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La tukthir li hammik, ma quddir yakoon

Allahu’l-muqaddir wa’l-`alam shu`oon

There is one poetry from one of the big `ulama

Audhu billah min ash-shaytan ir-rajeem

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem

Nawaytu'l-arba`een, nawaytu'l-`itikaaf, nawaytu'l-khalwah, nawaytu'l-riyaada, nawaytu's-salook, nawaytu'l-`uzlah lillahi ta`ala fee hadha'l-masjid

First, we like to say that, and we have to repeat every time, because Allah said in Holy Qur'an,


وَذَكِّرْفَإِنَّ الذِّكْرَى تَنفَعُ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ

Wa dhakkir fa inna adh-dhikra tanfa`u al-mumineena

But teach (thy Message) for teaching benefits the Believers. Surat adh-Dhaariyat [51:55]

Allah is saying to the Holy Prophet (s) that remind them because by reminder believers get benefit. If you don’t remind people how are they going to get benefit. Might be you see I am doing a mistake, your obligation is to remind me that I made a mistake. This is very difficult today. People don’t like anyone to tell they did a mistake.

“Al-amr bi ’l-ma`ruf wan-nahiy `ani ’l-munkar - to call for what is good and to object to what is bad.” All of us have things we do that Allah is happy with it and we have things that we do that Allah is not happy with it. So Allah says in Holy Qur'an to the Prophet (s): “Remind them! Because by reminding them they get benefit.”

Doctors today, they have something that they send you after you visit them, they send you a letter that this is the time to make a check back, to make a checkup. They are reminding you. Don’t think we treated you. Ok they treated you when you are in need for acute treatment. Don’t say “ok, my doctor treated me,” so I am ok. Might be you need a checkup. Might be your blood changed now; might be your sugar changed now, you have diabetes now. So doctors remind people.Come and check, come and check. Allah swt sent to humanity, not the best doctor, but He sent to humanity themaster of masters of doctors. The master of master of kings, the master of master of leadership, the master of master of knowing everything. Allah sent Sayyidina Muhammad (s) to remind us. That is why the Allah sent the Prophet Muhammad (s) as a carrier of revelation and telling him to remind them, remind them, remind them every moment.

So that is why Sayyidina `Umar (r)when he because ameer al-mumineen he appointed, he called someone to sit at this door every day. When he goes out form his house, eh will remind him, that person, “Ya Umar remember death!” Not to say “Ya ameer al-mumineen”, not to say “Sayyidina `Umar (r).”

Out of respect we have to say “ameer al-mumineen” and out of respect we have to say “Sayyidina `Umar (r).” But him he doesn’t want to give respect to his ego. Awliyaullah and Sahaba they understood that. Don’t give respect to yourself. When Allah gives you respect then you are honored. You don’t want to honor yourself by yourself, then that is arrogance. Today we honor ourselves by ourselves. So what Sayyidina `Umar (r) do? He appointed someone to remind him when he goes in the door, “Ya `Umar, there is death.” And when he goes out, “Ya `Umar there is death.”

Then one day. Sayyidina `Umar (r) called him and said thank you very much. You did a good job. Now your job is finish. That man became sad, he loves Sayyidina `Umar (r). He is not doing for money, he is doing it for love of Sayyidina `Umar (r). he said, did I do anythingwrong. So he said, "no you did good job”. But Allah said in Holy Qur'an, Wa dhakkir fa inna adh-dhikra tanfa`u al-mumineena - to remind the mumins will benefit them. That is why don’t get angry when someone reminds you of something. You get angry quickly when someone says something. I get angry he get angry. All get angry. Don’t say I need to sit up, his leg is hurting as he had car accident. Alhamdulillah I don’t have pain by Allah’s blessing. Sitting here I can see everyone, sitting down I cannot. So one is sitting up because of pain and the other to see. there Is no difference Between any of us. We are all from the nation of Sayyidina Muhammad (s). We are all equal.

I like him. Whenever I say the name of Sayyidina Muhammad (s) he stands up. I am noticing him. Respect. He reminds himself. “O you! Stand out of respect, stand up!” He has a reminder.

Now on the computer they put a thing called what? A reminder. For certain work you have to do. This is a computer. Doesn’t Allah have a computer? This computer we have compared to heavenly computer is a toy, a plastic computer. There are heavenly computers that bring everything back. Whatever you have downloaded or uploaded zoom in or zoom out. You find it all there in heavenly computer. We are not going to discuss that now.

So Sayyidina `Umar (r) said, "Finished, I don’t need a reminder now. Someone is reminding me now of death.” He said, "I love you ya Sayyidina `Umar (r). Did you get someone else?” he said, “No. Today I found in my beard, that in my black beard one white hair. That is a reminder in me now, that akhira is approaching. I am moving towards my last days.”

Look his beard is white, my beard is white. What does that mean? Look his beard is black. What does that mean Abdul Wahid? [it means he is young] He is young. I am older, he is older. But no one knows. Allah knows how long each one is going to live. It is a reminder you are carrying a computer in your body telling that time has finished your time is approaching. You cannot take another person’s time and another’s. And in that time Allah gave us a lot of opportunities to be with the Prophet (s).

We have to stand up also.

Why Allah gave Ottomans 700 years of khilapha. They ruled from Spain up, I went one time to an island in Malaysia, It is within Malaysia and they said we want to take you to that island. Malaysia, in SE Asia. They took me to meet someone who is very old, might 110 year of age. But strong. They said we want to go visit his house. We went there and we saw a picture. They said, "Do you know whose picture is this?” of course I know it is obvious. It is Sultan Abdul Hameed who was in the early 20th cent. He was sultan of Ottoman empire from Spain all the way to Malaysia. I was surprised. Ottomans reached Malaysia? That old man said, " and that was ten year or more ago” he said that my father put that picture there. And he said, "this is our king, our sultan. This is the sultan of Muslims.”Like that one was young. So that one put the picture ands telling his children this is our sultan. They never saw him, he is in Turkey and they never could reach there. It means Islam reached these areas and ottomans hey were in control of these areas. That is why in association of the sultan when the name of the Prophet (s) is mentioned they stand up. Now they mentioned hundreds of times and no one stands up. That is why because of their love to the Prophet (s) and respect the ummah was up. Allah chose the Prophet (s)and selected him and respected him. If we respect whom Allah respected we will be raised up. That is why Muslims are coming down and down. Why? Because we are not respecting our leader.

So Sayyidina `Umar (r) said, "There is a reminder now. That death is approaching. So I don’t need you anymore”

So Allah told the Prophet (s), remind them for the reminder will give them benefit.

Remind them of what. We get upset when someone reminds us. If I did something wrong and someone comes to say you did something wrong my brother, change it. What will happen? A fight will happen. Why? Because we cannot tolerate each other any more.

Because of a big struggle between good and evil. Prophet said in last days there will be too much evilness around the world. Wherever you look you look at haraam. That is evil. There is no anymore a place to look and talk and speak and do something except that it is mixed with haraam. Even you don’t want to do haraam but it is blended inside. No more is it clean pure, everything has been blended. So Allah told Muhammad (s) remind them. So our duty is to remind ourselves first. Don’t go and remind him that he is wrong when you are wrong on the same issue.

I was in Mecca, one day and sitting as everyone sitting facing the Ka`bah. Looking and making dhikr and reading Qur’an and every day. And every day someone passes and looks at me. He looks at me. He wants to speak with me and he sees me reading Holy Qur'an, and he wants me to stop, he is upset. He goes and then comes. He doesn’t like something. Goes and comes.. after one week he cant take it anymore he has to speak. He acme to me and said, "Ya shaykh!” when they say “Ya shaykh” it means they are angry. So he said, "Ya shaykh!” I am sitting there like that, I am not doing umrah or hajj because I used to live there and I go to visit Ka`bah and sit and read Qur’an.

He said, “Ya shaykh! Why your beard is long?” I looked and said, “why? any problem?” he said, “Yes.!” He was satiated. He said, "don’t you know that the Prophet’s beard was not more than one qabda?” [Means to here Shaykh shows one fist] I said, "I know.” He said, “Why then your beard is longer.” I said to him, I quote you the hadith or you quote the hadith. The Prophet (s) said, "huff ash-shawarib wa `affuw anil lahya” he said, " trim, you see they make the mustaches very small or sometimes they make, like Shaykh Mustafa, because it has two meanings, huff means take away completely, but the is not taking but they don grow. Take away completely or trim it and leave the beard. `aff `an ish-shay means “leave it to grow.”

I didn’t say don’t you know. That is not adab. When you say don’t you know that is scolding him. I said as soon as the Prophet’s beard reaches one qabda, it breaks and falls down. That is why the beard doesn’t go more. He never put a scissors on it. That is why I leave it.

He didn’t like that answer but he cannot argue with that answer. He looked at me. I said, "can I ask you a question?’ he said, "Yes.” It is good he is letting me to ask. I said, why are you asking me about my beard and you have no beard. He is complaining about my beard when he has no beard. But I remember Grandshaykh advice and Mawlana Shaykh advice, anyone comes to you and gives advice, swallow it. Listen and obey. Sam`ina wa ata`na. listen and obey. If that person what he says is according to Shari`ah no harm. If what he says contradicts the Shariah leave it.

So reminding someone is good. Allah reminded our nafs, our self, when he said, fa-alhamaha fujooraha wa taqwaaha. Allah reminded the self of what is good for it and what is bad." So if Allah is inspiring the self, that is Qur’an, Qur’an for every moment of your life. So that means every moment he is inspiring and until Judgment Day inspiring the self of what is good and what is bad. What is good continue and what is bad leave.

So reminder is good in Islamic understanding. That is why if you see someone saying something listen. Don’t throw it back in his face. It might be he is saying something good that Allah is sending that one to remind you. Why I have to say no.” because there are people whom you don’t know Allah said in Holy Qur'an, about Sayyidina Musa , and his helper, in Surat al-Kahf, fa wajada `abdan min `ibaadina.. `ilman.

Allah sent them on that tip, when Sayyidina Musa asking too many question they found one servant form one of our servants. One from many. That means that Allah has many servants. That will come and remind you at any moment in your life, without you knowing them been sent by Allah or been sent by themselves it is hidden. So that is why you have to weight everything by balance of Shariah.

Awliyaullah say if you don’t know Shariah what to do? People don’t know all the laws of Shariah. People know how to pray and fast and make wudu but there are other issue in life you don’t know. He said, Allah gave you a mind. Everyone Allah gave intelligence and gave him a mind. Different from each other, everyone has something that he can understand. And Allah says laa yukallifullahu nafsan illa wu`saha. So they say, " and that is why they are more flexible than scholars. Awliyaullah are more flexible, they can work out something with the people. Scholars cannot they have to follow 1,2,3,4,5. they cannot deviate. They have to follow the track. They didn’t know the railway there are diversions. They want to take you direct straight on the track. But they do not know there are diversions that awliyaullah can do that. According to your capacity and then come back to the straight track. According to the load or capacity youcan carry. You can carry load of a car but he can carry the weight of a truck. I cannot carry the weight of a vessel only the capacity of a truck. He is capacity of a car he is capacity of truck.

So if you cannot get an answer weigh it according to the scale of what your mind says. If you mind says “Ok” do it. Innamal amaalu bi’n-niyyaat. If your intention is good. That is why the Prophet (s) said “if a judge gives the right decision he will be rewarded twice and if wrong once” Not everyone can give the right decision. Giving right decision it is very difficult.

So weigh it according to your understanding. If it says “good”, do it. If it says “no”, back up. That is why reminder is good.

So we go back to the beginning. That man who made that poetry, he said,

La tukthir li hammik, ma quddir yakoon

Allahu’l-muqaddir wa’l-`alam shu`oon

He is talking to himself. Don’t worry too much to your problem. don’t make yourself to worry too much. What is written is written. What Allah decided he decided. W’Allahu muqaddir wal-`alam shu`oon. Allah is the one that wrote it, he is the one that planned it and the people are his subjects. Every one is a shaan. Different form the other. Allah will give every one different. So if you look at them you are looking at their creator. If you object on them you are objecting on their creator.

This is not on the first level of religion. This is at the highest level maqam al-ihsaan. Not to speak about anyone anything. To give high respect to everyone. That is not easy

According to the hadith of the Prophet, never was he asked for something and he said, " no.” never that is narrated by Bukhari and Muslim. Never he asked for something and he said, " “no.” he has to give it or he has to answer. Whatever he has been asked. How many times we have been asked something and we say “no.” prophet never.

One time Sayyidina Ayesha and this is to show how they were living. Sayyid Ayesha narrating that hadith that one day she was telling the Prophet (s) what happened to her during the day. She said, "Ya sayyidee, ya Rasulullah, ya rahmatan lil-`alameen. They don’t call him by Muhammad. They call him with respect. That is his wife. Ya Rasulullah ya nabiullah. Respect. We even mention his name with no respect. Even we say Muhammad (s), not saying rasulullah not saying sayyidee not saying habeebullah. Why is it not true. I don’t know why? It might be zallat lisan. Slip of the tongue. Some people might not do it by intention that they are disrespecting but they didn’t make it a habit to make their tongue give respect.

So she was telling him. Ya Rasulullah today a lady knocked my odor and I was so happy with the way she was handling the situation. And the Prophet (s) was listening. And she came asking for sadaqa do you have anything to give to me. She was carrying two children. One on the right and one on the left, young ones. And she asked me for a sadaqa. No money, they don’t have money. Prophet never carried money. Do we carry money? Allahu Akbar. Prophet never carried money. He used to have the sliver and gold coins but he never carried. The mountain of Uhud came to the Prophet (s) and said, "I will turn myself into gold for you.” The Prophet (s) said, “we don’t need you.” If that mountain turn into gold then the whole Ummah will be rich. But Allah made that mountain to be heaviest mountain on earth. The awliyaullah say if you put Uhud on one side of the scale and all the other mountains of earth on the other side the side of Uhud will go down.

Because of the riches inside it. Because of that baraka that whole area is full of oil. That is because of Uhud. The Saudis know if you dig you find a lot of jewelry, lot of diamonds, lot of jewelry, lot of gold but they leave it.

So she was telling the Prophet (s) what happened. So she was carrying these 2 babies and they are crying and she look through the whole house and she didn’t find but 3 dates I was saving them for you and me. How many dates you have in your house? [A lot.] How many dates we have in our house. No food. What they were eating was only dates. We eat all kinds of food. And we don’t say shukran lillahi. As if we are saying, “send more.”

So said, "I looked and I dint find except 3 dates in the whole house that I was saving, there is nothing. So I gave the 3 to her. She gave one to one baby girl and she gave the other one the other date. And in one second the dates are gone as these two babies are so hungry. So as soon as she give then the date they at the dates, they swallowed them even. And the mother took the date to eat and the daughters are looking at her. That means they are asking her. She took that date and divided it into two pieces. She gave one piece to one daughter and gave the other daughter the other piece. And the Prophet (s) said, "that lady saved herself from hellfire by that last date she gave her daughter.”

So that is why he gave another hadith, the famous hadith that “anyone who raises two daughters will enter Paradise.”

So she was able to save that third date that Sayyida Ayesha gave to her but she gave it to the two girls. The Prophet (s) house doesn’t have but 3 dates and our homes are full. So what we have to remind ourselves. Don’t worry too much about your life. Allah will not leave anyone too hungry. You are not better than the Prophet (s) who wrapped his stomach with two stones. Alhamdulillah we are reaching the point where we eat so much that even we go and vomit and eat again. That is a sickness that they go and vomit and eat again. And Ahl al-Bayt were living on hunger. Remind yourself that the Prophet (s) was hungry his children were hungry his family was hungry. If you don’t have everything at let you are not sleeping hungry. If you do that:

لَئِن شَكَرْتُمْ لأَزِيدَنَّكُمْ

la’in shakartum la-azeedanakum - If you thank Me I give you more.” Ibrahim [14:7]

Why husband and wife fight? Because they don’t thank Allahswt. Why in general you did this, you did that. For what you are fighting? For dunya that doesn't weigh in Allah’s eyes the wing of a mosquito are we fighting for it? Yes we are fighting for it this is the problem. No one is trying not to fight. Husband and wife, children and parent all are fighting to get a piece.

Go. See the moon. One day I was with Mawlana Shaykh Nazim, may Allah give him long life. He was looking at the moon of the 15th, perfect moon. He said to me, “you want the moon, I give it to you.” I didn’t understand it. It means that moon, you own it or you don’t own it what is it going to make a different if you own it, it is there, you cannot take it home with you and if you don’t own it you are not losing anything. This dunya, if you own you cannot take it home. Can you carry your home with you to akhira. Can you carry your bank accounts with you. Your bank account what do you see from them? A small plastic card. And do you see any more than that? And after a while they came and say your 401k is gone. I never heard of that before 4 months. I found out that is how the system works - that is your retirement fund and they force you to put it in the stock market. They force you. How do they say you have freedom of decision? They tell you “either take this package or that package.” So what do you want to do then? So you take this package and after a while it is gone. What is that justice? How many people lost? So you don’t take anything with you. Everything stays with them. So why to fight?

So that is why he said, La tukthir li hammik - don’t worry too much. La tukthir li hammik - don’t too much complicate your issue and your problem. Live the simple life. Village life is more important than city life. They say “the city is civilization.” City life is not civilization - it is deregulation and corruption. Village life is innocent. Go back to the village. It means go back to your nature. Go back to your Prophet. Go back to Allah. Don’t go back to those who give you a flashy life and say, "this is the life you need to live.” They give to you for one place and take from another place. Allah doesn’t do that He gives from both sides. Lean on what Allah wants - don’t lean on what they want to give you.

People come from the village, we cannot take it anymore. There is little sin there. People are soft and pure. Don’t mingle with those who are mafia.

I used to remember we used to go to Grandshaykh and Mawlana Shaykh and Shaykh Husayn. Go to make wudu. It is very cold at Fajr time. You see your hands after a while wounds from freezing water - these wounds are going to witness for you on Judgment Day that you had pain because of your wudu.

Today people don’t take wudu. You ask them why? They say there is no hot water. We need hot water. You be happy, in your country it is always warm you don need hot water.

First time I went to Indonesia and Malaysia, they take showers with cold water and they drink hot water. Food is sweet and dessert is salty. Food has to be made sweet and cakes and ice cream has to have salt in it. Water you drink has to be warm and water you shower with has to be cold. [Shaykh Mustafa: that is our custom] Don’t change the custom; live the way they like.

Don’t say, "We want to reform.” Can anyone reform Islam? Can anyone reform perfection? They are coming now with ideas, “reform”. Go and reform yourself. That is better.

Wa min Allah at-tawfeeq bi-hurmati 'l-Fatiha.

Taqabbal Allah.

We opened the book to see from notes of Grandshaykh. This suhbat was on Friday, 25th of Ramadan 1391. we are now 1429. 38 years.

He says, “Is the mind in the head or in the heart?” they said, "the mind, the standing of human being is in the head. Everythingof human being is in the head; the mind is in the head and everythingisin the head. And Grandshaykh said, "they are wrong and he explained it.” I am not going to go through that now but I explained some of that one time. We leave it for next time.


I was going to speak about movement and the importance of movement. But they are going to kill me to eat. So we will do it tomorrow in Yasser’s house.

We are going to the tekke in downtown. From there we go to invade Yasser’s house. To eat curry food. So prepare yourself for curry food.


movement is important, Shaykh abudl haqq. Without movement dunya is still. Still? No movement, it is impossible. Angels in constant movement. The Prophet (s) in constant, constant you say, " in continuous movements. What Sayyidina Muhammad (s) saw? Sayyidina Musa standing in his grave praying. In the night of ascension. It is a movement. So everything is built on movement. No movement no life. No movement you die. Is it not? Doctors?

Everything in you is moving. Ay, in the place that Allah assigned. So it means that movement is so secret, so delicate, that you cannot understand it.

They are studying movement and the evidence of movement also is all these different wavelengths. Wa in min shayin illa yusabihoo bi-hamdih - Everything is praising Allah swt. Even pebbles were praising were they not and prophet hearing them. Mountains were praising and Sayyidina Dawud was hearing them. When you hear it means there is a movement of a sound that goes to your ear. And that produces what? An electromagneticwave. You are hearing a wave and your ear changes it into sound.

SubhanAllah every angel has a language. Not every angel one language. That is Allah’s greatness. When you want to explain the azamatullah the greantness and grandeur of Allah cannot be described. Azamatullah that Allah gave every angel a name. you think angels no name? no id?

Did you see any human being without an ID? Yes, when they are in the village it is no problem there no ID. There they are submitting in Allah’s ocean, devotion. Their ID is la ilaha illa-Allah muhammadun Rasulullah. But when you are appearing there is an ID. Angels are appearing in paradise. Hadith of the Prophet (s). Angles are coming and checking all human beings every day. Allah calls them by name and every group of angels have one name. They are moving. So when you praise Allah swt, your whole body is moving. Your whole system is moving. To be able to move a hand or a finger, you give a command to your mind, your mind gives command to the finger to move. You cannot move anything without a command. A central command.

Army has a central command. Send officers, generals to do this, and this abd this. Headquarters. Allah gave you a headquarters there up. Unless you are renting there up. It doesn’t belong to you. Many people rent their upstairs. It means they become abnormal.

So everything is, ifyou zoom in, you see everything is roaming. You see the telephones are roaming. What is roaming in English. What is the explanation? To go around [] What does it mean "go around?" Go here and there, to go in every direction. In differnt dimensions.

Everything is roaming. Try to …Allah navigates everyone the way He likes. Don’t think your central command is in your hand your central command is up. Don’t say