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September 5, 2008


Fathers and mothers, they are fighting… Why they are fighting for? For inheritance.  Inheritance becomes a problem.  Awliyaullah, what do they do? They give their inheritances away in their lives, before they die, in order that their children will not fight.  Or they give it away, they don’t give to their children.  They give to someone else. 


So they fight for what? For inheritance.  Same father, same mother.  Children begin to fight.  So your money becomes your enemy.  What you leave behind becomes a curse on you in your grave.  Because if the children take it and use it for evil things, or for drugs or for any kind of bad desires, it becomes a curse on you in your grave.  “Ya Rabbi, I didn’t do it!”


Why you didn’t give it in the way of Allah then? Why did you leave it for them? “I didn’t know.”  “Ya okay, We forgive you.  Don’t repeat it next time.”  (audience laughing).  But you are in the grave.  What saved the parents? If the child is pious, saves the parents in the grave.  Grandshaykh, may Allah bless his soul, said in his city, in his village, the cruelest person in the village died.  And they buried him.  And no one was behind him except the imam, who prayed on him.  Because he is a Muslim, they have to pray on him.  They prayed on him, and they buried him immediately.  And in that area, it’s always in winter snowy.  And Grandshaykh said, when you enter that cemetery, you will see snow everywhere, except on that grave, the snow was melting.  From the intensity of fire that he is under punishment in the grave.  Snow cannot stay.  And he said they used to hear someone, when you beat him and beat him and beat him—or you punish, or torture him, what happens when you leave him alone after torturing him? We say in Arabic, “aneen,” he is crying but you know kind of like whimpering.  He is whimpering because of severe punishment.  After 7 years, they were not hearing that sound anymore, and the snow would cover his grave. 


They were surprised.  What happened? They began to look.  They came to Grandshaykh, and they said, “What is—you are our shaykh, so what happened?”  And he said, “Go ask his wife.” 


They went to his wife and they said, “What happened that we are not hearing his whimpering? It means his punishment has stopped.”  She said, “Yesterday, my child, which I was pregnant with when my husband died—today he became 7 years old.  I sent him to tahfizul Qur`an, where they memorize Qur`an.  No one wanted to take him, because we have no money.  Except one imam.  He said, “I will teach him, for Allah’s sake.”  And today was his first day in school, and the imam was teaching him, “Bismillahir Rahman ir Rahim, Bismillahir Rahman ir Rahim, Bismillahir Rahman ir Rahim.”


So they came to Grandshaykh, and they said, this is what she said to us.  He said, with his heart vision, he said, Allah inspired to my heart to answer you that, “How I am his Lord, punishing the father when the son is mentioning My Name.”  Where is My Mercy.  I cannot punish someone when his son is mentioning My Name. 


So what happened is that our inheritance, better to give it to someone far from you.  But it is difficult.  You give some to your children, but make sure you do something for the best of Muslims.  By this way, you will not be asked.  Everything you give to the children—you don’t know what the children will do with it.  Maybe it will become a  curse on you.  Children are running from here to here to here, that’s why you see, Awliyaullah, always they don’t keep anything.  They try to pass here, pass here, pass here, pass here, pass here—and people are not generous.  When you ask them to give, they don’t.  Their hands are shaking.  Yeah.  They shake their hands—they cannot.  But when you ask, you are asking for their favor—you are doing them a favor.  They are not doing a favor for you.  The favor is for them.  Because when they give, they give in Allah’s way.  They don’t give, you ask, push them to give.  Some people say “don’t push people to give.”  No, push people to give!  Because Allah said, “Take from their money.”  “Take.” 

خُذْ مِنْ أَمْوَالِهِمْ صَدَقَةً تُطَهِّرُهُمْ وَتُزَكِّيهِم بِهَا وَصَلِّ عَلَيْهِمْ إِنَّ صَلاَتَكَ سَكَنٌ لَّهُمْ وَاللّهُ سَمِيعٌ عَلِيمٌ

Take alms of their wealth, wherewith thou mayst purify them and mayst make them grow, and pray for them. Lo! thy prayer is an assuagement for them. Allah is Hearer, Knower.  9:103

Khudh, take, khudh min amwaalihim sadaqa.  By any means.  Because they don’t give.  They don’t give, it’s okay.  If they don’t have—they say “we don’t have,” it’s okay.  Go clean the masjid.  Go clean the kitchen downstairs.  No one cleaning.  Clean the wudu area—no one cleaning it.  Everyone will throw it on the others.  You don’t have anything to give, so at least give that you are cleaning the masjid.  It’s a masjid.  So, that is the problem, is that we don’t want to give, and we want to be, oh, not to be cursed.  Okay, you are not cursed when Allah is happy with you, when you are making something for the benefit of the Ummah, for the benefit of the believers, for the Muslims, and for non-Muslims, even.  When you give, you give.  A charity is charity.  Muslim or non-Muslim.    


So inheritance makes problems, and makes brothers and sisters fight with each other.  As I said, one of the signs of the Last Days that Prophet (s) mentioned is that in the same house, at the same table, the family are eating, and everyone is cursing the other in his back.  You don’t agree? This one is a communist, this one is a capitalist, this one what? Extremist? This one what? Fanatic.  All of them fighting with each other.  At the same table, same father, same mother.  And the husband fighting with the wife, and the wife fighting with the husband.  Tell me which house today there is no fight? _____, you fight? Ha? There is no house that is peaceful—complete peace.  No.  Must be something, Shaytan comes to destroy the family. 


Especially in countries where everything is open.  Islam gave discipline, rules.  You have to follow the rules.  You cannot put fire near petrol—what will happen? Explode.  You go to the beach, you have men near women.  Men naked, women naked.  So what’s going to happen? And how many Muslims going to the beach? Ha? Too many, or too much?


Where are you going? To the beach.  Why are you going to the beach? Swimming.  Who is there? Men’s beach or women’s beach? No, mixed.  So… You put fire in front of petrol, of course it’s going to burn.  So Shaytan comes, puts the fire near petrol. 


What can we do? We are weak, helpless servants of Allah .  There are two kinds of desire, shahwatul halal, and shahwatul haram.  Shahwatul halal is the desire—halal desire.  And there is haram desire.  Which do you prefer more?  The halal or the haram?


Shahwatul halal, shahwatul haram.  It means, the desires that are allowed to have, by halal means, and desires that you are forbidden to do because it is haram.  So which one do you prefer?  But you are not practicing the first one.  Always you go to the second one.  Shaytan always takes you to the second one.  No way to keep you on the first one.  Say “Oh, your wife? Ah, ugly! Look at the other one.  There is a nicer one on the street.” Before they were covered, they used to wear loose clothes, men and women, today men and women are wearing very tight clothes, so Shaytan what does he come to you to tell you? Comes to the man, he says “Oh look at this woman.” And comes to the woman, and says, “Oh look at this man.” Is that not right? It might be she is walking with her husband, or he is walking with his wife! But his eyes not on his wife, his eyes where, Khan? Somewhere else. Ha.  That’s shahwatul haram. 


You go to England, on Oxford Street, I see it a lot.  You see the lady, covered from top to bottom, burqa, they cover. Completely.  Only the eyes you can see, and everything black, loose.  I am surprised.  She is pushing the child.  And the husband behind her, wearing shorts, no hat, nothing, and short sleeves, sometimes a t-shirt with no sleeves.  Walking behind her.  Why, men are allowed, and she is a woman, not allowed.  This is shahwatul haram.  This is what we call—he is making—he wants to control—he wants to show his manhood on his wife, but he doesn’t show his manhood on himself.  Everyone has this kind of problem.  He wants to control, and on himself he is loose.  So that’s where Shaytan comes and attacks us, on these points which are centers of gravity.  Every person has a center of gravity in his heart.  As soon as it reaches the inclination that it will fall, then he will fall.  May Allah protect us.  Because without protection, we will lose.  There is no way to save ourselves.  Everyone knows what he did.  Especially Westerners, don’t ask how many they dated in their lives.  He is looking down.  How much they went here and there.  Not only them, everyone.  And it’s nothing.  You are doing something normal.  You date, it’s normal.  Is that not right? It’s normal.  How Dr. Jamal they made it normal? Because they say if you don’t date, it means you are mentally disturbed.  You have something wrong here, inside.


One convert murid says:  Balance, you have to experience before you get married.


MSH:  Your father told you that?




Mawlana Shaykh Hisham:  So you are experienced? Because when you get married, [they say:] "no more experience.  You have to do the training before.  After marriage, training is finished." How many years of training do you need?  Yeah, I’m surprised, I see some people, sometimes they come on TV, you see people that are not married, they are living together, and they have 3 or 4 children, and they say, “We are not married.”  Why are you not married? You have 3 or 4 children from the same mother, same father.  And because of that small paper, you don’t want that paper.  They say, “You don’t need a paper! Say I am married without paper.”  This is what they teach, and they are proud of it.  See how low they went.  And they say, "Where are the Signs of the Last Days?" 


Sayyidina ’l-Mahdi when he is coming first thing he is punishing 70,000 alims.  Muslim scholars.  Because they know what is wrong, they teach to stop it, but they are not stopping it on themselves.  70,000 of them! Because they are going to object on him. “Object on me? Come, cut, Yallah.”  Punishing with a spiritual sword.  Saying, “Bismillahir Rahman ir Rahim."


Mahdi’s time, as Muhyiddeen Ibn Arabi said, out of seven, one will stay alive; six will die.  It means, what? 70% of people will die, 30% will live.  On the streets he said that young children, seven years of age, their hair will become white from the horrible scenes, the horror that they will see.  Sayyidina ’l-Mahdi will order the jinns to carry all these bodies and bury them.  Only believers stay.  And Sayyidina Isa comes.  Sayyidina Isa comes after Sayyidina Mahdi by one year if you calculate it, one year and a half.  He comes after forty days, but the first day is like one year, the second day is like one month, the third day is like one week, and the other days are like normal days.  So if you count them, it will be like one year and a half.  Then Sayyidina Isa comes.  Allah makes the first day like one year—He stretches it.  Imagine.  Not sleeping one day.  In his time, people will not feel hungry.  One bite of bread, or one bite of food, enough for forty days.  You don’t feel hungry, you don’t feel thirsty, from the Baraka of the food.  It is said that when Sayyidina ’l-Mahdi comes, watermelon, from the power of the earth, he will order the earth to bring all its power—the watermelon will grow up like a tree, not anymore like on small roots, small vines.  No these vines come up, and the watermelons will hang, straight, from the power that the earth will give out.


We hope to see these days, insha`Allah.


Bi hurmatil Habib, bi hurmatil Fatiha.