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Dastoor ya Sultan al-anbiya, ya Sultan al-Awliya, Ya RijaalAllah.


Allahu akbar Allahu Akbar la ilaha illa-Llah, Allahu akbar Allahu akbar wa lillahilhamd

alfu's-salaata alfu's-salama `alayku ya sayyidina ya Habeebillah, `alayka ya Sayyid al-awaleena wa'l-akhireen, as-salaamu alayk ya nur `arshillah

Laa quwatta illa billahi 'l-`Aliyyi 'l-`Adheem

As-salaam `alaykum, O our listeners! May Allah blessings you and blessings me to be good servants. Not to waste our life for nothing. And we are saying a`udhu billahi min ash-shaytaan ir-rajeem and Bismillahi ’r-Rahmani ’r-Raheem and we are saying "O our Lord! We are running away from Shaytaan and its armies. Please give us your divinely protection!"

Dastoor ya rijalAllah

It is a humble associaion and we are saying for every occasion a`udhu billahi min ash-shaytaan ir-rajeem, Bismillahi ’r-Rahmani ’r-Raheem and we are running away from dirtiness; we are running away from dirty ones and we are running away from dirty life and we are running away from dirty actings.

We are asking from our Creator, the Lord of Heavens, the Lord of whole creation, and creation going on like a river without stopping.

No one knowing its beginning; no one knowing to where ending. Can't be. Everything that... Dastoor ya Sayyidee, Ya Hadratee! Everything that belongs to our Creator Most Powerful, Most Majestic, Most Glorious, you can't know anything that belongs to Him.

No doubt everything belongs to Him, that He is Creator. When He was Creator? He was Creator from pre-eternal, azali. Pre-eternal. No one knowing a beginning for Allah Almighty's Existence and no one knowing our Lord's Existence up to eternal.

No one knowing the meaning of eternity and eternity is something that can't be understand. Only you may believe and beyond that you are knowing nothing.

Allah Almighty (Huwa) azaliyyun, abadiyyun. He is, His Existence from pre-eternal, and up to eternal, oooh.

But we have been granted some, eh, we have some, ability to speak on pre-eternal and eternal, to say only eternity, but impossible to understand anything.

Yes, His creation without stopping from pre-eternal continuing. Don't think that the Lord of heavens He has only one world, that you are living on it and no anyone else. No. As astronomers they are saying that this creation, creatures just appeared through pre-eternal, running, running, running. No one knowing for it a beginning, and running running running! (To) where reaching? No one knowing where they are ending.

No, He is the Lord of Heavens. He is only One. And He is only One Who may Create and creation running without stopping.

O people! We have been granted an understanding and our understanding is over understandings of every creatures'. For every creature there is a level of understanding. You can't find anyone in existence that he is not knowing about itself, himself, herself, themselves. Everyone knowing. Everyone they have a level of understanding and countless creations, and every creature that coming in existence, by our Lord's Holy Command, He is only saying "Be!" and (it is) coming into existence.

You must try to know something according to your capacity or according to your ability you may understand something that granted to you.

And you, as a man, you know about yourself in a direction of understanding that a second one (is) not using that way of understanding. You may understand or you have been granted an understanding about yourself and then you have been granted to know around yourself from creatures through creation.

Creation. (N)ever-ending oceans. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar! (N)ever-ending oceans.

Even you, O proud ones, you are learning some lines of knowledge, you are saying that the level of different creatures you may say something, commonly, but there is through that existence of creatures, there is so many levels of understanding because every creature must know about their Creator.

But about your knowledge, according to your knowledge level, if you are losing yourself in it. Therefore we must give more time - perhaps we must give whole our ability, capacity, understanding, willpower, mentality and heartly sacred powers through your heart, to understand something, something, more and more.

But if you are saying it is not a too big claiming, that I may say one atom you may know something about that atom. But your knowledge about that atom is not last point of your knowledge.

You must take care what you are speaking that making a weak servant to speak on such a things. I am saying on that way, to give an understanding our Lord's (n)ever-ending Power Oceans, (n)ever-ending Ability and Capacity and Authority and Endless Wills for creating and bringing creatures in existence, countless, countless creatures.

Do you think that you are, Professor Abdullah, that two atoms, each one knowing a second atom as it is necessary to know or to understand? Do you think that one atom just understanding reality of second atom?

No, it is impossible. It is from a capacity as well as a ability to know for itself, but I don't think that any scientist or any doctor, or nature may claim that in atom just knowing a second atom as second atom knowing about itself.

Hydrogen: two hydrogen atoms. Do you think that both of them knowing about their secrets as they knowing (themselves)? Can't be.

You, you are a man, but you can't know secret for another man. It has identity, as well as you have another identity. You have a personality as well as second person, he has a identity and personality.

Everything can't be on same category as the second one. Each one, each one category belongs to that one but a second one can't enter wholly through that category.

There is one moon; there are ten billion people. Each one's knowledge about that moon, it is different.

Moon just coming and appearing through our knowledge and mentality in another way, different; different; different.

All of them they are making me to speak on such a subjects for understanding the Greatness of the Lord of Heavens, the Lord of Creation.

If you are going to be as... (unable) unable for understanding and to be understandings of you never getting to be same as another one. Therefore everyone's understanding for moon getting different, different. Millions and billions difference. That is the Lord of Creation's position to make people to know that the Creator is not someone that you are, you are imagining.

The Creator, Allah Almighty, out of our knowing, out of our imagination, also. Even your imagination can't reach. He is (absolute) Great One, the Lord of heavens, the Lord of creation.

Now we are asking and they are making me to speak in such a subjects to break down the pride of mankind.  Because Shaytaan blowing (into) man's mentality some wrong ideas. And asking, that devil, to carry people on a level that saying "Your Creator that one, can't be, because our Creator out of our imagining also."

And our imagination is such a small one, our capacity for imagining it is going, going, going, going down, on, down and it is going to be finished and it is going to be zero. Even our imagination never reaching to anything of our Creator's Existence. Glory to Allah Almighty.

We must continue time by time on such a subjects to break down man's pride. Because most dangerous characteristic that man taking from Satanic sources is that pride.

Man asking to be a proud one and we are trying to make their imagining on zero point. Because man getting big harms through pride and if you are not going to break it down, that pride going on and you are harming everything and you are going to be on the level that the Lord of heavens asking you to be His servants.

From pre-eternal, asking to you, "O my servant! Are you accepting Me as your Creator?" All of them saying, "Bala - yes, Almighty Allah, we are Your servants." That is our declaration in Divinely Presence that no time and no space at that time.

No time, no space, (and He swt was) asking "Are you accepting Me in Existence only? Are you bowing from My Majestic Godship, O My creatures? Are you accepting that I am your Lord, the Most High and Most Glorified? Are you accepting that you are My servants and I am Your Lord?"

We said, "n`am, yes our Lord! we are accepting that is the first." .. that we are making that `ahad, oath. Shaytaan coming and saying "No! you must ask, you must try to be in existence someone. You must try to be a proud one in the Divinely Presence."

Who are you to say this? But Shaytaan's teacing is only on that point to make people to declare that they are someones in existence.

No, you must declare and your must be thaabit, (firm) firm on servanthood and servants can't reach to the level to be proud forever from pre-eternal up to eternal.

And everything that people going to be harmed is to claim that "I am a proud one." And they are creating, I may say, mankind, that doing countless titles to (make) ithbaat al-wujood, everyone asking to make a proof for themselves that we are something in existence, therefore claiming that they are proud ones and then angels kicking them away as Satan was kicked down.

And whole prophets coming to teach people about their oath in the Divine Presence and to accept that they are only servants and servants can't be proud and to be proud is only for Almighty Allah.

May Allah forgives us.




O mankind

come and listen

what saying to you

heavenly beings

saying, calling you

to be servants

to the Lord of creation

from pre-eternal

up to eternal

through eternity,

only that one

be proud

Your Lord only,

no one else

can be proud,

You must try

to declare your servanthood,

as you were giving

your declaration that time,