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The First Order is to Marry

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

8 September 2011 Gemigonagi, Cyprus

Wedding Khutbah

Shaykh Nazim’s Grandson’s Wedding

(inaudible) ...a chance to all our daughters and our sons to marry. Marriage is the first command of Allah Almighty and He Himself first ordered the marriage of Sayyidina Adam (a), and His command will continue up to end of the world! Now we are following Allah Almighty’s holy command and we are trying to follow that holy order to marry.

This world would be like a paradise if people followed that order, but Shaytan, the biggest enemy of Mankind, is never happy about marriage as he likes adultery. So he creates problems between people and that is the main cause of problems among Mankind and all nations, because people left the first command of Allah Almighty and are following Shaytan. That opens all troubles, sufferings, wars and every badness, because people are running after haraam, adultery; not following the clean way and the holy command of Allah Almighty! Therefore, I am happy tonight that my grandson was asking to marry according to the holy commands of Allah Almighty, as today most young people are running to commit adultery and they will never be happy here or Hereafter.

O People! I am thanking my Lord and secondly our beloved Prophet, peace be upon him, and I am happy our attenders from long distances, such as His Highness, the Crown Prince of Malaysia, is giving honor to come to this humble marriage ceremony. I am praying for him that Allah Almighty gives him much more power. And we also asking for our daughters and sons to keep the honored way; not the dishonored ways of Shaytan. May Allah bless them. Ameen. I may speak to you up to morning or up to tomorrow or next Friday or to next year never ending, but I am tired and what we are saying is enough for you. I am asking forgiveness from Allah Almighty to give to you much more good luck and to be from Paradise people after this life.

O People! Give thanks to Allah Almighty and also to His beloved servant, Sayyidina Muhammad (s), that he taught us what are honorable ways. Follow honorable ways and don’t follow the dishonorable ways of Shaytan! May Allah bless you through this holy night, Friday. I am asking the bride and groom to have good understanding toward each other, for the groom to respect his wife, and for the wife to respect her husband, and in so doing they will follow the holy orders of Allah Almighty, and bring good generations that are supported by heavenly powers, and from them shaytanic armies will be taken away!

May Allah bless you and forgive us. I am weak now, so understand what I say. ShukrAllah, countless thanks to our Lord, Allah Almighty, and countless respect to our Prophet, Sayyidina Muhammad