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Dastoor ya Rijaal-Allah,

Dastoor ya Sayyidee madad

Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar,  la ilaha ill-Allah. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar wa lillah al-hamd.

You are our Creator, You are our Lord. We are asking Your heavenly help and support . O our Lord, grant us, for the honor of your most honored one, the most honored and glorified and majestic one, Sayyidina  Muhammad (s), we are asking heavenly help to destroy Every false, Every bad thing, from earth to take it away and to bring what is good, what is the best for mankind. How they should be in front of their Lord the Day of Ressurection.

O people, as-salaam `alaykum wa rahmatullahi barakatuh. Hear and listen and say with me: alfu ’s-salaat alfu ’s-salaam `ala sayyid al-awwaleen wa ’l-akhireen Sayyidina Muhammad (s) and we are asking your intercession in this holy month and asking this holy month its baraka, its glorifying and from its honor.

O people! Hear and listen and obey to your Lrod, our Creator. Allah, Allah, Allahu Akbar wa lillahi ’l-hamd.

O people! Say `audhu billahi min ash-shaytani 'r-rajeem. Say we are repented from bad steps, we are repented from bad actions. We are sorry from our bad actings and activities. And saying `audhu billahi min ash-shaytani 'r-rajeem - O our Lord we are running to You from Satan and its helpers.  And we are asking a heavenly sword Bismillahi 'r-Rahmaani 'r-Raheem to make a defense against Satan and its helpers. May Allah take them away.

We are, O people, saying dastoor ya RijaalAllah. Madad Ya Sultan al-Awliya. We are asking from the master of this world, to help us, and to give us his heavenly support to us because we are weak ones and we are in need of heavenly support and heavenly support nEver coming, only through the master of this world.

We must learn, we must try to give our best actings to our Lord’s heavenly Present. Daily, daily we must try to be a little better than yesterday. Today we must be a little further, towards where? Towards oceans of lightening. Oceans of lights, oceans of heavenly lightening. We must try to approach a little bit more to lightening worlds, lightening heavenly positions, to be lights. Enjoy! It is so important.

We are here  living through darkness, thedarkness of this life. We are living through darkness and dirtiness  through this world. Darkness. We have been created through (n)Ever-ending lights of heavens. We have been created through lightening worlds,through enlighted dominions of the Lord of creation, the Lord for Every creature.

Beware through that enlighted dominions of Allah Almighty and for some reasons that it is well-known and it is just a just tabayyun, well-known through holy books, the reason that we have been thrown away from enlighted worlds to darkness and now (we are) here through darkness.

Yes.  You are looking, seeing the sun shining and the moon also lightening, but really we are in darkness worlds. We are now, just we have been thrown from enlighted dominions to come down to this dark world, wild world, unknown world, (on which) we have been landed. And we must try to get out from these dark worlds, from this darkness dominion, to come back to enlighted dominioins of the Lord of Heavens. And His dominions (n)Ever-ending.

And most important activity or most important work or effort, our effort must be to try to get out from the dark dominion to enlighted dominions.

We have been landed for some reasons and the reason that making our ancestors Adam and Eve, to come down from enlighted worlds to dark worlds, what was it? That must be well-known. That is very important. Find that we must learn firstly. Before learning so many useless things we must learn why we have been sent or why we have been thrown out from enlighted heavens. What was the reason? If you  are not knowing reason you can’t save yourself as a doctor if he is not knowing any reason of illness, he can’t do any tadawi, treatment. Can’t be treated, no. Because he (is) nEver knowing what is the reason. If Everyone knowing this, it was not necessary so many doctors for treatment – Everyone can treat himself. But not Everyone knowing. Some people knowing and some people granted to treat the illnesses of mankind.

And we also now, living creatures, living among so many creatures. Look O people! We have been in Paradise. We have been created there. And it was our homeland. Everything was beautiful; Everything giving its blessings to Eve and Adam and Eve. Nothing, huritngth them . Eveythign giving plesaure ot Adam and Eve. Then what was reason they have been thrown down from heavens to a wild world full with so many creatures, that each one, each one they are so angry for Eve, for Adam. They were unhappy from them. And no one saluting Adam and Eve here, no.

In Paradise Everything saluting to Adam and Eve and giving pleasure to them. Every kind of pleasure, eating, drinking, looking. But they just landed on this dark planet.they have been thrown away from enlighted Paradise and falling throughthis dunya, planet and it was the first muwajaha, first (that) they are coming in front of their eyes (is) a darkness. (They) landed on a unknown world and that world was in darkness. Dark darkness.

And crying Adam and Eve, they are crying because they have been thrown away from enlighted Paradise. And then the Lord of Heavens giving them a light, nur and sun riring and they fall on sajda to the Lord of Heavens (saying) “O our Lord! That is Your grant to disobedient servants. We did disobediency, O our Lord. But you granted us a light Even it is not like the lights of Paradise. But we are so happy through these lights that the sun rising and giving us lights, O our Lord.”

They fall down in sajda, bowing to the Lord of Heavens.

But, O people! They were knowing the reason that they have been thrown down from enlighted Paradise – thrown down, and they are crying.

Then, O people. Instead (of) Paradise that Everything they were so lovely to Adam and Eve, so friendly, so lovely, so respectful, Everywhere, but then they were coming here, instead Everything that were lovely and respectfully and honoring they find a wild world, in darkness, full with creatures.

But Every creature was so angry with them. Instead Paradise beings in it, giving salute to them, here Everyone was so angry and giving cursing. Cursing. They are saying, “A disobedient one coming, landed among ourselves and they are going to make big trouble for us because they have been thrown and cursed ones” and they were trembling. No one saluting Adam and Eve, saying” welcome!”, no. Even ants saying, “go on.” Trees saying, “go on.  Disobedient servants - go on!” And whole wild animals running away from them, not coming to make salute but running away and saying that “the cursing that coming on him may touch us. Leave him.” And they were running away.

And trees and fruits giving their fruits but no taste. No taste from fruits and they reached on that land dunya. Coming on dunya they were so so repentant, so sorry. And Adam, , he was crying, not eating, (not) drinking, crying only on top of (Mt.) Serendip, on one foot he was standing and crying and crying . He never eats  (for) 30 days or drinks anything. It was his fasting. Fasting and crying til the Lord accepting their repent(ance) and giving His mercy and saying “O Adam! I have accepted your tawbah, repenting, repenting. And beginning to make this world for him and for his children to be here. Or we are going to be all of us nasl, generations,  Paradise generation If not then Adam and Eve are not going all of us are going to be in Paradise without coming from it.

Therefore, O people look! First of all we must know what was the reason that we are on this planet. What was the reason that Adam and Eve landed on this dunya? That is the most important point through whole holy books to be known and to be taught. That is first teaching for Adam and Eve and their generation.

What do you think now in our days? Who is asking why Adam and Eve landed here? And they are not asking also, what is cursing that coming on people through 21st century? People eating some one another ones. What is the reason?

SubhanAllah it is written through old books, a teaching tale, not a fairy tale, but a teaching tale.

Once a person from masters, he was on a vessel on a ship, travelling and he was looking and seeing that  sea and seeing that the fishes eating someones and some other among themselves and seeing a big muharaba (war), and saying, “O my master, you are knowing everything. I am so aja’ib. Aja’ib.  I am wondering what is the reason?” And coming a sound from heavenly sounds saying “O my servant. Just passed through here a disobedient servant and making (in)to sea that spit. That (spit) making these fish to get in fighting.”

What about if spit of a disobedient one is making that trouble, what about ourselves. That today is good history to teach people the reason of crisis, the reason of troubles, the reason of fights, fighting, the reason of making so many nuclear bombs. Eveything, making mankind to be so enemys. That is the reason.

Now people! If that disobedient servant making giving trouble to fishes through oceans, what can we say now?

Everyone of ourselves are disobedient ones and no repect to Holy Command from the Lord of Heavens. We are not giving our highest respect and glorifying to Allah Almighty. That is the reason for troubles. O people! Think on it and if not , (then) coming another cursing (that will cause) never living on earth any living man or animals or plants.

I am only a weak warning person. Warning? I am a weak one. I am saying to people, “Take your care!” That is warning.

Ey, that means that the reason Adam and Eve have been sent from Paradise and thrown out ending on this dunya deniye, this dunya that no any value for it in Divinely Presence. And people eating each other and killing and doing so many bad things. That is the reason. And what you are understanding from this  is that the sources of troubles and crisis, we must ask “what is written in the Old Testament?” “What is written in the New Testament?” “And what is written in Holy Quran?” What is (it) saying? No one is looking to see what they are saying and running like this and like that to find a way to save ourselves.

You will not find a way to save yourself unil you look in holy books. You must understand where Adam and Eve were in Paradise. They we so honored and everything giving them pleasure. But what is the reason they havebeen thrown away? The reason to be rebellion, to refuse the holy orders, the Holy Command of Allah, He saying, “Don’t eat!”  And they are not bowing to Allah Almighty to say “as you like, O our Lord!” They are not saying this and finally they are runnning and eating forbidden fruit and everything just changed and every troubles coming on Adam and Eve and their children.  And  til now cursing continuing because people not asking the reason. The reason is to be in rebellion to the Lord of Heavens. As long as you are in rebellion cursing coming, here and hereafter.

Think on it, O patriarchs, O churches, O synaguoges, O mosques, O learned people, O religious leaders!

I don’t like religious leaders if they don’t know the reason for troubles of mankind. I am a simple servant weak servant of Allah and now making me to address to the whole world in this month from east to west and to change our ways to come on true way. And you can’t be on true way if you are not following true ones. Ask true ones, don’t ask that people giving to themselves empty titles. That is not important. Look and see a real believer and an obedient servant to his Lord and follow him. If not, this whole world going to be finished because the Day of Judgement is just on the door. O our Lord! Send us someone who can change our ways from bad ways to your direction!

O our Lord. Tawbah, tawbah, tawbah istaghfirullah. Nothing can save you, you may be Christian, Orthodox, Muslim, Shia, Wahabi or everything you can’t change . You can’t save yourselves if you are not changing your ways. O people! Don’t kill each other but try to remove the devils through yourselves! May Allah forgives me.

Tawbah ya Rabbee, tawbah.


(45 minutes)

Dumm, dumm , dumm

Damet senden sharaf sende iman senden

O our Lord

Lord of Heavens

Dumm, dumm , dumm, dumm , dumm

Shukran sarlar,

Shukran sana mennet sana

Allah, our Lord forgive us

Your weak servants,

Save ourselves

And send us

Who can destroy

The kingdom of devils on earth

O our Lord

Allah Hayy, Allah Hu