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A`udhu billahi min ash-Shaytaan ir-rajeem


Bismillahi ’r-Rahmaani ’r-Raheem


Ati` Allaha wa ati` ar-Rasoola wa ulil-amri minkum


Today is Eid. Today is Eid al-fitr. And what is the meaning, what is Eid, what is the meaning of Eid? When we were young we used to wait for the whole year for Eid al-fitr to come, then Eid al-adha to come, then Eid al-mawlid an-nabiyyat ash-sharif to come. Because in these days we feel that it is something that we can enjoy ourselves and find what can you call in west. World? Fun. A lot of fun.

Eid means something that you feel good with it, enjoyment. It is not like any other day. Everyone is coming together and feeling that happiness. So this is like a preparation, these Eids are like to prepare you, to prepare the human being, for the real Eid. The real Eid didn’t come yet.

The real Eid is coming for some people, might be they are going to be enjoying themselves too much, and for others might be enjoying less, and some less and some less and less until you find people who are not going to be enjoying but are going to be in shaqawah, hardship.

So the meaning of Eid is  that Allah is saying, “O My servants, don’t put yourselves in hardship on a day that everyone is going to get that day. That Day is going to be for everyone that is really going to be in hardship if he does not prepare himself from now, on how to enjoy his days at that time.”

What is the real meaning of Eid then?

Prophet said, lis-saa’imi farhataan. For the one who is fasting for him there are two farhat. Two joys. He is going to be happy two times; it means he is going to have 2 Eids.

Everyone of us when he is fasting is waiting for the maghrib, and the Prophet (s) said that iftaar is the enjoyment of the fasting, that is one of the Eids.

I don’t expect that anyone will say no, but I think everyone fasting will be waiting for maghrib to break the fast, and feeling he has satisfied his lord and his lord is happy with him.

 That is because Allah said, as-sawmu lee wa an ajzi bih. Then he said, the other joy is in `inda liqa’I rabbih. When Allah is going to call him on the Day of Judgment or the day of death. At that time the one who is fasting, when Allah is going to call him it is going to be an enjoyment for him because he has listened to what Allah swt ordered and what the Prophet ordered and you don’t feel bad because you already fasted. So you will have two joys, when you break your fast and when you meet your Lord.

Many people fast Ramadan and some people don’t fast Ramadan and then there is a big question what they are going to see. This is in general.

Now in particular, to awliyaullah, is every association every gathering that gathers for love of Allah and love of prophet and love of awliya is Eid, it is considered an enjoyment. That is why Sayyidina shah Naqshband said, tariqatuna as-suhbat wal-khayru fil jamiyyah. Our way is association the meeting together and the best, meaning best of favors of Allah’s favors is the time when we are all gathered together sitting and listening.

Grandshaykh may Allah bless his soul and Mawlana shaykh may Allah give him long life has mentioned this tariqatuna as-suhbat wal-khayru fi’l-jamiyya in every meeting he sits he repeated that title that “our way is association and the best is with the group,” he mentioned it 12,000 times in his life. It means in his life he had 12,000 associations like this association. Now if we divide, we have to analyze it, if we divide into 365 days, it means how many years it will give. 40 years? 32.8 years. Technology. It means in his life, like if every day he gave an association, Sayyidina Shah Naqshband has mentioned it in 32 or 40 years, he mentioned it 12,000 times. It means 12000 Eids he gave, made his attendees, his students, to enjoy themselves for 12000 times he has mentioned it in his life and every time he mentioned it, it is Eid. Now sometimes he mentioned it and sometimes he didn’t but the times he mentioned it is 12000 and that is equivalent to 40 years.

When he said, “that a human by himself sitting in his house or in the mosque, 40 years day and night non-stopping,” and that means every moment of the 40 years not talking to anyone and not eating not drinking, worshipping Allah swt, “how much you expect Allah will reward him? Endless of rewards and mercy – oceans of mercy will be manifested on that person.” Don’t sleep. If you want to sleep go home. 12,000 times he mentioned and he said, that if someone not sleeping, not eating, not drinking, not doing anything except sitting in the mosque praying day and night non-stopping someone who will sit in an association like this association, that means gathering on love of Allah and love of prophet and love of awliyaulllah has to be on love of awliyaullah as Allah mentioned them in Holy Qur'an. Ala awliyaullahi la khawfan alayhim wa la hum yahzanoon… if you sit in their association miqdar .. shaatayn, the time it takes to milk 2 goats, 10-15 minutes, if sitting in such association, for 15 minutes, Allah will reward you more than he will reward you for sitting in 40 years in complete worshipness. In such an association. It means that someone sitting for 40 years will have huge enjoyment in the end. And will be so happy his life not wasted. And he said, that if you sit in that association for 15 minutes your reward will be more than that of the abd in service 40 years.

His association used to be 2-3 hours. So how many 15 minutes time segments in that 2-4 yours.

Why because Allah promised, yadullahi ma al-jama`at. Allah’s Mercy Is with the group. Because it will multiply like an atomic reaction, like nuclear action. It will keep doubling. So from one to 2, 2 to 4, 4 to 16, 16 by 16, 132, then 132 by 132, and it is moving. More and more. Because yadullah ma al-jama`at. Or yadullah `ala al-jamaat. Two different narrations. It means that Allah’s Mercy and blessing on such people who are sitting together in such association. That is why if you sit with the shaykh 5 times a day you have 5 Eids, if you sit 2 times, 2 Eids, if one time, one Eid. If you didn’t sit you don’t have Eid.

He said, “not only that, but sitting with the group of people remembering Allah and His Prophet and the awliyaullah, not only will you be rewarded as Eid and be rewarded 40 years of worship for 15 minutes, but because of you and because of everyone in that association, how many sitting in this association, because of Mawlana’s baraka, everyone will become sabab to lift up the punishment from 70,000 majlis-suw, bad associations in the area around you. Because of you Allah will take out that punishment for those people.”

That means if around in your area there are 70,000 homes they are sitting and talking nonsense then Allah will save them and take up that balaa that is taking place there and for the presence of that good association that is taking place in that area.

He said that form vision I got from seclusions, that he did a lot of seclusions, from seclusions I used to get inspiration, from the heart of the Prophet and he said, that ahl-ahl-haqiqat, as we have association with shaykh there is association that sit with the Prophet (s) every day. Don’t think the Prophet (s) is away and absent and Sahaba are away and absent and awliyaullah are away and absent. No. There is an association that they sit with the Prophet daily and there are some who sit with Prophet constantly.

He said, “Ahl al-haqiqat, those who reached divine powers, they understood that there is effect between that there is no one, no one, from human beings who does not have a part in Paradise.” It means [no one] who doesn’t have a parcel in Paradise. Every human being that has been created, even a child, that came out of his mother’s womb and died, that means everyone if he dies after 1 day or at age 100 or 200, Allah swt has given him specially a piece of paradise with his name on it , regardless of what they are. That is because Allah created human beings innocent and since He created them innocent He must treat them equally. He will  not give that one and not that one. He will treat each one equal as all are born on innocence on in Islam, their parents change them. They are all given a Paradise. We call it a parcel, technical in language, but in reality it is a Paradise with no end, and no limits. Allah gave to everyone and his name is on it. But if he does not follow the way of the Prophet (s) that paradise will be added to his neighbor’s who is a believer. So everyone has a Paradise but if you are not believer it will be given to your neighbor who is a believer. Until you are free from hellfire it will be kept by your neighbor until you are freed. If you are not freed from hellfire then it will be kept by the neighbor until mashaallah. That is why in Paradise it is increasing the  favor and multiplying. That is because fewer and fewer of these associations and as much as people are attending they are getting more.

Like these lamps, they are increasing. Like these lamps - they continue growing as much as you add lights to it.

So unbelievers have their own parcels. But it is not given to them. It is given to their neighbors.

And it is given back to them when they believe. Those who don’t believe and they are in hellfire, that parcel is staying with the neighbor forever, until Allah wishes.

He said that there are paradise that are specifically only for mumins. These paradises you cannot explain or you cannot describe the beauty of it. The paradises that have been given to unbelievers that believed later you can describe in comparison to the other one because it is less than the one who from the beginning of his life he was a mumin. The one who was not mumin  from the beginning of his life and the one who was mumin from beginning will receive more. He said, the Prophet said, that Allah said, "sabaqat rahmatee `ala ghadabee -My mercy supercedes My anger.” If He didn’t say that then for sure everyone will go to hellfire, believer or non-believer. But he said, “sabaqat rahmatee `ala ghadabee.” It means our `amal is not enough to save us but Allah’s Mercy is what saves us. If it was not for His mercy superseding His anger then we would never be saved. That is why Allah revealed to the Prophet. Because if Allah will leave His anger on His servants everyone will be in problem. Don’t think you are doorman, bodyguard, don’t think you are a wali. No, the Prophet (s) said, “O my Lord, I am only a human being in your presence.” He is showing the difference between an `abd and the Creator.

As we said story of Bayazid, he said, “with what are you coming to Me?” He said, “with leaving the dunya.” He said, “that doesn’t weigh the weight of a mosquito.”

He said, "then what do I come to you with?” He said, "Make your life accessible to all your servants. Don’t shut your door to anyone.”

The Prophet (s) is seal of messengers but his door was open to anyone. The khulapha ar-rashideen they never shut their doors. Now today you have to take an appointment. you go and knock on the door, they tell you go and take appointment. No, go we are eating. Come later.

Or they hide the food and take him to the living room.

This is bad culture, bad way, bad manners. Doors must be open anytime.

Alhamdulillah you have to be happy that Allah is sending people to ask you. Some people coming to ask to donate to give to help. Be happy that Allah is sending someone to you to ask. That means he is happy with you. That means you are generous . don’t say why? If Allah sent someone then it means that person is in need. Rahmatullah ghalibun kull shay. Allah’ mercy overcomes everything there is nothing that Allah’s Mercy will not overcome.

Since his mercy has supersede everything it mean that his mercy has supersede every sin. His mercy will eat it like a flood. Nothing will stand in front of Allah’s Mercy. When he said that nothing will stand in front of Allah’s Mercy. It means finished.

Grandshaykh said to Mawlana Shaykh, one day in the morning, he said,, to Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Effendi, one day, “This morning, my shaykh  - grand Grandshaykh, Shaykh Sharafuddin, has opened for me an ocean of knowledge.”

“Ocean of knowledge” to awliyaullah to make it a little bit understandable, if a wali is inheritor from the secrets of the Prophet (s)  if an ocean of knowledge is opened to him, if a drop of that ocean is opened to human beings they will faint from its sweetness. That means they are not even giving us a drop from that sweetness. He said, that “today Shaykh Sharafuddin opened to me an ocean of knowledge.” And that means that he took him to heart of the Prophet (s) “and there appeared to me a whole ocean”.

Not like us. You take bachelor’s degree and master’s degree and becoming assistant professor and then becoming professor and all your life will end and you are still at threshold of what they call professor. In spirituality an ocean of knowledge can be opened in a glance. He, Allah, taught Adam all the Names. Fa `alam Adam al-asma  kullaha fa `aradahum `ala al-mala’ika wa qaala anbioonee bi haa-ula’i in kuntum saadiqeen.

He taught Adam all the Names. Do you think he was teaching like we are learning. Going to primary then to intermediate then to high school. He revealed to Adam in one moment everything, finished. Kun fayakoon. That is how knowledge get knowledge. He said, “in one moment he opened to me an ocean of knowledge and I was diving into it” and he said, “Grandshaykh Sharafuddin was saying wait, wait and wait.” He said, “you are going to dive into it and you are going to take it all to you but you cannot release it. You cannot release it because the time isn’t suitable time.”

If Sayyidina Abu Hurayra said in time of Prophet (s), “I learned from the Prophet (s) two kinds of knowledge; one I shared among the people and the other I didn’t share because they cannot take it.” It is knowledge for the heart, especially for him. He said, “That is for you and for those students that you are going to dress them with it.”

That is why it is like a nuclear reaction. It multiplies. If in Shah Naqshband’s presence in every association is like 40 years, now since Grandshaykh is much later and so as awliyaullah always in ascension it might be that in Grandshaykh association the 15 minutes is not 40 years but 400 years of and it might 4000 years.

So he said, from that knowledge - and I don’t know if I can say that, but he said, that Allah doesn’t curse human beings because of their bad `amal, because dhawaat Bani Adam , is pure, the essence is pure. The form, the body is pure. What is bad is the action. The behavior. So Allah swt when He speaks about our badness, He is not speaking about the badness of us as human beings, but He is speaking about the dress that we are dressing on our bodies. He is cursing that dress - not the bodies of human beings, because they are sacred and holy. Allah will not create something that is not perfect. Allah created human beings, he created Adam and he was in Paradise. We were pure and we were in the back of Sayyidina Adam . Allah is cursing our `amal, our dress in order to take that dirty actions away from our pure souls and in order to dress us with clean dress. He said that Iblees prayed 2000 years and didn’t leave one hand in Paradise without sajda and Allah made him head of angels. Who created him? Allah created him. Allah cursed him, cursed his `amal. He refused to make sajda to Adam , He cursed that action in order to remind him, “you want My mercy O Iblees, go and make sajda to Adam .” But Iblees never wanted to make that sajda, out of what? Out of a simple issue, we think it is simple but is it is huge--it is arrogance. When we don’t accept each other. Think! That is inheritance of the bad manners of Iblees. When I don’t accept him it means I am arrogant. Why? “because I am angry with him. If I am angry with him I don’t accept him.” The

 Prophet (s) said, Al-ghadabu kufr ya Aba Bakr - Anger is disbelief. Why I have to be anger with him. Look at him, he is Allah servant. He might be testing you.

In reality we are in tariqah, we are in tariqah but in reality we don’t accept out of arrogance; that is inheritance form Iblees and Allah is cursing that bad manner. We must not be arrogant we must be easy-going. If we are easy-going Allah will be happy with us. If we are difficult Allah is not happy with us.

The Prophet (s) was the most humble, so Allah raised him up. Iblees was most arrogant and Allah brought him to hellfire.

Insha-Allah we will continue later, and that is enough for now and bi-hurmatil habib bi-hurmatil fatiha.

May Allah forgive us. May Allah bless us and make that Eid a happy even.

There are these beads that are left, and if sold it means they are finished. Those who didn’t take … take as gift for someone you love or like. Anyone wants them? Go and get them before they will be gone.