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For Twelve Months There Are Twelve Moons!

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil Al Haqqani (q)

9th September 2009 Lefke Cyprus

(Mawlana Shaykh stands)

Bismillah ir rahman ir rahim. Ya rabbana, we are saying a`uthu billahi min ash-Shaytan-ir rajim. Bismillah ir rahman ir rahim. Ya Sayyidi, Ya rasulAllah! We can be on right path; you are our guide, you are guide for whole creation, Ya rabbi zidd Sharafa! We are asking, Ya rasulAllah, your intercession and your heavenly support for your weak nation and are asking from the master of this world for the honor of this holy month to dress greatness, power, heavenly honour, we are asking Ya RasulAllah, shafa`ah Ya rasulAllah, Alfu Salaat, Alfu Salaam, Awwal wal Akhireen. You are only one, representative. (Mawlana sits.)

Marhaban! Ahlan Wa Sahlan, Ya `Ahl al-Islam! Marhaba, Ya Shahr Rahmah! (A gracious and wide welcoming to you, O people of Islam! Welcome, oh month of Ramadan.) Through this holy month, we are asking more and more power, ability, capacity to be more closer to heavenly presence of the Lord of Heavens. Oh people! Don't think that I am knowing something and asking to say to address to you. Oh people that living on this planet! Take my words (as a) heavenly addressing, bayaan.

Oh muslim world! We are listening and obeying! Come and listen (to my) my Master, that belongs to heavenly presence, that granting us something (to) ourselves to be prepared for divinely invitation! Destoor, Ya rijalAllah! Through your permissions, we are asking heavenly support. Through yourselves, Oh masters of this world, Oh Beloved ones in divinely presence, we are asking humbly (for) a heavenly support because material support, it is nothing, material support; it is like barley to a donkey. What barley (is) giving to (a) donkey, material support gives us in such a way. We are not asking such a support; we are not asking support from material aspects, but people are running after material aspects or material wishes. Yes, we are not asking (for) material support; material support is for animals! Yes, if we are belonging also to animals world, but we are not animals in real meaning. Real meaning for every living creatures you may use, but for ourselves to ask, what animals' world need if only we are living to reach we are going to be 100% animals world?!

Oh mankind, if you are belonging to animals' world but your mission is not of animals, your mission to something else from Earth up to Heavens. So long distance among animals' world and Man's human world. Both of them in need (of) something for eating and drinking, but our eating and drinking must not like be animals' world eating and drinking. We are human, and nature belonging to animals' world, but our mission is not same mission of donkey, mission of cat, mission of dog, mission of horse, mission of wolf, mission of fox.

Foxes (are now) very happy! They are saying, "Ohhhhhhh! Deputy of our Lord just speaking about ourselves and saying my name! That is a big honor, to be reminded by Deputy of our Lord, which high honour for us very happy running, so happy! Save your souls, honored ones, because our Lord's Deputy saying our name and we must run to find, to be fat, good fat, Ooohhh!"

Today, we are so happy! Therefore, we are asking from our Creator, the Lord of Heavens, for the honor of His Deputies, because they are saying our names. They are asking a fat chicken, we must run to find a chicken but not be on bones, no. Fat today! We are so happy because we have been honored to be mentioned (and) our names look (are seen?), that is a creature going to be so happy if a Man belongs to human nature to be declared, going so happy, honored you (who are mentioned)!

Oh Man, you are thinking on such a point, (and) they are so happy to be declared through Man's speech. Oh Mankind, why you not going to be honored one, to be your names declared in Heavenly Presence of the Seal of Prophets (s), to be (said), "From my nation (are) Ahmad, Hasan or Mahmaud". So good things today to be declared on the speech of the Seal of Prophet (s)! Why they are not trying to be declared in the Seal of Prophet's (s) holy presence? That wolf is so happy when we are saying its name, but Men now, mostly men, never trying to be declared or dictated in Heavenly Presence of the Lord of Creation. Who is thinking such a thing?

It is mentioned through holy books, all of them and last one, Holy Quran, (are) declaring, "Yaa Ayyuhal Naas! Naas, Oh Mankind, the Lord of Creation giving such a high honor (and) you are in it!!! Oh Mankind, honor to you! I am calling you to give to you more honor! Why (you are) escaping, why running (away)? Angels (are) cursing (you, oh Man!)."

Men now living on this planet (are) not thinking; they are trying to be like an animal from countless animals. One kind, they are only thinking to enjoy with their physical beings and they are not thinking that honor coming for heavens, and its aim to address to you! Oh Man! You have been given big honour from heavens. You are not taking care; you are like fox stealing from other ones. Oh Mankind! This is holy month, not only holy month, holiest month! That Honor, Who created this world and created on this planet everything, and also appointed moon to run round our world and giving each moon, each month, different honor, (and it is) most honored one!

Through twelve months (there are) twelve moons. People thinking only one moon, new moon, getting up. The Lord of Heavens (is) not making photocopy, not using second new moon, new creations, new lighting. Therefore, heedless people are losing their minds, because every time they are not seeing second view, not I am asking what panorama, what does it mean? A new creation coming as they are saying that everyday, "Allah has one son." No!!! Sun rising, every morning a new sun rising, and moving, and giving its light (until) last hours of day coming down, coming down, and disappearing. And he (Sun) is saluting, saluting; its saluting giving its high glorifying to its Creator and coming on sajdah and running through endless Power Oceans, (and then) through the Lord of Heavens (a) second day coming, new one.

They are not understanding such a thing, subhanAllah, putting 360 rising places for a new day, beginning for a new sun and it is 365 daily coming, not using used ones! Allah Almighty is Creator and His creation neverending! People running after so many theories, saying one sun getting up and setting down. No, it is not something heedless man, doctors, heedless scientists as you are looking, no. You believe and you may understand. Before, they are not believing; for them, only one sun for believers, countless sun rising and setting, make research on it, if you can see a new one. New one, for where coming from white holes and running into black holes and creation working?

Oh people! Try to learn, to know something, if anyone (says), "No, give your proof, that (Rasulullah is the) most beloved and glorified and most majestic one in My (Lord's) Divinely Presence," to learn, say to them, "Heavenly knowledge granted to heavenly ones. It’s not the same (as your knowledge). They are like ants to find something, and you are finding nothing and you never reaching any understanding. Don’t make heavenly beings as your thinking, it is not such a thinking, you are thinking and it is that one, you are like an ant and looking to space."

SubhanAllah. Endless glory for the Lord of Heavens' new moon! Therefore, we are saying (that a) new moon coming (every) twelve months. Don’t think all of them all same, no. Perhaps being cheated through Shaytan. No, you must learn holy books' every secret knowledge, every secret wisdom in it, but you are not understanding. Leave that book written by Dr James or Dr Jameson or by George Thompson! Leave that book and look at holy book granted to you! We (Allah) never left anything out of our holy book sent to you. You can find oceans of knowledges and wisdoms, look there!

And mankind (is) running, running, running and reaching to nothing, only reaching to headache! Ha ha ha ha, giving to them headache! So many books: one book from pre-Eternal to Eternal, look to find everything in it, why running away?? ONE BOOK FOR MANKIND, OH WAHABI PEOPLE, TRY TO COME AND LISTEN! And most of your (followers') language is Arabic! Oh people, come and listen!

But they are making me to speak, they are making me to declare a declaration (from Allah): "Oh people, Oh My servants! Just sent to you My Holy Book for understanding, to be understood. LOOK IN IT! And take the holy book I granted to My servant; it is like a drop from oceans. (What) We are putting in it is only a drop. Space for understanding, and your Lord's wisdom and power oceans, no beach, no depth! Leave that and come and take from heavenly oceans! No depth and no beach for it! Oh people! COME AND BELIEVE! Come and taste for that millimeter cube, a taste you should also find for you an ocean! For you countless, your Lord granted to you! And angels never reaching and angels asking for that endless granted to them, and the Lord saying, "No, I am creating new ones to be My deputy!"

Oh people, how you are wasting your valuable life? Come and understand. Don’t try to make Islam down, nor any of your beliefs. What you are saying now, which books will say to such an Oceans? OH UNBELIVERS, OH NON-MUSLIMS! May Allah forgive us and grant us a good understanding (that) can’t be through your mindly production. You can’t understand such a thing through your mentality; you can only understand through your heavenly grant. You are in spirituality, which is biggest grant from Allah! And may Allah forgive us.

(Mawlana Shaykh sings)

Dom Dom Dom Dom

Dom Dom Dom Dom

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(48 mins today)

Masha'Allah, Alhamdulillah, forgive us, Ya Rabb.

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