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Allah Allah Allah allah subhanaallah,

Allah Allah Allah allah Kareemallah,

Allah Allah Allah allah sultanallah,


Liman al-mulk al-yawm lillahil-wahid al-qahaar.

Al-yawm tujza kullu nafsan ma kasabat..sari al-hisab.

That is why we say, "There is no malik, there is no king and no president." "There is this or that."

There is no one. When Allah swt orders Sayyidina Israfil to blow in the trumpet, then everyone dies and Allah by Himself to Himself from His Unknown undescribable level, Allah knows where, Allah says, "Liman al-mulk al-yawm - to whom is the kingdom this day?" Which kingdom?

Allah said, "liman al-mulk al-yawm.” Are you hearing? "To whom is the kingdom today?" He answered by Himself, to Himself, "To Allah the One," To the Unique One that has no partner, the Majestic One, the One that under His command is everything.

There is no at that time a king. But which kingdom? To him is the kingdom today. Which kingdom? Earth? If it is earth Allah is poor. Istaghfirullah.

The whole creation [is His kingdom]. Because everyone will disappear, finish, from Sayyidina Jibreel to all of them, when Israfil will blow in the trumpet, everyone will die. Except Israfil, when Allah orders him to die, he dies also. That is not just earthly kingdom. That is the universe that has no beginning and no end. To Allah this universe has a beginning and an end, but to us it is huge, wherever you go you are moving in it.

Did you check it? The map of the universe. Go check. Check how much, we think that when we look, "yartadu ilayka al-basaru khasiyan wa huwa haseer - We look up and your vision will come back to you disappointed," when you look up at these stars. People say they know everything, what do they know, they know noting. Kulli shayin indahu bil miqdaar -Everything to Him has an estimate."

Bil miqdaar. It is a little bit. It means He gave to people a little bit, a little bit, a little bit. He didn’t give them everything. He only gave one everything: Sayyidina Muhammad.

Allah says "To whom is the kingdom today?" I created them for you but you didn’t deserve it, that is why I am going to dissolve it completely. Yawma tubadala al-ardu ghayra al-ard, was-samawat. The day that comes that the earth will be change to a different earth, to a different place and the heavens will be changed, will be transformed. Allah changes them. At that time, it means  everything is new. And you will be new, is it not? Everyone will be new.

When Allah swt sends that rain that enters in every bone, the coccyx of the human being, as soon as it enter that person appears. You know that hadith of the Prophet (s) that Allah will shower on earth sperm that will go up 70 yards above earth. Above earth where? This earth is round, so it means above earth from every side. And every drop of rain knows its owner and it has to go and search for that coccyx that bone that never dies and enter in it.

The Prophet (s) said, that “ Adam will disintegrate completely except for one small bone the coccyx that will be living.” How does that small bone know? Take now and write everyone’s name on a small piece of paper an put them in a glass. Can you pick up your name. You have 1000 names there. Might be probability to pick your name there of 1/10000, but it is nearly impossible. How that sperm knows its owner, it has to go to its coccyx its bone to bring us up back. When that clean rain comes and it has clean drops that enter in the coccyx and enter and create a new body, is that body clean or not? Then what is Allah swt going to judge us with. That is why He said to Muhammad, "Ya Muhammad I will create an Ummah for you that never gets tired of making sins and I am a Lord that never gets tired of forgiving them. For your sake."

Look at us today. Are we committing sins or not, every moment?  When we say "Allahu Akbar," [to begin prayers] how many gossips come to our heart. Too many. Count them. You cannot.

You cannot count them, even in the prayer. And we come and we are jabbabira, tyrants to ourselves. Tyrants to others and tyrants to ourselves. This one cheat this one, this one conspires against that one, this one backbite hat one, and this one … full. And we come and at the end and say what is the benefit? But we have to do it. Like it or don’t like it you have to  pray five prayers, "In spite of your nose - raghman `an anfik", or you have to pray them in hellfire. The foot on top of your head and you have to pray them. You are obliged to pray them. People come and complain, " my son is not praying." After you spoiled him how do you complain? How is he going to pray? People say, "my daughter is not praying." Then we think we are big awliya. Everyone with long beard and . ..

The problem is not here. The problem is that is all easy. But the problem is when we are going to be  in front of Allah and He is asking us. "Faman yamal mithqaala dharratin sharran yarah - whoerever has done an atom's weight of evil will see it."

Whoever will do an atom of good, he will see good and whomever does an atom of bad He will bring it back for you.

Allah can bring the seed of mustard, mithqaala khardala from the depths of seven earths. If it is under 7 earths Allah will bring it up.

How much Allah will bring our sins up. Are we thinking chief? No. all of us. Allah said, "fa dhakkir fa inna adh-dhikra tanfa al-mumineen - The believers get benefit by being reminded. We are not coming and saying to threat people but we are all in the same problem. But we are under a huge problem. Are we going to be in paradise or are we going to be in hellfire?

Anyone of us. Take an example of himself or herself. Ask yourself, "Am I going to go to paradise with my `amal?" No, no way. That his why when the Prophet (s) had a concern, a big concern: “Ya rabbee, what about my Ummah, what about my Ummah!” And this is where Allah is speaking to the Prophet (s) and this is where awliyaullah get the secrets and give them to their followers. May Allah bless Grandshaykh and may Allah bless Mawlana Shaykh!

And I heard it from Grandshaykh, 40 years ago, the Prophet (s) is saying, “Ya Rabbee, my nation?” Who is Ummat an-Nabi (s)? Ummat an-Nabi (s) is everything that Allah swt created for Sayyidina Muhammad. Everyone that Allah created. Who is everyone? Jinn, ins, angels.

Ha, if we want to go deep in the meaning. If we want to be superficial we say human beings and jinn. But if we want to go deeper we say all that has been created. Even in heavens. They are Ummat an-Nabi (s). But they are different levels. The Prophet (s) was concerned about those who make sins. Who makes sins? Human beings. The Prophet (s) will ask, “what about them?” “Ah, don’t worry about them. When I sent them to earth in grave, what happened to them?” They are gone, they disappeared in the grave. You open the earth of the grave later and they are gone. Allah is cleaning them. That is why anything is considered dirty you have to wash your hand with dirt, turab. That is why when you touch the saliva of the dog you have to wash six times and seventh with dirt.

So that means earth cleans everything. Then it is cleaning process in the grave, either it is rawdatan min riyad al-janmah, paradise in the grave or  hufran min hufr alniran, a ditch of fire. There everyone will be cleaned. Who will be clean? Awliyaullah. Not us. That is why when you open the gave of someone they find the body as it was. Did you see that? No. I saw one and I heard about many.

Imam al-Jazuli who wrote Dala’il al-Khayrat, died in Fez in Morocco. After 100 years they want to move him to Marrakech. They opened the grave and found him as if he had been buried today. They moved him and he was fresh, his cheeks like he was buried today.

That one is guaranteed. Can we guarantee ourselves?

In Singapore, they wanted to open a highway and there is in the way a big grave of a wali – Habib Noh. Whatever they want to take way that grave they cannot. So what did they do? They moved the highway. They make the highway go around the grave and it used to be ocean. They cannot go straight. It is very well-known road in Singapore.

The one I saw, I will not discuss now, it is in Damascus.

So we cannot guarantee ourselves. It is a cleaning there. There you will wish, “Ya Rabbee, I wish You can send me back. Irjinee `amal saalihan.” “ No,” Allah says, “finished.”

So when He brings us back on the Resurrection Day He bring you back with a new body, a body that is clean because it has been created another time.

That is why Grandshaykh said, "These secrets are opened from the Prophet (s) that when Allah creates us back on Resurrection Day then they have to be clean. They cannot be in front of Allah and in front of His Prophet (s) dirty. How they can be and Allah calling all His servants? Can you be dirty?

Why when you go to pray do you make ablution? To be clean. And awliyaullah say you have to make ghusl even. They go higher, in order to be more clean. How are you going to be in Resurrection Day, not clean? That is a little bit if we use our mind, and the heart can go even higher.

I go to see a president, or a minister or you go to be hired in a company what do you do? You dress nicely and Pakistanis, they die their beard if they have a beard to look younger.

Ganghis is that correct? [yes] and not only Pakistanis, everyone. Arabs, they shave completely they have no beard. Go see them in Arab countries. Very few have beard but not everyone. Ladies fill their hands from top to bottom with jewelry and they are khaskhash, ringing in order to get a job.

They go clean. What do you think about us, in presence Of Allah and in presence of the Prophet (s)? Do you think you are not going to be clean there. And Grandshaykh said how are you not going to be clean, If you ask about the judgment, when Allah said, "faman yamal mithqala dharra… that judgment has already been done. That is not going to be done on Judgment Day. Already when Allah created you he judged you. For him there is no past, present, future for Him everything is present. When He created you He knew what you are going to do. That is why He said to the Prophet (s) in day of ascension, because Allah has already judged His servants, [He says to the Prophet (s):] “I gave them you. You do what you want I gave you shafa`a.”

That is why Allah said this is a blessed Ummah, ummatan marhooma. Allah has dressed this Ummah. Allah does not accept that the Prophet (s) will be with wild animal. Allah will take our wild chars and build us up in the grave. We are going back to Allah that soul is clean. That soul is struggling inside us. That is why when you do something wrong you get a sense of guilt; “O that is wrong. Repent, repent, repent.”

Who is telling us to repent? It is a struggle between the soul and the body. There is a big struggle there. The soul is clean you don’t need to clean it anymore. We are to Allah and to Allah we go back. Can a soul back dirty. When Azraeel is taking a soul, everything on it is cleaned. When it goes up in hands of Azraeel it is clean. That is why Allah swt wants to show His servants that “you are My subjects. You are My servants and you are My slaves. I own you. Don’t say you can own people, except Me.”

These tyrants on earth, whatever you want to call them of different political levels, everyone of them is a tyrant on these levels and on others. That is why he says, liman al-mulk al-yawm. Which king can stand up?. Which president can stand up?

What do they do in these debates? “My plan is this and my plan is that.” What is that ‘I’? It is the self. Everyone wants to say “I am better.” We are like that. We have to take example from what we see. We say, “I”, “I”, “I”, children say to their parents  “I”, “I”, “I”, “me”, “me”, “me”, “what do you know you are awkward, look at your beard it is white already. You want to give me advice?”

“They have the guts,” we say in English to say to their parents like that. And their parents feel bad, they raised their children and paid money and they come and speak to them like that. If the father gets sad from the son telling him what to do, what do you think about the Prophet (s), from his Ummah? What do you think about Allah from His servants.

That is why Allah doesn’t look. Inna ad-dunya la tazin `inda-Allah janaaha ba`ooda – In Allah’s view, this world doesn’t way the weight of a mosquito’s wing. [He say,] "I give them to you  I don’t want to deal with them. They are…” I don’t want to say worse.

“I raised them up on land and sea, wa hamalna hum fil barri wal-bahr. Take them and do what you want. I gave You have shafa`a.

That is why the Prophet (s) said, "I will go and make sajda and make du`a that Allah never opened to me even in barzakh.  I will make du`a and du`a and du`a.”

What kind of du`a? Some people read the al-ad`iya al-mathura those du`a that the Prophet (s) taught the Sahaba. You can read it. But the Prophet (s) said, "Allah will open to my heart du`a that never been opened before.” How are the letters of these du`as. It might be like alim lam mim, kah ha ya ayn sad. It might be like these letters that we cannot understand their secrets that Allah will open to the Prophet (s). It might be infinite numbers of these words that have meanings but we cannot understand the meaning. But the Prophet (s) will understand and Allah will open the secret. And then Allah will say, “Enough!” to the Prophet (s), “raise you head and ask!” He asks, “give me my Ummah!” And Allah gives him one third.

And the Prophet (s) doesn’t stop. He goes into sajda for the second time. How long will be the sajda of the Prophet (s), we don’t know. Sayyidina Adam went into sajda for 40 years. Then Allah swt will open to his heart du`as that never been opened before. And then … at the end Allah will say, "take all of them except one.” Who is that one? That is the worst one. Then Allah says, “I am better than My Prophet (s). Even that one, I give him to Paradise.”

That is why the Prophet (s) said, "Allah gave me ummatan marhooma – a  blessed Ummah. May Allah bless us and keep us always in presence of the Prophet (s) and in presence of awliyaullah. We don’t know the value of awliyaullah until we die. Then we know how much they have brought us near to the Prophet (s). Now we don’t know. Now our eyes are blocked we cannot see.

We hear about awliyaullah that they say this and they say that. We read books and they say this and say that. Why do we read books? There is no fresh knowledge in them. Where is the fresh knowledge. Why, [do you think] awliyaullah are finished?  That they no more exist?  Allah said: Ala inna awliyaullha la khawfan `alayhim wa laa hum yahzanoon.

And the hadith: awliyaee tahta qibaabee la ya`lamahum ghayree.

The Prophet (s) mentioned in many hadith about abdal, what about the substitutes. Where are they? They don’t have new knowledge. Is not the Prophet (s) ascending in his knowledge every moment. Because Allah is the Creator, in every moment He is creating,. You cannot say that He stopped creating or He is not a creator. And He is creating new knowledge all the time and time and revealing them and much of that will not come until Mahdi’s time. Awliyaullah are there and they get fresh knowledge from heart of the Prophet (s).

But we have to find them. But if we say, "we are busy; we have work”, them you are chaining yourself, not to sit with them. Their presence gives you the ability to ascend within your heart in higher levels of knowledge. Look what Grandshaykh brought of knowledge - we throw some words of it, it makes us strong. We never heard anything like that except from Grandshaykh and Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. How many books we read and we never found what Grandshaykh said and Mawlana Shaykh said in a book. Now these knowledges are there but they are hidden. Ignorance must grow. Jahiliyya – ignorance - must grow and it is growing. It is growing and growing and growing. Sayyidina Mahdi will not come until complete jahiliyya covers this earth.

May Allah bless for sake of Sayyidina Muhammad. Bi-hurmati 'l-Fatiha.