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Oakland Zawiya
A`udhu billahi min ash-shaytaan ir-rajeem
Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem
Nawaytu'l-arba`een, nawaytu'l-`itikaaf, nawaytu'l-khalwah, nawaytu'l-riyaada, nawaytu's-salook, nawaytu'l-`uzlah lillahi ta`ala fee hadha'l-masjid
Ati` Allah wa ati` ar-Rasula wa uli 'l-amri minkum
Allah swt sent Sayyidina Muhammad (s), `alayhi afdal as-salaat was-salam to humanity in order to bring them to the shore of safety. And Prophet was dressed with all kinds of tools that he can use for people to be saved. If we read the verse of Holy Qur'an wa ma arsalnaaka illah rahmatan lil alameen, we have sent you mercy to humanity and if as Allah swt said, sent him as a mercy, He must have given him all kinds of necessary equipment.
We see today, armies; generals that have under them hundreds of thousands of soldiers, they don’t go for any battlefield without having every kind of tools necessary in order that they win. Because they don’t want to lose. And they try their best not to let one of their army go prisoner in the hands of tyrants or aggressors.
So you cannot send a general in to the desert with no tools and say, “O sorry. Find your way out with your army.” What is possible is that they have to send all kinds of necessary equipment in order that they stop the aggression of the enemy against peaceful people.
If that is for us what do you think of the One who created us? The one who wants all the best for everyone as human beings. So what is there to be done? He said, wa rahmatee wasi`at kulla shay – My mercy encompassed all things.” And he said, “I sent Muhammad (s) as mercy for everyone.”
 So it means the Prophet has been equipped with every tool needed to fight Shaytan and stop the aggression of Shaytan.
And these tools are not necessarily all of them can be seen. Because you don’t show you enemy all the tools that you have. Like the army might hide their weapons. They might use camouflage to hid their weapon. Show a few but hide the most.
So what do you think of the one that created us? So Allah swt gave Sayyidina Muhammad (s) physical weapons we can see and hidden weapons we cannot see. And these are in the hands of his inheritors they are holding in their hand in order to fight the aggression of Shaytan against human beings.
That is why Awliyaullah are not normal human beings. They are generals and admirals hiding all their tools camouflaging them in order they can win over devils and evil power. Don’t underestimate their power. You remember in the Afghanistan war, Haroun, there were planes throwing bombs over that area in the mountains, Tora Bora, were they not? And then they begin to use big rockets and they say first time they are using that and they weigh tons and tons of super-bombs. That is a huge one and they said, " they never used it before, it was hidden.” Why? Becuase they want to reach a place that cannot be reached.
What do you think about Awliyaullah? Allah gave his Prophet Sayyidina Muhammad (s) spiritual weapons that can reach like laser it. It reaches Shaytan and his followers and hits them hard, wherever they are.
That is why people run to Awliyaullah. Find and search for a wali and stuck with him. Find and search for a wali and be guided by him. Because they know the tricks of Shaytan and they use from these equipment they have what is necessary for Shaytan.
I cannot go through what Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, may Allah give him long life and Grandshaykh, may Allah bless his soul, said. There are thing that you can speak and things that cannot. It is hidden. You cannot give all your papers as they say. You give a little bit. They know that Allah’s mercy is so huge, He has sent that mercy that cannot be described on human beings to save them from the hands of Shaytan. And Awliyaullah are expressing in bringing out a secret that it is important for us to know and might be some people like it and some people doesn’t like it. But here it is not what you like or what I like. Awliyaullah have a reality they have to speak it out and with it they can turn the arrow against Shaytan.
Sometimes you see in children’s movies, someone throw arrows like that and they put their hand and the arrow turns back against the other ones. What kind of movie is that? Cartoons?
They show you things and they show you it is coming on you back. Because you are trying to hit good people they show it coming back on you. You see it in all these movies. If these actors and producers and directors can do that what do you think about Awliyaullah?
Don’t you see in movies, like the Harry Potter movie, you forgot quickly, they have all this kind of magic, if these have magic, Awliyaullah have reality. They don’t use magic, but with reality they can reach and throw Shaytaan in his heart and split him into half. And one of these important matters is that Shaytan has been dressed, he dressed himself with pride and selfishness. That is why he has been thrown away. So anyone who has been dressed with pride and selfishness it means he is happy and imitating Shaytan. And the Prophet (s), Allah dressed him with humbleness. It means anyone how is imitating the Prophet to be humble then Allah will dress him with the secrets of the Prophet.
Why are we not inheriting these secrets? Because we are not reaching real imitation to the Prophet in order to be dressed with all these characteristic. It means we are still falling in the traps of Shaytan. Correct? You me and everyone. Else you would reach one letter, wa law anzalna hadha al-qurana ala jabalin la-ra'aitahu khaashiyan mutasadiyan min khashiyatillah…what does that mean. "If we had sent that Qur'an down on the mountain then you would have seen that mountain bowing into sajda and shattering from Allah’s fear and Allah’ greatness."
If Allah would reveal the Qur'an on a mountain that mountain would completely dissolve.
Look Allah reveled the Holy Qur'an on the Prophet (s) and he is still strong. If Allah revealed that Qur'an on the universe that universe would shatter. Prophet (s) is stronger than the mountain and stronger than the universe. That means you have to read between the lines. Allah is bringing that example to show you that the Prophet (s) is stronger than mountains.
Allah said He put the mountains on earth in order to balance the earth. But when Allah wants to bring them down He will do so by an earthquake.
But Allah is telling us that the Prophet (s) is stronger than any mountain on earth and that he is stronger than anything in the universe. Because that is Allah’s Words, not human beings' words. That is Allah’s Ancient Word.
So what Allah gave from secrets to Sayyidina Muhammad (s) no one knows. what Awliyaullah inherited from the Prophet (s), no one knows, they only give a little bit, little bit.
And here Grandshaykh is giving to taste. He said: on the day of promises, qaaloo balaa, when Allah brought all the souls of the human beings and asked them “Am I not your Lord - alastu bi-rabbikum?” and what did we say? We said “Qaaloo bala - yes, our Lord.” We were at that time all atoms, dharraat.
You know when the Prophet said, kull abn Adam yafna illa `ujb ad-dhanab. All of the human being will disintegrate in the grave except for one part - the coccyx. Today they found that, Muslim scholars. Why the Prophet (s) said that, there must be a secret. So they begin to check with western scientists - I put that in the Armageddon book - and they put it in high pressure and heat and still found a living species there. They took it and put it under high pressure and crushed it and still found a living species there.
So that is why the Prophet (s) said that "on Judgment Day when Allah will create back all human beings, rain will come and that is not normal rain but a special rain. And every drop of rain the name of the person is on it. And so it knows where the living coccyx of that person is and goes and attaches to it."
“And there is no shyness in religion, la haya fee ad-deen.” The Prophet (s) said, “Allah will shower a rain of sperms and every sperm will know its owner and it will hit on that coccyx (and it means that coccyx will have the egg in it). And every sperm will know its owner. Every one will go to the one it belongs.”
So when we were in the Presence of Allah, these small species, these atoms, or we can say these souls, were there, when Allah asked us 'Am I not your Lord?" and we said, “yes, O our Lord,” Allah showed Sayyidina Muhammad (s) the reality, showed him something that is necessary, in order... and that is some special secret that Mawlana Grandshaykh is revealing that came to him through his vision and through the inspiration that were coming to him through his khalwah and the many khalwats that he did and he was expressing what came to him and was revealed to him and he was giving us a taste of what awliyaullah can take from the Prophet (s).
And he said, that “The Prophet (s) was ordered to look at certain souls, look at these atoms or these souls on this side and Allah knows better. And the Prophet (s) looked and he was disturbed.   He was disturbed and at first he wasn’t disturbed and he was ok, happy but when Allah dressed this species with what they were going to do in dunya he got disturbed because he saw what they were going to do in dunya.
So he showed him this part and the Prophet was disturbed. He said, “Ya Rabbee what is this?’”
At that moment Grandshaykh is explaining that Allah sent in his heart of love to them, to these kind of group of souls. And when the Prophet is looking and he is disturbed he saw that they are going to be having a hard time in their lives and they are going to be asked about it like the other souls but we are not speaking about them now, but we come to them later, not today. So the Prophet’s heart was not happy. Allah knew that reality, that the Prophet (s) was not happy. So he sent him another time a manifestation, a tajalli of love that was dominating over this whole what you say, group, that side where he was looking at these people, these souls. He sent from the manifestation of love on them and for them and dressed that manifestation on the Prophet. So he was feeling so much love for them that he cannot drop his eyes from these souls. And Grandshaykh said "That love that Allah has put in the Prophet (s) for these souls cannot be described for its greatness and it has no beginning and no end that the Prophet (s) loved them more than anything in the universes or in the dunya or anything anywhere, that love he put in his heart was so great that it encompassed everyone. And He said to him, “O my Seal of Messengers. The one that you love I will not leave them without saving them.”
And that is why the Prophet said, "yuhshar al-maru ma` man ahab - The human being will be resurrected with the one he loves."
He said, “I will not take them away from you ya Muhammad. The one you love will be under My mercy. I will not punish them.”
So since the Prophet (s) loved them Allah swt saved them. Because if you love someone in dunya, you always ask the best for him or her. What do you think if the Allah made the Prophet (s) to love someone? That is besides his Sahaba, besides his awliyaullah, besides.. this is a group of people that the Prophet (s) loved them. And this is from the spiritual secret that Allah opened to the Prophet (s) and the Prophet (s) opened to some of his Awliyaullah.
So who are these people? What did the Prophet say in one of his authentic hadith? “Allah made me to love from your dunya three.” Three main issues. What were these issues?
[prayers, perfume, ] the first was women, an-nisa, at-teeb, thumma qurratu `aynee fee as-salaat.
So first “Women, then a nice smell and then my eyes will be very relaxed with the prayers.” so that is why the Prophet out of the love that Allah put in his heart to ladies, he said, you know how much they are going to suffer and how much they are going to carry in their wombs creation after creation and generation after generation, he said that “Paradise is under the feet of the mothers.” If you look at these hadith about the importance of ladies and women you will say that Islam gave women so many rights and so much benefit.
So that is the answer to the brother who was speaking in the conference about the equality and non-equality of ladies. Here you can see that ladies are even more than men. The Prophet (s) was looking at them and giving them more love than men.
So what did Grandshaykh continue to say? He said, that in order for Allah, if you love someone, you will love whom or you will take care of the one who loves that one also. If I love this one and I love him it means I want to take care of you because I love the one that you love. So Allah made men to love women.
Since Allah made men to love women and the Prophet (s) loved women and because of Prophet’s love to women then Allah will love the men who love the women who are going to be saved.
Awliyaullah. For them there is no limits. Awliyaullah are like the ocean.
Understood or I repeat. Break it down.
What they say, Sahib, break it down.
Because they bring this subject always about this issue. As if there is no equality. Of course there is no equality! They have been given more than what men have been given! Allah made Sayyidina Muhammad (s) and then He made men to love them and because Sayyidina Muhammad (s) loved them Allah will not punish them and because they are loved by men; then the men will not be punished for the love of the Prophet (s) to the women that they love. So that is one meaning of the mercy of Allah that He has and from His Beautiful Names ar-Rahman ar-Raheem. And the Prophet is the gifted mercy, ar-rahmatul-muhda. So he is rahmatan lil-`alameen. That is one drop of that rahmat. What about the rest? We don’t know.
He said, “I am not going to send whom you love to be punished, and I am not going to send those youth whom you love to be punished. I am sending all to Paradise by My mercy.”
May Allah swt forgive us and may Allah make us to be happy with the blessings of awliyaullah and the blessings of the Prophet.
He said, “ma yaqulu mawlana illa haqqan.” He said, “I am speaking what is right, I am speaking what I see in a vision. I am not speaking about what is hallucination or imagination. It is right and it is the way that Allah will save people on Judgment Day, Ummata an-Nabi.”
Then he went into many other things I cannot explain it. We will keep it for more private sessions, insha-Allah in order that. I will put a sign on it and insha-Allah one time we can explain that.
Wa min Allah at-tawfeeq, bi-hurmatil Fatiha.