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21st Century Man's Main Problem is Pride

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

3 Sept 2009 Lefke, Cyprus

....the right to follow Your way as You like. You are only One, there is no second one. You have endless dominions, endless never-ending oceans and Your Creation is continuous, never ending because You are so Kareem. Your generosity is never-ending and You like to create and to give to Your Creation.

O our Lord! We are saying, “Audhu billahi mina 'sh-Shaytani 'r-Rajeem, Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem. We are running from the worst creature, Shaytan, away from that one to You because whole lightenings, endless lights Yours and Your grants are never-ending. Shaytan, that most ignorant and most proud one, brings ignorance, which brings pride. We are running away from Shaytan and its ignorance to our Lord to save us from claiming we are proud ones.

The worst characteristic is to be proud, as Absolute Proudness is only for Allah Almighty, not anyone else, only for One. Shaytan fought with his Creator, saying, "You gave me so many high qualities through Your Heavenly Grant's, and that gives me a right to be proud!" But that ignorant one never understood that the heavenly knowledges Allah Almighty granted him was not to make him proud.

Now we are living in a time when everyone is asking to be proud ones and inheriting that worst tarbiyah, quality from Shaytan. Throughout the whole world, people now claim to be proud and want no pride for anyone else, that they are something, and that gives them a right to be proud. This is a very wrong idea taught to people. They compete among themselves to show who is the most proud, inheriting that worst quality from Shaytan!

Hear and listen and obey! Hear and learn, and keep what you are learning. What you are learning? O people! Don't think your dressings give you a right to be a proud one, or kings or queens, or first class (elite) people of nations who think what they wear or their imitated titles give them a right to be proud, no! Everything on this planet is imitated, with no reality. Only an appearance from Heavens falls on this planet, and people think it is a real being, but no. Every appearance on Earth coming on people is only a vision (image, reflection), not reality. If you are seeking reality, you may ask through Heavens. Heavenly beings are not the same as beings of this planet, no. Heavens have countless planets or systems or galaxies without end. No one can add to it, for the level of Heavens. The creation of Heavens is something else, because it is from lights, and lights never accept darkness of our egoistic talab, request, no tamanee, desire, no answering of such from Heavens to people living on Earth as it is on the line of darkness through darkness.

Someone was asking, "O Shaykh! Why is daytime sky color blue and nighttime color is black?" I said, "What do holy books say? Holy Quran has an answer for everything." And we may say daytime lights give skies a blue color, and billions of stars and our earth swim in it. But nighttime is another appearance, different from daytime: day's color is different from the color of night. Black color is also a color of lightening, lights, because nighttime’s nur, lights changes color. It is also a color suitable for our level of Creation because it's level just different. It is dressed in a day color, and then night color is different, and night color has a greatness, haybah, the color of mightiness that gives understanding to Mankind of that azhamah, greatness and mightiness of the Creator that created that. And anytime the Lord of nights, the Lord of black lightening dominions gives such a fear, it is to show people, to give them the feeling of the endless Mightiness of the Creator.

And that black color contains countless dominions of Creation. No one can be able to think on it or to realize something through that black color. (It is) not only black but dark black, dark that therefore now people they are looking space and they are saying there is black holes, and no one knows about black holes, only they sense they are reaching through their mathematics, about astronomy. They are feeling that there is such a powerful stations that may swallow whole Creation and leaving everything disappeared and black holes no one knowing what it is, what it did. Therefore `azhamah, the Divinely Greatness, majesty, divinely mighty oceans, only one appearance may be less than an atom beside the oceans of mighty.

O people! Come and listen! Come and think on it. We are knowing nothing, we are only knowing and learning to be proud ones. It is not for you to be proud. Only for That One who has such a power, endless power, endless mightiness, endless power oceans.

O people, that is nothing what we are saying. It is only like an atom or less for explaining, a least explanation about the endless mighty oceans of Allah that person was asking for. What dark? The color of night is black and in day it is blue that may appear what Allah Almighty asking to come in existence showing but darkness dominions, endless dominions of darkness or endless dominions of power oceans, endless dominions of mighty oceans. When we are saying mighty it is going to be like...Mighty, showing at least point of greatness of Allah Almighty.

O people! Come and understand to whom may be a right to be proud. Not for you to be proud. Only for One, not a second one. And you must be happy that That One granted to you to appear in existence. Look.. what is your space in existence. How you are saying, "I am this one," "I am that one?" What is your title, that is title? For what you are saying getting to be "`azhamah proud and power with us"? Why you are saying this, particularly First Lady? For what everyone First Ladies' husband... It (he) has not right to say "I am First Gentleman"? (or) "I am first most powerful one?" No! It is not for you, O people. The worst illness or worst characteristic for man to think that he is something and if I am something I must be proud one and to be proud eating the personality of people that dressed on him from Heavens and appearing through that as a person dressed (with a) body, that dressed on skeleton.. skeleton. When outlooking on man going away remaining, that very, very eh.. hateful or fearful figure from you.

O man, think on it. One day should, going to be taken from you that out-looking dress and only your skeleton remains that anyone looking may escape from it, escape. Think on it and don't try to be proud through your clothes or your imitated titles. Running after you - death - to take from your out-dressing and you should be through a grave and there your skeleton going to be eh.. protected? Just kept in it your inner clothes. Out-looking clothes just finished and inner dress of you going to be through that graveyard. If opening and people looking to that skeleton, may run away.

O people! Absolute Greatness, Absolute Mightiness, everything Absolute belongs to the Lord of Creation only! You are nothing. O people! Try to learn something about yourself and your mission, for what you have been created, and for what the Lord of Mankind ordering or advising His servants to do. Pride, prideness, preventing a person to be good person and eh.. pride making a way that not to be a good person preventing (to be a good person) and one day angels should take that person to his graveyard and he is going. They are going to show him "look here, who is there?" And he should say "skeleton." To whom they ask angels may say, "That is your skeleton, inner clothes that dressed on it flesh and you were proud with your flesh through life of dunya.”

Think on it and come and try to be a good one, good servant for your Lord (in order that) to be granted to you from light oceans, from Heavens. Heavenly dress to be dressed on you. Ask That One. Don't run to tailors to make for you a good suit. That is nothing. But try that angels may do for you a good dress that it should be so majestic full with lights; full with majestic, magnificent. That is important.

O people! Time is over. Come and understand or you are going to be through graveyard a skeleton (that) if you can look (at) it you may run away. May Allah forgive us. For the honor of this month holy Ramadan and blessed night of holy Ramadan night of Friday, Jum 'a. We are asking forgiveness and asking something to try to be a good servant not to be a bad servant. Pray and ask from your Lord forgiveness and blessings. O people, as-salam `alaykum.

(45 mins, Sayyidee)

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