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Zikr at the Maqam of Shaykh Sharafuddin Suhrawardy Qaddasallahu Sirrahu
Tuesday, Jan 06, 2015
India Jan 2015
Khatm ul-Khwajagan - Hyderabad India
Shaykh Hisham Kabbani visit the maqam of Shaykh Ashraf Suhrawardy, where he performs Khatm Zikr. The Maqam is buit on top of hill. Shaykh Hisham and entourage had to climb 350 steps to reach the Maqam.

Beautiful Khatm Kawajagan in Chicago
Saturday, Nov 15, 2014
Chicago November 2014
Khatm ul-Khwajagan - Chicago, IL USA

Khatm Al-Kawjagan in Burton MI
Saturday, Oct 18, 2014
Khatm ul-Khwajagan - Burton USA

Powerful Khatm Al-Khawajagan at the Feltham Dergah
Thursday, Sep 11, 2014
UK Sep. 2014
Khatm ul-Khwajagan - Feltham UK

Khatm Al-Khawajagan
Thursday, May 15, 2014
Khatm ul-Khwajagan - Fenton, MI USA

The First Mawlid and Khatm Al-Khawajagan After the Urs of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Qaddasallahu Sirrahu
Thursday, May 08, 2014
Cyprus April-May 2014
Khatm ul-Khwajagan - Lefke Cyprus

Dhikr at Khawja Nizamuddin Qaddasallahu Sirrahu
Thursday, Jan 02, 2014
India Tour 2014
Khatm ul-Khwajagan - New Delhi India

Khatmul Khawajagan on Ashura
Wednesday, Nov 13, 2013
Khatm ul-Khwajagan - Fenton, MI USA

Khatm Al-Khawajagan in Chicago IL
Saturday, Nov 09, 2013
Chicago Nov 2013
Khatm ul-Khwajagan - Fenton, MI USA

Khatm Kawajagan in Lefke Cyprus
Thursday, Apr 18, 2013
2013 Cyprus - Spring
Khatm ul-Khwajagan - Lefke Cyprus

Hadrah and Dhikr at Rutgors University
Sunday, Mar 31, 2013
Khatm ul-Khwajagan - New Brunswick, NJ USA
Ali Elsayed and Montreal Naqshbandis perform Hadrah at Rutgors University

Beautiful Khatm Khawajagan
Saturday, Mar 23, 2013
Khatm ul-Khwajagan - Burton, MI USA

Khatm Khawajagan in Chicago
Sunday, Feb 10, 2013
Chicago Feb. 2013
Khatm ul-Khwajagan - Chicago, IL USA

Khatam in Granada
Friday, Jan 25, 2013
Spain 2013
Khatm ul-Khwajagan - Granada Spain

Woking Dhikr 2 of 2
Sunday, Jan 20, 2013
UK Mawlid 2012
Khatm ul-Khwajagan - London UK

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