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Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil Qaddasallahu Sirrahu
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Shaykh Bahauddin Update on Mawlana Shaykh Nazim's Condition

Request for recitation of Surah Yasin for Health of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim

The Mercy at the End of Time
Whatever you give in Allah's way, you will find it. Prophetic examples of giving in Allah's way. Special sallawat of sayyidna Ali (r). The mercy at the end of times. the importance of the turbans. Do not put your turban down. Hadeeth of the believers at the end of times.
The souls of the Naqshbandi followers were present with Prophet (pbuh).

Ziyarat to Hazrat Maulana Ziauddin SahabQaddasallahu Sirrahu

The Mirror of Creation
The first spring is the when the light of Prophet (pbuh) filled creation. Big bang is the manifestation of that light. The light guides those who are lost. The interpretation of the verse "Allah is the light of the heavens and earth...". The mirror of creation. We are only images appearing in the mirror of Prophet (pbuh)

Zikr of the Enlightened Saints
Special Zikr

The Hadith Which Every Muslim Should Know by Heart
"Obey Allah, obey Prophet and those who are in authority". The hadeeth which every Muslim should know by heart. The vision which Prophet (pbuh) saw, about the different good deeds, and the purpose they have in saving the Muslims performing them.

Do Not Turn Your Homes into Graveyards
  • Perfection is for Prophet (s).
  • Prophet (s) said: Do not turn your homes into a graveyard.
  • The importance of reading Surat al-Baqara.
  • The importance of reading Surat al-Mulk. Protection against Dajjal.
  • The favorite verses for Prophet (s).

The Punishment of Backbiting
Arrogance brings enmity and hate. Jealousy is the way of Shaytan. Fix your shortcomings, don't look outside. Hocome Israfil does not smile. Hadeeth about the punishment of backbiting.

Who are the Good Servants
Let us walk in the way of the good ones. Let us be with them even if we cannot be one of them. Love the Beloved and be loved.

Be from the Men
Don't be afraid. Be from the Men of God - Rijalullah. They are the ones who love Allah and His Prophet. Our Lord gives and doesn't take back. Take and give.

Ya Muhammad Al Mustapha
Love your Lord, love His Beloved, love those who love His Beloved. If only one drop of the love of the Sultan of Prophets was placed in our hearts we would be changed forever.

The Mirror of Beings
Let us ask for light and for power. Let us ask for the power in order to follow those who show us the way to serve our Lord.

The Quran Will Intercede For You
  • Allah sent messengers to guide the Ummah.
  • Mountains can not carry the manifestations of the Quran.
  • Prophet (s) was the only one who rode on his satan.
  • The Quran will intercede for you.

How to Build Palaces in Heaven
When you remember the creator, you glorify Him. Hadeeth about the value of saying of reciting of some specific Adkar. How the palaces of heaven are built. How the trees of heaven are planted.

Zahra Ensemble Nasheed

In This Time, No One is Looking for Awliya
Thank You Allah for making us to be related to Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. Wilayah is a grant from Allah. It can not be achieved by studying. Private secrets revealed by Shaykh Abdallah and Shaykh Nazim. Some instructions to mureeds.

Who Will Intercede for US
You need someone to intercede for you with Allah. We need Help. The importance of reading holy Quran. Are we reading the holy Quran. Hadeeth about the rewards of reading Holy Quran.

Latest Declaration from Mawlana Shaykh Nazim: "Build forty mosques and open Dhikr centers everywhere”
  • The difference between normal scholars and pious sincere scholars.
  • Remembering Allah( swt) is the highway to paradise.
  • The story of how Imam Ghazali reached to see the reality at the hands of his shaykh.
  • We have to honor our Guide.
  • Latest declaration from Mawlana Shaykh Nazim: "Build forty mosques in forty different locations and open Dhikr centers in every corner”
  • Important Declaration about Naming the Tariqah after our master: The Naqshbandiyya-Nazimiyya.

The Story of the Buraq
Describing the love of Prophet (pbuh). Some subtleties of Isra and Miraj. Allah and His Angels sending sallawat upon Sayidna Muhammad (pbuh). The story of the Buraq which was chosen to carry Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The secret behind Prophet's visit to each paradise.

Nasheed and Salawat in Peterborough

Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam Established Equality Between Human Beings
Hadeeth of equality between human beings. He established the equality. I have been sent to perfect the good manners. The best of manners hadeeth. Muslims have to integrate. How many letter meem in Bismillah Arrahman Arraheem. The creation of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The dowry of Sayidah Fatimah.

One of the Treasures of Heaven
Majority of people are running after Dunya. Do you want the treasure of Akhira or the treasure of Dunya? One of the treasures of heaven.

Big Chunks of Darkness
Advice at the end of time, big chunks of darkness will cover the earth. How will Allah judge all his servants. Hidden shirk is the thing Prophet (pbuh) fears most for his nation. What power makes this world move. Quran is Allah's ancient word.
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