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The Origin of Tobacco

Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

21 September 2009 Fenton Zawiya, Michigan

A`udhu billahi min ash-shaytan ir-rajeem Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Raheem

Nawaytu'l-arba`een, nawaytu'l-`itikaaf, nawaytu'l-khalwah, nawaytu'l-riyaadah, nawaytu's-salook, nawaytu'l-`uzlah li'Llahi ta`ala fee hadha'l-masjid

Ati` allah wa ati ar-rasula wa ulil amr minkum

We were saying something before the prayer, what was it? Oh yes, "Ya Haleem!" Some people, and this is a problem that we are falling into it today, all of us. All of us we have this problem everyone, no exclusions, even awliyaullah they have it but for different reason. Everyone has anger. Anger. Everyone has it. Even awliyaullah have anger, but their anger for haqq, for a reason; their anger cleans you from difficulties. When Prophet (s) used to say something with tone not happy with contents, it is for benefit of the Sahaba - he take from them difficulties. But that bad characteristics is within everyone and everyone claim he is OK, the other one is wrong. And in reality both of them are wrong. But might be someone less angry than the other. (indicates two listeners) Like these two - one negative, positive. If they were one negative and one positive they will work together. But both are negative so they repel immediately. At least someone has to be positive and someone has to be negative, it will work out. Someone has to be patient on the other, then it will work out.

Do you read Qur'an? (sometimes) Do you love the Qur'an? So the one you love you don’t leave it on the shelf. If you love a rose what you do? You smell the rose. If you love perfumes you smell the perfumes. How many different kinds of perfumes? I was visiting an Egyptian person who deals with perfumes in Egypt and on the counter display, thousands of different smells and different names. And they call it the.... extracted from different kinds of trees or roses or musk, animals, or the amber whale.You know what he told me? He said, "All what you have here and they have nice emballage, labels, and everyone see they are from India, Pakistan, far east, this and that." He said, "All of them western, all of them. They take them, dilute them, take the essence if it was good, the essence of the perfume - but it is all synthetic and made in lab in New York. And all, we buy in bulk, put with some chemicals and sell to people." And people coming and bringing perfumes and saying, "I brought from Makkah", or "I brought from Madinah." People are pure, they believe. But all of them done somewhere else and not done from real sources, natural sources.

We are all fake, they are all fake, and we are all fake with different smell. Our selfishness, our egoistic behavior is a fake one. Allah honored that body with a real smell.

وَلَقَدْ كَرَّمْنَا بَنِي آدَمَ

wa laqad karamnaa bani adam.

Verily We have honored the Children of Adam. (Surat al-Israa, 17:70)

Allah honored us but we fake it with different bad smells that is taking the true scent that Allah gave to you.

Do you love Qur'an? (yes) Do we read Qur'an? (yes) Even if you don’t, say "yes" with good intention because you don’t know how to read. So what you have to do, you have to learn. First thing you have to do if you really love Qur'an. Since we have that purity as human beings and we have that purity that means we have love, Allah guided everyone to the right direction. But we have chosen for us a different direction. Those whom his parents chose for him or her a real direction, are lucky. Those who are not, are not lucky. That is why hadith of Prophet (s), "Allah created you on purity," on the good smell, not the synthetic.

They sell in shops today, sometimes you put on your hand you feel your hand oily, what they put in it. The essence, when you get it, is not so oily, greasy. Sometimes coming from subcontinent, without mentioning countries, you feel it is oil, as if not pure. And this Egyptian perfumer told me it is not real - all synthetic. So we try to get the real smell. Where is the smell of the whale? It is in his spleen. We call it amber. They sell you now one piece of amber $50 or $60, comes in small cubes. This is fake; it comes in chemicals. The real amber, as soon as comes from whale is solid and green and one kilo is $50,000. Awliyaullah advise those who have stroke to use that real amber. Put on spoon either with hot water and honey or with tea and stir that spoon and drink that tea; that will heal from stroke. You have to get the real one, they sell it but it is very expensive.

So Allah gave you real amber in you. Holy Qur'an, when it comes out, it will instigate the real amber to come out. That will allow angels to reach you - that is because you are reading Qur'an. Don’t say, "I have to brush my teeth to go see an interview." You don’t need. When you read immediately nice smell comes.

Those who smoke cigarette, the cigarette is burning them. Grandshaykh said the tree of cigarettes came from Iblees. When Iblees asked permission to go to Prophet (s) - look, he had to ask permission. From whom did he ask? From his Lord. The cursed one must ask for permission to approach. And Jibreel came to Prophet and said, "Iblees is coming to you and these are his questions and these are the answers." And iblees came and Sayyidina Muhammad (s) said, "These are your questions ya la`een, O cursed one. And these are your answers," and he blew on him. And he blew him seven months' distance and he fell when he was thrown. And Grandshaykh says "He was seven months unconscious. The same distance he was blown, seven months he was unconscious, fainted. And when he was unconscious he was vomiting and he was passing things out from both sides." (laughter)

Why are you laughing? Awliyaullah they know things you don’t know; they tell you things you don’t know. These are secrets!

He was vomiting, vomiting, vomiting and filling the hole with his vomit. That is the Jahannam, yaslaha sa`eeara, from the very huge fire, the intensity of heat. Allah is speaking about those being punished, their bodies will go into wound and all this pus will come out and Allah will make them to drink their pus from those wounds. And all the sins that he is running after humans to do, Prophet (s) dumped on him and loaded on Iblees, from first men to last. And all dirty characters of Iblees coming out from his mouth and coming out from his backside! (Laughter) Why are you laughing? (Mawlana smiles.) Children like to hear these things and we (adults) don’t like to hear these things, because we are doing these things.

Seven months that was coming from him out and still a lot left in him. And then he open his eyes. Like alarm clock. It took 7 months, for all this to... You know when you throw these dumps in different areas, they throw your garbage? When it decomposes what does it make? It produces a gas that has a bad smell. Methane. You pass by a dump, you smell that and you see a fire. Why it has bad smell? Why not good smell? Because it is garbage. And what does it produce? Fire. And so it needs fire to be cleaned. That is your garbage and all of us share. That is common ground where they are dumping our garbage and we all smell that smell. Don’t think we are clean - no, your behavior is bad.

So from that bad smell coming out from his mouth and his backside, he opened his eyes and he saw that and he was so happy. It was for him a huge feast. Grandshaykh said he (Iblees) never did sajda, but there he did one sajda. Not because he is making sajda to Adam (a). No. He is showing appreciation to himself; he is like Pharaoh, the preferred one. "ana rabbukum al-`alaa -I am Your Lord, the most high," a statue. He made sajda to himself, not to Allah. No, he is not interested. He made sajda to himself. That himself made such a dirtiness and from that dirtiness a green plant came out. And he looked at it and said, "O that is how I am going to cheat people." So he fixed the plant and made it to look nice and began intensive work planting it all over the world, and he was busy with that.

And he knows he cannot approach Sahaba - that was a losing battle. So he said, "Truth is there. Let me build my kingdom up, the kingdom of falsehood." And he began to plant these plants in different countries around the world. And after Prophet (s) left dunya, he (Iblees) went to all these kingdoms where all different scholars were sitting, and he take the leaves of that plant, and he rolled the leaves of that and smoking that. (demonstrates smoking) "Allahu akbar! I am the one. Try it my brother, try it my sister, try it my wife, try it my son, try it my daughter, aaam." What happened? "Hehey! ho!" and smoking, happy (demonstrates smoking). He said, "I am going to give them my excrement! Let them enjoy it, this is my reward to them, as they are my followers. O I am so happy now! O I am so overwhelmed! We can make different kinds. We can make Panamanian cigars; it is not papers, complete s-h-e-e-t!" Why are you closing your ears? You are falling into that up to the head and you are closing your ears to haqq? Of course it is haqq--this is Grandshaykh’s story!

Professor? These professors don't know these stories. They are no mind. They do their research and then what? They smoke. All their research is blended with Iblees’ vomiting, and from the back whatever coming and I don't want to repeat it. And they are eating and drinking. Some people not just drinking, they crush it and chew it. And Iblees is very happy with that and he said, "Not only that I give you other brands - hashish, marijuana, cocaine." Cocaine? Is it made from that? (asks 'redneck' brother) What is it made from, Redneck? (Cocaine is made from plants, opiates are made from plants.)

I was in Spain and I am sorry to say these are with me, these three. (indicates three of the listeners) This one is hafizh, this one recites qasida, and this one does administrative work. And they invited them to stay in one apartment. And next morning we went to pray tahajjud and they didn't show up. What happened? There were people in the lower apartment, smoking something and all these fumes going up and coming to where they are sleeping. And they begin to turn. Like someone went to Ka`bah to make hajj, and when going for hajj he was carrying many luggages. And at customs they said, "What is this? Too much luggage. Why?" So he said, "I like to relax; I have all this food in cans. I open, eat, throw. No need to stand in line to buy." They said, "OK. Why you have this with you? It is not allowed, it is haraam (prohibited) in Islam. Why do you have this wine, alcohol"? He said, "No, I stand beside Ka`bah, I drink and then Ka`bah turns around. I am relaxing. I am sitting." (laughter)

So these scholars, they go research and sometimes they have nargheela, waterpipe, and they are drinking (smoking). And in your country they have something they put in there as well (coca). O how you know? I am from there and I don't know? (I read about it)

So they come with all this and make their presentation so .. all this built on anger. So Prophet (s) said to Abu Bakr (r), "al-ghadabu kufran ya Aba Bakr - anger is unbelief, O Abu Bakr." You will be outside the range of Islam when you are angry. That is why you see scholars always angry. Not all of them; many are peaceful; they don't smoke and don't do anything wrong. Would you believe, Shaykh, you can see them this (live) on the Internet, but there are reciters of Qur'an that don't recite without drinking first. They say it gives them a taste and helps them recite well and they are even famous. So much is Shaytan playing with them.

So what is left of our imaan? I am not saying we are better but this is a sickness that goes everywhere, astaghfirullah! For that, for ourselves and for them. We are in need of Sayyidina Muhammad's (s) intercession for our deeds; we need Prophet's intercession and we need awliya's intercession. And he said to recite Qur'an we must leave anger, especially Arabs, they do most things to torture their wives and the wives will try to torture the husband. And if one Arab and the other is not the Arab must come hard against the one who is not and if they are not...they go to court. You have to be fair, you must be fair in dealing with your wife. You must not cheat her to take her money and she must not cheat you. Solve your problems within yourself, the one who is not angry must solve the problem in your house. The court, what do they know, it might be their judgment is wrong. Everyone will try to get the best lawyer in order to make the other party lose...like this gentleman, can I say how much you lost? Take a lesson - at least $700,000 or $800,000, or more than $800,000? Now he learned his lesson. After what? After becoming 60, and there are also ladies I know that lost also; they are not here. They lost also. Try to resolve the problem within the house. Don't bring it out. No one wants to help you. The court judges don't charge you? They do. Lawyers don't charge you? The lawyer will say to you, "you have a right" the other lawyer will say, "you have a right." We don't know where is the right. Whoever forgives and makes reconciliation his reward is with Allah.

من عفى واصلح فانما اجره على الله

man `afaa wa aslaha fa ajruhu `alaa’ Allah

Whoever forgives and reconciles, his reward is with Allah. (Surat ash-Shura, 42:40)

If you are struggling in any court problem, make peace, then Allah (swt) will give you Paradise and the person who loves Qur'an must not say something that the other person doesn't like. Don't threaten them and don't say what they don't like. Whoever is blind in this life will be blind in the next:

وَمَن كَانَ فِي هَـذِهِ أَعْمَى فَهُوَ فِي الآخِرَةِ أَعْمَى وَأَضَلُّ سَبِيلاً

man kaana fee hadhihi `amaa fa huwa fi 'l-akhirati `amaa wa adallu sabeela.

But those who were blind in this world, will be blind in the hereafter, and most astray from the Path. (Surat al-Isra, 17:72)

So Muslims try to not to be angry. This morning I was on the fringe of getting angry, so I pulled myself up. There was problem overseas I have to solve it and I need to call overseas. A visitor comes in and I sit with him 10 minutes then I said, "Okay I will make my call overseas" and I prepared to make that call and then another visitor came in. I said 'oh', but then I saw him and finished, I have to talk with him. Then he finished so I said, "now I will call," but then a whole group of visitors came and I told Hajjah to tell them that I saw them already and two of the ladies in that group said to Hajjah, "he didn't see us", and they were correct. So I saw them. Then another one came and another one...until 1:30. I called and said, "I will call you later" because Mawlana gave a message, "O, they are Allah's guests, not your guests."

Abu Hamid al-Ghazali, when it was night of Mawlid, and he stopped to write when a fly came to drink from his ink; so they opened for him spiritual knowledge for that one action. And so Mawlana said, "they are not your guests they are Allah's guests." So I called and told that person, "I will call later." And you have to control your anger and I am saying this to many people that come to visit Mawlana Shaykh.

When I travel to their countries it is same thing that all have. The wife wants to take the money of the husband or the husband want to take it from the wife. So at end it becomes soup. So don't let that come out, solve that within yourselves; you took covenant to marry, keep that covenant. Don't try to blow it up with lawyers and judges. It will be written against you on Day of Judgment. Allah (swt) is best of Judges. Don't let that matter to reach there. Don't get judgment there, get it here, by man `afaa wa aslaha fa ajruhu `alaa Allah. If you do that then solve it here don't fight.

We have same spiritual father. Don't say "I love my Shaykh more than you." Both of you with same Shaykh. Mawlana once said to me; All these students I have, they are like jewels on my crown of a spiritual turban that Prophet (s) gave to me but different kinds of jewels, one is diamond, some are others. But if one is out of place it looks funny. That is Sultan al-Awliya. He is king, monarchy. All awliya are also on his crown...jewels there and not only awliyaullah, but the lower level are his followers. They are there also. Let us not come against anyone. No one is better than the other and even if they are better, try to compete in good-doing. Try to achieve and to progress. Taqabbal-Allah.

Now all of them their eyes are open. When I was speaking they were all sleepy, see the influence of the self? "Oh, I am sleepy." Go to sleep this is best time; no light, when I put the light they get upset. Especially Fajr time. We have to put always the light and `Eid Mubarak. This is second day of `Eid.

I don't want anyone to come and say, "I broke fast before my country." They must follow the same date as the religious authority of their country. They broke fast early so they have to do for 2 days and every day is 60 days fasting, consecutively. Those who broke fast intentionally, they didn't ask. If they had not been arrogant and ask me, or ask Mawlana Shaykh we would have told them to wait. No, their leader was wrong and he is going to carry responsibility of himself and his follower until they fast 120 consecutive days. Only if someone is sick and can't fast then he has to feed 60 people (for each missed day). Allah knows who is sick and not sick, may Allah forgive us.That is my position and I am not changing my position. Let the religious ministry know. Let Nahdlata al-Ulama know. Let the President know and they cannot use our name or pictures any more. When they apologize through newspapers and in public and apologize to the president, just as they did it there in public they must apologize publicly and after they publicly repent then we might accept. They cannot repent at home but they must repent publicly and make sure the news is there.

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