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We Left the Way of Goodness and Still Expect Salvation

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

9 September 2010 Lefke, Cyprus

`Eid Khutbah (translated from Turkish)

O our Lord! We couldn't obey Your commands and we couldn't follow Your habeeb respectfully, but Your mercy encompasses everything!

Our people, jama`at, left everything, following the ways of unbelievers! We are surrounded by disasters all around. Why? Because we don't obey/know our Lord anymore! We don't know/obey His Prophet! If people don't follow the Prophet, don't pray and don't fast then how are we going to ask from Allah? They don't follow, and have no shame! They think nothing will happen to them. They say they are on the top of a mountain and the calamities won't hit them, but the mountain will turn over if it has to.

A nation can't survive without a religion. When Islam came it destroyed all idols. Prophet (s) said, "In the last times my ummah will go back to idols," and we're all mixed with them. We are not hungry, we have everything we need, we have houses, cars, etc. Your ladies go outside with clothes that are not suitable, the kind of clothes that can be worn only when going to bed. What kind of men are you? It's not external/unbelievers that open up all kinds of sinful places in our land, it's our people.

Allah destroyed many nations and warned believers to leave them before the calamities hit them, and I feel like leaving this place! Yaa Rabbee, send us from Your holy servants to get us back on track. May Allah forgive us and send us His holy servants to guide us. The world has never seen this much disrespect to Islam! Do istighfaar and come back. It's now time for `Eid prayers. Let's ask forgiveness and ask Allah to send us a saahib. We are all bewildered, we don't know what we're doing! Yaa Rabbee, send us those servants of Yours!