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No Permission to Visit Cyprus until `Eid

Sultan al-Awliya

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al-HAqqani

5 July 2012 Lefke, Cyprus

A`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytaani 'r-rajeem. Bismillahi 'r-Rahmaani 'r-Raheem. After the night of Bara`ah, they don’t want anyone to come here from Europe and those who are here should return to their places. These are the instructions: everybody will do what he has to do in his home, in his own place. There is no permission anymore to visit here. It is not certain what may happen until Ramadan, and later they may get stuck here and their families are there and they won’t be able to handle it. Therefore, whoever is here from Europeans, who wants to come here from Europeans, until the second instruction, no one may come. Nor may anyone leave their homes and children, or come here with their children. Now there is no necessity anymore to come here to visit until `Eid al-Adha, three months from now. Whatever happens, happens, and whoever remains, remains.

Therefore, whoever is here from Europe must immediately make their preparations this weekend and go back to their families. No one will come here from there anymore as it is not possible to handle, and there is such an instruction. The people of Turkey must also keep to their own places. They should not crowd in here, no need. The have appointed shaykhs there who will look after them. Everyone who finds a chance come here, it is closed now. Do you understand? They will have both sides emptied because it will be a burden on them; it won’t be a burden on us, but for them it will. Everyone back to their homes! There can be a war, a battle, and they won’t be able to find each other or their ways (home), or a place to go out and they would be left here bewildered. No need!

Such an instruction came to me on the Night of Bara`ah. He said, “ Don’t let anyone stay here, other than its own local people. Whoever came may return to their own place until the end of `Eid al-Adha. At the end of Eid if there is nothing (trouble), they may come for an Eid visit and if not, no one should move from his place until the end of Ramadan; otherwise, they may be here and their children there and a state of misery will come on them. Thanks to Allah there is no heaviness on us, but for them there may be. Even if all of Turkey were to come here to me, there is no heaviness for me and they will eat whatever they find; however, the people of Europe will remain where they are.

Inform and warn people about this! Starting from Monday or tomorrow, the Europeans must start their preparations to return. Now no one should come here from there as here is a dangerous zone. Later they may not be able to find their way out. They must remain in their homes with their families. If possible, they should look to the countryside and they should not live in the cities. This is the instruction. Cypriots here are different and we don’t interfere with them; that is not our job. For Cypriots it is their home and they may do whatever they like, but they are saying that for the visitors the doors will be closed from outside. Everyone may do his wird or mission in this own place; there is no need to come and sit here anymore, it is enough!

No Europeans may come. Turks may sit in their own places as they have their own dargahs and tekkias. If Sham opens, new instructions will come, and even if Sham opens it still has time. No need to come here, but they may go to Sham. Those in Sham may remain steady in their places and not fear.

The instruction has been received: “Lock your doors and remain in your houses.” That is the instruction of our Prophet (s), “Who enters his home and locks his door is in safety and security.” Those in Sham must not fear! Remain in your homes, spread your prayer rug and continue with your tasbeeh, then no one can touch you! If they do, there are many responsible awliya there. This instruction is for them (in Sham).

The ones in Egypt are different; they must not go in the streets and they must not go out, men and women, except to mosques. If women go out, they are responsible for what will come on them. Women should cover and conceal themselves; they should not be seen! They should lock their doors and remain inside.


Amaan, yaa Rabbee! This instruction has come, especially for the Europeans: Europeans, Indians, Iranians, whoever is here, there is an order now for all of them to go back to their places. Now the dargah only welcomes the ones belonging here, it no longer welcomes visitors from outside. Whoever has something (to resolve) may go to Hala Sultan (to pray) as this place can’t hold it anymore. Those here cannot take any more responsibility, so they may leave them and they will learn their lesson, the people of Lefke! All of them will leave as this is the order: go back to your places!

There is a separate instruction for the other Cypriots. We seek refuge in Allah. What will come after this is not known. People should go to the countryside now. They won’t be able to stay in the cities and will run away from the cities. This instruction is especially for those who stay in the dargahs and come to visit from outside (the country). Starting from tomorrow, all of them--men, women and children--may get ready to move. Dargahs are opened for them in their own places, so there is no need for them to be here anymore. We have the power to feed the whole world even, so it is not that, but they can’t tolerate it!


The people of Egypt must not move from their places, they should stay in their houses or move to the countryside. There is danger for Egypt! Sham has already received its danger. There is also danger for Turkey; they should not move from their places. Those who are in Istanbul may move out from Istanbul back to their towns; if not, they will go to their own ruin! This is the instruction from the awliya who carry the spiritual burden of that place (Istanbul). He said, “If the people in Istanbul remain here, ninety-five percent of them will be ruined, helak! There is no need (to remain in the city) and if they don’t listen, they will be ruined!

Our situation is like this now. From Europe, from America, wherever they came from, everyone must return to his place. There is no permission to remain here, nor do they want anyone to come. They may stay in their places and carry out the Naqshbandi Way (awraad, responsibilities) and there is no longer any need for them to be here. This is an instruction that came to my heart in the morning of Laylat al-Bara`ah.

Thanks to Allah, in all these years we have never become needy or helpless! We have managed with the blessings and grants of Allah Almighty, but now there is an instruction: “They should go back to their places.” They must raise the flag of the Naqshbandi Way and not fear.


And the Egyptians must not go out from their homes and wander out in the streets, especially at night. They may sit inside, close their doors and windows, and switch off their their lights. The house should not be without a man.

The people in Istanbul may go back to solitary places, to their towns. If they don’t, there is ruin for them and we will not interfere. There is no danger for the old inhabitants like you, but there is danger for all of those who came later on.

The time is near and Saahib al-Waqt is coming! What will happen will happen. There will be war, as well as damage. They informed me about this important point: there is no need for American, European or whoever else to be here nor should anyone come to visit. It’s a holiday (closed) until `Eid al-Adha.

They should keep some supplies in their homes. If there is a girl or boy in their homes, they should not show them outside. They must close their doors and put a lock over it from outside and not move from there. They may make a circle around it with seven recitations of Ayat al-Kursi, then no one can touch (those inside). Yaa Rabbee, You are Great! Yaa Rabbee, You are Great!

This is important. The foreigners must move out immediately! They should prepare and move out starting from tomorrow. Turks should move out as well and return to their places. No one should stay here as I will close it, that is the order and I can’t close it except by the order to close it and leave it be. The people who live here may come and go. There is no need for those who came from outside as there is no permission. There are also women who come here without men, but there is no need. Even in their own places, women must not go out from their homes and they must not be seen. This martial law is coming from Heavens! May Allah protect. Other than who is with us, no one can stay. Do you understand?

Wa min Allahi 't-tawfeeq, bi hurmati 'l-Fatihah.

Inform people about this instruction. Starting from tomorrow, all Europeans here will return to their places. May they be in safety and may we be in safety also!

The order is, “Out! Out of Istanbul! Don’t stay in Istanbul!” It will happen within six months. My great-grandfather was given the news, as he said, “I don’t want Istanbul, nor do I want Turkey; I may travel to Cyprus and be in the open.” Their understanding is strong and they know. Allahu Akbar al-Akbar! Allahu Akbar al-Akbar! (Mawlana Shaykh Nazim stands.)

O our Lord! We are weak. Fatihah. May Allah protect you.

They have reached the end of the road in Sham to hit and the others are finished, and they cannot hit from here to there, no! It is closed now. They can come up to Jordan, but cannot go beyond it. If they do, I will take care of them. I may not be able to walk, but I can reach them! Amaan, yaa Rabbee!

Until now, whomever we gave permission to visit and stay here, after the night of Bara`ah, those permissions have been revoked until the situation in the Middle East is resolved. They may keep to their homes and themselves, and Allah will keep them. Okay son, go on with your work.



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