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Dastoor ya rijaal Allah, madad. Madad, ya rijaal Allah. Ash-shadu an la ilaha il-Llah wa ash-shadu anna Muhammadan `abduhu wa Rasuluh.

Allahuma thabitna `ala al haqqa Allahuma thabitna `ala al-imaan

Allahuma zidna yaqeenan.

I am looking myself useless

I am looking myself useless, Sen Sultan, ya Rabbee, ya Allah. Ya man lahu al-mulk wal malakoot wal jabaroot. zid habeebika sharafan wa `izzan wa nurun wa surooran wa sultana .

You make him Sultan al-Qawnayn. You appointed Your most beloved and glorious one to be Your deputy. Rahgman `ala al-wahabiyyeen `ala sa’ir al-milal.

Inspite (of) those whom they are not accepting the honor of the Seal of Prophets, Sayyidina Muhammad (s) that he created to be deputy of the Lord of creation. Absolute salute for him, absolute glory for You, O our Lord! Everything absolute for You, endlessly absolute honors, glories, majesties for You, O our Lord! We are nothing! We are so small creatures. Forgive us, for the honor of this holy day, that day of (the) most holy night through Islamic calendar after Laylat al-Qadr, the Night of Power, and that is Laylat al-Bara’ah. That honor You granted us, O our Lord, make it more and more for Your weak servants. Weak servants to be powerful servants over those unbelievers, to be most powerful on atheist people, to be most powerful ones through Creation, here and Hereafter. Alfu salaat, alfu salaam, endlessly salute, endlessly glory for you (s), O our Lord’s representative, inspite of whole unbelievers and Wahhabi people!

(Sultan singing) Hayy, hayy, hayy, hayy, hayy, hayy…

We are asking to hear Heavenly singings that giving power to our beliefs (amana wa sadaqna)., giving lights to our real beings. Singing Heavenly singing we can’t be able, Shaykh Adnan Effendi, to hear divinely singing, can’t be, can’t be. It is not for common ones—that is only specialty for the Seal of Prophets (s). No one can be able to hear divinely singing in Divinely Presence because Divinely Presence is only for One, not for anyone else, no second one, no. Allah is the Lord of Heavens, He is One and He is never accepting to be more than One in His Divinely Presence. Therefore, Allah Almighty qul Huwallahu Ahad, He is only One, and Ahad. The Oceans of Endless Oneness only for Him Almighty, and no one knows the reality of Real Oneness, Absolute Oneness of the Lord of Heavens and divinely beings; it is only for Him.

And making in front of… Majestic Oneness only for Him and glorified oneness only for the Seal of Prophets. Can’t be another one reached to that level, and there is no level there, and we are only saying to understand something about that. We can’t speak on that a little bit more or it is not suitable for Divinely Presence, and we can’t say, we can’t do under that level and it is also not suitable for an understanding of our Lord’s Holy Oneness. Therefore, Allah Almighty in His Divinely Presence only accepting one, granting to him from pre-Eternal up to Eternal only one, can’t be a second one. As we are believing no partner for Allah Almighty, also no partner for His most glorified servant, that is only one for Seal of Prophets (s).

Therefore, we are only speaking for heavenly stage or heavenly levels that you can’t find, for that also, a beginning or an ending, but that is something else. That is the position of creatures understanding. Sidrat al-Muntaha, the last point for creatures to reach.  After Sidrat al-Muntaha is only for the Lord of Creation; no one can enter there, no one can be there, except one. Therefore, when Allah Almighty called to the Seal of Prophets, “O My Habeeb, come and look to Me,” not saying “see Me,” to see something and to look is something else. And only he had been permitted to be called to that Divinely Presence, that one only, Sayyidina Muhammad (s).

And He Almighty asked, “Who are you?” (And Sayyidina Muhammad answered,) “You, my Lord.” That is Absolute Oneness; there is no level there. ma anta anta “You, my Lord.” “Who are you?” “You, my Lord.” Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Subhan Allah.

We are, Mawlana Effendi, we are so small, not small… if you are making an atom into two parts, splitting, one part make it another two parts, one part make it another two ones. How many times you are going to and in the end what it is going to be zero. If zero, how coming from zero, that means weighing an atom, if you are dividing it, one after infinity going to be zero. Yes? It is zero. No existence that we are looking and seeing without a measuring of its greatness from Creation, when making it dividing, dividing, coming to be zero. Subhanalladhee khalaq al-`alama min `adamin.

That is something that only huge ones, huge oceans of faith, that they have been granted such an ocean, except those knowing about it, but others can’t know it, can’t understand what is that. Alhamdulillahi’ ladhee khalaqa’ l-khalq min `adamin thumma `adamahu - Praise be to the One Who created the creation from non-existence then made it non-existent.” 

Perhaps they may understand it very well and that is such a big Ocean on the level of Heavens, because when reaching an elected one who prepared to be on Sidratu al-Muntaha, who may reach that level, he can say this not anyone else, can’t say. Therefore, that is the word of Muhyideen, Allah blessing, ya Shaykh, when reaching to Sidrat al-Muntaha he looked and saw, he was looking and granted an understanding then he was saying  Alhamdulillahi’ ladhee khalaqa’ l-khalq min `adamin just he was witnessing Haqiqat al-azaliyya, Eternal Reality. When looking and then saying alhamdulillah, whole thanks to our Creator, Who created everything from nothing! Giving everything to be something that they are going to appear, even they are nothing, but appearing by their Lord’s, their Creator’s command, as His Will ordering to appear!

Therefore, saying Muhyideen ibn al-`Arabi,  Alhamdulillahi’ ladhee khalaqa’ l-khalq min `adamin. He created whole creation from nothing, from nothing. Yes, it is nothing according to our mentality, according to our capacity of understanding, Muhyideen ibn al-`Arabi is saying. He created under that level, under the level of Sidrat al-Muntaha all of them, whole Creation under level of Sidrat al-Muntaha. They may be seen, may be touched, may be understood, but all of them, even now they are nothing. They are nothing, can’t be, no, can’t be!

When Muhiydeen ibn Arabi reached and looking, looking at the level of Sidrat al-Muntaha, that signing last point of our understanding, `aql, intellect, mind level. He is looking and seeing; through our minds and mentalities we are reaching and we are seeing what is there, but when reaching up to that point, directly he was looking and saying this something, but it is from nothing. But our minds looking and understanding that is dunya, that is planet, that is galaxy, that is space, that is comets, anything running in that space and what is space if you are asking our scientists, our most learned people, they are saying, space is a situation, but that space has nothing in it! A big emptiness, endless emptiness, and I am asking, how can be emptiness for space and billions of galaxies and so many creation in it, and you are saying space is an endless area? How it can be endless, and also endless emptiness? How you can say? And so many millions, trillions, quadrillions galaxies running in it and taking their space. How you are saying (it’s) empty? What does it mean to be empty? If (it is) empty, this galaxies and systems and world and gigantic stars, where they are settling? (Arabic)

Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, the Lord of Heavens laa maqaam, no any place that He may be in it or cover it. That huge emptiness, what is that? Showing when reaching a special one, special selected mukhtaar, Chosen One, when reaching to Sidrat al-Muntaha he was looking and seeing, seeing and looking millions, trillions galaxies in existence, but their final report they are saying all of them nothing! We are seeing but no real being for them. They are nothing and glory, endless glory their Creator. Creation is an unknown Divinely Attribute. That is unknown, sirr, secret, secret for creating. Unknown situation and unknown Divinely Attribute to create. When reaching tat point, there just coming and opening to Muhiydeen ibn al-`Arabi.

[Adhan is called, Mawlana Shaykh stands up]

And, ya Shaykh Adnan Effendi, that appearance coming, and looking that wali on that level, saying alhamdulillah. But they are looking, there is countless creation, countless creatures, but no one they have a real being, position, no existence, no real existence, but their nouri existence, but no existence for them. That’s why Muhiydeen ibn Arabi saying alhamdulillah khalaqal khalqa min `adamin fa `adamah. And He created countless creatures, but all of them are not going to be something; the real being is in Divinely Presence.

One whom he was looking and seeing countless creatures when he was using his real looking to things, he was looking, but really I am looking nothing there, nothing there. Now there is telephone. We are looking that a way, perhaps someone they have a picture also. He was thinking that it is something, but after a while it is disappearing, there is no existence.

Alhamdulillahi’ ladhee khalq min `adamin. That is the sign that He never accepting any partner of countless creatures, if anyone standing up to claim “I am this one, that one,” taking them away. Teaching them you are from Adam, from Adam you are going to be seen as `alam, `awaalim, nothing else. Then `adamahum, there is black holes. What black holes, you know? You understand black holes? Ha ha. Who is claiming, "I am here " putting in that black hole and disappearing. Gigantic galaxies just disappeared through these black holes reaching to its first position. Its first position was nothing, then coming and appearing as something, and getting to be proud, saying, “I am here, taking that black hole, carrying that proud one inside,” finishing, `adamah (made non-existent!

Qalamuhu Muhiydeen, Holy words of Muhiydeen ibn al-`Arabi, Alhamdulillahi’ ladhee khalaqa’ fa `adamah. When he is claiming they are something, making them through black holes `adamahum.Allahu Akbar,  Allahu Akbar, Subhan Allah,  Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah. Fatiha.

[Sultan singing]

dumm, dumm

dumm, dumm

That is only for those people whom their heads going to be like footballs. Because they are never understanding dom, dom except footballs, footballs, footballs.

dumm, dumm

dumm, dumm

because they are never understanding. Except that ball, that ball, that ball,

dumm, dumm