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Take Your Seat on the Heavenly Rocket!

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

15 September 2010 Lefke, Cyprus

Huuuuuu. (Mawlana Shaykh stands) Yaa Kareem, yaa Allah, yaa `Azeez, yaa Allah, yaa Subhaanu yaa Allah, yaa Sultaan, yaa Allah. Zidh habeebika `izzan wa sharafa nooran wa suroora ridwaanan wa sultaana. Nahnu `abeeduk faqbal maziratanaa, yaa Rabbana, yaa Rabbana, nahnu `abeeduk irham da`fanaa, irham juhdana. A`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytani 'r-rajeem. Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem. W 'alhamdulillahi 'r-Rabbi 'l-`alameen min al-azal ila 'l-abad. Wa 's-salaatu wa 's-salaam `ala Sayyidi 'l-awwaleen wa 'l-akhireen min al-azali ila 'l-abad wa `ala saairi 'l-anbiya wa 'l-mursaleen wa man tabi`ahum bi ihsaanin ilaa yawmi 'd-deen, raghman `ala anf shayaateen khazahumullah (Mawlana Shaykh sits). Thumma as-salaamu `alaa Saahib az-Zamaan, wa `alaa Qutb az-Zamaan al-mutasarrif fee 'd-dunya bayna 'l-`ibaad bayna sayyidi 'l-makhlukaat. Allah Allah, `Azeez Allah, `Azheemullah, Kareemullah, SubhaanAllah, SultaanAllah!

If pens write the honor we have been granted, from the day Man was created up to the end, they cannot complete the writing as such a high honor is granted! Who are you, O Mankind, that you are not thinking about it? You are so small in your physical being, but you have been granted such an honor that the whole worlds can't carry!

O Salafi `ulamas! As-salaamu `alaykum. What are you saying now? You must think on it. Wa hamalaha al-insaan, you are understanding its meaning? (Mawlana Shaykh stands):

إِنَّا عَرَضْنَا الْأَمَانَةَ عَلَى السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضِ وَالْجِبَالِ فَأَبَيْنَ أَن يَحْمِلْنَهَا وَأَشْفَقْنَ مِنْهَا وَحَمَلَهَا الْإِنسَانُ إِنَّهُ كَانَ ظَلُومًا جَهُولًا

Inna aaradna alamanata `ala as-samawaati wal ardi waaljibali faabayna an yahmilnaha waashfaqna minha wahamalaha al-insaanu innahu kaana zhalooman jahoola.

We did indeed offer the Trust to the Heavens and the Earth and the Mountains, but they refused to undertake it, being afraid, but Man undertook it. Lo! he hath proved a tyrant and a fool.(33:72)

(Mawlana Shaykh sits) O Salafi `ulamas! Do you think insaan are carrying that honor because of something they did? That is an honor never granted to any other creature! Wa maa kaana dhaak hamla shu kaan, what was that secret honor He was offering to everyone in Creation? Who is going to carry that honor? All of them were saying, "O our Lord! Forgive us, we can't carry it!" Wa hamalaha al-insaan, "But Man undertook it." Do you think Mankind can offer that to himself? If Man is not seeing that heavenly power in himself, he was never going to say, "I can carry it." What was that honor?

O our Attenders! Come and listen! Don't escape; give time to hear. It is only a very short time that they are offering to a weakest servant like me, saying, "Sit down and speak to people." I don't know anything, and I am not claiming to know something, no. That is something which is just offered to Heavens, Mankind and all Creation.

O Salafi `ulamas! What does alif lam mean? Jins ahil li 'l-istighraaq, “A being capable of being drowned (in Divine realities).” Wa hamalaha al-insaan, who is that one, what is his identity? Insaan, Mankind, has that heavenly honor which was never dressed on anyone else. The Lord of Heavens showed all Creation, "This is My heavenly dressing that I am asking to be dressed on you." All Creation looked and was amazed that it is so beautiful! But they thought, "It is impossible for us to wear that amazing dress of honor and glory. Allahu Akbar! We can't keep it, O our Lord!" Only Mankind said, "We can carry it," and they have been dressed in it.

O Salafi `ulamas! Who is that one, say to people; you must make it more clear. First of all, when you are addressing, "O People! You have been granted such an honor and when you are dressed in that honor, you have been ordered to keep that honor of the Lord of Creation. That honor has just been put on you to keep it." What was that? Make it more clear.

O Attenders! You can hear but are not able to say something, so we are addressing those who are say, “We are Salafi `ulamas." If there is salaf, predecessors, there must also be khalaaf! For each salaaf, there must be a khalaaf. First one who had been appointed to be a deputy for the Lord of Heavens and dressed in that is fee salif il-qidami, "In past times" and that is going around to all Mankind, that honor, that they should say, "This is an honor that no one can know its real value. An honor! Highest honor that granted by the Lord of Heavens to Mankind! Highest honor! No one can give. All the honors from people is nothing, but the honor from the Lord of Heaven which He dressed on Mankind, no one knows about it when it began and when it is going to finish. And the Lord of Heavens is never granting something and then taking it back. He granted Mankind that honor to be for them from pre-Eternal up to Eternal. And that honor, we have been ordered to keep it.

O Salafi `ulamas! What have you learned from Salafi `ulamas? Say, make it clear, who was that one from the Divine Presence who was dressed and then that dress was granted to Mankind? And one question we can ask. Allah Almighty, tanazzul rabbaani, manifestation of Divine Being, no one can be able to reach that Divine Presence to be dressed. Who was on behalf of the Lord of Heavens, dressing Mankind in that honored dressing? Say! Who was the waseelah, means?

وَابْتَغُواْ إِلَيهِ الْوَسِيلَةَ

wabtaghaw ilayhi al-waseelah,

Seek the means of approach (of nearness) to Him. (5:35)

Wabtaghaw, seek, that is dameer, indication, where is it pointing? For what reason saying wabtaghaw? That khitaab, addressing, is for all Mankind!

O People! You have been granted a heavenly dressing. Allah Almighty is asking to dress you in that honor that the mountains, Earth and Heavens feared, about which they all said, "We can't carry it," and only Mankind said, "We can carry it." Who was dressing them? Wabtaghaw, ask, ilayhi, that is dameer, al-waseelah, as without a means you can't reach. That is an order, wabtaghaw, "O Mankind! Ask the way to reach that honorable dressing from pre-Eternal up to Eternal!" SubhaanAllah.

If you are asking to make a dress, you take cloth to a tailor to make a suit for you. The heavenly grant that Allah Almighty prepared in pre-Eternal was for those who are saying, "We can carry that heavenly honorable dressing!" Say what it was and who was dressing them? Is Allah Almighty dressing you? What is that? The Lord of Heavens appointed from pre-Eternal, someone to dress Mankind in an honored dressing. Who was that? Say to us, because you are fighting against people who try to give a little bit of honor for that one, saying that is shirk! You are never understanding what is shirk and what is the real position of the Seal of Prophets (s)! Say! You must say wabtaghaw 'ilayhi,' a target.

For example, if the Lord of Heavens says, "Your holy dressing is on the moon," saying, wabtaghaw ilayhi al-waseelah, ordering people to ask how to take their honorable dressings, say it! But instead they say, "Shaykh is saying, something we never heard before or understood!" No, you are understanding what they are making me to address you daily, because you claim you are `ulamas! Therefore, our aim is to shoot on you some realities, to make your egos shot down, because your egos say, “We are not using any waseelah; there is no means between us and our holy dressing!” No, that is wrong! You must ask, "Who is that rocket that can take us to those divine dressings, to be dressed on us?" When you are dressing in that, you are not coming back, you are going up, up, up to never-ending Glory Oceans, never-ending Honor Oceans, never-ending Praising Oceans, and never-ending Majesty Oceans for the Lord of Heavens!

O People! Hear and listen and try to understand something. They are making me speak on first level of people like me; sawfa taraa, you will see after that if you are coming and taking that honored dressing. You are not going to be here, you are quickly going to be invited to Dominion Oceans that come endlessly into existence. What do you think of that ayah, Wa maa qadaroo'llah Haqqa qadrih. (Mawlana Shaykh stands):

وَمَا قَدَرُوا اللَّهَ حَقَّ قَدْرِهِ

Wa maa qadaroo'llah Haqqa qadrih.

No just estimate have they made of God, such as is due to Him. (39:67)

Subhaan Sen yaa Rabb, Subhanaak! Subhaanak, Sultaanak! (Mawlana Shaykh sits) May Allah forgive us. Allah, mashaa-Allah la quwwata illa billah!

O People! Come and hear, because you like to reach to your honorable dressings. Come and listen, and take your seat in the biggest rocket that may carry all Creation to unknown Dominion Oceans of the Lord of Heavens!

May Allah forgive us! Ameen yaa Rabb, yaa Allah, tawbah yaa Rabbee, tawbah yaa Rabbee, tawbah astaghfirullah. Asqina ghaytha suqya rahmatin wa laa taj`alna mina 'l-qaniteen yaa Allah, yaa Allah yaa Mughithu yaa Allah, yaa Mughithu yaa Allah, yaa Mughithu yaa Allah aghithna yaa Rasoolullah! They are saying, "Why are you saying, 'aghithna yaa Rasoolullah'?" No-mind people, what it has been said here you are never understanding, and quickly deny! No-mind people never understand! aghithna yaa Rasoolullah, "Help us, shower on us, O Prophet of Allah." Rasoolullah (s), because he is deputy for Creation from pre-Eternal up to Eternity, you must give high respect to him, Sayyidina Muhammad (s)! (Mawlana Shaykh stands) Yaa Rabbee salli wa sallim `alayh kama yambaghi li-jalaali wajhika al-`azeem wa sultaanika yaa Allahu, yaa Allahu, yaa Allah, bi jaahihi `indak. Forgive us and grant us understanding, as we are weak servants. (Mawlana Shaykh sits)


(35 minutes)

(Mawlana Shaykh speaks with Shaykh Hisham Effendi and Hajjah Naziha on the phone.)