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One Atom of Divine Mercy Will Fill Earth and Heavens

Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

20 August 2020, Fenton Zawiya, Michigan

Alhamdulillah rabbi 'l-`alameen wa 's-salaatu wa 's-salaamu `alaa ashrafi 'l-mursaleen.

All praise is due to Allah who made us Muslims and He has made us among the followers of Sayyidina Muhammad (s) the best of Prophets and Messengers. He gave food to eat, what you need to drink and He gave you to be with His Prophet (s)? What do you want more than this? The mercy of Allah. The Mercy of Allah swt as if you read a book you see a lot of information that you never thought about before.

That is special for the Ummah of Prophet (s), for whom all doors are open. We don’t need anything except Rahmatullah, the Mercy of Allah. One atom from the Mercy of Allah will spread in minutes or moments in all of dunya as water spreads in the ocean. Allah will give, but He wants to teach us a lesson.

We have to find the best lawyer in the market, if you need something. Awliyaullah found the Prophet (s) and they spread the power of Islam through these Messages! We are in need of the power of the Prophet (s). We are all servants, and the worthiest thing of a servant to say is, “O Allah! To You is what You have given and to You is what You have taken.”

What we see from the sun, an atom of the sun cannot be seen from any other planet, and everything is in His Decree (swt). One atom of this Mercy will fill all of Earth and all of Heaven!

لا تكثر لهمك,

ما قدر يكون,

والله المقدر,

والعالم شؤون.

Do not worry too much,

What has been decreed will happen,

Allah is the One Who decrees,

And this entire world is His Affair.

This entire world has been given to Muslims! And when you have a shortage in electricity, you run to the main station. That will be the station that will give you noor, light, but the reality is that there are stations that are fixing the power of the sun to show it to the Muslims, to Ahlu ‘s-Sunnah wa ‘l-Jama`ah and to the whole world. “Do not worry too much! What has been decreed will happen. Allah is The One Who decrees, and this entire world is His affair.”

What happened to Qaroon? He collected and collected, filling paradises of dunya and in the end it was all destroyed by a quake. Yesterday (last week), the power of Shaytan showed itself in a bomb in a way that destroys an entire country, killing children, women, men, innocent people. All of that is because there is no mercy: the mercy is hidden, we have to search for the mercy. It is not free, as nothing is free.

If Muslims pray their five prayers, they will win and it can change those who go to Paradise or those who stay in dunya. Alhamdulillah, people are running left and right: if you watch the video of the destruction of Beirut, you will see that really there is no rahmah, it’s hidden.

Mercy is in the hands of Awliyaullah. Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah al-Fa’iz ad-Daghestani (q) once said that the barakah is in your hands, don’t go back far, it’s in dunya. He sent Sayyidina Mahdi (a) to show the good and the bad. He is someone with the Heavenly Pen, who writes the names of those who are going to leave dunya.

One time fifty years ago, we went to visit Grandshaykh (q) in the early morning after Fajr. What he carries with him no one knows, but he wanted to teach us a lesson. We knocked on the door, he opened the door for us and we entered, and that was after Fajr. We sat with him, he didn’t say anything [for a while], then he made suhbah and said, “It's enough for today. Tomorrow inshaaAllah we will tell you the rest of the suhbah.”

The next day, and this was during winter and it was very cold, he brought his miswaak and put it in his hand like that and broke it in half, and said, “As I break this miswaak, you will be broken! Those who have baraka are known by Mahdi (a).” Then he brought a jar of olives and said, “This is enough with the baraka that is in it. Do not destroy the baraka of the shaykh! You have to know the shaykh does not move in any direction without the power of the Prophet (s).”

He sent us up to his zawiya, where he usually sits, and he gave a lecture, which we have no permission to mention. He took one jar, opened it and it was full of honey. Grandshaykh said to the one that he was mentioning, “This honey is for those who love Allah, love the Prophet, and those who do their fard, obligations.”

We have to know that everything is connected with the other. This is the power of Mawlana Shaykh where he said, "Take this bottle of honey and give it to that person," which was me and my brother. We were shy, but he shouted at us and we kept quiet, and we moved toward his apartment.

He said, “Do you like this honey?”

We said, “Yes, anything from you is honey.”

So, he said, “This is my gift to you.”

This dunya is a corpse and those who seek it are dogs. All of us are running after dunya; no one can say, “I am not running after dunya,” from president, from king, from ordinary person, [we are running after dunya] from the cradle to the grave. Even in the grave, we are asking for baraka and protection, but with the power of the Prophet (s), everything is open for us. It is open for you, it is open for Mawlana, it is open for Awliya, it is open for prophets, because of that rahmah that was produced and supported by them.

We have to know that there are powers hidden under the dome, but which dome? The Dome of the Power of Paradise. That is a blue dome, and the door for the seventh and eighth paradises, and it has the power to open them for anyone.

Alhamdulillah that Allah gave a lot for all of us. And I like to have someone who translates, as speaking in the Arabic language is baraka. You recite, you read Qur’an, which contains power of Heavens, but also there is the power of reading the holy letters of Holy Qur’an. Every letter contains an immense power that Allah gave the people who use the Arabic language. It is permitted to read in English, but if we know Arabic, it’s better and recommended.

That dome is blue and every human being has a part of that dome, (although to enter) is only for Muslims. Anyone who wants to become Muslim, that will be the first gift they will be dressed in. Alhamdulllahi Rabbi 'l-`Alameen, it is known as the Blue Dome, and anyone who sees it, Allah will open for him from the 124,000 mercies that He gave to the Prophet (s)!

Glad tidings to us, O Muslim Ummah! We have a pillar of faith that will never shatter. Ankar wa Nakeer, the two angels who come to people in the grave, will not come to Muslims. They are granted a special power.

I was writing from Grandshaykh’s notebook, and he was mentioning about Haqiqat al-Murshid, who is someone that is always under the power of Heavens; if he is not carrying that power, his heart will not open for realities. All Realities are in that dome. The Six Powers (of those Realities) will be given to the mureeds if they know the reality of the shaykh: Haqiqat al-Irshad, Reality of Guidance; Haqiqat al-Tawajjuh, Reality of Focus and Capture; Haqiqat at-Tawassul, Reality of Seeking Intercession; Haqiqat al-Ma`anee, Reality of Meanings; Haqiqat al-Jinaan, Reality of Paradises; [and, Haqiqat at-Tayy, with ‘bismillah’ you move from East to West]. All of these will be opened to the mureeds when they connect to the heart of the guide.

The power of the guide cannot be explained. We can say that the murshid helps his mureed; even if his mureed is all the way in the east, he will support him when he is in a problem. The mureed is dressed by the power of the murshid, guide. He can hear your voice and your sound from east to west. Any moment he is around, opening his power, he is delivering his messages to his students. So be with that power, the power of happiness, and Allah (swt) will not leave you!

We have to be careful on how we are treating each other, because the shaykh listens. A long time ago, Grandshaykh (q) was in Damascus and we came from Beirut, Lebanon. He opened his door to us and before we spoke, he said, “I know where you were. You made your mother sad. Go back to Lebanon and come back when you are pure.” And it is a 300 km away. He can see from far away. Don’t think that he is blind; don’t think that he doesn’t know. He might make you feel happy, happy, happy, but in reality, you are a bad person (or a good person), it depends. If you are a good person, he opens more; if you are a bad person, then he fixes your problems.

May Allah (swt) open dunya and Akhirah for us.

Wa min Allahi tawfeeq, bi hurmati ‘l-Fatihah.


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