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The best naseeha is dhikrullah. It remind of Allah’s' Beautiful Holy Names. What is better than that? You speak from beginning of dunya to end of dunya, no one listens.

But if you say la ilaha ill-Llah they like that. But if you tell them: “don’t lie” - they cannot; “don’t cheat!” they cannot; “don’t steal!” - they cannot; “don’t argue!” they cannot.

“Don't make fitna!” - they cannot; “don’t fight!” - they cannot. “Don’t eat” - they can. “Don’t sleep” - they can. “Don’t watch videos” - they can.

So you speak from the beginning of dunya to the end of dunya, those who doesn’t want to hear they are not going to hear.

That is why awliyaullah they carry the responsibility of their followers when they give them baya`.

They are the ones who are going to take responsibility in Allah’s presence and they are the ones who are going to do on behalf of their followers, what we promised in the Divine Presence to do and here we didn’t do. That is why awliyaullah are important in mu’mins’ life, in Muslim life, not because they are guiding but because whatever you are doing they are carrying from you and when they say, “don't lie,” they carry all that from beginning of your life, they clean that.

And Grandshaykh said, may Allah bless his soul, “Whenever I speak of any level of any wali or any... I put my mureed in that level. and that is how I accepted guidance and irshad. If not then I don’t accept guidance and irshad.”

So tonight as we have to do something then we do dhikrullah and insha-allah it will be enough. Nothing is enough, but we are expecting and asking Allah to bless us with His endless bounties and with Prophet's (s) love and with our shuyukh’ love.