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Mawlana Shaykh Nazim - Willpower is a Secret Power

Sohbet from 01.28.07

Willpower is a secret power!

As-salamu alaikum!
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaytani rajim
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
La hawla wa quwatta illa bi-llahi-l 'Aliyyi-l 'Azim.

May Allah forgive me and bless you - we are in need His forgiveness here and Hereafter. It is a short association. You are coming from far distances for hearing something. May Allah grant us to listen and to obey! Perhaps so many people they are hearing or listening, but not obeying. The biggest reward or biggest honour for you is to obey. To obey gives us honour. Disobedience (is) taking everything.

And we are saying: Alhamdu-li-llahi Rabbi-l 'Alamin. We are saying: By the Name of Allah Almighty, Most Merciful, Most Beneficent and Most Magnificent.

(The) biggest chance for a person is to be an obedient servant and disobedience taking from mankind every grant that Allah Almighty (is) asking to grant to them. Disobedience (is) carrying away. Therefore, O people, every Jumu'ah our Imams always they are reminding people and saying: "O people, be fearful from Allah Almighty!"

Not fear from hells, but you must know that disobedience is worst for everyone. Disobedience (is) carrying away from you your Lords Mercy, your Lord's Love, Your Lord's Favours. He is asking to grant to you everything that He knows - you (are) never knowing. Always Allah Almighty (is) asking to grant to His obedient servants that they never seeing that before or never hearing before or He is granting to you from His endless Favour Oceans that even your imagination (is not) reaching to that. Every time that Allah Almighty (is) granting (it is something) what is beyond that you are knowing or you are tasting or you are looking before. Always He is granting unknown, unseen, unlooked grants. Everything in His Divinely Presence is new. He is never asking to grant to His servants (the) same thing, no! Everything in His divinely Presence is new, unseen, unheard, unknown- from His endless Grants to His obedient servants.

What we are doing? We are doing that what our egos (are) enjoying - from physical desires your ego is enjoying - to fulfill some tasting from everything, to make your ego happy.

Now we are living in a time that people they are (the) same people, (the) same creation; (there is) no difference through first man and living man now. If anything different - may be (if the) first man (had) two legs, you can be four legs - if you are thinking on it.

If (the) first man (was) eating with one mouth, you can think that: "If going to be for me two mouths to reach much more" and so on. Physical desires (are) in first line now for man.

Living man through this century, (the) 21st century, for what they are living? They may say: "I am living to fulfill my physical desires according to my ego, (my) egos desires." "Anything else?" They may say: "We are never thinking anything else; that its our last point, (the) last horizon that we are thinking on it. Beyond that we are not thinking anything else." Therefore people now they are living and trying to make themselves much more enjoyful with their physical desires that they are fulfilling. They are going to be happy, but they are not thinking that to fulfill our physical desires (is) carrying our personality first, making ourselves to be on the level of animals that they (are) never rising their heads (up) from (the) meadow, from grass. If you are leaving a cow, a sheep and such animals, you can find them always their heads on grass, never thinking anything else and now 21st century people also their importance (is) only to eat and to drink, to drink and to enjoy with eating and drinking.

That is 'tanazul', coming down from high level that Allah Almighty (is) asking mankind to keep their levels and to begin to arise up to Dominions of Allah Almighty through His endless Heavens. (He is) asking you to arise up, but people they are asking to come down, down, down (to) the levels of animals. Therefore people (are) going to be like beasts, beasts, wild animals; no one (is) carrying through their hearts mercy or justice or a good desire for others, only they are thinking for themselves, how they may be able to give much more pleasure to their physical being.

O people! You have been granted mind that it is only granted to you, not to animals! Animals they have brains, but no mind. Everything they have a brain, but brain, over it we have been granted a mind power, a secret authority, (a) secret power. We have been granted to use that power for the sake of our Lord and for His Pleasure. Animals are not in need to have, over their brains to be minds, no, no need. They are knowing what they have been created (for). But man they have been created in another way and He (the) Almighty (is) creating you and giving your form, 'ahsani taqwim', (the) best form, that you can't be able to think much more perfect from our forms.

May say someone: "We were asking sometimes to be for ourselves wings" and some people may look some pictures that (are) showing some drawings about angels, that angels (are) carrying on their...behind their bodies wings; but to have wings it is not a good form for mankind. If you are thinking on it, you must know that it was not so suitable for your form to have two wings or four wings or more wings, no, but some people may say: "If I have some wings for flying." No, it is not true, it is not a perfect form. (The) perfect form (is) that Allah Almighty created you and the Lord of Heavens is saying: "If I am asking to make you to fly - (it can be) by wings or without wings." So many people may ask to fly by wings that they have, but Allah Almighty (is) saying that: "No, I prefer for you to fly without wings!" To fly by wings it is not a perfection, because mankind is much more perfect than angels. Angels may fly with their wings, but we may fly without wings! Because we have been granted willpower, angels haven't been granted that, no! Willpower just is a grant (that) through countless creatures is for mankind (only).

And He Almighty is saying: "If you are using your willpower not against My Will, I may grant to you to fly without wings. But as long as you are not coming to use My Orders, as long as you are not using your willpower through My Willpower, if you are getting another ways and leaving My Willpower, (using) another way, you (are) never reaching anything here or Hereafter!" Willpower - that is from Allah Almighty biggest grant to mankind, to humanity, but now we are not using our willpower, but we are using shaytanic will. We are following shaytanic willpowers, but not using our willpower according our Lords Will.

That is two ways. If you can use according Allah Almighty's Willpower, you may reach everything here and Hereafter. If you are leaving and trying to follow shaytanic will, (you are) coming down, down, down and (you are) going to be (the) ugliest creature; He is going to change man's form on (the) ugliest form, (so that) even going to be an ass (in a) much better form than that one's form. Even a scorpions form (is) going to be much better than those people their form!

O people, Allah Almighty (is) granting to you through your form, for man to be handsome, to women to be beautiful ones. And you must know that that outlooking to be handsome is a grant from Allah to you and women must know that their beauty is not with such a cosmetics. They are thinking that cosmetics (are) giving them beauty. (Really they are) making them much more ugly, but they are not thinking on it, no. Allah Almighty (is) granting to His servants to be handsome with his willpower; light dressing on you and for women dressing on them also from (His) Divinely Beauty Oceans; coming on them, (so) that they are going to be so sweet and so beautiful!

But now 21st century people they are thinking that they are getting handsome with their first class clothes, confection. Look, ma sha Allah.. so handsome Sheikh Khalid.. Eh, they are thinking that: "Ehhh, what we are dressing, this is nothing real?" No, nothing! They are looking first class confection from California, San Francisco, or Los Angeles. They are so foolish now mankind; their beauty, they are thinking that this label makes them handsome or beautiful - and they are liars. "Look my shoes," Sheikh Salim saying, "I am that one that I am dressing that shoes, it is just brought from North Pole. Making me to be ladies to look my shoes and their minds (are) flying away, when they are looking: 'Ohhhh, if that person his shoes (are) going to be in such a way, how they should be?' "

They should be like coal (that) putting man before in these ships. so many things on their faces, they are not looking like a man, looking like someone coming from jungle.

O people ask from Allah Almighty to grant to you from His Endless Beauty Oceans!

One spot (was) just granted to paradise; one drop from that beauty that just granted to eight paradises, (it is) only one drop from (the) Endless Beauty Oceans of Allah Almighty and everything that (is) beautiful on earth, it is from that one drop. Only one spot (was) just granted and much more (of it was) granted to ladies, a little bit less for men.

O mankind, use your minds, to find (the) right path to make your Lord happy with you. He granted to you everything that it is good and beautiful for you through your eternal life.

For the honour of the most honoured one, Sayyidina Muhammad - sallaLlahu alayhi wa sallam,