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Do Not Think Prophet (s) Is a Normal Person Like Us

Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

1 February 2013 Burton, Michigan

Jumu`ah Khutbah at As-Siddiq Mosque

O Muslims, Believers! Alhamdulillah now we are still in the month of the birth of Prophet (s), the month of rahmah, mercy, that Allah (swt) sent Sayyidina Muhammad (s) from his birth to all nations and all Creations! On the birth of Prophet (s) the whole Creation was rejoicing: angels and Heavens were rejoicing, the world was rejoicing and everyone was happy with the appearance of Sayyidina Muhammad (s). As soon as he came to dunya, his presence made the fire of Persia go down which, as has been mentioned, was burning for one-thousand years and had never been put down. Because of the rahmah that came on Earth, Allah (swt) made that fire go down.

The palace of Chosroes was shaking and destroyed. At that time they used to say, “The ‘King of Kings’ was the King of Persia;” they were not accepting Allah and Allah (swt) put all their beliefs down by the appearance of Prophet (s). It is said that He wanted to give this reality that the awliya feel for Prophet (s); they wanted to expose it and to bring out the reality of Prophet (s), that he was not a normal human unlike some today and they have become very few of them now, and after many years of celebration of Prophet’s (s) birthday now they are calming down. They want to show as Imam al-Nasafi (r) said, that first that Allah created was the head of Prophet (s) from His favors, His blessings, from baraka. So the blessings that Allah blessed Creation and blessed Heavens with was from the creation of Prophet (s). Allah’s blessing came to the world with the creation of the head of Prophet (s) and then from those blessing it then came to the angels, to Paradises to the world and everyone. There is a principle in Arabic, in fiqh,

إذا لم تستحي فافعل ما شئت

“If you don’t feel ashamed, do what you want,”

And his two eyes were created from shyness. because you can sin in the open or hidden! Too many people do sin today in front of everyone, but with shyness the that Allah is looking at all of us, Prophet’s (s) eyes were created from shyness. Also, he never looked upward, although he was able to do that every moment but he was always shy and afraid, saying:

اللهم لاتكلني الى نفسي طرفة عين ولا أقل من ذلك

Allahumma laa takilnee ila nafsee tarfat `aynin wa laa aqala min dhalika.

O Allah! Don't leave me to my ego for the blink of an eye or less.

He was shy to look up, as Allah created his eyes from humbleness and shyness. You can make an audit for yourself to see if you feel shy or not; there is an easy way. Go to an invitation and, not like today what they make buffet style, or even there take what is near to you as that is from shyness because your eyes are always hungry, your eyes want to eat more than you can eat. So when you eat, your eyes are chosing everything; it means your eyes are hungry for everything. Prophet (s) used to tell us in a hadith, “Eat from the side that is near to you.” It means don’t say like they say today, “Pass me that plate (so I can access the food that is far from my reach).”

So Prophet's eyes are created from shyness, and his ears were given something that he was feeling, gheerah `ala ummati, “caring for his ummah.” So his head was created from blessing, his eyes from shyness, his ears from caring and his tongue from dhikrullah! That tongue Allah gave to the Prophet (s) is when Allah ordered angels to make salawaat; Allah granted Prophet (s) the barakah of that dhikr and his tongue was created from that. His two lips were created from glorifying and thanking Allah, “Alhamdulillah,” always thanking Allah, like in the first verse of al-Fatihah, “Alhamdulillahi rabbi ‘l-`aalameen.” Allah created his face from being pleased with him, being happy from Prophet (s); He created his face from Allah’s happiness towards His Prophet (s). That is how he became complete. And his chest was created from from sincerity, from loyalty, and his heart was created from mercy.

Allahu Akbar! How much Allah gave Prophet (s) of different manifestations from Allah’s creation of these Beautiful Names and Attributes with which He dressed His Prophet (s) and the inner side of the heart, to feel caring for other people!

When Allah had completed him (s) with all these descriptions, then Allah sent him to this ummah and to the whole Creation. He said, “This is My gift to you! I am giving it to you on Earth,” because Allah (swt) created Prophet (s) before Adam (a).

كنت نبيا وآدم بين الروح والجسد

Kuntu nabiyyan wa Adam bayn ar-rooh wa 'l-jasad.

I was a Prophet when Adam was between soul and body.

He created Prophet (s) before Adam (a), when Adam was still in clay. So the creation of Prophet (s) in Heavens was before the creation of Adam (a). So Allah dressed him (s) with all these characteristics and that is why He said, “I am sending this to you as gift to the whole Creation.” And that is why He raised his name in “Laa ilaaha illa-Llah Muhammadun Rasoolullah,” to know the value of your Prophet (s), the Seal of Messengers, and praise him as much as you can! Honor him and praise him and `azhimmoohu, “Give him the utmost, the highest level of heavenly nobility,” and don’t try to speak to him as human-to-human; be careful when addressing the Prophet (s)!

One of the famous Sahaabah related that one of the Jewish sincere people looked into the Tawrat and found the name of Muhammad in four places. When he saw the name of the Prophet (s), he erased them. Then he looked a second day, as he is reading it every day, and the name of Sayyidina Muhammad (s) appeared eight times in Tawrat, so he was not happy and he erased them fa kashafahum. Thumma nazhara fee yawmi ’th-thaalith, and third day he looked and found the name of Muhammad twelve times in Tawrat! He was not happy with four, he took it away and made it eight and took that away and made twelve! And Allah can guide whomever He likes in any way; someone who is believing in Sayyidina Musa, who is reading the Tawrat, Allah wants to guide him to Sayyidina Muhammad (s). So Allah made him erase the name of Muhammad (s) and then another time erasing it eight times in different places in the Tawrat, and then Allah showed him that name twelve times. Allah showed him more whenever he erased that name. When it came twelve times he stopped and didn’t take it out as hidayah was coming then.

Then he went from Sham, which means Masjid al-Aqsa in Jerusalem and Damascus, this area, he left and went to Madina Munawarrah, the city of the Prophet. And he found that the Prophet (s) had left dunya, and he said to Sayyidina `Ali (r), ayna thawba Muhammad, “Show me the cloak of the Prophet (s),” because he was in love and he wanted to see anything from the Prophet (s). He saw his name in the Tawraat four times, eight times, then twelve times, then he wanted to see anything from the Prophet (s) because his heart was like waterfall of love towards the Prophet (s)! And they brought it and what do you think he did? He smelled it, and then he stood before his holy grave and declared his Shahadah!

What did he smell when he smelled the reality of the Prophet (s)? That reality appeared to him. So immediately he gave Shahadah and he said, allahumma in kunta qabalta islamee, “O Allah! If you accepted my Islam then take my soul immediately, as I don’t want to be away from my beloved one!” That is the interpretation. “Take my soul quickly as I don’t want to be in dunya and he is in Akhirah.” So he fell down dead and Sayyidina `Ali (r) washed his body and put him in his shroud and they buried him in Jannat al-Baqi`ya.

A man from a different faith and religion, from the Jewish religion, who believed in Sayyidina Musa and left his country when he saw a miracle of the name of the Prophet (s) in the Tawrat. And he went from Sham to Madina to see the Prophet (s) and found that he had left dunya, and then saw clothes of the Prophet (s) and smelled it, and then asked Allah to accept his Shahadah and let him die to be with the Prophet (s)! Allahu Akbar!

This is the month of Prophet (s), so ask Allah (swt) to grant you to see Prophet (s)! We ask Allah in dunya hasanah, that may Allah give us the love of Prophet (s), wa fi ‘l-akhirati, and in Akhirah to have love of Prophet (s), and to let us see the Prophet (s) in this life and in the Next Life.”

(Du`a. Jumu`ah Salaat.)


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