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Audhu billah min ash-shaytan ir-rajeem

Bismillahi 'r-Rahman i'r-Raheem

Dastoor ya sayyidee madad,


Nawaytu al-arba`een nawaytu al-`itikaaf nawaytu al-khalwah nawaytu al-riyadah nawaytu al-sulook lillahi ta`ala al-`adheem fee hadha al-masjid

We are helpless; we are weak, doctor.  Without our shuyukh we are nothing.  They guide us and they teach us and always to have their words present in front of you is important.  To them we can hear, through them we can see.  Not what we can hear is what we are hearing physically around, what is going on around us or we are physically seeing what is going around us, no, but through them we can hear knowledge that we never heard before.  Through them, they are inheritors of the Prophet (s); they receive every moment heavenly knowledge which they reveal it; some of it they reveal and some of it they keep.  What they reveal to us must be something that is important for us, to guide us.

What they don't reveal is something we don't know its value yet, so they keep it, like parents; like the head of the family, he gives some and he keeps some.  He doesn't keep because he doesn't want to give but he keeps because he knows his children are not yet ready to receive what he wants to give them.  Awliyaullah they cannot give everything.  They only give with drops.  A little bit.  And the rest is for you; they keep it.  They make for you a trust.  That trust is under your name. Whatever they receive on your behalf knowledge from heavenly knowledge they put in that trust.  They inform you about the trust but they don't give you everything that is in the trust and they don't give you a full hand to take whatever you want from the trust.  Because you are not yet mature.

That trust… a wali without students is for what.  He has to have students.  Allah makes a wali a wali because of the students.   If there were no students to whom is he going to give that knowledge.  He already received his trust.  So he like a lawyer, a lawyer here will hold under his hands hundreds of trusts for people. And he will not reveal until the person matures.

That means mootoo qabl an tamootoo.  The Prophet said, "If you want to see someone who died before he died look at Abu Bakr as-Siddiq."  It means no more self.  He completely surrendered then they give the trust.  So everyone of us has a trust that his guide is holding for him or for her.  If we didn't get that trust we must know we are not yet mature, we are still a child, we are still children.  Else we must have a trust.  If so, show it to yourself, if you think you received your amanaat.  Challenge your ego; can you see your trust.  That means you can se your shaykh spiritually as if you are face to face.  You will be with the prophet spiritually as if you are face to face.  So none of us has that power.  So none of us are mature.  Period.  Go to another page.   Don't say "I am mature." Don't say I am 50 or 60 years of age you are still a child.  That is how we have to know ourselves.  Else the ego will eat us.  Already the ego is taking over the soul is helpless.

As we said yesterday in previous session that there is a training to the spirit.  The body without the soul has no value.  Where they put the body doctor?  They put it underground.  But the soul, where does it go?  It goes to bahr al-qudrah -the Ocean of Power -  Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji`oon - it goes back to Allah were it originated.  We are to Allah and to Allah we are going back.  And in general terms we are going back to Allah.  Anytime the door is open.  You don't wait to die to go back.   But go anytime by going through the spiritual door and knocking.  Allah Huwa Arham ar-Rahimeen, Akram al-Akrameen, Ghaffaar adh-dhunoob.  The Most Merciful of everyone else and Akram al-Akrameen , More Generous than anyone.  It means no one will beyond that left behind.  So we keep their notes, we need their words in order that we may understand what they are trying to teach us.  Don't be a parrot.  Repeating without understanding but train yourself to be better.  Don't every time we try to avoid this discussion but it comes with the words of our shuyukh with the notes of Grandshaykh and our shaykh always that sickness comes the sickness to be a shaykh.  That is a problem.  People like to be called deputy to be called shaykh, caliph like to be called representative.  Like to be called doctor.  Likes to be called engineer.  Everything.  Plumber is happy to be plumber, yes?

There was neighbor to Grandshaykh.  He was happy with his business, he is proud.  Because everyone is happy with his business.  He has two sons.  One of them I remember his name, Basheer and Nadheer.  He called them like that. What is basher.  The one who gives good news, and Nadheer is the one who gives bad news.   He has two sons and he is very proud of his work.  He prays Fajr and goes out and he has a  donkey and he puts in cave in the mountain, as Mawlana place is on the mountain, he carved a cave.  Puts his donkey like a parking lot and he made another cave from for his children and his wife.  Every morning he takes his donkey and on each side is a sack this side left and this side right. Every day he goes down the mountain  and collects the garbage from the doors of people and comes back at noon with the bags empty.  This is his job.  He didn't care to be shaykh or professor or what titles.  He was happy to call him donkey-man.  He was proud of what he is doing.  He is content with his cave house in the mountain.  One day Grandshaykh, you know when he comes he slaughters sheep and goats.  So people come a lot  so he is always cooking, cooking.  There is always food.  One day he was slaughtering I think one goat and one sheep.  Cut everything and what is left.  The stomach and the intestines. So you know the sausages, they put in the intestines.  So they eat it and to do that they have to clean it.   They cleaned the stomach and cleaned the intestines.  And one person doesn't know and Grandshaykh house is on top of hill and behind the hill is a space that children are playing.  So after they clean everything the intestines with all the water is in a big pot and he took it and dump it from the window and cleaned it and finished.  It was noontime so that donkey man came to the door of Grandshaykh.  He said, "Sayyidee, what is this?  I just came from work collecting garbage and now my sons Basheer and Nadheer are covered with water of intestine and stomach."  And they didn't have water to wash them. So Grandshaykh quickly brought them in and washed them.  This type of life was there and people don't complain.  Today all kinds of worldly desires and people complaining and they want to be something.

Grandshaykh and Mawlana Shaykh are saying that the one who is listener in the association must be more giving attention to what the guide is speaking about because he is in need for it.  The guide might say something but any listener, anyone who is listening to what is said, awliyaullah what they speak are like jewels.  You want to catch it you put it in a ring, always you are looking at it. Don't let it to go.  And he said, "the listener; who are the listeners.  The one hearing, including the guide, including the one who is speaking must pay attention to what is coming, what is transmitted through the main station through that one who is speaking all of those who are hearing and he is hearing, including him must give attention that they understand what is being given of jewels.  He must not see himself higher than the others and only they must pay attention."

He said that when you go to school where they send you first?  Kindergarten.  You cannot go first to first grade directly.  You have to go to kindergarten.  You have to go to primary, tahdheeri, preschooling in order that you learn how to behave when you enter really classrooms.  So you cannot enter the classrooms until you finished completely preschooling.  People put their children more than that, nursery.  So he said: the rule in tariqat is that you have to go first to nursery, then to kindergarten.  Preschooling.   And he said: this class, the class we are in today is a kindergarten class, preschool, a nursery.  He said: all our associations, all that we speak about in these associations—it is not my word—it is his words and I am expanding on it and explaining it.  It is his words, they can see it I can show it in the notes.

He said, daiman yujad saff tahdheeri – There is always only the saff tahdheeri, only preschooling. Those who make themselves deputies and caliphas and senior mureeds must know that they are still in the preschool.  What does preschool mean?  It is before kindergarten.  It means you are coming with a big pampers.  Diaper.  A big diaper.  Don't think yourself you have reached, it is not my words it is his words. He said, that class, preschooling and nursing school, until you become mature to enter the saff mubtadi`, first grade.  They have to fix you to enter first grade, to clean you.  They have to every day take the diaper and put another diaper.  Might be you do it 5 times.  They have to keep cleaning and cleaning and cleaning.  This is wazifat ush-shaykh.  Their wazifa for those who are saying deputy, is to clean diapers.  So Mawlana shaykh says, you are my deputy and my calipha, you have been hired to do job of cleaning.  What they do in preschool?  The teachers their job is to clean.  Don't think that calipha is more than that.  That is not my words.  And Mawlana told me about the description of a beginner in the most distinguished Naqshbandi tariqat.  What is the character of a real first grade.  He said, (you translate): awsaf al-mubtadi fee tariqatan aliyya la yuttassifu bi shaykh ila al-an - the one who is in first grade in the most distinguished tariqat there is not one today who can be described by ‘shaykh’ today.  And my shaykh told me and described for me the reality of the first grade in the distinguished Naqshbandi order that until now there is no shaykh that entered that grade yet.  They are all in nursery school now.”

Those who make big posters and websites on the Internet about their khilapha.  They call for khilaphate also some people.  The call for khilapha on their websites, they must look at their diapers first.

Sayyidina Mahdi doesn't come with weapons, he comes with love and peace.  He will be a spotlight and with that light he will bring peace.  Khilapha is not easy. Spiritual and physical.  Now speaking on spiritual but physical is for Mahdi.

 From this we can say that everyone attending our association is in kindergarten. So that all the students that come are in that class, nursery school.  Their parents send them to the school until they get accustomed.  O my son is going to preschool, why?  to get him accustomed to going to school in order that he will not cry.  Why?  In fist grade too much work, homework and projects.  You cannot enter first grade without too much homework and too much work.  So they send you to kindergarten until you learn slowly, slowly.  You go 2 hrs and 3 hrs or you go from morning to evening until you become accustomed completely to preschooling and they become detached from their parents and they become detached from their parents and they begin to learn more from school.

So awliyaullah want you to be detached from dunya, which is your parents.  Like the children are detached from homes and parents for 2 and 3 hours.   They want you to be detached at least 8 hours for worshipness.

Allah divided the day into 3 divisions: 8 for worship, 8 for sleep and 8 for work, they want to fill the day with awraad.  That is the book of awraad.  I didn't show you the books of awraad of Naqshbandi tariqat and might 1000 pages and they used to read it in one or two days.  The awraad of Sayyidina Shah Naqshband is a thick book like that. al-Awraad an-Naqshbandiyya.  That is why we have to know we are still in preschool.  And he said it is enough preschooling in this time. Because if you were not accustomed, if your parents didn't accustom you to school, you might run away when you go to first grade.  That is why you see children when their parents don't send to preschool they send directly to first grade, they reject it.

And he said: "That is why we don't want them to run away so we are still in preschool.  He said: here my association is like preschool.  Everyone is welcome but no criticism and no complaints.  Everyone comes and sits and sleeps, sits and asks and some people don't know what they say and I laugh with them and give them a good face and they ask me questions and I talk with them."

I tell you a story one of these questions they waste Mawlana's time.  One lady was calling me, saying, "I have important decision to make and they don't let me to see him.  They have to go by line and he is busy with everyone."  It is very important decision in her life.  I began to get these calls from her. She said "I cannot tell you."   I asked her, "what you want to do?" Get me an appointment.”  I called Mawlana and said "this lady wants to see You." So he said "let her say this and they will let her in."

She came and said that and they let her in.  She said, "I have a very important decision.  Mawlana I need to know what to do."  He said, "Ok, what is it about? Your husband or your children?" She said, "No Mawlana.  I have a very important decision." "What is that very important question?" "What color should I paint my kitchen?"

So everyone is welcome, they laugh they talk, the sleep, they ask.  Like the teacher among his children in preschool.  But it is important.  Because if not, you cannot carry the order when the order for seclusion comes.  You need to be prepared to enter first grade.  They want you to be ready.  He said anbiyaullah, Allah sent 124000 prophets, some of them 313 are messengers and the rest are prophets with no message.  But their presence between Allah's servants was important to make them accustomed for when the message comes.  That is why there were many prophets scattered in many areas in the Middle East.  And most of the messengers came in the middle east.  That is why it is a very very holy area.  All prophets are buried there.  So they came to spread that acquaintance, to make people be acquainted with what is coming with Sayyidina Muhammad (s): the final message, the wrapping message, wrapping all the previous religions and messages together.  If not these messengers coming it is very hard to accept the final messenger.  But Allah is sending, sending so that when the Prophet comes people are ready for him to wrap the message together.

Ignorant people who come for titles, are like the ignorant elite of the Quraysh who came to the Prophet (s) asking for a private and special association and that they should not sit with common people.  These ignorant elite in the time of the Prophet (s) said, "give us to be with you privately with you."  Today that is what happened with these pseudo-shaykhs.  They want to have them or no one; they don't want to be with common people.  They don't want to be common people but they want to be titled and this is a sickness.  And insha-Allah I will continue later about what Grandshaykh told Shaykh Nazim and about importance of tariqat and the importance of the first grade.  Until next time we stop here.