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The Tajalli (Manifestation) of Inayatullah (Divine Support)

Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

Wednesday, Dec 25, 2019, Madinat Al-Munawarrah

Grandshaykh, May Allah be please with him and with Mawlana Shaykh Nazim and with Shaykh Adnan, he said that when the tajalli of inayatullah (Allah's Support) comes one earth,

it will bless whichever person it hits with the anwaar (lights) at that moment that person is carrying from that division. He said, it comes perpendicular, it divides the earth into different zones from zero up to millions, Allah knows how much. And so when it comes it takes everyone that is there with inayatullah. It doesn't need to go from one place to another, that inayatullah will hit those people who were written that year to be with Awliyaullah.

So this year we have been hit, not hit, but honored with the tajalli that is coming on earth from this side of `ibadur-rahman (servants of the Merciful). And from the other side, the opposite side, is maghfiratun min Allah wa ridwaan, forgiveness from Allah and His good pleasure, a tajalli will come so if it was only one side it would take only the one side, but if it is two-sided so for sure it is going to hit on the sides and it will change the temperature where it is cold will become hot and where it is hot it will become cold. That is over 40 years ago he mentioned it.

wa min Allah at-tawfeeq

Here (what we're seeing) is similar.


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