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now if you consider yourself mureed, to Mawlana Shaykh, or mureed in another tariqah , he has to know that complain or objection on Allah swt decision or will, whatever Allah swt is sending, whatever Allah swt has written and we are seeing from nuzul al-aqdaar, from the manifestation of whatever He has - with His wisdom - created, and send it, for example if you have a hurricane, or you have a problem you have a difficulty, whatever you face in your life, if you consider yourself a mureed, you must not object, you must not say , "why" lima la" why and why not? Why is this and why is that is something else.

Grandshaykh used to always emphasize there is no "lima la" in tariqah . There is no "why" and no "why not.”This is your opinion and your opinion if you are joining a tariqah  your opinion is for yourself and you must not try to let your ego give an opinion, as never will the ego give the opinion like the opinion of the shaykh; always it will be the opposite.

And he said, “As long as you are in tariqah  you must not object, and that has signs.” Like a watch immediately, you put it on alarm as soon as the time comes, the alarm goes off and it will ring everywhere.

And also when you object your heart will object, “Alarm! Alarm! Alarm!” but you don’t care. And then you fall into deep holes, deep ditch.

The first objection what will it do to you. The first objection that you object in the journey to gnosticism will immediately give a sign of mawt ad-deen - death of your beliefs. immediately you destroyed your belief. You know in Shariah, in religion, there are 3 levels: first there is five pillars; second, then belief, al-iman; third, then higher level, maqam al-Ihsan.

So when you object on what Allah is sending on you that is you are killing your religion and that is the sign of death of religion, as that is killing the religion. Because in tariqah  there is no "why?" and no "why not?"; no “la lima la.”

You want to make a decision and you want to give a way and that is objection to what Allah and His Prophet want. When you see that sign you see mawt ad-deen, death of your belief, which will then lead to mawt at-tawheed. that will cause death of belief in Oneness. That means you are putting yourself besides your Lord: “You say this and I say that; what I say is better than what You say.” So what happens at that time?  You are trying to make partnership. You are trying to make yourself an identity in Allah's Presence. There is no identity in Allah’s Presence, there is only la ilaha illa-Allah muhammadun Rasulullah.

So what happens then? Tawheed, seeing the signs of Oneness in everything; then if the religion is dead, then of course tawheed is also gone. So if you say lima la, then tawheed will die.

So what you want to say, lima la. Especially you, always saying lima la. All of us. You don’t say it in your words but in your actions: lima la.

Like those who are sick and bipolar, or schizophrenic - why are they sick, do you know? They are as if someone is sitting on their ear, a small genie, [you know] they sell them in the market and they are sitting on the ears and sending messages: “You are the greatest, you are the best!” “Do this! do that! do this! do that!” This is the type of ego. You don’t listen except to what they tell you to do. They might tell you "carry this minbar" and throw it. And so what they do? They carry the minbar and throw it.

Subhanallah they give energy. Shaytan gives energy; then they carry and throw.

So that comes sometimes with jinn, or not necessarily jinn. You hear these orders coming. It depends - when you have a radio in the car, what station you put? You want to hear news, you hear news, you want to hear something else, you put something else.

So those who are bipolar they tuned their radio, that can pick up, they turn to the orders that are coming. And all of us in tariqah , we are bipolar. Don’t think we reached higher levels. We are what? Bipolar. We already turned our hearing to that place that makes us to complain too much on anything.

So when religion is dead on you then you cannot make tawheed. then you think yourself is the best. you do tawheed to yourself.

so when tawheed is dead then you end up with mawt at-tawakkal. the death of dependency on Allah. you don’t anymore rely on Allah, you rely on yourself. that is why you tunafis amru nafsika - what your ego is asking you.

So that is first lesson for us, that "Don’t object - la ta`tarid."

"al-`itiraad marfud - Complaint refused and rejected." You want to complain, then you are ending up in killing your religion, killing maqam at-tawheed and killing maqam at-tawakkal and ending up killing the sincerity in yourself. You will not become any more sincere. Sincerity is not to object but to submit.

The heart of a believer who doesn’t complain he will never know and he will never let in his heart, at any moment in his life, to say, "why not?" Everything he says is, "yes." Everything he admits and everything he says “Allah as wisdom in this” and he doesn’t say anything.

You have to know, O mureed in the tariqah  or representative in the tariqah  or whatever you are in tariqah , that the self and the ego always is in  a struggle against you, munaza`a.  It is competition, trying to take what you have to itself, it will not let you to submit. So always you have a struggle with yourself... so don’t give the ego an excuse. if you want to fix it you can fix it. how? by mujahada. try to always not to listen to it. keep listening to what Allah wants from you. Don’t listen to that mini genie telling you do this, do this, it is these gossips that come from shaytan to your ear. It depends if you have big ego, big shaytan, if you have little ego, then you have a mini one. If you don’t struggle with your ego all the time, then you will never have safety from its evilness.

kulluha sharrun bi sharr. Don’t believe except that, “it is all evil within evil.”  Your ego is all evil within evil. There is no small window of goodness in it. When you began to cut it down, against it, against it, cut it down, and you struggle with it slowly, you are polishing it, polishing it, polishing it until you reach that nafs al-mutma’inna - the self that is at peace. It means it becomes alive; you rejuvenate it and it becomes to listen to what Allah says. That mini genie when you struggle, it runs away and it doesn’t sit on your ear.

So do we have a mini genie or a big one. We have big one. Don’t say mini one that is your ego. No! it is big. kulluha sharrun fee sharr. That is huge. All of it is evil in evil. That is not a small genie, it is huge.

When you struggle and you control it, and people might say, “how can I control my ego?”  He is telling you how to control it: don’t complain.

So whatever it complains to your heart, “this one did this, this one did that,” if you don’t keep quiet, by submitting, by submitting and not complaining, then it overrides it. If you leave it loose then you cannot hold the horse at the end and what happens It goes wild, going far and then you fall down. Any mistake you fall down. So what happens when it becomes polished well? then it will fall down and it knows there is no more benefit to it.

so nafs is the candle of shaytan in you. than you are blowing on that light, blowing on that light until there is no more fire, then...you reach the level of nafs al-mardiyya, ya ayyhana nafsul mutmainna. Turn to your Lord and you have been accepted and reach peace, and Allah is satisfied with you. than Allah will open to you in dunya that maqam that opens back to your ego its origin from where it is coming.

"O peaceful self" - you are now connected to your reality and then you ... that is why awliyaullah are connected with their realities, there you can easily connect.

Today they say, they connect with each other via group sms. What is that? Group text message, sms. Send one messages to many people. Send one message reach everyone.

And even more now they connect via Facebook. What do they do? “Social networks.” That will go over the world. You don’t know which friend to which friend, domino affect.

If that can happen, awliyaullah cannot they connect to everything that is hidden? To them it is not hidden anymore, they can see you anywhere. So we want that or we want Facebook? Did you put your picture on Facebook? I saw Ali's picture. He sent it to a friend, who sent to his friend who sent to his friend and now it is everywhere.

Now when you do that that is maqam al-wilayah, sainthood level, and when you return to its origin it will become clean and it will not be dependent on anyone from whom Allah created and it is dependent on Allah only. at that time you can give it a name after the name of Sayyidina Ibrahim , as he is the father of all these  souls that have been polished and have been dependent solely on Allah.

When he was struggling and Nimrud was throwing him in the fire - Sayyidina Ibrahim is father of all prophets, he cannot walk out of the fire? But Allah is showing us that if he walks out then he is walking by his ego. But submission is to sit in the fire, if you are saved you are saved, but if not “you come to Me.”

So what happened to him? His heart was peaceful - saakin. Still it is not agitated, like fish out of the ocean. His heart is still in the level of love of Allah in the Divine Presence.

awliyaullah say that not one creature that Allah created did not come to Sayyidina  Ibrahim and offer his help to him. All creatures that you can imagine in this universe ,this creation, they came to him one by one, that Allah stretched for him, that one minute became for him one year, two years, 10 years, 100 years. In the eyes of Nimrud it was one minute, but for him it was time for every creature to come to him and offer something to save him, They didn’t delay from running to him. Jinn, ins, angels, head of angels, creations on this earth, even planets, they came to him and said, “We will destroy Nimrud for you. Accept!”

What was his answer. `ilmahu bi haalee yughneennee `an suwalee - the One who knows about my state, makes me not necessary to ask. He knows what I want. So why do I have to ask? He doesn’t know I am in this fire? Why are you coming. For what? Did He send you? If He sent you, I don’t need you, I need Him. So why do I have to ask?”

So he was quiet, awaiting his destiny.

That is level of sakina - he didn’t complain. A he went thru all these we have explained. his heart was peaceful. When he had been tried completely and it was seen he was in complete submission to his Lord, how can fire him now. fire burns only those who are afraid. Those who are not afraid, the fire cannot burn them.

I will give you example you see these people who walk over fire, why they don’t get burned. Because the fear of fire dropped from their hearts, they developed a strength against fire so that when they walk on it, it cannot harm them.

And that is why you see them walking or running over fire, some Muslims and some non-Muslims. In Muslim countries you see them from Rifa`i tariqah  doing that and in India you see non-Muslims do that.

How will fire burn Sayyidina Ibrahim when he established submission. These people established submission so they walk on fire.

So when he established submission, not like fire walkers, but his whole body and heart is in submission. For those people fire submitted to them but for Ibrahim , he submitted to Allah and so therefore the fire was cool and peaceful on him.

He received immediately Allah's support. Allah's support comes to the patient one. Who is patient, Allah's support will reach him.

Allah said in Holy Qur’an:

إِنَّمَا يُوَفَّى الصَّابِرُونَ أَجْرَهُم بِغَيْرِ حِسَابٍ

 Inna Allah yuwaffa as-sabireen ujoorahum bi ghayri hisaab.

Those who patiently persevere will truly receive a reward without measure!" [39:10]

Allah will reward in full those who are patient. Be patient and you get reward in full. Sayyidina Ibrahim got reward in full as he was patient. So what is the opposite of `itiraad, to be patient?

We stop here.

 Wa min Allah at-tawfeeq, bi hurmatil Fatiha.


So what you learn from this lesson, la ta`tarid, bal asbur.