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What to Do After Returning from Hajj

Shaykh Nour Mohamad Kabbani

Jumu`ah Khutbah

30 June 2023,

as-Siddiq Institute & Mosque (ASIM), Burton, Michigan

After you visit these holy places, perform the manaasik and ritual of Hajj, what are you supposed to do? Fear Allah (swt)! Be aware of Allah (swt) and His punishment, and don't do things that are bad anymore.

When performing pilgrimage, Allah (swt) forgives you and allows you to enter Jannah if your Hajj was accepted. He said, "Be careful! Don't go back to your old ways. Stay on the Right Path. Stay with love to Allah (swt) and Rasulullah (s). Don't return to lying, cheating, heedlessness, to what Allah (swt) doesn't like. Stay on the Right Path and know you will be gathered in front of Him one day.

Someone who had a shaykh went to Hajj. He said before he went, he saw lights coming from the back of the shaykh like a shield of lights. When he came back, he could not see that noor anymore. So he asked the shaykh, what is the reason. "I used to see your light on top of you, behind you like a shield, now I don't see it anymore."

The shaykh told him, "Before you went to Hajj, you carried yourself in humility and humbleness, but after you came back from Hajj you gave your ego a position, and you became arrogant."

"When you came back from Hajj, you said, 'I am this one. I am that one.' Arrogance, kibr, entered your heart. You gave yourself a position among people thinking you are special. So Allah (swt) veiled that noor, and you could not see it anymore."

In a Hadith Qudsi mentioned by Imam al-Qurtubi, Rasulullah (s) said Allah (swt) is saying, "Whoever accept My decree I have written for them in this world, and has been patient on the difficulties that have come on them, and thanked for the favors. that I granted them, I will write them as Siddiq, one who accepts and speaks the truth, who is truthful, and resurrect them on Judgement Day with Siddiqeen.

If you want to be a Siddiq, you must declare, "Ya Rabbee, everything is from You."

"Ya Rabbee, I want to go for Hajj, but I am sick. I submit to Your decree."

"Ya Rabbee, I wanted to go but I don't have the money."

"Ya Rabbee, I am old, I can not walk anymore like before."

If you have any hindrances, any difficulties that prevent you from Hajj, and you submit to His decree and are obedient, then you ascend in the Level of Perfection, thankful for Allah's favors by helping others. Then He will write you as Siddiqeen.

What do Awliyaullah do? Awliyaullah perfected themselves externally by following the Sunnah of Rasulullah (s), and internally by following Tariqah. Through both, they perfected their conduct with others by doing good. In the face of badness, they always do good.

So when you have perfected yourselves in these three ways, Allah (swt) will dress you from the perfection of Awliyaullah, and the beauty, lights, noor of Hujjaaj il-Kiraam, of the pilgrims on Arafah, slaughtering, throwing stones, doing tawaf, the sa`ee, and you will also get all those rewards! An angel will be assigned to you, so try your best to be from AwliyaAllah, from those who perfected themselves externally, internally, and perfected their conduct.


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