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Rabbani Zawiya


That is big topic in the West today. Why they gave them [women] no rights. Allah gave them more rights than men? Can you do anything at your home without their permission? [cannot absolutely cannot.]

What they said? [absolutely]. Ask Tufayl? [laughs] Can he do anything without his wife’s permission, at home? Ha? Tufayl? He said, “NO, he cannot.” Ask the men, can you do anything without their permission?

[no.] they cannot. Allah swt gave superiority for women in many cases and gave superiority for men in many case. Allah balanced. He is just. His justice is everything. He made men and women equal,

الناس سواسية كأسنان المشط

as the Prophet (s) said, "people are equal like the teeth of the comb." That means he made men and women equal, like the teeth of the comb.

I will give you an example to show how much women in Islam have been honored. The Prophet (s) coming after Mina, on hajj, the last hajj, coming back from Mina he has to shave, does he not. He asked his Sahaaba to shave their heads. You can cut or you can shave. Allah said,

مُحَلِّقِينَ رُؤُوسَكُمْ وَمُقَصِّرِينَ

muhallaqeen ru’usakum wa muqassireen – shaving their heads and cutting [their hair].” Al-Fath [48:27]

He asked the Sahaaba to shave. It means no hair. The Sahaaba didn’t cut their hair. The Prophet (s) went inside his tent and he was unhappy, the Prophet (s) became sad as the Sahaaba did not follow his order. And his wife Umma Salama asked him, “Why are you not happy? You performed the hajj and completed everything.” He said, “I asked the Sahaaba to shave and they didn’t shave.” She said, “Can I say something? Can I give an advice?” He said, “yes.” She was afraid, but she said, his wife, “Can I give an advice?” O give to Sayyidina Muhammad (s) an advice?! But the Prophet (s) said “yes,” because he wants to show how much Allah gave women mind and intelligence. So he listened to her advice. She said, “O Prophet (s)!  You go shave first, then they will go and shave.” So you see how Allah gave inspiration to women to consult and give advice. So even the Prophet (s) consulted his wife.

Prophet (s) said in hadith to show the respect of women in his heart. He said, Allah made me to love 3 things from this dunya so much. If the Prophet (s) loves someone then that someone or something must be with the Prophet (s) whereever he is, in Paradise also. So if I love my children I want them wherever I go. If I love my wife I want her to be with me wherever I go. So if the Prophet (s) loves someone it means he wants that person to be with him wherever he goes. If the Prophet (s) says he loves the Ummah it means he wants the Ummah to be with him in paradise.

Before I explain the hadith I want to say a story. There was a king, and this is a true story. There was a king that was a very lovely king, a very generous king. And someone, a poet came to him and said to the king, “I made a poetry for you praising you,” and someone was passing by and he heard that, he entered behind the poet, in the presence of the king. And the king said, “ok, say it.” And the poet began to recite his poetry, very nice poetry praising the king. As soon as he finished, the king was very happy. But that one who was behind him, was very clever. He said, “O king. That one, he stole my poetry. It is not his poetry.” The king looked and saw and he didn’t know what to do. His prime minister the clever man who sits beside the king said, “Don’t worry, we’ll get the one who wrote the poetry. If the one who claims to have written it ask him to recite it.”

So the king was so happy. And he said, “stand up and recite it if it is yours.” The man stood up and recited it from beginning to end. Then the man said, “How do you say it is your poetry, he recited it from beginning to end?” The poet said, “it is my poetry, I wrote it.” And the second man said, “No, he stole it! it is my poetry.” And now the story is more complicated.

So what happened? [it is very difficult] the man looked, the king looked, the poet looked, the one who came behind, was so happy, he had made everything so complicated. The king said, “Both of you I am going to cut your necks, if you don’t tell me the truth.” The second one said, “If you give me your amna al-aman, safety that you will not cut my neck, then I will tell the truth.” He said, “Ok, I will give you safety, say whatever you want.”

He said, “O my king. Allah gave me intelligence so that if anyone reads anything in front of me, I memorize it from beginning to end. So when he read it immediately I was able to recite it because already I knew what he wrote.”

So don’t be surprised if Allah gives intelligence to someone who gives ability to memorize something that anyone can say because today we can take it so easy, to make a photocopy. Cannot Allah give intelligence to a man’s brain to make hundreds of copies of hundreds of pages in one second. That is because the part of the brain that Allah gave us is like the chip of a lentil. This lady, Allah gave her intelligence like a photocopy machine. You say something, she keeps continuously is saying everything without missing one word and at the end she adds in order to make it short in order for everyone to understand. You have to translate everything because we trust you in your translation.

Don’t think it is too much. Look. This is a tape recorder. This is a tape recorder, you say one hundred pages, you press a button it repeats the hundred pages. You think what Allah has given us of  a tape recorder in your brain or a camera in our brain cannot tape what it hears. This camera can tape whatever it sees and hears. This brain, O human beings, can tape everything! Allah gave you huge power, use it. Allah said in Quran,

أَلَمْ تَرَوْا أَنَّ اللَّهَ سَخَّرَ لَكُم مَّا فِي السَّمَاوَاتِ وَمَا فِي الْأَرْضِ

alam taraw anna Allaha sakhara lakum ma fee’s-samawaati  wa ma fi’l-ard. Have ye not seen that Allah has made subject to you whatever is in heavens and whatever is on earth.” Luqman [31:20]

Don’t sit at home and be lazy. Go out and be active in your society in order to show the greatness of Islam.

If you type on the computer, Allah, or you say by y0our voice Allah, now today there are computers that whatever you type they say the word. You don’t need to speak it. Don’t you think if you say “Allah” the computer will say “Allah, Allah, Allah” until Judgment Day. Until you tell it to stop. Now if you say “Allah” do you think it stops. No, because it is a wavelength that goes on forever it doesn’t stop. That is why a person with earphone, very strong earphones can hear something very far away. That is why they say now they have satellites that can hear voices from the outer limits. That is true.

So that is why the angels can hear what you are saying and it is written as hasanaat not as sayiaat.

The Prophet (s), I ask you a simple question: Do you love the Prophet (s)? Do you believe the Prophet (s) [yes!] So when the Prophet (s), we go back to the beginning:

" حبب إلي من دنياكم: الطيب والنساء وجعلت قرة عيني في الصلاة 

So when the Prophet (s) said, “Allah made me to love three issues, three main big things, that in my life I love them.”

It means those things are going to be with Prophet (s) on Judgment Day. First what did Prophet (s) say, “I love from human beings”, from nature? What did he say, “I love first?”

First he said, hubiba ilaykum min dunyakum thalath. Allah made me to love from your dunya three things. First: women - an-nisa.

It means when the Prophet (s) says, “women, Allah made me to love women.” Because they are honorable, Allah made them to carry the human race in their wombs. They carry the human beings, the children in their wombs. Allah made them to carry that difficulty for nine ten months and they are so happy with that pain, getting those children and bring generation after generation without getting fed up or bored. Especially Indonesian ones, everyone gets 12 children or 15 children.

Only six. In America one, or half. So the Prophet (s) is showing the honor, showing that they must not be maqsooreen al-janah. They must not show they have low self-esteem they must not show that people don’t respect them and they must know the Prophet (s) respected them and he accepted the advice of his wife and he said, “Allah made me to love them.”

And also he wants to show that women shows beauty and beauty is the sign of heavens. That means they are the heavens of the earth because they are the beauty of the earth. So the Prophet (s) is showing that characteristic that they carry. That is why you see there is Miss Universe. You never see there is Mr. Universe.

Who is going to be Mr. Universe? No Mr. Universe. … might be.

So we go back, we skip some sense of humor in the lecture. In America if you don’t do that they are not interested. Here they are interested in anything you say. You don’t need to do that. That shows the purity of heart. Here they are so pure, so innocent. Not all of them, but most of them.

So then after that beauty and sign of heavens he (s) said “the beautiful smell, fragrance, the nice smell.”

This is an indication that the Prophet (s) likes everything nice, everything sweet. Look these flags that you are showing here, that shows the sweetness of the host. That is something so easy to do, so sweet to do. But that shows the sweetness of the host to the guest. Not for me no, nothing I am like an ant that can be crushed under the feet. I hope that Allah will keep me under feet of the Prophet (s) even. But this will show the sweetness of anything, that is sweet smelling at-teeb, tayyib.

Any gesture, you smile in your brother’s face, that is from iman. Look he is serious. The Prophet (s) said, “The smile in the face of your brother or sister is a charity.” So that means make your life in heaven is with sweetness.

Everything sweet is nice. Everything you put sugar in the food, it makes the food very sweet, very nice. You like to eat it don’t you? But today they are cheating: they don’t put sugar they put Equal, which is fake sugar. Look at this Diet Coke. What is Diet Coke? You are cheating people. Put sugar, don’t make fake things.

Islam is sweet. If you come against Islam you are coming against sweetness. At the same time you have no right to come against anyone’s religion. If they want their religion leave them, Allah will judge between everyone. If Allah sends everyone to Paradise will you be sad? We hope that He will not judge us to be sent to hellfire; that we will be sent to Paradise.

The third thing that Prophet (s) said, “I love from your dunya, is qurratti `aynee fee as-salaat.” Look how this hadith is miraculously put together. First he said, “I love beauty.” When you make your life beautiful, and look how he used the word ‘women’ to reflect beauty. Make your life active and then you make it happy and sweet. Then after you make your life sweet, you end up with thanking Allah and making a prayer. So those three things in one hadith: first beauty, then sweetness, then worshipness.

Everything, render it to Allah. Don’t keep it in your heart. Many women come to me and say, “I have a problem. My husband cheated on me.” Really, and this is what happened.

Bloom what is bloom. “not yet’ so they come and say, “Is there any du`a for me?” Of course there is a du`a. If the husband is cheating then Allah will take revenge.

Sayyidina Ya`qub said,

قَالَ إِنَّمَا أَشْكُو بَثِّي وَحُزْنِي إِلَى اللّهِ

innama ashku bathee wa huznee ila-Allah.” “He said, ‘I turn my problem and complaint to Allah.’” 12:86  

Allah will take your right, when you make yourself, saying, “O Allah you are my judge; You are my supporter; You are the one who can make me overcome my problem.”

Because Allah is more powerful than any other judge, any other king, any other kind of… that is why you find awliyaullah they don’t have any problems because they are always on the right track.

May Allah forgive us and bless this meeting and make everyone happy and turn our life into happy life and turn around all our problems and difficulties and give shifa to everyone. Mash-Allah she is good translator and not just translator but actor also.