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The Greatness of the Night of Power (Laylat al-Qadr)

Friday Sermon Dr. Nour Kabbani

Fenton, Michigan; Friday, May 22, 2020

Assalamu`alaykum warahmatullaahi ta`aala wabarakatuh,

O believers, thank God we are Muslims, believers. We are different stockbrokers, we are stockbrokers for the Hereafter. We pay attention to the profitable stocks and we leave the bad stocks in the Hereafter. Allah (swt) sent us a guide, namely al-Qur'anul karim. Al-Qur'anul karim is a guide for Muslim stockbrokers. People who want a growing stock and make a big profit, they should refer to the Qur'anul karim and the Hadith of Rasulullah (saw). And what big advantages do they provide? Countless!

How much profit is the person who makes the Qur'anul-Karim as a guide in this life and in this commerce? Allah (swt) said,

يَـٰٓأَيُّهَا ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُوا۟ هَلْ أَدُلُّكُمْ عَلَىٰ تِجَـٰرَةٍ تُنجِيكُم مِّنْ عَذَابٍ أَلِيم

O you who believe, will you show me a trade that can save you from a painful torment? (Surat As-Shaff, 61:10)

Allah (swt) uses the word, tijaarah, stock or commerce. MashaAllah non-Muslims have made it halal for Muslims, and Muslims say it is halal, ok, you have the knowledge, you trade with the stock, you make tijaarah, trade. But Allah (swt) shows you another business, another journey.

تُؤْمِنُونَ بِٱللَّهِ وَٱلْيَوْمِ ٱلْـَٔاخِرِ

if you believe in Allah from the Last Day, (Surah An-Nisa`, 4:59)

The time will come when Allah (swt) will reward us. Allah will reward us based on the trade we have done. Therefore, do Qur'ani trade, sell the world for the Hereafter. Sell ​​the mortal for the good, the eternal. The intelligent believer does just that. The unintelligent believer says, "I believe, but I don't fast, I don't pray, I don't do this, I don't do that." In the end he will know who will reap the rewards, who will not. Who gets a place of honor before Allah (swt) and gets the love of the Messenger of Allah (saw). That's what's important. It's not that your stock goes up 1 dollar, or it goes down two dollars, and then you do this and that, it doesn't matter.

One of the important commerce is Laylat al-Qadr. And I recited a hadith from Awliyaullah, and what Awliyaullah said was true. As taught by our teachers, that Awliyaullah, they can see the light of a hadith and that is enough to show the validity of the hadith. If Awliyaullah hear or read or see a hadith and they see the light emanating from the hadith, our teacher says that it means that the hadith is authentic, even though people say that it is da`if (weak), or a false hadith, but as long as Awliyaullah have seen the light from then it is a valid hadith.

And Awliyaullah have said that the Messenger of Allah (p) said, "Whoever recites innā anzalnāhu fī lailatil-qadr, Allah (swt) will give thawaab, the reward of fasting Ramadan and qiyam, praying Laylat al-Qadr." One of the prayers recommended by Awliyaullah is to pray at least two rak`ats on Laylat al-Qadr, which of course (the time) is hidden, therefore we perform nafila prayers (sunnah prayers) throughout the month of Ramadan, but two rak`'ats with innā anzalnāhu and three time Surat al-Ikhlas. and this is one of the hidden secrets given by Awliyaullah to Ummatul-Habibib, so that they are happy, because so many people do not know when Laylat al-Qadr will occur.

They said, “Read Surat al-Qadr, read innā anzalnāhu fī lailatil-qadr from beginning to end, which consists of 30 words, equivalent to the number of days in the month of Ramadan, and salāmun hiya, hiya here means peace, and that is the word for peace. The 27th word in Surat al-Qadr.

So people who read Surat al-Qadr, Allah (swt) with His Mercy will give them thawaab, the reward of praying Laylat al-Qadr and fasting Ramadan. So don't be too restless or sad that "I didn't reach it, I don't know when Laylat al-Qadr was." Read Surat al-Qadr and Allah (swt) will reward you; and this hadith is mentioned by Awliyaullah, and we believe in what they say.

Alhamdulillah, we have arrived at the end of Ramadan. Tonight is the last night of taraweeh and insha Allah tomorrow is the last day of fasting and insha Allah after that is the beginning of Eid.

In another hadith, Al-Hasan (ra) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said, and this hadith is mentioned in Bayhaqi, that every night Allah (swt) will grant deliverance from the Hellfire to thousands and thousands of Muslims, in another hadith it is mentioned 60,000 and in another hadith it says alfu alf (one million), but clearly it shows a large number. Every night Allah will grant deliverance to thousands and thousands of Muslims. When it comes to the last night, which is tonight, the last night of taraweeh and tomorrow is Laylatul-Eid, Allah will give deliverance from the Hellfire to those who have died.

So according to this hadith, since the beginning of Ramadan Allah has freed six hundred thousand people from the Hellfire, the next night six hundred thousand people, the next night six hundred thousand people until the last night, Allah will give bara`ah, deliverance from the Hell-Fire to all people. who had died the previous night. So tomorrow, do your best, ask Allah for forgiveness. Ask Rasulullah (saw) to do istighfaar on your behalf, say, “Yaa Sayyidee, yaa Rasulullah (saw), I came to you, as our teacher taught me, I came to you yaa Sayyidee, I have done many mistakes, so many foolishness, O Sayyidee, O Messenger of Allah, I have come to you as Allah has directed me to say astaghfirullah and you say astaghfirullah on my behalf, so that my Lord will forgive me.” Do that, and Allah (swt) will forgive you.

On the night of Laylat al-Qadr, Allah (swt) said that spirits and angels would descend. Tanazzalul-malā`ikatu war-rụḥu fīhā, "angels and the Spirit descend on this night." Some of the Awliyaullah say that the meaning of 'the spirit' is the Angel Gabriel (as), he descended with the angels and he is included in the group of angels, but some other Awliya say that the spirit is a different angel.

The saints say that the spirit in question is an angel whose head is directly under the Throne, while his feet are on the seventh Earth. The angel glorifies Allah twice, namely in the morning, when the sun rises and in the evening when the sun sets. The angel has a thousand heads, and each head has a thousand faces. On every face there are a thousand mouths, and every mouth has a thousand tongues and with all those tongues, he glorifies Allah with a thousand different kinds of beads. Each tongue has a different language. On the night of Laylat al-Qadr, some Awliya say that the angel descended with the other angels.

What did he do? salāmun hiya hattā matlaa'il-fajr, from sunset to dawn, everything is filled with peace until dawn. That 'Spirit' with all the tongues it has in all its mouths, on all its faces, on all its heads will ask for forgiveness, istighfar. He will ask forgiveness for saa'imeen and saa'imaat from Ummatu Muhammad (s). That spirit will ask forgiveness on behalf of the men and women who fasted from the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (s) until dawn.

Look how Allah (swt) gives pleasure to those who follow His commands. Where is His commandment? In the manual, namely al-Qur'anul-karim, that is our business book. If you want great results, open Qur'anul-karim and follow the commands of Allah (swt), and hadiths which are explanations of the holy book al-Qur'an through the noble heart and mouth of the Messenger of Allah (saw). May Allah (swt) always make us hold fast to the Sunnah of the Prophet (s), hold fast to his knowledge, follow in the footsteps of the Prophet (s), the Companions and ahlul bait to His Divine Presence.


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