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Alif - Allah, mim - Muhammad (s).

Why Allah swt created creation? For sake of whom? For Sayyidina Muhammad (s). why Allah gave that for Sayyidina Muhammad (s). Because he loved him. So love in Arabic is hubb. It is two letters. ‘ha’ and ‘ba’. So ‘ha’ represents hayaat, life. And ‘ba’ represents everything that has to have haya has to begin with ‘ba’, with bismAllah. Read in the name of the one who created. Bi ismi - With the name of Allah. ‘ba’ is with. So wit the ‘ba’ comes the boat. The vessel. It is the vessel of dunya. To have hayaat you have to have bismillahi, the name of Allah, as with name of Allah everything moves.

So these two letter hubb, you put them together and they show love. It means Allah swt loved His Prophet (s) and He loved the creation He created and He gave it to the most beloved one, who is Sayyidina Muhammad (s). So that hubb, when you are for example, when you are in love, what do you do? You are in love with someone what do you do? You keep in continuous movement of activities of action in order to express yourself. If you are in love to Allah or for Allah or for Sayyidina Muhammad (s) you are always keeping busy in their Names. Not only in the Name but you mention the Name in order to reach the reality. That is why awliyaullah are in love to the Prophet (s) in order to see him and be with him. So as much as you are in love you come closer to reality. Hubb makes movement to show activity to vibrate more. So when Allah swt created the Prophet (s) and created this creation for the sake of Sayyidina Muhammad (s), that secret of love, hubb, He put in that creation and that universe that it always begins vibrating continuously non-stop, as it is continuously expressing love to Allah and love to Sayyidina Muhammad (s). So that is why we see everything in the universe is speaking.

Physicists they tell you that after studying the universe, these strings, that they now found more strings are woven together in knots and they found 11 different strings connected together holding this universe together, always in vibration. When water is boiling in a pot what happens to the lid. It rattles, shaking, vibrating showing the intensity of the heat that makes it to move. So when Allah put the secret of His love, His touch, through His Beautiful Names and Attributes, through the universe, the universe is missing that continuous touch and for that reason it is vibrating more. So physicists say that when they listen to the electromagnetic waves that are vibrating in the universe it sounds with different notes in each thing and they are playing like a huge symphony that all kinds of instruments are playing together. They cannot understand it, they cannot hear it, only they can see the wavelengths in the traces of the needles that trace the wavelengths that are coming from up. Up or down, we don’t know where we are. We only know that everything is harmoniously working with each other.

That is why they tell you movement is very important in human life. They say, "if you keep sitting your muscles will get weak and weak.” Doctors say, "keep moving in order to keep strong.” But we are lazy and we do what? We keep sitting and so after a while when we do move we get tired.

We have to move. Moving is very important. Allah showed two ways: either you move to Him through His Prophet (s) or you move the opposite way, through who? Through Shaytan.

So which one you want? We want Allah, may Allah forgive us.

So that movement is important. Every cell in your body is moving. Look the hairs in the hand - do you have hairs, professor? You take one and take it out and it comes back. You take it out, it comes back. How?

There is in it some secret. Why it comes back? Allah is Greater. It keeps in continuous movement, it doesn’t stop. Because every hair of your hairs will witness in Judgment Day that you prayed. One over the other. These are witnesses, the eyes, the ears the nose, but Allah gave us more, the hair. Every hair will witness for you on Judgment Day. That is why people with more hair will have more witnesses on Judgment Day. Those with less hair will have less witnesses. But Allah gave them something else to witness for them. Because Allah made every cell to witness for you in Judgment Day. And every hair came from a cell. So you believe this hair has to grow because there is all different kinds of life coming through the veins to the roots of the hair, in order to grow.

Imagine how many capillaries you have in your body. They are so small that not even a scientist today can make smaller capillaries - that is like a pipe. These capillaries have blood moving in them, in the body. So these capillaries are pipes that Allah makes the blood to move within them. Why moving? Without moving what will happen? You will be dead. Allah makes your heart to pump, in order, that the muscle of the heart is strongest. What kind of battery is it working on? Always energetic, always pumping, pumping, not saying “no”.

So everything in this universe, human beings and other than human beings, are all dependent on movement. That is why you must allow human beings to express their feelings through movement. You cannot stop that. You want to let them to move in the way of Allah or you want them to move in the way of Shaytan.

Ok, you want them to move in the way of Shaytan, ok there are lot of …

You want to come to a liberal life and come and have children. Then you want to squeeze it on your children. Why you didn’t squeeze it on yourself when you were teenager? You want to squeeze them they will run away. They are not like Sayyidina Ibrahim who can save himself. He was saved as he was in fire and Sayyidina Jibreel came to him and said, "Ya Ibrahim, do you want help?” Allah made the fire cool and peaceful. It was moving. Fire is moving. And Allah said “stop!”, and it stopped.

When Ibrahim was slaughtering his son Isma`eel , like this day Eid al-Adha, Allah ordered Jibreel to order the knife not to cut. If you know the secrets of all these movements when you can order them to stop. The knife stopped to cut. So you are exposing your children to fire and then say "don’t get burned." So you have to give them chance to express their feelings in movements. Without movement there is no feeling.

It means this universe is feeling something. What is it feeling? It is yearning for the Prophet (s). When the Pen was writing Muhammadun rasulullah (s), the Pen asked, “Who is Muhammad (s) whom you put Your name by His name?”

Allah made this universe for the sake of the Prophet (s). We are dumb then. We have more love to ourselves than to the Prophet (s).

If you feel love to the Prophet (s) as you feel love to your child, you would have seen the Prophet (s) - all of us. Not I am speaking that I am different. No, all of us. That is why Allah gave to awliyaullah to see the Prophet (s). They gave up themselves and they stepped over their rights for the right of the Prophet (s) on them.

So the universe is always yearning to see the Prophet (s). That is why Allah created love. That is why Allah created the angels of Buraq and they were all praising the Prophet (s).

Sayyidina Jibreel went to find the Buraq he found many buraqs and one of them was by itself crying. He asked him, “why are you crying?” And he said, "O there are so many of us and since I was created I have been yearning for the Prophet (s) to ride on my back.” How much love he has?

Two letters make that word hubb, ‘ha’ and ‘ba’. Hayaat and Bismillah.

Then he took him to the Prophet (s). If we are yearning … that is why the hadrah is important to children. To make them among those who are remembering Allah standing, sitting and laying down. Hadrah is to express our love to Allah and His Prophet (s). So when you encourage yourself and your children they begin to have an alternative to express themselves in their movements.

Like the string, that makes different sounds and different expressions. You might hit it and it gives a different sound. Depends where you hit it and how you touch it. There are 360 points, mifsal in the human being. If you know where to touch in that human being, then you rejuvenate the person. There are 360 points, if you know how to move them and touch them then you know how to perfect your life.

I will not be too long, but I want to say movement is important. Yearning to Allah and His Prophet (s) and to Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani makes you to come here. That is your expression of love. That movement of wherever you were coming from and you came to. You took all these difficulties and you came here. There is not reason to come here, no reason to go anywhere. Why do pilgrims go for hajj? 3 million this year. 5 million also, and they all have to be in one place - in Arafat. Not like in Ka`ba. In Ka`ba you can be doing different things, going and coming. Also in Mina. You see movement. Everyone must be in that place in one time. So all our movement it so the goal. All our movement is to...      

إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ

"inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji`oon. - To Allah We belong, and to Him is our return" - Al-Baqara [2:156]

That trip we are making is all coming to the same time and place - the Day of Judgment, Yawm al-Qiyaamah. We moved here for what? To see the lamp? To see?

Something brought us together. What is that? It is that love. Only for love of Allah and love of the Prophet (s) and love of our Shaykh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani.

May Allah forgive us and your love is expressed in your presence in this place and anyone around the world who is also moving in a different way to reach the same goal and may Allah give everyone guidance to reach the goal.

Bi-hurmati’l-habeeb, bi-hurmati 'l-Fatiha.