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The Correct Manners for Visiting Mecca and Madina?

Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

Tuesday April 7, 2009, Lefke, Cyprus

Keep your anger down. You might find obstacles always because it is a testing place. No bad thoughts, because even the thoughts there will be written, good or bad, immediately it will be written. So in the presence of Prophet (s) make sure that you always be in praising, in salawat, if you are not praying or reading Quran then you are in salawat, dhikr, prayer, awraad etc. Don’t waste your time with roaming in the streets, buying here, buying there. Everything that you want is in your country. Unless you want Zamzam or dates for baraka. But people go there to buy gold, they buy this and they buy that. They are wasting money and time. But if you want to buy, its ok if you want to give some gifts from Mecca and Madina, it's ok but make sure to always be focusing on [the spiritual aspect of] Mecca especially focus at the Black Stone, Hajar al-As`ad (the Happy Stone) because there the Sultan al-Awliya always sitting behind that. So the reality is that when you are kissing the stone, you are kissing the head of that sultan who is sitting there. He is called Fard al-`Arsh or al-Maqamu 'l-Fardani, the Unique Station, he is behind that stone. He is there, his spiritual presence is there with Hajar al-As`ad, and I heard it from Grandshaykh may Allah bless his soul and Mawlana that when the Prophet (s) kissed it, he kissed that sultan. Because in every time there is a sultan. So he kissed that sultan. And that’s why Sayiddina `Umar (r) said, "If I didn’t see Prophet (s) kiss you I wouldn’t kiss you because you are a stone." And Sayiddina `Ali (as) said to him, "No, he is going to witness for you Ya `Umar on the Day of Judgment." So that sultan there with Hajar al-As`ad is going to witness for everyone on the Day of Judgment. So also be careful there, and prepare yourself not to fight or argue, don’t have anger, be patient, do your prayer and go back to your room.


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