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Shaykh Muhammad (s) Hisham Kabbani


Audhu billah min ash-shaytan ir-rajeem

Bismillahi 'r-Rahman i'r-Raheem

Nawaytu al-arba`een nawaytu al-`itikaaf nawaytu al-khalwah nawaytu al-riyadah nawaytu al-sulook lillahi ta`ala al-`adheem fee hadha al-masjid

As we said before in the previous session that people of Iman Allah swt will put them in a different paradise, because they have tried their best in their lives to progress and improve. And they tried to leave manhiyan `an for Allah’s sake.

Jannat al-awwam, the common paradise for everyone is that anyone from the ummat an-Nabi with intercession of the prophet will enter that paradise so some people doing good and they repent and they are always up and down and with intercession of the prophet the enter this paradise where you can find all kinds of peole. But Jannat al-khawwas is for special people as Allah said, min alladheena ana`amllahu alahymin an yakoonoo ma` …

Grandshaykh said we don’t need Jannat al-awwam. Jannat al-awwam is the one where every one goes there, but what we need is ridwanullah al-akbar, when we say “Allahuma arzuqna al-jannnah - O Allah grant us paradise,” the shaykh said, “your intention must not be ‘O Allah grant us paradise’ meaning the common one, but saying ‘O Allah grant us paradise’ must mean O Allah grant us ridwanullah al-akbar, ‘O Allah grant us your pleasure.’”

That is a paradise named Jannat al-ridwan, that has been blessed and Allah manifests the pleasures of his Beautiful Names and Attributes on that paradise that you cannot feel or ? except Allah’s divine presence there. That is what it means when awiyaullah say, “O Allah grant us paradise,” and that jannah is fee maq`adi sidqin `inda maleekin muqtadir. That is at the seat of truth in Allah’s divine qudrah paradise. He creates a paradise from his bahr al-qudrah that cannot be described, that paradise.

As the paradise of dunya, for common people, although it is for common people, you cannot describe what Allah Is giving in it, as Jannat al-ridwan fee maq`adi sidqin `inda maleekin muqtadir, that special paradise at the seat of truth that allah crated out of his ocean power has no resemblance between the common paradise and the Jannat l-ridwan. As you compare zero to 100 there is no comparison . As much as you try to describe Jannat ad-dunya it never ends and as much as you want to describe Jannat al-ridwan you cannot and if you want to compare between the two, you cannot.

What we want really, tariqah people and everyone else is Jannat al-ridwan.

Mawlana says that there is the real jannah, the origin of paradises, wa yujid dhil ul-jannah. There is asl al-jannat wa yujid dhil ul Jannat. The shadow reflects what is in the real paradise but you cannot feel what you feel in the real one. You feel what you feel in the shadow one.

Like someone dresses nicely and puts all kinds, as a lady dresses very nicely puts all kinds of whatever and goes to the mirror an look at the mirror. It reflects herself in the mirror. And you say you want to marry. Yes I want to marry. Ok we give you the one in the mirror. What do you say? Ok. So that is description of Jannat al-awwaam. The Jannat al-khawaas, Jannat al-ridwan where Allah is happy with his servants and that is the real one. You cannot take the one in the mirror, that is nothing but a reflection of the real one.

So your hope, your goal is the real one, not the mirror one. So he said there is the real jannah and there is the shadow. So although ummat an-Nabi are saved through that shadow paradise, but always they are yearning for the Original one.

Like people have a ring and the stone is a zircon. And someone has a ring and the stone is a diamond so always you look at your friends ring and yearning can I not have a ring like that. I have a similar ring, similar in shape but it is zircon. So if they give you a choice which you prefer. Awliyaullah what do they prefer. They prefer zircon. They say ya rabbee, give us the bad one, and give them the bad one. They sacrifice themselves to give the others the best. You see how awliyaullah are the sacrifice themselves. They say no we sacrifice because our goal is not zircon nor diamond but our goal is Allah. For that they take Jannat ar-ridwan. They are clever they make a way out of it.

He said, if an artist draw a picture, you know artists draw very nice pictures of nature, you see them there with their big board, canvas and the have all their brushes and looking into nature and drawing and the picture comes very nice. You look at the picture and you look at nature, very nice. The come to you and say you want the picture or you want the real one. So of course people say give us the real. So paradise of al-awwam is duplicate of the real one that has the reality in it. The one that has the picture in it has a picture of the reality but you cannot have the pleasure from the picture that you get from the real nature. Though you get some pleasure from looking at it, but in the real one you can enjoy to eat the fruits, to drink the water and do whatever you like in the real one.

So for that he said there is Jannat al-suwariya and Jannat al-haqiqiyya. There is real paradise and a picture paradise. And that picture paradise, how did it evolve into a picture paradise. Grandshaykh explaining. From the oceans of Allah’s Beautiful Names and Attributes al-jamal, al-jamil, from the attribute of beauty and beautiness, from that beauty, that one of Allah’s Beautiful Names and Attributes a drop has dropped from that name. imagine a drop what it can do, from a Name. One drop. If you get 2 drops or 3 drops or you get ot manifest that hwhole name completely it is completely different is it not.

He said these 8 paradises on them one drop from the attribute of beauty came on them. Qatratin wahidat waqa` ala tilka al-jinan. One drop fell on these 8 paradises and gave it all this beauty , and splendor. These are the jinan as-suwariyya, the reflected image paradises, the photocopy one, not the real one. Because of that drop. Jannat al-ridwan, endless drops keep coming from that name, means endless knowledge keep coming from that name and dripping on that praise, never ends.

And that is why any child comes they like to call him Ridwan. Because Sayyidina Ridwan is the angel taking care of all paradises and the beauty of the name al-jamal is manifested on him.

So Allah put everyone in these 8 paradises which have different names but al-`ushaq, those lovers to Allah swt he will leave them, he doesn’t need to give them that paradise. He leaves them to swim in the ocean of beauty.

Anything you imagine in this dunya is beauty, dump it in a place. You have car dump. They dump all kinds of cars there. so let us make a beauty dump and put anything of beauty there: clothes, jewels, perfumes, anything you thinks is beauty dump it there and go swim there. Go and spend your time there all day. Will you be happy. Yes you will be happy, everything is beautiful, but it ends. What are you going to take? Drive different car every day. Put different perfume everyday. But nothing is innovated nothing new. Bu in the ocean of beauty that Allah opens for the loves, every moment, that can be divided into a new fraction of a time, a whole creation is created that is completely new form that last one, and in very moment that paradise is changing completely so what was before is completely gone and something new comes and never ends and it never repeats. You cannot repeat what was before.

Today if you have a movie, like for children they make a movie, very beautiful. The child will look at it one, two, 3 times then what? He throws it. You have bottle of honey. You eat one spoon, two spoons, three spoons, then you cannot take it anymore. There you taste, new one comes. Then taste new one comes. And you will taste all at the same time not one comes and then the next. From every tiniest thing you will taste pleasure at the same time tasting whatever is coming something new and that is the simplest minimum way of deserving that paradise. All the rest are only on one drop, the picture ones.

He said we need the reality of paradises. The lovers of the picture, Allah is going to resurrect him and send him to paradise of pictures but the lover of realities Allah will resurrect him and send him to the paradise of realities.

He said that today mostly people are in love with picture. Because loving the reality is not going by tongue and Allah knows best who is loving reality and who is loving the picture. But in reality you love what is around you. You are busy with the dunya pleasure and you are not busy with akhira pleasure. Awliyaullah you see them always busy trying to be pleasure with akhira pleasure ether doing awraad or helping people or teaching people, doing their prayers. Filling their time with ibadah. Not filling their time with dunya issues that make you to be famous or collecting worldly pleasures. Awliayullah are always trying to collect akhira pleasures. And such meeting that you are taking notes shows that this direction is coming from our Shaykh Muhammad (s) Nazim Adil al-Haqqani is showing people busy related to akhira, why are they writing. so as much as is written there as much tajalli comes on you, because is it description related to akhira, every letter will manifest on you with all that Allah is sending on it blessings as much as that letter is written in that notebook. As long, as much as that is with you in your house as much as baraka is coming.

He said I am not talking this for bodies of human beings. Because sometimes he bombards on people..so when you see me cracking on you be happy because this is cleansing process. He says our ego is full of bad characters and bad behavior. Because of these bad characters the human beings love the picture they don’t love the original. That picture is not going to help. We don’t accept our student to be shifted, but we accept our student to love the real paradise.

He said for sure, people are interested in the bride that she is in the mirror, not the bride that is outside the mirror because shaytan is playing with them.

Prophet said, innama bu`ithtu li utimu makaarim al-akhlaq- I have been sent to perfect the best of conduct.” It means he came to tell us you have bad characters. You have made yourself accustomed to bad characters. I want to clean you and make you look for better characters. That is why prophet was trying to teach the sahaba to love the origin and leave the picture behind.

Because of bad characters we love the picture and not the original.

We continue on that next time. Bi-hurmatil Fatiha.