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Save Our Children from Fitna of the Last Days

Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

17 December 2011 Melaka, Malaysia

Dhuhr Suhbah at Private Residence (1)

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem. A`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytani 'r-rajeem. Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem.

Madad yaa Sayyidee, yaa Rasoolullah, yaa Rahmatan li ’l-`Alameen!

Alhamdulillahi Rabbi ‘l-`Alameen. As-salaatu wa salaamu `alaa Ashrafa‘l-Mursaleen Sayyidina wa Nabiyyina Muhammadin, wa `alaa aalihi wa saahbihi ajma`een.

ba`ad, ayyuha ’l-mu’minoo al-hadhiroon ittaqullaha wa ati`ooh inna-Llaha ma`alladheena ’ttaqaw w ’Lladheenahum muhsinoon nahmaduhu subhaanahu wa ta`alaa, `alaa an ja`alanaa min ummati ’n-Nabiyyu ’l-Mustafa, `alayhi `afdalu ‘s-salaatu wa ‘s-salaam. Wa naqool as-salaatu wa ‘s-salaamu `alayka, yaa Sayyidee, yaa Rasoolullah! As-salaatu wa ’s-salaamu `alayka yaa Sayyidee, yaa Habeebullah! As-salaatu wa ‘s-salaamu `alayka yaa Awwala Khalqi ‘l-Llah, yaa Khaatimu ‘r-Rusulillah! As-salaatu wa ‘s-salaamu `alayka wa rahmatullahi ta`ala wa barakaatuh wa maghfiratun wa ridwaanu `alayka fi ‘l-`alameena innahu hameedun majeed. `Alaa ‘l-Allahu ta`alaa darajaatikum daa’iman wa amadana bi madadikum wa nafa`anaa bi-barakaati anfaasikum al-qudsiyya yaa Sayyidee, yaa Rasoolullah, yaa Rahmatan li ’l-`Alameen!

It is said in Arabic poetry, maa kullu maa yatamanau ’l-mar’u yudrikuhu, tajriyy riyaahu bimadhaa tashtahi ‘s-sufanoo, “You do not get everything you wish for.” The boats in the ocean do not go according to their own wishes, but according to Allah's will. (Mawlana becomes tearful.) maa kullu maa yatamanau ’l-mar’u yudrikuhu, tajiri reeyaahu bimadhaa tashtahi ’s-sufanoo, “Everyone wishes to love Prophet (s), but not everyone gets that love.”

I'm sorry we do not get everything we wish for, but we get what Allah (swt) and His Prophet (s) wish for his ummah. Dunya is going, don’t think that dunya is going to live for ever. Sayyidina Muhammad (s) was the only one to whom Allah gave the choice to come to Ar-Rafeequ ‘l-`Alaa or to stay in dunya. Sayyidina Jibril (a) came and said, “Allah is giving you a choice to go to akhirah or to stay in dunya as long as you like.” Prophet (s) said, “No, I wish to go to Ar-Rafeequ ‘l-`Alaa, the highest, the Divine Presence of Allah (swt), that dunya isn’t worth anything.”

Prophet (s) said:

لو أن الدنيا تزن عند الله جناح بعوضة ، ما سقى منها كافرا شربة ماء

Law tazinu ad-dunya `inda-Allah janaaha ba`ooda maa saqaa minhum shirbata maa.

If this dunya with all that is in it had any value more than a mosquito’s wing, He (Allah) would not have given any kaafir water to drink.

“Allah will not give the unbeliever the weight of this dunya, even if it weighs only as much as the wing of a mosquito.” But what is going and what is staying? It is what we do to progress in our religion and worship to Allah (swt).

I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but Prophet (s) has given predictions about many things and we can see that many of these things he mentioned are happening now. Sayyidina Jibril (a) asked, “When is the Last Day?” and Prophet (s) said, “You know more than us. The one asking knows more than the one who is asked.” Jibril (a) said, “Give me a sign.” In the hadith of Sayyidina `Umar (r), the Prophet (s) said a Sign of the Last Days is when, “You will see the barefooted native people compete in building high-rises,” (...) and now you can so many high-rises in Mecca. That was a prediction of Prophet (s) 1400 years ago.

Prophet (s) said, “At that time, knowledge will be lifted up.” That means there is knowledge, but it is dry. (…) qasidas praising Prophet (s) (…) now, these materials that are praising Prophet (s) ... that everyone wants in their heart, it is no more. Now scholars dwell on what Islam says about economics, alcohol, and what is haraam and bida`!

One Bedouin asked Prophet (s), “When is the Day of Judgment?” He replied, “What have you prepared for it? Are you praying or fasting? What are you doing?” The Bedouin said, “I love Allah and I love you.” Prophet (s) said, “You will be with the one you love, it is enough.” Prophet (s) looked at the heart of that person and saw true love there, which was enough to prepare him right then for the Day of Judgment!

Now everyone has love of dunya in his heart. It is okay to have money and help the homeless, the sick or orphans as Allah (swt) likes that, but it is not okay to get money entirely for yourself. Prophet (s) predicted there would be alcohol drink on every table. Now every restaurant has alcohol, even in Muslim countries. He said, “Wine will be drunk by people.” How many Muslims drink today? And there is also too much zinaa, adultery. Today when children ask to be saved (from sinning with the opposite sex), their parents and society tell them to finish school, but co-education, where schools are mixed with boys and girls, is Jahannam! (Let them be engaged to marry) at least to promise that person they will not look right or left!

Young people, if you look (at the opposite sex in an attracting manner) your parents are responsible for your sin. Parents, if a child says, “I am interested in marriage,” save him without delay, otherwise the sin is on your head! What young person knows what to do? Now with the Internet, every father and mother wants her child to be very involved with technology and they buy them computers starting in their childhood and give them access to the worst knowledge in the house! This is not going on outside, but in the homes. Now men and women are saying, “Our children are going astray.” Who is making the problem? Before, you would have five or six TV channels regulated by the government, but now nothing is regulated and there are thousands of channels. What are you doing, bringing the worst into your home?

Do you want school or Allah? If you want Allah, that is something different. Here, we want Allah (swt) and Prophet (s), so minimize the Internet and make it less. As they speak to you, give them good answers and promise them something! Don’t say, “You are too young,” because then the responsibility is on the head of the parent and you are going to be asked on the Day of Judgment.

There is a choice as Prophet (s) gave us many choices. If you want to be with Prophet (s), love him, then you will be okay as long as you don’t commit shirk. As long as you say shahadah and believe in it, for sure you will be in Paradise. But if you do commit a sin, Allah (swt) wants you to repent and say, “Astaghfirullah.” Repent on behalf of yourself and your family. Anytime your family does something wrong, repent and advise them, so you can say, “O Allah! I repented and advised them.”

Prophet said, “Between the nearness of the Last Days (what we are in now) there will be a lot of confusion, like chunks of dark nights.” Most of what is going to happen, perhaps 99% has already happened and we are in it. The one who sits at home now is better than the one sitting on the street. Look after your families and take care of them, give them their needs, sit and socialize with them, not with friends on the streets.

Prophet (s) prohibited the Sahabah (r) from sitting on the streets talking. They said, “This is where we meet.” He said, “Keep adab on the street and when a girl or boy walks by don’t curse them, but keep your eyes down.” Don’t go outside on the streets; your family needs you and it is not necessary to go out. The one standing on the street is better than the one demonstrating. Why are they demonstrating? Prophet (s) never told the Sahabah (r) to demonstrate! Have you ever heard that the Sahabah did that? No demonstrations! The one who is standing is better than the one demonstrating because he is causing fitna.

O Muslims! Sometimes Allah (swt) sends tajalliyaat on these dhikrs; beautiful manifestations come, you can’t control yourself and you see tears. These are from the happiness that comes on those who praise Prophet (s). Allah is sending His Rahmah on those people and it comes with tears from these tajalliyat and these are blessed people. Similarly, Allah (swt) is sending His angels to roam the streets looking at places where people of dhikr are sitting together hearing, remembering and singing. This is a blessed meeting because of the owner and because of all of who are here and all who are not here.




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