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Shaytan Teaches Man to Fight, Kill, and Cheat

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani

1 July 2011 Lefke, Cyprus

Suhbah after Jumu`ah

(Mawlana Shaykh stands) Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, laa ilaaha illa-Llah. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, wa lillahi 'l-hamd! Allahuma salli wa salim wa baarik `alaa Sayyidi 'l-Awwaleen wa ’l-akhireen habeebi ‘r-Rabbi ‘l-`alameen, Sayyidina Muhammadin wa `alaa aalihi wa saahbihi ajma`een wa `alaa sa'iril-anbiya wa ’l-mursaleen wa man tabi`ahum bi-ihsaan ila yawmi ’d-deen wa `alayna ma`ahum, yaa Rabbi 'l-`Alameen. (Mawlana Shaykh sits)

O People! As-salaamu `alaykum. As-salaamu `alaykum man `alaa wajhil ard. As-salaamu `alaykum yaa `ibaadAllah, from east to west, from north to south, in oceans and continents. I am reminding you that we are running to the Last Day. May Allah grant us from His endless blessings. We are asking His forgiveness for every action or function that we do against holy laws from Heavens and we are saying, A`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytani 'r-rajeem. Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem. (Mawlana Shaykh stands) Subhaana Maalik al-Mulk Dhu 'l-Jalaali wa 'l-Ikraam. rabbanaa ighfirlana wa tub `alayna. (Mawlana Shaykh sits) Madad, yaa Sultan al-Awliya.

O Our Attenders! Throughout the east and west, from north to south, you must remind yourselves that you are created only by the Lord of Heavens, by the Lord of Space, and known and unknown continents and dominions of the Lord of Heavens (swt). We have been granted such an honor that no one can imagine! Therefore, the Lord of Heavens is saying, "O People! Think about yourselves! Try to learn who you are and what is your identity!" But people are trying to reach something from physical pleasures as their beliefs are based on that; it is their only belief.

They never think about themselves but only about the pleasure of their physical beings. For that purpose, Mankind is fighting. If you can be a president, or another is a worker or farmer or from common people, both of them think about filling their stomachs and that is their (purpose). From up to down, people are servants for their stomachs, only seeking pleasure in eating and drinking. But when you put a bite of food in your mouth, for one moment or less you take pleasure and then you swallow, finished!

You may eat an entire roasted lamb, but when it is finished there is no pleasure for you, no. You experience pleasure for some minutes and beyond that your pleasure is finished! However, whether people know this or not, the reality is in every 24 hours you may only experience pleasure for one, two or three hours and the reaming hours you do not taste pleasure; after that you may find more pleasure going to the WC!

What is the meaning of your identity, that you are on the top point of Creation? You have been granted an honor to be on the top point of pleasure in this world, either up or down. You are wasting energy if you are trying to reach something not in your hands; if you are constantly running after pleasure, which is not given to you continuously in 24 hours. You may experience the maximum pleasure with your wife, but only for a matter of seconds and after that your pleasure is cut. And yet people constantly chase the pleasures of eating, drinking, and women! If you ask a clever one or a learned person about their life, (he or she will say), “I am living only to be pleased and to be in pleasure, but I can’t keep it, everything is quickly running away and I am falling in such a a difficult position that is making me hopeless for reaching a continuous pleasure,” and the Creator, the Lord of Heavens is saying, “O People! I created you to be on Earth for some time and then I am calling you to Me. I am not sending you for playing, or to be slaves for the pleasures of your stomachs and private areas, no, you wasted it. I am sending a lot of heavenly ones to teach you some realities but you are not following them, you are following shaytanic ways.

Shaytan is saying, "You must run after your pleasure." Where is it in 24 hours? You may be a king or queen, but you cannot carry to be in pleasement continuously for 24 hours. Also, you are never going to be happy here forever, because you have been surrounded in this life by so many things giving you troubles, miseries or sufferings. Therefore, you will never find a continuous pleasure, happiness or pleasement in this life.

Why are you quarrelling, fighting and giving trouble to yourself or others? That is wrong. Allah Almighty is saying, "Mostly My servants are not thinking about such wisdoms or they would reach a truly balanced life."

You can't reach balance by running after pleasure; let pleasure run after you, don't run after pleasure! It is elusive like your shadow: if you run after it you can't reach it and if you run away from it, you reach nothing. That is the life of Mankind on Earth. For what are you wasting your time and the Lord of Heavens is saying, "O My servants! Come and be with Me. I am the Creator. I am doing everything for My servants to be happy in a continuous life forever. I am promising them an eternal life, but you are wasting your time and running after nothing. I am calling you to reality but you are leaving reality and running after shadows!”

Shadows are not suitable for your personality or as your targets. For example, you may be in a beautiful garden and you may take a photograph of yourself in that garden but what is shown in that postal card is only a shadow. If you look at it, you may say, “That is me in such a beautiful place with food and beautiful ladies,” but it is only on a postal card. You are really here, not there.

O People! Think, and thinking will teach you so many things. If you are not learning from heavenly personalities, for example (...) but you can’t keep it, that postal card cannot impart to you that once upon a time you were there in enjoyment. Every day you can taste whatever your ego is running after, but the next day it is finished.

O People! Think on it and leave fighting and giving trouble to each other. Leave people in safety, kindness, and in pleasure. That is your official mission. Help people be restful and at ease, to be safe and in pleasure. That is the top point of humanity. Why are you leaving that, killing and giving endless trouble to each other?

O Mankind! That is not your mission, that is a shaytanic teaching, saying to you, "You must be Number One! President! Prime minister! King or queen!" But your mission is not to give people trouble and carry them to oceans of troubles.

O Number One’s everywhere! You must live for Allah Almighty, and your mission is to give the servants of your Lord a good life. You must try to make them in a good condition, to be in pleasure! That is the real mission for you, but people now are saying, "We reached the top of civilization," and are a hundred-percent liars. Everyone who is going to be Number One in countries are only thinking about their egoistic desires, not about other people. Therefore, now an awakening is coming to common people and they are saying, "We are not happy with you (as our leader) because you are only looking after your pleasures and never looking at what we are in need of, or what we can do to reach a happy life and pleasement here and every grant of Allah Almighty. You are preventing us!"

Everywhere people are quarrelling for that purpose: wars, fighting, killing everywhere. Allah Almighty is not giving you authority to kill. He is ordering, "Keep people to live well and offer thanks to the Lord of Heavens, Who granted us this and that."

O People! All of you--including our people and myself--are running after the wrong way, hearing and listening to our egoistic desires, and not thinking about others, preparing so many huge weapons for killing everything on Earth. That is not our real mission; our real mission is to make peace everywhere, to make a sweet life for others here, and to be a good servant for our Lord!

O People! Listen and you may discuss it, but I don't think anyone can refuse what we are saying now. Who refuses is a second Shaytan and on the wrong way. Prophets are showing and teaching people the good, right and safe way to live, but Shaytan and its followers are calling people to a dark, difficult, useless life, making people run after some imagined civilization. May Allah forgive us.

O People! Come and try to accept what has been said now. I am not saying that I said this to you, what you are hearing, keep yourself and come to the limits of shaytanic ways and change your ways to safe ways. You will be happy here and Hereafter.

O People! Say, "Shukran lillah, thanks to Allah," Who is promising Eternal Life! May He give the most high respect to the Master of all Creation, Sayyidina Muhammad (s)! (Mawlana Shaykh stands and sits)