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Shaykh Muhammad (s) Hisham Kabbani


Audhu billah min ash-shaytan ir-rajeem

Bismillahi 'r-Rahman i'r-Raheem

Nawaytu al-arba`een nawaytu al-`itikaaf nawaytu al-khalwah nawaytu al-riyadah nawaytu al-sulook lillahi ta`ala al-`adheem fee hadha al-masjid

As we said before in the previous session that Allah’s Beautiful Names and Attributes does not resemble the characteristics of human beings. Because the movements and chars of human beings are mixed with a lot of bad behaviors, and was molded also with the nature of this earth and the nature of this earth is always enmity, hate, because shaytan has nothing to do but to place enmity, jealousy, and hated among people. That is why you find some people have hate against anything in the community they are rebellious in their character. They are only not rebellious against their ego. And mainly those who have been taught how to be controversial and how to be critique in the universities. Instead of constructive debate they have destructive debate.

Allah’s last name is as-Saboor, he is the most patient. So Allah keeps giving although his servants are trying to run away from his rahmat but his mercy is always above them. Wa wasi`at rahmatee kulli shay. It encompassed everything so as much as we run out Allah is still providing you with everything, with food, with wealth with everything. Allah is the most merciful. With this mercy noting can be outside of it.

He said if not for Allah’s mercy nothing will be growing on earth. It will become like other planets that there is nothing on it, either freezing or boiling.
Look at the moon, which was given to us to calculate the day and week and month. Although it gives us how to calculate and it is beneficial to human beings. But there is nothing on it, it is very cold and Allah knows what is on it.

Look at mars, they are sending space rockets, but what are they getting? They are getting it is freezing you cannot live. But why earth you can live. Why only earth, nothing else, from this whole solar system of ours in this galaxy, why only earth.

Because Allah swt chosen earth to be the place, the home of human beings. So Allah gave the best from his mercy form that earth to make it as much as possible to make it beautiful in eyes of human beings. Is that not from his mercy, his rahmat and from his love. That is from his mercy he wants to give his servants the best in this dunya but it doesn’t resemble paradise, this is only first step and what Allah gives there is what no eye imagined nor an ear has heart nor has come to the heart of a human being what kind of possibility of a description of paradise. Out of his love and mercy Allah prepared that for human beings. He didn’t say to anyone else. He said, I prepared this dunya for Adam when he is coming down and akhira I am preparing for Adam and his children when they go there. And there is eternal life. and he said, rahmatullah wasi`at. Allah’s mercy is vast, it is huge. Wasi`at kulla shay, it has encompassed everything in dunya and akhira. If I his Mercy encompassed everything in dunya and akhira not one creature is outside of it. Because of his rahmat he created creation fro them to enjoy.

Qul bi-fadlillah wa bi rahmatihi fa bi-dhaalika fal-yafrahoo… with Allah’ favors and mercy, fadlillah came before rahmat, because of his favors of Allah to human beings Allah gave his rahmat. His decision is to favor his servants and then attribute of rahmat came that nothing will be out of that rahmat. So with that favor let them rejoice, it is better than what they are collecting in dunya.

Because what are we doing in dunya? We are tying to accumulate as much as we can from the wealth of this dunya and Allah is saying I am giving you my rahmat and m favor it is far better than what you collect, direct yourself towards my Rahmat.

He said from his ocean of mercy, if you ask someone from when you were Muslim, don’t say from five years or 10 years, especially converts, and don’t say I was raised Muslim, but no you were raised Muslim from the day of promises, in the day when the souls came before Allah and Allah asked them alastu bi-rabbikum and from that day you were Muslims and were under his mercy. All of us have confirmed his lordship and there he gave us faith, Iman. When you confirm and confess that he is the lord, he is the creator, it means you are submitting to his will and when you submit to his will it mans you accept the maqaam al-Iman to believe in Allah and his angels… and therefore al-imaan hibbatun rabbaniyun min allah. That is a grant that Allah gives to whom he likes and he gives it to those who were present on day of promises. On the day of promises he spoke to whom when he said, alastu bi rabbikum he asked souls of human beings, on the number of human beings he created. He asked them "who is your lord" when they were gathered in that huge assembly. The same will happen on Judgment Day Allah will ask that huge gathering on Judgment Day when everyone Is resurrected, the same number of souls there is the same number hat will appear in Judgment Day.

In dunya we saw groups of people in cycles but in Judgment Day they will be altogether as they were on the day of promises. And on that day Allah is going to ask them did you forget me when in the first cycle I asked you "who am I?" and you said, "you are our lord." Why did you forget me. Same group of people in day of p. and on Judgment Day. Why you didn’t go back to me at any moment. What happened to you in dunya/ that is why the prophet said that dunya is daar al-bala, the home of afflictions the place of fitna and confusion and Allah is trying his servant if this small planet in this galaxy this planet doesn’t come more than a dot, not even a dot. If there are other creatures in these universe, in these galaxies it may be they cannot see the earth, as we cannot see them they cannot see us. Wa kullun fee falakin yasbahoon. We are swimming in this orbit band it might b e millions of other creatures, a different creature in all these spaces.

So we are living in this obit of dunya. And another meaning that every human being is swimming in his won private orbit, he has his won heart and own mind. You cannot find the same mind. Look at these two, are they alike? No this one cries too much this one smiles too much. Too different. Left and right, both ends. This is. He doesn’t look.

So everyone in an orbit. This one has his orbit that one has his orbit and there is orbit for different kinds of creatures. Do you know if Allah created be yond our galaxy? Do you know? You did quantum physics. How many galaxies? [many]. They say six million, is it not? So how many? Six million. Six billion. You cannot find one of these six billion that there are creatures there. There must be other creations. ,,,Wa fadalnaahum ala katheeran mimman khalaqna tafdeela.

We have honored human beings and we have provided them from the best, not food, at-tayyibaat, we have provided them from delights, from the best quality. What? Might be spiritual and it might be physical. So it is physical and spiritual. And we carried them in land and oceans and Wa fadalnaahum ala katheeran mimman khalaqna tafdeela we have honored them above many of our creations, mimman khalaqna. So what has he crated. What is that many of his creation. Can you translate?

We have favored over many of what we created with great favors.

From many, he didn’t say over all of what he crated. So it means not on everyone. So where are this many and where are those who have not been honored as much. Who are these many. And who are the others? We have honored them and made them more favorable over what we created. Do we think what he created is animals? Of course better than animals. But what is left of what have not been favored with? So that means there are some who have…

So the many who are they, where do they live and who are these many. We don’t know and Allah knows best. That is why it might be that on other planets there is someone there. Wa kullun fee falakin yasbahoon. Everyone he made in his orbit swimming. Human beings he made them swimming in this solar system. We never heard they went beyond. The last spaceship where did they send it? To mars. But they didn’t go. They send it but they didn’t go. You saw when mars was too near to earth? You see two moons. You see one in the east and one in the west. The closest distance to earth. They say every 250 years it come one time. So who was there. Subhanallah. Allah’s greatness.

These talks open the mind to understand the greatness of the creator, Allah swt. So he said, it means we have created many creations but you are not able to reach them but that is from my mercy. If not for rahmatullah there would be nothing. His will is to be know through his attributes. He said, I was a hidden treasure I wanted to be known so I created creation. He didn’t say I created human beings. He said, I created creation. Khalq to Allah is al-Khaliq. When you say al-Khaliq that means constantly there is a creation. If you say he crated and finished that isn’t a creator. That is not continues creator. So awliyaullah say that every moment Allah created a creation one that is full of different creatures. And that is why I will end with this story.

One time Sayyidina Khidr was asking Jibreel, Ya Jibreel how big is this universe? And since when? And Sayyidina Jibreel said, to Sayyidina Khidr I don’t know since when. And that is Jibreel and Allah knows when Jibreel was created. On time I asked my lord, Ya Rabbee, show me your creation how big is it. He said, with all your wings, Ya Jibreel, and Sayyidina Jibreel has 600 wings. When he comes to Prophet this universe can only take 2 wings, he doesn’t open all 600. he said, Ya Jibreel open all your wings and fly and he said I was flying and flying moving with Allah’s power in space and as I was passing through a huge something like a desert, not a desert but in order to understand. And it is very white and it is like sand, crystal like glass, but very shining and very bright like diamonds and I cannot count it what to count. And I was flying and flying and flying in 70k of heavenly years and we know that heavenly years, that one day is like 1000 year on earth and like 50,000 years. [verses]

Ta`rij al-ruh wal-mala’ikati.

He said 70000 years, 1 multiplied by 365 by 50k years per one day and he said, after that I got tired. Then I said Ya Rabbee what is that. He said, you asked me to see the vastness of my creation. You are abd, you are an angel. But that concerns. You cannot.

But you see in the middle of that vast desert? Yes, and there is a green tree in the middle of that vast desert and there is a bird on that tree. That bird all it does is go down pick up one grain of the crystals and go up the tree and eat it. And then goes down picks up another crystal and then goes up and eats it. Never ends. I am observing it. And he said, what is that. O Jibreel that bird is the symbol of my beloved prophet. You are seeing him in the picture of a bird, his reality is there. And I created all of that for him. Every single crystal that he is picking an eating is a universe and he is prophet for it. That is a creation by itself and I created it for him for his sake that all you are seeing, that has no beginning and no end and I gave it to my prophet from my love and from my mercy and in every one is a creation and he is prophet for that creation. Ya Khidr that is the importance of Sayyidina Muhammad (s) who came to wrap all religion and put it together.

From that story we are able to understand how small we are from Allah’ bahr al-qudrah or understanding his name al-Khaliq, the absolute creator, or how to understand al-`Alim, the knower, we cannot. And the attribute ar-Rahman. All this knowledge and this creations are from these attributes. There are not from the essence. No one can know the essence.

And next time we will discuss we favored hem over many of what we have created.

And that is the story of the desert and paradise that has no beginning and no end and the bird and Sayyidina Jibreel.

Wa min Allah at-tawfiq bi hurmatil-Fatiha.