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Religion Is Hard, Tariqah Makes It Sweet

Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

18 January 2020, Madinatu'l-Munawwarah

They [Awliyaullah] give you a hard time. You got it [accomplish your assignment], you succeed.

I was in the beginning of Tariqah and Mawlana said, "Don't think it is from you, it is from me." So I inherited Mawlana Shaykh Nazim - completely.

[you always...]

So it is very difficult to go through shawk, thorns - Tariqah is like [walking through] thorns.

If you step on a thorn you immediately get bleeding. If you don't step on a thorn nothing will hit you. If between these two then one day "yes" one day "no." One day good and one day not good.

One day on Shari`ah and Tariqah and one day not [on either].

Mureed: But Mawlana why is it so thorny?

It is the way, ad-deenu mashaqqa. Deen, religion, is mashaqqa, hardship. Don't expect Deen is going to give you happiness. It is very difficult to reach the level where Deen will give you happiness. Because if you get the [true] happiness [it means you have reached the level] when you can say to something "be" and it will be. This is the understanding of Tariqah. It is not the understanding of Tariqah only to say, "Drink this and don't drink that," [orders and prohibitions]. That has no taste.

That is why young ones run away, because when you bombard with many things and they cannot take it. But when you bombard them with nice things they will get something sweet. So keep always giving them lots of sweets - even if they do wrong, give them sweets. And especially your sister. Fatiha. And especially Fatima, your sister.

Tariqah is sweetness. If there is no sweetness there is no tariqah, and if there are no sweets people run away. And it is so easy, recite Salawaat on Prophet (s).

Hajjah took a 500 beads tasbeeh. Hajjah used to recite in Beirut for a big community of people.

Till now she is carrying that, Hajjah is the mabrouka (full of blessings) so open the tap and take what you want. But be positive with her. If she says to you, "do this" then do it, and don't stop.


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