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Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani




After Fajr and Tahajjud


Audhu billahi min ash-Shaytaan ir-rajeem bismillah ir-rahman ir-raheem

Nawaytu’l-arba`een nawatu’l-`itikaaf nawaytu’l-khalwah, nawaytu’r-riyaada, nawaytu’s-salook lillahi ta`ala al-`adheem fee hadha’l masjid


Ati`Allaha wa ati` ar-rasoola wa uli’l-amir minkum.


As we said, Grandshaykh was asking to whom is the court on the Day of Judgment. Who is Allah going to judge? First Allah will judge those who have anaaniyya. Those who don’t see except themselves and don’t appreciate that Allah sent to dunya to get rid of anaaniyya.

You pray, you fast, you give zakat, you make hajj. What is left? To get rid of anaaniyya, selfishness. When that is thrown away you are sent to paradise, clean. But those who still have selfishness Allah will judge them and will clean them. After being cleaned we will be sent to paradise. We don’t want to be in that situation on Judgment Day. And show ourselves dirty needing clean.

That is the necessity of a guide; they are inheriting from the secret of Prophet (s) who was polishing his sahaba.

Whatever comes from teacher take it, as he is looking more deeper and farther than you are looking. And Grandshaykh, may Allah bless him, and Mawlana Shaykh's notes, by selfishness Iblees lost his `amal, his good actions that he was doing in Paradise praying and making sajda everywhere. Because of that mistake Allah threw him out. `Ind-Allahi tarku manhiyatan khayrun min `ibadati ath-thaqalayn – In the Divine Presence to leave one forbidden, has the value to Allah as if you worshipped the total worship of all jinn and ins (human beings).” So when you commit a sin, immediately repent because repentance to Allah makes Him satisfied with you more than your worshipness and dedication. Because worship and dedication sometimes is easy, but to leave a sin is difficult. So to leave a sin is sometimes very hard and for that reason Allah rewards one who repents more and more. So Allah will reward the one who repents so much that he will deserve Paradise.

And Grandshaykh is saying that may Allah protect us from the issue of something that he is stressing and is very important in our lives that many of us are falling into the trap of Shaytan and doing it and especially these days. He is saying that may Allah protect us from the issue of smoking. He said that smoking is one of the most dangerous sins, most dangerous harming to the self and the body, and making us to be more selfish through smoking. When you smoke it creates in you the roots of selfishness. He said the whole bad desires are a product of smoking. Either you have been influenced by smoking through breast-feeding or through bottle feeding or through parents who were smoking, or through food that you are eating that is made up by people who don’t pray and don’t fast and you don’t know what they are doing and it might be they are smoking behind these machines when they are filling the bottles for these children.

And it is very common today to use formula to feed children. Who is behind that machine, does he pray or not, does he smoke or not, is he clean or not? The origin of all evils is smoking from that herb, that plant that Shaytaan planted it. Shaytan was very busy planting these plants in time of Sahaba and since he could not influence Sahaba so he began to plant these. Awliyaullah are seeing this how he was planting these and then after Sahaba were gone he came smoking and teaching people to smoke.

They have now different kinds of smoking cigars, cheating people by these, and different varieties of cigars, Havana cigars are “best.” And they are blending different kinds of plants to attract the youth and destroy their lives. He said that smoking is the root of all bala. He said that in this time, may Allah protect us, and He is protecting our students from this smoking. And nearly all of Mawlana’s students don’t smoke because Mawlana has already explained the harm of this plant and this is khaariq al-`ada, this is a miracle, people must be stunned by that as nearly all of them are not smoking.

That is why I said “nearly all,”  but some of them are saying “O that gives us cancer.” Now still in the third-world smoking is everywhere. But in the West they realized it is a problem and began to stop. So you see they are smoking and then as the cigarette is finishing up they bring the old one and light the new one. You see this in Kashmir, in Bangladesh, in Turkey.. O in Turkey so much. All the Muslim world is victim of that. And who makes the money? The cigarette companies.

You ask people “are you not smoking?” They say, “No, that is bad.”  “But what is in your hand.” “No, that is marijuana. O marijuana is ok, it gives health.”

That is a trick of Shaytan; he knew they will leave smoking the bad plant so he brought for them the other one, “Change to that one, that is ok.”

And some poor people in Lebanon. They don’t have money to buy cigarettes. They go to school and they have their pencils and from the pencil and sharpener comes the wood shavings, all this comes out and they wrap it in thin paper and smoke it. This they have because they have no money.

In intermediary school they give you pencils and sharpeners and so they collect the shavings, wrap it and smoke it. Look at the hubb al-mazahir, we are showing off we are smoking on the street they don’t have money so they want to show off that they are smoking. This is to show how difficult it is to control that aspect of showing off in the human being who wants to show “I am everything.”

Those who are protected from smoking in general is a proof of Allah’s happiness from them. It is a daleel that Allah swt is happy with them, those who do their obligations and don’t smoke. Those who do obligations and smoke are under the hukum of shaytan because this is what Iblees was planting and he wants to destroy them and they are under control of Shaytan.

There are a lot of shaykhs today, remember this suhbat was 40 years ago, shuyukh who are very educated and intellectual and very well learned and they know the hadith of the Prophet (s) that every harmful thing must be eliminated. This means that if you see a scorpion kill it because it will kill you, if you see a snake run away. If you see a mouse, kill it because it carries germs and you might get rabies if it bites you. Don’t say “it is nice, a rat. It is nice when it is running.”

Every thing that is mudur, must be eliminated. Smoking is harmful, that is why in hospitals they say “don’t smoke”, in airlines they said “don’t smoke.” Now they had seats for smoking but now they understood that it is still harmful so they made it completely “no smoking.”

They have in Arab restaurants one side “smoking” and one side “non-smoking.” But you go in and you see everyone smoking in each side. You can tell them to stop? The owner will tell you to get out.

So on Judgment Day there will be non-smokers on the right and smokers on left. Leftists on the left. There on Judgment Day there will be big sign, “smoking” and “non-smoking.” There you cannot cheat. There you cannot go into the other line. The one who is smoking must go on the smoking side. Ashaab al-yameen.

Wa ashaab ul-yameen maa ashaab ul-yameen….wa ma’in maskub.

People of the right hand, what do you think of the people of the right? Those are the people whom Allah is giving the highest level, Allah giving them all kinds of honor through provisions and all kinds of high levels because they kept themselves from the whispers of Shaytan. They kept their farida and they are non-smoking, they go first. The ones doing their obligations and they are smoking, the angels cannot approach them, they are smelly. The one who smokes they have to change their clothes daily and still smelly. How are they going to change their body, they chest, their lungs. Allah brings you back as you were, the condition you died on he brings you back.

So all you lungs are smelly, angels cannot approach. Who can approach? Angels of hell. They can take that smell. He sends them on you to clean you. You are fasting, praying, and so you have to be cleaned. Then you go in process of cleansing you don’t want to be in that process of cleaning. Grandshaykh is emphasizing that smoking is root of all problems, every problem in the self.

So children when they are raised by their family they are veiled. When they are born they can see, they see the angels. Slowly they are veiled. That is from the environment around them and from the food they are given. You don’t know who is preparing that food and who is mixing that food. There are big shuyukh that smoke and are proud of their smoking. They are so proud of their smoking. I am asking why don’t they keep a jar of honey with them. At least they take one spoon of honey. They prefer shaytaan’s’ plant over honey which is shifa. If they put honey in front of you and that plant which do you prefer? Honey gives you cure and sweet taste. People run after what is bad and leave what is good.

This is comparison between the two types of Shaykh. The awliyaullah are like the one giving honey the one giving smoking is the one who is like the scholars.

The one who does miracles, shaytan is playing with him. These shuyukh although with their knowledge they spend their money not on families and children, even their families and children are hungry they go and spend their money on cigarettes they cannot stop,  like someone who is drinking alcohol. So he will sacrifice his children and families but he cannot sacrifice his smoking. Even on the plane when you go on the plane, and on top of that they say “don’t smoke in the bathrooms. There are detectors.”

So do you think that angels don’t have detectors? So some children they go and hide from parents and they smoke.

We are not going to say where that plant is coming out, we skip that, but we say that with that plant that is very dirty, and Iblees wrapped it very nicely, he wrapped it with honey to give a very nice tastes. That is why Havana cigars are flavored. Ask him, he is expert.

What kind of flavor? Does anyone know? Alhamdulillah, Allah protected all of you. So he blends them with honey and they say “this is blended with honey” and this is “not blended.” They say “no” to honey-blended, “we want organic.  If you put honey you are polluting it.” As Iblees brought it with its nice smell and his hand and how he mixed it, there is a way to mix and blend the plant and they call it grafting in order to blend the “best” flavor. And this is a huge bala that comes on the ummah. If not for Allah’s mercy we will all be losing and be mahkoomeen the power of Iblees and Shaytan and we will continue next time. Bi hurmatil-fatiha.

[After Dhuhr continue…]

What about someone who quits?

That depends on when they quit. On how long it takes to clean what they have contaminated. Some people quit by force, they have heart problem and they have to stop. That is different we will see in next.