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The Qutbs Are Able to Overcome All Kinds of Evil

Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

15 February 2021 Fenton Zawiya, Michigan

Zoom Meeting & Suhbah

Translation by Imam Soihibou Mahmoudou

[Imam Sahib recites Qur’an]

A`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytaani 'r-rajeem. Bismillaahi 'r-Rahmaani 'r-Raheem.

Alhamdulillahi Rabbi 'l-`Alameen, wa ’s-salaatu wa ’s-salaamu `alaa Sayyidi ‘l-Bashar Sayyidina Muhammad `alayhi afdalu 's-salaatu tasleem.

Allah gave us ni`mah, favors that have no end. It will never end, from generation to generation. We have to be thankful to Allah (swt). I was sitting by myself and thinking, “Who am I speaking with?” It is something muhayyir, astonishing. Am I sitting with Allah (swt) in His Heavens? Because Qu’ran is for every century and Allah (swt) in the Holy Qu’ran, His Book that He has sent to Sayyidina Muhammad, `alayhi afdalu 's-salaatu wa 's-salaam, described everything from beginning to end. It must be that I am sitting by the Grace of Allah (swt), to see Him, inshaa-Allah, in Paradise and to be with him dunya and Akhirah.

Allah has sent people to mashaykh, Awliya, to those who memorized the Holy Qur’an, the explanation of the Holy Qu’ran. This is like a tree that has fruits. There has to be a fruit that will be received from the Awliya that will be given to those who are sitting with them. In every moment Awliyaullah are waiting for a new message from Prophet (s). The way of Islam is through speaking and inspiration, ilham. That is the power of Awliya that will never change. It will always be there. It will be there for us.

If we go back, the power of Awliya will never disappear. They are always running after people to bring them into Islam and to be together with them and what we are seeing [in this Zoom meeting] is a copy of it. Now everyone is sitting in a nice position waiting for more to come and from Prophet (s). Awliya, the five Qutbs are waiting for their power to be distributed in a nice and correct way to the people who are here first and to people who are coming after.

It is our luck and our happiness that our brothers and sisters are able to connect with each other through that power that has been granted to us which is called Zoom, and to be able to connect with each other and be a part of any gathering like this gathering, coming together in a peaceful way, happy, with no fighting, sitting with them and listening to what will be said.

In the last Zoom suhbah we were speaking and remembering the power of Awliya and the Qutbs through mentioning the power of satellites. To Awliyaullah the power of satellites does not mean anything. It cannot even be counted to them as a power. Awliya are able to give power daily but only if people are able to see it. We are people of Awliya. They think that satellites bring news and different issues. It is not like that. Because the information that comes to a wali from Heavens at any moment is a hundred times more powerful than a satellite of dunya. That is why people are trying to reach that power if they can. Unfortunately, they cannot retrieve that power easily.

Our job [as shuyookh] in tariqah is to pull that power daily and distribute it to the mureeds. You can see that there are not one, two or five mureeds but it is an indefinite number of mureeds. Awliya use the power of angels in order to improve the power of dunya when they are able to retrieve the information. A wali likes to be able to reach his mureeds so you have to improve your power to be more and more powerful [to connect with the wali].

Some people ask questions such as, “Yaa Sayyidee! I saw this and this in a dream.” The shaykh looks, “That one is coming with love, so give him a small taste of honey.” We are getting our power from the Sixth Heaven. That is the place where all of this information comes from all the way down to the First Heaven. Inshaa-Allah, Allah (swt) will open for us.

What do we need to do? [Recite:] Yaa Haqq, yaa Mubeen, al-Haqq al-Mubeen! I asked, “What are we going to speak about today?” They said, “We don’t know.” But in reality Awliya know in every moment in their lives what we are speaking because they are connected. You have to reach them and connect yourself to them. The power of this suhbah cannot be reached or counted or limited.

Allah will grant those people who came from everywhere a heavenly power. O Allah! Yaa Allah! Afid `alayna min nawaa'id al-jinaan. Bestow upon us a heavenly table. If we taste their power, you will leave dunya. All of your looks [concern] will be for Akhirah.

Yaa Hafeezh! Yaa Aleem! O the Protector! Oh the All-Knower! Sincerity is not by tongue but sincerity is by your heart and your action. Alhamdulillah, that sincerity is ready to come to you and stay with you. Everyone has to reach the power through this suhbah. Everything looks normal in your eyes but that normality is meaningless if you are not in touch and connected to a wali.

Our lives are known by our Lord because He is our Creator. You need to connect the power of Awliya and the power of angels. I entered some khalwahs in the time of Grandshaykh (q) and Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (q). When I finished khalwah I had to pack [to return home] and I began to see something unusual. The room that I was in was like many rooms combined together and I began to hear some kind of information from a rattlesnake in my ear. Usually when you see a snake in your room what do you do? You run away! That snake was coming after me from the four corners of the universe. I was astonished! That was the reality. The rattlesnake was making a sound that makes people run away from it.

I was going to run away from that snake but Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (q) stopped me. He appeared. He was in Cyprus and I was in Damascus but he appeared before me with full power and he asked me, “Where are you going?” I said, “Yaa Sayyidee! I do not want to lie. I just want to run away. If it was your power, I would like to have some. If you can give me some it would be great.” He said, “Inshaa-Allah, you will get it.”

When I finished the seclusion and was packing to leave, he was there waiting for me on the dunya side waiting to stop me from leaving. I was happy from one side and then I was scared from the other side of what I was seeing. This power lets you go out wherever you want to go.

I said to Mawlana Shaykh, “You are the power with your hands.”

“How many salawaat and dhikr have you made today?”

I said, “I made 25,000 salawaat and I made 75,000 dhikrullah.”

He said, “That is enough for you.”

I wanted to do more but they did not open for me because there were people in the area who did not accept Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (q). Suddenly something blew in my ear. It was a different kind of animal coming to frighten me. If you stand still, you will get the power. Alhamdulillah, Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (q) supported me to stand still. The shaykh is not someone who teaches different things but he also teaches Awliyaullah the secrets of Holy Qu’ran. I was worried about something he mentioned to me before from Grandshaykh (q) about the power of people who reach reality in their hearts.

Reality is there; it means secrets are there but we are unaware of them. People think that this dunya is going to last forever. On the contrary, its time is very short and everything is being turned upside. Animals are coming from under the grave with all their fearful appearances, causing people to be afraid of that power.

Grandshaykh (q) mentioned that there will come a time that every animal and more than animals, human beings, people will be stepping on dead bodies, running away from the problems of this world. It is going to be something that you never imagined. Those who are living will wish they were dead in order not to see miseries.

We are in a situation where problems are appearing. Dead people are pulling the living people down under the Earth. Let us be aware and awake. We cannot control our fear. It is turning into something abnormal that is happening to Mankind. We try our best to be with our group of people to support them and they support us.

Canadians are from the first moment of their lives and also a ni`mah that Allah has given me in the areas of the East Coast. That ni`mah is something that opens up the eyes of selected people to enter tariqah. People fast and pray but they have not yet touched the secret.

What are you doing, O brothers and sisters, especially from some people like Omar Kone and the other supporters? They have to read everything that comes from Grandshaykh (q). They have to accept it and read it the way he showed us.

Ahlan wa sahlan yaa shahr Ramadan. Marhaban ahlan wa sahlan yaa shahr Rajab. Marhaban ahlan wa sahlan yaa shahr Sha`ban. Marhaban ahlan wa sahlan yaa shahr al-Inkisaar.

We have to keep reciting this and prepare for the month of Ramadan.

When the Prophet (s) went for Israa’ wa 'l-Mi`raaj, he took his Ummah with him. He never left his Ummah behind. Show your good faith because the Prophet (s) is helping you. That is not something that is easy. If you feel what I feel, it is very difficult to understand what that means.

I say that we are coming up soon. Awliyaullah and Mawlana Shaykh Nazim (q) are going to show their power. There is no cover for Awliyaullah. Everything is open to them. Jaa’ al-faraj, the opening has come. Mawlana Shaykh (q) is calling us and saying, “The opening has come.” Say, Bismillaahi 'r-Rahmaani 'r-Raheem. Alhamdullahi Rabbi 'l-`Alameen, jaa’ al-faraj. The opening and salvation has come and you are going to see that soon.

Anyone who connects themselves with what I have said today, he or she will be one of the selected ones. We hope that Allah will rectify our affairs and make our footsteps firm and relieve us from our difficulties. To think and to reply back is something that Awliyaullah, Grandshaykh and Grandshaykh’s shaykh, AbdAllah al-Fa’iz ad-Daghestani (q) showed the people the power of Awliyaullah. We are waiting and we are acting as they like us to act normally because a wali does not like to show their power but their power is overtaking all powers. They will be satellites if we can call them that, that will swallow all dirtiness that is in this world. The power of angels exceeds the power of angels. You will say in your heart, “What is this mention of power two times and angels two times?” It means that no doubt everyone will get something to be happy with. Every one of them appears and disappears, so be from the angels that are disappearing to support their followers.

W’alhamdullahi Rabbi 'l-`Alameen.


[Sidi Anouar recites qasaa’id]

[Mawlana makes du`a]


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