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In The name of Allah, The All-Compassionate, All-Merciful,

A`udhu billahi min ash-shaytanir-rajeem, Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem, alhamdulillahi Rabbil-`alameen

Destur ya RijalAllah, Madad, madad ya Sultan-ul Awliya, madad.. Astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah!

As salaamu `alaikum!
Ya RijaalAllah madad! Huu!
A`udhu billahi minash Shaytaanir rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem. La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil-`aliyyil-`adheem. Wa'fu anna, w'aghfirlana, w'arhamna ya Rabbana nahnu `abeeduka mu`afa wal fuqara wal muhtajeen, Ey Ya Rabbi! Ya Rabbana Ya Rabbighfir warham wa Anta'l Khayrur-Rahimeen, Ya Ghiyathal Mustaghiytheen aghithna wa bi madadin malakooti Ya Rabbee, aghithna! Ya Allah Kama'iyatta, Ya Rabbee `ala habeebika salawaatullahu wa salamu `ala Sayyidina Muhammad (s)...
O people, O people, O people, what do you think Allah looking us? Allah seeing what you are doing, or sleeping? hasha! 'Laa taakhudhuhu sinatun wa la nawm' (Holy Quran 2:255) Allah Almighty never sleeping, never sleeping! Who's the sleeping must lie down. Allah Jalla Jalaluhu.. Allah! Waaqifun?
Wali, a holy one, who's holy one? Holy one is that one who may be able to ride on his nafs ego, but now commonly whole people they are going to be donkeys of their egos or their nafs, egos. That means they are not never thinking about their Lord or their Creator, Allah The Creator! He's saying: 'I've created you O mankind to Me to be My servants. I'm offering to you servanthood in My Divinely Presence and that is what I was putting into you to do or that is what I am offering everyone; ask for what you are created!'
'Wa maa khalaqtu al-jinna wa'l insa illa liya`budoon' (Holy Quran 51:56)
Allah Allah, ! 'I have created man, Children of Adam and as well as jinns to be My servants in My Divinely Presence.' Where we are now? To whom we are working? People commonly they are working for Shaytaan. People living to make Shaytaan pleased with them! Never thinking to do something that their Creator may be pleased with them! What do you think for such creatures that all of us in such a way; we are working for dunya and we are working we are servants not servants but slaves.. servanthood it has an honor but Shaytaan never accepting servants; he's saying: 'you must be man and woman, you must accept to be my slaves, and I can do everything as I like on you! Man and woman you are my slaves!' Servanthood that is an endless honor that was granted
the Children of Adam ! Who's learning that where they are teaching that order and command and Allah Almighty's offering His creatures, where? They are, they are learning everything except Holy Quran! And if some countries that they are teaching Holy Quran, they are trying to bring some meanings and to make Holy Quran according to their understanding, and they are saying: 'That verse means that one that we are on it!' People becoming Shaytaan! or agents of Shaytaan, and Shaytaan teaching them how they should be able to destroy themselves, their countries, their people man and woman and children, how they can do to take them away, making Shaytaan mankind to be enemies to each other! Therefore, you may look through families; man never getting happy with his wife, and so many women they are not happy to be with their husbands! So many families never getting happy with other families. Everyone even children they are not happy with their brother or sisters. Everyone going

to be a pharaoh. Everyone's last hedef point that they are asking to reach to be a pharaoh, pharaoh. Therefore Allah Almighty was saying to His most beloved, most honored, most glorified servant Sayyidina Muhammad (s) (Maulana stands up for Holy Prophet's honor) Dastur Ya Sayyidi! Ya RasulAllah! saying to him: 'O My most beloved, most honored, most glorified servant, you are not only My servant but you are also servant everyone else, you are My, My representative. O My beloved one, you are representing Me from pre-eternal up to eternal! For your honor I created everything that I created and also everything that I am creating from pre-eternal up to eternal, you are with Me, representing Me, your name I am putting in front of My Divinely Name: "La ilaha illAllah, Sayyidina Muhammadun Rasulullah (Mawlana stands up for Holy Prophet's honor) everywhere' Huu!

So many no-mind but their names Muslims, they are haasid - jealous, jealous, jealous for the Seal of Prophets, heh, and first jealousy coming for Adam from Shaytaan; Shaytaan he was thinking or he was asking to be representative of The Lord of Heavens; he was not ashaming with its dirtiness to be representative of The Lord of Heavens! Shaytaan! whole dirty and it was asking to be representative! can't be! that appeared the Day of Promises when Allah Almighty created man and ordering to angels to make sajda/prostration to Adam that that honor coming to Adam because he was carrying the pure – seed, that carrying on his back Rasulullah (s), therefore Allah Almighty ordering angels: 'Make sajda to Adam ' and Shaytaan knowing and saying: 'I am not making sajda Adam that You are, I was expecting, O Allah, I was expecting that You are going to grant to me to be Your representative. Now I am knowing that You are not giving to me that honor, giving to another one, Muhammad (s). Therefore, I'm not making sajda to him!'

And Divinely Addressing: 'Get out! Get out! Down! you are Shaytaan! Get out from My Divinely Presence! Get out!' And he was thrown away, and every angel kicking his tizu.. ha Arapca.. kicina bir tekme vurdu her yetisen melaike.. ala tizu! Turkce; kicina bir tekme, melaikeler hepsi! seytan 'Benim' dedigi vakitte 'Al!' tekmeledi 'Al! seytan!' I'm speaking in Turkish and Arabic, I don't know English what's that word.. enough because.. hehe.. and yet, yet every angel, every angel making like football Shaytaan.. 'Get out!', going down, going down, going down.. na`udhu billah, na`udhu billah. Eeeh.. Now, I'm sorry to say that so many wrong ideas coming through Islam from wrong people because they are very jealous and greedy for the Seal of Prophets; they don't like him!

Ey, who likes you? Likes those people only Shaytaan! Angels cursing them! And no more time for those people they are going to be disappearing. 

I am asking, and I am nothing! I'm asking: Allah looking? Say ['Yes!'] Heh? [Yes!] Allah seeing? [Yes!!] Allah hearing? Haa.. They are trying to make what Allah Almighty making that one's rank `ala rutab, no rank over that rank that Allah Almighty granted to Sayyidina Muhammad (s); greedy people even in Islam! Now they are jealous: 'Why you are making for Muhammad (s) ta`zheem, you are giving so, so high respect to him; respect [only] for Allah?'

No respect to Allah, for Allah? For Allah ta`zheem, takbeer, we are not respecting? Respect [is] for creatures;
The Creator, you can't say: 'We are [not] giving high respect to Allah'! Respect for Allah Almighty giving greatness to him [Sayyidina Muhammad (s)]; you must respect him, and they are saying: 'he is like ourselves', no! No! Even Christians they are not saying: 'Jesus Christ is like ourselves'! How you are saying the Seal of Prophets, he's like ourselves?! Yes! Those people new, new growing up ones but, hehe, their time is over to be taken away! Now coming someone and with him someones to give highest respect that should be given to a servant his respect that no one can understand! No one can understand!

I am a weak one. If I'm strong one, I can do for them what I'm doing but I'm weak one, I'm 0 now; 0 on left side, if putting me and I'm 0, may change my personality; if you are putting in front of 1, I may take dunya like this... Allahu Akbar! Hu Allah! Allah! That word not giving to me to be proud, no! I'm speaking reality, reality; I'm not saying that I'm becoming some else when I'm doing something. Now I'm 0 on left but when I'm going The Lord of Heavens putting me on right-hand, Huuu! Huuu! Huuu!

Yes, sir, as salaamu `alaikum.. Ya Rabbi Sen bilirsin!

Anyone, you think that anyone to be Sayyidil-awwaleen wal akhireen? That is his, holy one, holy one; what's holy one? Title, title for Holy Prophet 'Sayyidil-awwaleen wal akhireen'. Who are you, who are you? 'Should come', Rasulullah (s) saying, 'Should come fee akhiriz-zaman when Last Days approaching, should come some people and they are saying "we are Arabs" and their language Arab but I am far away from those people'.

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Aziz Allah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Kerim Allah
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Subhan Allah
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah
Es-Selam Saltanatini, Ilahi Saltanatindan bize bir Sultan gonder, bos kafalari bitirsin, tuketsin! Yeryuzunu firavunlardan, cebabireden temizlesin! Kendilerini bir sey zannedenlerden pak eylesin! Habibin sanini izhar eylesin! Habibinin sancaklari dikilsin butun magrib ve masrikta! Amin! Amin! Amin!
wa salaamun mursaleen wa ’lhamdulillahi Rabbil-`alameen. Rabbana taqabbal minna w`afu `anna, w’aghfirlana, w’arhamna wa tub alayna Ya Mugheeth aghithna, Ya Mugheeth aghithna Ya Mugheeth aghithna.
Ya Rabbee we are hoping every second Your Endless Mercy Oceans! That You promised just it's true, true, true! Let us to reach to that honored days O our
Lord, to be Your servants in happiness, and in safety, and sheltered here and Hereafter through Divinely Sheltering! Bijahi man anzalta `alayhi Suratu’l-Fatiha