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Mawlana Shaykh Nazim - No Hope Without Beliefs

Sohbet from 21.1.07

No Hope without Beliefs!

As-salamu alaikum!

I was thinking that Sheikh Hisham Efendi Khalifa (is) going to carry from me this association, I am hearing to him, but he is refusing and saying: „You are old ‚himar’ (Arabic: donkey), doesn’t matter“... Therefore - what we shall do? We are going through his baraka, what coming, we shall speak…

We are not in university, high school, to keep one book, only this, this - we are free! Free meeting. Only may attend such a meetings whom they are smelling or feeling from spirituality - (they) may come.

Therefore – it is a humble meeting and everyone can take something; as a person going to bazar, market, supermarket… a person may come and (he is) going around, (he) may take something that he may be in need, (but) he can’t carry all, no.

This is for example, this is not supermarket, (but) flea market… Yes, flea market, everywhere Sunday you may find through so many countries, cities, flea market. What is their capital? Their capital… - no, another word… - (is) from dustbins. They are looking - people they are throwing so many things, he is putting in a good bag, putting behind his car, rrrrr…, coming, making a place, and (the) council (is) coming, asking: “Give one Pound.” “For what?” “You are sitting here!” “One Pound? It is not… for this that I am bringing here, you are asking one Pound?” “Ya Hu, give half a Pound, doesn’t matter”… Such a things bringing: someone may [have] passed away and his old clothes, old materials, bringing (to) a big area…ohhh… or some factories throwing away, depot things, cheap things… from everywhere… from nail to male, you can find everything in it… That is flea market!

And this also our flea market… we may speak, because so many - ma sha Allah - flea market people here… he has supermarket, I have flea market…

“How much you need this material?” “O my brother, it is not one, it is one dozen. But you may look that each plate it is one sample… you may do a collection.” “Yes, how much you need?” “I need 5 Pounds.” “You are [asking] too much! 50 Pence?” “I may ask my boss… O my Darling”, asking, “50 Pence - we may give?” “Give, give”, saying, “who is yet coming?”…

I was always running around in London, every week, people they were looking me, I was coming with our people… like this… People very happy, because coming, they don’t like to bring their capital back to home, therefore (they were) very happy! “Except Sheikh no one can buy a such things.” Ehhh… I am carrying… Some people running like this, some running like that, collecting… Three cars full! And we are putting on ourselves also so many things, ohhh… Here I can’t find such things, because all people they are flea market people…

This is market, flea market. Perhaps you have a good chance, you can find something that it may be valuable. It is good chance for you to take. Therefore sometimes I was going and saying: “Whole this - how much you need?” “O Sheikh, maybe 20 Pounds.” “Too much! 5 Pounds?” “I must ask… O my Darling, 5 Pounds, they are taking all, we may give?!” “Give, quickly, we may go!” Taking, putting… Old photograph machines, old recorders, old gramophones, ehhh… old shoes, old clothes, old plates, old cups… so many things you may… if you go once, you should ask to be second week to go and look after…

Very good, because people they have now a new habit: Every year you must change this, everything inside! We are putting everything outside. Every year one new house.

They are thinking that when they are renewing their furniture or other materials, ladies going to be younger… Every time they are renewing, they think that: “We renewed also…” That is foolishness, but (it became a) bad habit. Europeans, western countries, wasting, wasting, wasting… that the Lord of Heavens He is never happy with them! Allah never likes those people, whom they are wasting.

Before time people were dressing one dress perhaps 5 years or 10 years or 20 years, putting also patches. We were going for my shoes to repair and they were putting under it also, like soldiers, nails… I was very happy, because tock, tock, tock, tock… keeping shoes and giving honour!

Such a (habit), it is no good! People (are) running to fulfill their bad habits! They are living for that only! They are not thinking that with new clothes, with new furniture, with new cars, they are taking an honour here or Hereafter, but they are doing this, because Shaytan (is) just using them. Shaytan (is) a big company! Just people (are) going to work for Shaytan! People (are) working for Shaytan!

Now in our days, Muslim countries also like western countries; they are very happy to be ‘westernized Muslims’! Can’t be ‘westernized Muslims’. Muslim (means) Oriental people, sun rising countries. We are not happy to be sunset countries’ people, no! They are dreaming (of) Oriental countries, and I am sorry that Muslims they are dreaming western countries! Wrong, wrong! Allah (is) giving honour to Oriental, sun rising countries. Everything that belongs to our spirituality, you can find through Oriental counties. Everything that you are asking for material, you may find in western countries. Therefore their souls (are) always asking to run to Middle East and Oriental countries.

And, in contrary, (the) Muslim world they are dreaming always: “Oh, oh, if I have been in Paris, in London… dancing… beautiful ladies, girls…” Foolish people! Shaytan (is) making them to be cheated! Nothing in western countries except material! Material means: no sense, no sense, and our pleasure (is) through our spirituality! If your spirituality (is) getting to be happy, you are living a peaceful life!

Why western countries they can’t be able to live peacefully? Because they are worshipping material! And Islam (is) saying: “Material under my feet!” Western countries’ people saying: “Material on our heads.”

And now people (are) just reaching the top point of pleasement through material. When material (is) finishing, material pleasures, when (they are) finishing, they are asking: “We are fed up.” Then Shaytan (is) coming with drugs: “Oh my brother, now you finished! You finished, now we are opening to you a new door to enter and to see, to look, without any trouble. No problem for you, no trouble for you, when you are entering to that world… I am coming, o youngsters, I am coming to open to you a new vision with a new world…” That is!

Therefore - I was in New York with Sheikh Hisham Efendi and the center of U.N. and I was looking and seeing advertisings, saying about… :”Help us to prevent (drugs), to save youngsters from that poison!” And I was there, it was noon time. One group of our people (was) asking me that: “We are not yet prayed Dhuhr prayer, can we pray?” I said: “Yes, you can pray aside.” When they are praying, 2 like polar bears, running, coming and shouting, saying: “You can’t pray here! Here no Allah, here no God, here no beliefs! Go away!” Such Shaytan people! With which means they can save youngsters? Only a real belief may save people to fall into (the) trap of Shaytan and they are fighting that - how we can help them?

We can kill people? No. If you can kill, another one is coming, bringing… but if a person (is) believing in (the) Lord of Heavens and who beliefs (in a) responsibility for them, for him Last Day, (on) Last Day, on Judgment Day, he is fearing from Allah Almighty and may help us. Only beliefs can stop it, but western countries (are) fighting against beliefs. They are materialist, atheist people, not believing in anything - how we can stop?

You can’t… Therefore western countries people (are) now in a worst situation: No peace, no pleasure, no hope, because they are saying: “(When) people (are) dying, everything (is) finishing”… Day by day they are loosing their hopes and finally they are finishing…

O people! The Lord of Heavens (is) saying: “O My servants, follow My Messengers, My elected, chosen people, that I grant to them something from heavenly spirituality. Follow them to reach satisfaction, contentment!”

You can’t find a contentment and peace through material! So many people are buried in material, but they (are) never finding a satisfaction, no, no!

Therefore (the) world, East and West, East, sun rising countries, mostly they like to believe in Allah Almighty, to keep His Ways and to keep to His Heavenly Oceans and second part, they are asking quickly to fulfill their physical desires and to follow their egoistic desires. And they are in wrong way!

Now people on fire. Everyone whom they are asking their Lord, Creator, Allah Almighty, they should be saved. Everyone whom they are not asking and they are making an example for them Shaytan, shaytanic ways, they should be taken away; no rest here or Hereafter. May Allah forgive us!

It is a dangerous time and day by day we are approaching to (they) last station of (this) world. O people, try to do some good things, that when you are reaching to your Lord, to be happy with you and to welcome you! If not, you (are) never going to be welcomed through your Lord or through Heavenly Beings, Angels! Try to be from that group that they should be welcomed and the doors of Paradise - Paradise means eternity, eternity, eternal life… you may go to eternity - so beautiful word, eternity! Ask, O people! If you are not understanding Arabic, you may understand ‘eternity’. So beautiful world, word! Ask eternal life through eternity! Oh…oh… !

That must be (the) main goal for mankind; but I am sorry to say that people lost it and they are making some nonsense goals to reach. Their nonsense goal (is) only to save much more money, to save much more golden, to save much more property and trying to be No. 1 through richness or through their sultanates, (or) through their authorities.

O people, they are all imitated and no value things in divine Presence!

O people, no one can be like Qarun, no one can save, what he saved. What benefit he reached from his saved treasures? Nothing! First Allah Almighty (was) making him to sink down! And people, Bani Israel, the Children of Israel, they were never keeping their tongues from Prophets! They were always harming Sayyidina Musa, Moses, and they were saying: “Oh, look, Moses (was) just cursing Qarun to take his treasures!” And he was ordering also earth: “Take all treasures down, so people must know we are not looking (to the) treasures on this life!”

O people, use your minds, don’t follow your egos! Your egos (are) following Shaytan and Shaytan he (is) just getting first ‘asi’, disobedient one, (he was the) first one who (was) thrown away from the Divinely Presence! May Allah forgive us!

Use your minds, use your mentalities! Today we are here, tomorrow we are not here… And Shaytan (is) making people to be 2 big groups. Now, as (the) Prophet was saying: “When the Last Days (are) coming, people on earth (are) going to be in 2 groups.” Every nation must be under one group. They should fight each another and they should kill each other, so that if 5 billions (are) living, 4 billions are going away, one billion (is going to be) on earth only. O people, follow (the) safe way!

I was in London and I saw once a writing: “Safeways”. I was surprising, saying: “I was asking safe way! What…?” Then I am asking people to go to look. “That is a new Message with those people to show people safe way?” “O Sheikh, (it is) the name of Hypermarket!” “Ha?” Look… that person was urging people to come and to buy something, to be his heart content with something that...

Now Sheikh Salim saying to me: “O Sheikh, people now (are) asking some new markets, because now a new fashion (is) coming and people they are saying ‘organic’ and ‘unorganic’. Therefore everywhere hypermarkets, supermarkets are mixing organic with non-organic and selling (to) people. People, who knows what is organic or unorganic?

Therefore this (is) making people to be awaken; if they are asking to be save from unorganic foods: “Come to us, we are not lying!” but they are biggest liars!

(The) Prophet (was) saying: “Man ghashana, fa-laisa minna. Who (is) cheating us, is not from our nation”, but Shaytan (is) making people to cheat each other. (The) wife (is) cheating (the) husband, (the) husband (is) cheating wife, children cheating through themselves, neighbours cheating, government cheating… everyone cheating and running now. (The) Prophet (is) never accepting such a nation, whom they are not using their minds and no beliefs, they are not believing. And Allah Almighty (is) saying: “O people, try to be with true ones!” “O Sheikh, there is true ones, they are true ones, that one there!” True ones… If you are asking pub people: “Are you (from true ones)?” “Who are you, asking such question to me? I am true one!” “No, you are horse of Truva [Trojan horse]!”

Keep yourself with good people; with Prophets, and also those, whom they are following Prophets. They should be among people up to (the) end of this world.

Do you think that ‘yaqut’, ruby, you can find everywhere? Look… anyone from Sri Lanka here? No… How they are tiring themselves to find a jewel! They are tiring to find a piece of ruby. Do you think that such people, true people, (are) everywhere? You must ask to find (them)! Find (one) and be with him, you should be happy here and happy there!

May Allah forgive us for the honour… Ya Rabbi afwak wa ridak! O our Lord forgive us! Send us good shepherds; we are fed up from Shaytans shepherds, making Your people, Your servants, on (the) wrong way! Send Your Heavenly Support, heavenly armies, to take them away, to make this world clean and clear for Your sincere servants!

Now you can’t find... awliya (are) saying (that) you can’t find a clean place for praying and saying (that) you can’t find a clean place to make tayyamun. Such a dirty world now! And (the) world (is) making itself like this, like that… Tsunami, for what? That is signs that (the) earth (is) asking to explode, to make them away, to kill them!

What happening on earth!

O our Lord, we are not accepting what they are doing. Keep Your servants away from those Shaytans shepherds! Everywhere take them away! Give me, I may carry, even I am (the) weakest servant. And it is not too much! If You are giving an authority to an ant, one ant can clean (the) whole world, it is not difficult!

May Allah forgive us and grant us Sahibu Zaman, who should appear, should come, when (the) Last Days (are) approaching, Sayyidina Mehdi – alayhi salam-, then Antichrist comes, then Sayyidina Isa – alayhi salam.

For the honour of (the) most honoured, most honourable, most glorified and most praised servant in Your Divinely Presence, ya Rabbi, Sayyidina Muhammad – sallaLlahu alayhi wa sallam - O Allah, forgive us and support Your weak servants,


That is baraka of Sheikh Hisham Efendi…