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Mawlana is a word that is very high and it can only be used for someone very high in tasawwuf.

Mawlana Zubayr said he will be Mawlana when they give him the title Mawlana.

In some countries in East Asia, Pakistan and India, they give many people the title of Mawlana but this is from the culture.

In reality, Allah swt is Mawlana and wears the beautiful name al-Mawlaa.

That beautiful name al-MawlaaMawlaa al-`alamayn is the Prophet (s)  and for that reason he inherited the name Mawlaa al-Ummah: the one to be responsible for and asked for the Ummah.

Anyone inheriting from the Prophet (s)  in the path of tasawwuf and taking care of his mureeds can be called Mawlana; but that word cannot be used just for anyone. That is a title of respect.

When Mawlana Zubayr asks to have that title, then he is asking more than just for his people to call him Mawlana Zubayr; it means he has something behind his request. He is looking for the Prophet (s)  to call him Mawlana. He is on that track and we are following him until we reach that blessing.

When someone reaches that level he doesn’t see himself higher than others but has to see himself as lower than all of them. Today people see themselves higher than others. In reality that name is for the Prophet (s)  and we ask Allah swt to forgive us.

Mawlana Zubayr, you speak: they came here and we all came here to listen.


Mawlana Zubayr:


I am here all the time and no one comes. That shows that they came to hear from you.”

Highly respected Pir and Shaykh Hisham and all brothers and sisters, we welcome you to this center. I want to say a few words about this center. It is named East Bay Educational Center and it is a Naqshbandi Sufi center. We have dhikr mehfil every Friday and Saturday morning with teaching for the children. This place is sponsored by the Hamadani brothers and most of us know them …Hamadani al-Marhooma is one of the people who used to recite the Mawlid. We did not have so many scholars in this area but now we have more and more of them since Shaykh blessed this area. I can say it was love at first sight as soon as I saw him, and though my wife might be offended, he is my Pir.

Shaykh always asks me to say something but I don’t have anything to say in front of him but insha’allah Mawlana will make me to say something.

In Pakistan we had one shaykh, Mawlana Okarvi, and if any Sunnis and tariqah are left it was because of him. He saves people of South Africa. He was not a scholar or any such thing. One day there was mehfil of Mawlid and the shaykh was not there but his shaykh was present. His shaykh told him to speak. He said I am only a hafiz. The shaykh said, “No, you speak.” He obeyed his shaykh and he did not look back. He was a very nice lecturer. It came a time that the ones we refer to with bad names tried to kill him; to assassinate him. They cut his veins from one side and left him for dead but he survived and kept going on and talking.

Then, after the attack, he saw the Prophet (s)  in a dream and he asked of him, "Why are you keeping guards? You are working for us… for our love… no need for guards. So he got rid of the guards.

If Shaykh gives us support we can speak. Now we ask Shaykh to speak and lead dhikr and may Allah swt give him long life in order to carry on his work and that we get the faiz from him.


Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani:


Allah Allah….


Allah swt is the sultan; He is Malik al-mulk and He owns us. When He owns us it means He owns everything that He gave us. He gave us even our every breath and even that He owns. No one can or is able to increase the number of breaths that Allah swt gave and no one can lower them. What Allah swt has written for us, (how many breaths in and breaths out), no one can increase nor decrease. It means you own nothing; you have nothing.

Allah swt asked, “To whom is the kingdom? ...Liman al-mulk al-yawm. Lillahi il-waahid al-Qahhaar?” - To Allah.

If we don’t own anything, then why are we fighting? If we don’t own anything, then why are we quarrelling? If we don’t own anything, then why are we creating problems between each other? Take the air; that air that is in the sky. If you go outside we have a lot of air. If someone comes and says, “I’ll sell you this,” would you buy it? No! I will not buy it - you will not buy it even for a penny. You would say “this one is majnoon.” However, you are crazy if you are not buying it. You have to make sure you possess it, because if you go and put yourself in a room sealed very well, think how long you would last there. You breathe in, breathe out and everything becomes co2. Then what happens? You die. Will you buy the air now or not? Is it cheap or expensive? You might give everything you own, just to extend your breath even for a second - Because in that second there might be an opening for you to live longer.

So this means that air is precious but we don’t understand its value and we don’t appreciate the value of the air we are breathing. So will we buy it now or not? [We buy] Ok, so come now - I will sell it to you. You don’t want to buy it? If you own all this world and Sayyidina Azraeel comes, the Angel of Death, and says, “your life is finished but I can bargain for you… give me all that you own and I will give you ten days more.” You will do that? Yes. Even for one day.

It means we own nothing. If the air we breathe is so very valuable and we don’t own it, then what do we own? It means that any moment that Allah swt wants to stop that air from reaching you, you are finished. Therefore, it is a waste of time and it is a sickness or an illness to object and refuse what Allah swt has asked us to do.

When you take the fish out of the water, what does it do? - it is (what do you say in English?), flopping. We are in the ocean of submission. Allah swt created us in the day of promises when we were souls in the presence of Allah . We were in that ocean - inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raaji`oon – to Allah we belong and to Him we return.

 Coming to dunya is the same as what happened to the fish when it is out of the ocean. It is 100% sure that not one of us is happy with his life.

You are happy? You are happy? No one is happy. What I mean by happy is that, of course, you like your life but you have difficulty. You cannot find anyone without difficulty because we are out of the ocean; the ocean of submission. Mawlana Zubayr asked one thing: that he will be Mawlana when they give him that title. That means that title will not be given until that person is back in the ocean he is coming from. He has to be in the ocean of submission. The maqaam al-`abdiyya. There is maqaam al-`uboodiyya and the maqaam al-abdiyya. The maqaam al-`uboodiyya is when you are worshiping. But the maqaam al-abdiyya is when Allah swt gives you title `abd. Everyone can be doing his obligation and reach the maqaam al-ubudiyya. Not everyone can reach the level of abdiyya. Only the Prophet (s) Muhammad  reached the maqaam al-abdiyya, when Allah swt took him in lisaan and Mi’raj, and he said, “subhan-alladhee asra bi-`abdihi laylan min al-masjid al-haraam il al-masjid al-aqsa…” Awliyaullah inherit form that station. It depends on the capacity of what they can take. We cannot say about ourselves `ibaad. We are not yet in the station of ibadah. We are still under that hadith: “akhwafa ma akhaafu `ala Umattee ash shirk al-khafee - the thing I fear most for my nation is the hidden shirk.”

You are trying to be `abd but you are not, until you completely take yourself out of shirk. Ask, “Do we make shirk or not?” We are trying not to make it; we say, “La ilaha ill-Allah Muhammadun Rasulullah” but when we put our ego in it then we are considering ourselves existing. You cannot be existing. The only existence is for Allah.

The Prophet (s)  said that, with all that Allah swt has given him, he humbled himself. “Qul innama ana basharun mithlukum yuhaa ilay – Say [Ya Muhammad (s)] I am only a man like you, but it has been revealed to me.’”. What about you? But this is showing humbleness. Sayyidina Muhammad (s), the one who has been raised in Isra and Mi’raj to qaaba qawsayni aw adna, whose name cannot be separated from Allah’s  said, “Allahumma la takilnee ila nafsee tarfata ayn - O Allah , don’t leave me to my ego for the blink of an eye.” How many of us are left to our egos? We are left for a blink of an eye… blinks of eyes.

Sayyidina Bayazid al-Bistami قدس سرّه went into seclusion… you know Sayyidina Bayazid قدس سرّه, one of the big saints. We mentioned him in the suhbat three days ago. He said, “O Allah , I left my will to Your Will.” So he went into seclusion. In that time it is not like seclusion today. Today you can do seclusion in a cave or where there is no one around you. But in the time of Sayyidina Abdul Khaliq al-Ghujdawani or Sayyidina Bayazid they used to do seclusion underground. There is a group of Mawlana’s followers in Malaysia who do it in cemeteries. They make a grave and lie in that grave. Imagine a seclusion with dead people. You have to be forty days in that grave day and night. Eating there, praying there; you only go out to make wudu. It might be that one dead one looks at you… what will you do? - might be you’d run away. -  And if he catches you...?

He tried that? If he tried that his beard will become whiter.

So what happened? He went into seclusion. He went seventy arms down in a dry well. Seventy yards down, doing seclusion there. He doesn’t care for anyone else, as he is submitting to Allah’s swt Will. The people of the village have had a drought for many months and he is sitting there happy. Happy - why? - Because he feels that nearness to the Divine Presence.…that nearness to Sayyidina Muhammad (s)  , so he doesn’t care for anything. That is his love, that is his food, his provision, his life; that is his breath, that is his everything and outside people are struggling with no food, nothing.

So after six or seven months the people still had no food. They sent someone to him, who shouted from top of well, “Ya Bayazid, we are suffering from outside and you are here by yourself.” He asked, “How do you know I am by myself. I am with a company better than your company.” He answered, “Please come and pray for Allah to shower us.”

That is du`a istigaatha and istasqaa, which they mainly do after Jumu`ah prayer in order for Allah swt to shower them. In the time of Sahaaba, Sayyidina `Umar did it many times and Allah swt many times sent rain.

He said, “Leave me alone; don’t bother me.” Then they said, “O, we are suffering,” and the whole village came and begged him. He said, “Ok, I will do a prayer, but I need someone to say ameen. They said, “Ok, we will all say ameen.” He said, “No, no, there must be certain specifications - not just anyone. I need someone with certain specifications to say ameen.” They asked, “So what are the specifications?” He answered, “The one who comes to me and says ameen, must first be sent down in the well with me, and he must confirm to me that he never committed a sin in his life.”

Look, to accept a du`a, it has to just say ameen…it does not have to be a non-sinner. We say ameen all day. That his why our du`a is not answered. Allah swt said, “Idoo`nee astajeeb lakum – call on Me, I will answer you!” - that is to know that our `amal is not correct. It is not accepted. Especially in the times we live in there are too many sins. Every way you go, this way or that way, you are dipped into sin. Can you take yourself out of sin? It is impossible. You have sin outside the house and sin at home; you have sin in the masjid and sin outside the masjid. Why do I say sin in the masjid? - Because people sit in the masjid and how many make conspiracy on each other? Especially in this country… making elections and throwing out this board and bringing a new board. Take this one out. That is why you don’t need any board in any mosque. You have one imam: you either trust that imam or you don’t. Why give headaches to each other? They fight with each other and finally go to court. That is Islam. How many organizations are eating the money of people and sending it to terrorists? People, Allah swt is going to ask them.

So Sayyidina Bayazid said, “I need someone who never committed a sin.” So they began to ask in the village, “Anyone here that thinks that he did not commit a sin come and identify himself.” Everyone said, “I cannot.” No one can cheat, Bayazid al-Bistami قدس سرّه will punish them.

Then they found one old man. He said, “I am the one, I will go with you to Bayazid.” They went with him and said, “Ya Bayazid, we found someone.” Bayazid asked him, “Did you commit any sin in your life?” He answered, “I can affirm that I did not.

If you say I did then I do not know.” He asked of him, “How can you confirm that you did not commit a sin?” He responded, “Because I am always in seclusion and I am always avoiding people. One day I was going from my home to the masjid in my village. I was walking and when you walk you must look at your footsteps. You don’t look left and you don’t look right; you don’t look straight forward. I was looking at my feet. Suddenly, I don’t know how, but I looked right and I saw some people hanging their clothes to dry.” (Now you have a dryer; before they didn’t have dryer. And even now many people don’t have dryer and they hang their clothes.) “By mistake my right eye turned only suddenly, for the blink of an eye, and I pulled it back. But I had seen with my right eye the underwear of a lady. So I knew I did something wrong. I went back home. I took an iron bar, put it in fire, warmed it very hot and punched it in my eye. I did this because I didn’t want to be asked on Judgment Day why I looked at that.” So then he said, “You are the one.” Sayyidina Bayazid made du`a and the man said “ameen” and Allah swt sent rain on them.

I saw that in Haram, with my shaykh, Mawlana Shaykh Nazim. In Makkah, on the third tawaaf, he raised his hands he said, “O Allah swt , we are coming from far to make umrah and I am asking to let these angels release the rain.” Mawlana was standing there with his hands out, making du`a for a long time. And there was not cloud in the sky. After the fourth tawaaf, suddenly clouds were coming and it began to rain; everything in Makkah was filled with rain. Water was up to our chests. There the earth does not absorb the water. I experienced that.

So we go back to submission to Allah. It is what is important to take you to maqaam al-`abdiyya through `uboodiyya. Through `uboodiyya it takes you through to the smell of `abdiyya. That is with what Sayyidina Bayazid was dressed. Until that comes, you are not Mawlana yet. Mawlana is then still a common word that people use and it is used for respect. But to reach that level we need to work hard, and Allah swt will dress us; he is dressing us. Slowly, slowly, as we do more and more, he dresses us more.

May Allah swt bless this meeting and give Mawlana Zubayr more and more to those who are opening this masjid in this place, bi-hurmatil habib, bi-hurmatil Fatiha.