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Salawats on Prophet

Special Tasbeeh

Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani
Holy Quran: " There is nothing in creation which does not make Allah's tasbeeh".
The story of Sayyidina Musa and the frog. The special angelic tasbeeh which will waive all sins:
"Subhana Dhil-Mulki wal-Malakoot, subhaana dhil-`izzati wal-Jabaroot, Subhan al-Hayyi alladhee la yamoot, suboohun qudoosun rabbuna wa rabbul-Malaikati wa'r-rooh".
Sohba/Discourse - Burton, MI USA
Recorded: Friday, Sep 20, 2013
Added to site: Saturday, Sep 21, 2013

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