Alaykum bi ’sh-Sham, you must go to Sham,” said the Prophet (s).

I don’t know what kind of state it is that I have now, we don’t know why they have put us in this situation. There is a wisdom in it.

You may see that he sets foot on here and be present there. There are many people with such powers now, but for all of them, the reins of the horses they are riding are held, when released he goes like this (upward). What was the name of their plane? Those jets that they are talking about, compared to them (on their horses), they can’t even be like the speed of a donkey! Their power is so astonishing! Starting from this Muharram, the time that marvels will appear has begun and we are in it now, walking in it. That power was opened to all saints on the twelfth night of Rabi` al-Awwal. Everything is marvellous, miraculous! They are waiting for the order now. They will finish them within one moment. Amaan yaa Rabbee! Tawbah, astaghfirullah.

We entrust you to Allah. In dunya may we meet under the flag of Mahdi (a) and in Akhirah under the Prophet’s (s) flag of “Hamd,” inshaa-Allah. If they give me a crippled donkey, I may ride on it and follow them!

(Inshaa-Allah Mahdi (a) and `Isa (a) will both kiss your hands, inshaa-Allah.)

You may kiss. My hope is to be able to reach Mahdi (a). I can’t rule what is beyond it, but inshaa-Allah you can be under the flag of `Isa (a).

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem. O Allah! Keep us blessed and don’t leave anybody in this meeting deprived of Your Blessings. Bless us, accept us, and forgive all those who are attending this meeting and correct our situation. For this, send us the Sultan of Ins and Jinn, Sayyidina Mahdi (a)! May Allah make him appear and grant to him and bless him, and may Allah accept our prayer, and may Allah support him, bi jahi Nabi (s). May we reach it, all of us inshaa-Allah.


Send our salaam to Adnan Hoja, our son. We wish for good for all of them. May we see those happy days.

(Inshaa-Allah/ As-salaamu `alaykum.)

Bosnian people, the real (descendants) of Ottomans will come to Istanbul. Have no fear! May Allah bless you. You came all the way.

(It is an honor for us.)

May Allah Almighty reward you. I am happy, but it has been difficult for you. May Allah make your honor higher.

(Inshaa-Allah. Allah bless you.)


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