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Shari`ah Requirements for Men and Women

Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

Saturday, January 11, 2020, Madinat Al-Munawarrah

After Salat al-`Asr

When they said, I raised my hands to obey their command and they brought upon me of mercies that is enough for the entire ummah, as a Warith Muhammadi (Muhammadan Inheritor) and Madad al-Haqq, along with some other names they granted me. This happened and its end was that Mawlana Shaykh Nazim left me with Mawlana Shaykh `Abd Allah (q) to confirm these stations.

Each person has these stations, but he has to struggle. With struggle (ijtihad) everything happens. But we are lazy. However, their love for us purifies us from filth and transgressing against the honors of one another.

It is not permissible, as Hajja Naziha said while we were coming Madinatu 'l-Munawwarah that we do not eat the flesh of one another, and I especially remind women.

If there is no mahram present (a non-marriageable male relative) then be careful of Shaytan. Men as well as women. It is not permissible according to Shari`ah to sit alone in private with a strange man not from her family (khalwah).

Thus, if a man sits with a foreign woman by themselves, then in the view of Awliyaullah, their coming together results in divorce without any return, because this is against Shari`ah.

I am hearing of some men and women who sit privately with one another, I don't know what their position is going to be with Allah (swt), with Prophet and Awliya. It is not permissible according to Shari`ah as I said, even for five minutes with a shaykh or a foreign man. If her husband is with her, then there is no problem. And vice versa.

So we have to follow Shari`ah so we don't fall in this problem, especially if a man or woman sleeps over in another's house, with no one else present, in Awliya's eyes they are divorced. Thus, we have to repent from all that took place in the past. Let us repeat the Shahada [Shahada x 3].

There is absolutely no permission for an unrelated man to sleep in a house of a married woman, for whatever reason. He has to have a mahram or somebody else, if there was a medical reason, if he or she were sick, then they should take a mahram with them, meaning a man, woman or child who is from the family of the sick person.

And let them not say "I have a shaykh" [as an excuse]. This is against Shari`ah. Allah has forbidden such behavior many times in the Qur'an. This is my hand it testifies to this. Every wali enters this ocean and we are entering with them. For this reason, I'm telling you this: so that the Awliya are not displeased with what we are doing of what is not correct.

Mawlana Shaykh `Abd Allah al-Daghestani (q) said that if a man is secluded with a woman for five minutes, in addition to the hadith, then he is divorced from his wife. This is authentic in the eyes of the Awliya. Likewise for the Sahaba and it is the hadith of the Prophet (s) :

عن جابر، قال: قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: «ألا لا يبيتن رجل عند امرأة ثيب، إلا أن يكون ناكحا أو ذا محرم» أخرجه مسلم

From Jabir (r) that the Prophet (s) said: "It is not allowed for an unrelated man or woman to be alone together in a house." (Muslim)

This kingdom has a special status because Mecca and Medina are in it, so let them warn the pilgrims that they should not be alone together except with a mahram. This is why they said that no woman can perform hajj except with a mahram, this is good on their part. This has been the case for the past 50 years. Now they opened everything. This is good from one aspect, but we have to be careful from another aspect.

InshaAllah we will translate this suhba so that it can be beneficial for those going to hajj and `umrah. All of this is from the news of heavens. Whoever is judged will be punished.

من حوسب عذب

(Yaa `Ayesha!) Who will be judged will be punished for sure. (Bukhari)

The Prophet (s) said to A`isha: "Oh A`isha whoever is judged will be punished. So ask Allah not to judge you." And she is the wife of Prophet (s). She does not fall into error. Nevertheless, he said to her: "whoever is judged will be punished."

This means that nobody will be saved from punishment if they are judged, even if they are near to Prophet (s), punishment will take its share. If Sayyida A`isha (r) was given this advice, then what about us? It is not permissible at all to fall into error.

Thus repentance is necessary at every time. Tubna wa rajanaa il'Llah, We repent and return to Allah x 3. This is a du`a in which no two can differ, and its power is from the power of prophethood, because it is coming from the Prophet (s).

Whoever is judged will be punished, ya Rabbee don't punish us ya Allah! And do not judge us ya Allah! You are the Greatest, You are the Most-All Powerful, You are the One with all the strength. Ya Rabbee You are the all-Forgiving and All-Gentle, the Intercessor. You ya Rabbee, Your Greatness is not subsumed by any other greatness.

And Your Prophet is the prophet of the Ummah. We repented on his hands. It is good fortune that this suhba comes while you are here. This suhba is accepted by the Awliya. They are listening to you now and listening to prophetic hadiths that have many interpretations and listen in the ocean of intimacy. If it was in the ocean of punishment, he would have thrown us all there.


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