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Grand Mawlid with Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

7 March 2020 Feltham, London, UK

A`oodhu billahi mina 'sh-shaytaani 'r-rajeem

Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem

Alhamdulillahi Rabbi 'l-`Alameen, wa ’s-salaatu wa ’s-salaamu `alaa ashrafi 'l-mursaleena Sayyidina wa Nabiyyina Muhammadin wa `alaa aalihi wa sahbihi ajma`een.

Yaa Sayyidee, yaa Rasoolullah. Amidna bi madadin min `indika wa qadimna li-hudoor an-Nabi (s) hatta [unclear] an nakoonu ma`hu fid-dunya wal-akhirah.

O our Prophet, give us support from you to present us to the Divine Presence and that Allah grant us to be with him in this life and in the Hereafter.

Every small one does not know the meaning of knowledge and every old one is not excused from craziness. Everyone, no matter how advanced in age they are, still does not know everything. Rather everything is in the hands of the Prophet (s), so if you know Prophet (s) you get everything.

If you look at the light, what do you see? Not only visible light, but a light that is deeper than the light that you see, and all this light is taken from the Prophet (s) every 24 hours. Every 24 hours has its own special light and that light is from the Prophet (s). Without that light nothing in dunya will function.

They tell you "man walked on the moon," and man can walk on the moon. Can you say “no”? No. That knowledge, all Awliya have to learn what is holding it together.

Let us go back [to what we were saying]. That light is coming from the lamp, not more, but the light functions more than the physical light itself and people try to find the reality of light. What is the reality of the light? It is a power that Allah gave to Awliyaullah to guide humanity to the right way. If you miss it you miss it. What can you do? We insist on knowing that. By asking shafa`ah, intercession, from the Prophet (s) and by making salawaat on Prophet (s) then Allah will open to us from that light because Sayyiddina Muhammad (s) is the Habeeb, Beloved of Allah (swt). So everything passes through him (s) to reach to us; because from him everything in the dunya is coming out. People follow their ways, follow only the things they can see, what they cannot see they don't discuss amongst each other because it does not concern them.

I was just looking there at that gentleman who is sitting on his knees and I see something like a waterfall of light coming from within him. It is true that a Wali can see the reality of that light. They have power that Allah gave them to remove obstacles. They can see the obstacles we cannot see and remove them from the way, but ordinary people cannot see them. They chase Shaytan away from us, or else you would see most people going crazy [from his attacks]..

وكلهم من رسول الله ملتمس *** غرفا من البحر او رشفا من الديم

Wa kullun min rasoolillahi multamisan *** gharfan min al-bahri wa rashfan mina ’d-diyami.

All of them come and take from Allah's Messenger *** a handful of his ocean or a sip of his continuous rains. (Qasidat al-Burdah)

Everything is connected to and taking from the Prophet (s). Some are taking handfuls and some are taking in buckets. That power allows angels and good people, mu'mineen, to understand the reality of that Light. Jabal Uhud left everything and went to the presence of the Prophet (s). This Light is guiding them, their power is so huge that one spoonful of it, that one spoonful of that power dripped on Mt. Uhud will make it disappear. Jabal Uhud, if you put it on one side of a scale and all the other mountains of Earth on the other, Uhud will overwhelm the scale, all the other mountains will not move it as one gram or the weight of one spoon.

So the saaliheen, pious people, took advantage; knowing that there will be a great change coming. So to move a mountain a spoonful of which outweighs all other mountains is a miracle by itself and the power of the saaliheen is able to move anything on Earth. If a Qutb needs something from heavenly power he can look within himself and he will see everything that has been created. Scientists think they have discovered something, but in reality they did not, because it has been said, between Awliya and between Aqtaab, that such a power has been given to them from Allah, and Allah gives to whomever He likes, and all that comes via the intermediation of Rasoolullah (s):

وكلهم من رسول الله ملتمس *** غرفا من البحر او رشفا من الديم

Wa kullun min rasoolillahi multamisan *** gharfan min al-bahri wa rashfan mina ’d-diyami.

All of them come and take from Allah's Messenger *** a handful of his ocean or a sip of his continuous rains. (Qasidat al-Burdah)

“Kullun’ means “everything,” meaning everything needs to be taken from the Prophet (s) for nothing remains outside that ‘kull’.

The whole dunya, men and women, will be taking from the Prophet (s), and no one can object to that because it is absolute truth, everyone is taking from the Prophet (s) either taking in buckets or in handfuls. It has been given to the Prophet (s) from Allah, and Prophet (s) gives to that Wali and from that Wali to the common people. They say, “What are you saying?” I am saying something that you refused to say, it is still hanging in the air waiting for you to say it once you are no longer corrupted. And saying it will allow you to receive a gift because tawbah can be made through intercession of Awliya. As we said before, if you look at a Qutb it is as if you are looking through binoculars. That Qutb who is responsible for dunya is called Qutb al-Bilaad, he can do things in a miraculous way, because there is too much corruption on Earth so it takes Awliya too much to clean them from sins, because everyone has sins.

They say, “Show us the reality of what you are speaking.” It depends if you are willing to accept or not, if you are willing to show us (acceptance) then you will get back your power; if not you wait your turn behind those who have no way to understand this, who don't even believe in it. Why do they say Awliya cannot see what others cannot see? Who said so? Just now we said that the light does have power; the power of Awliya is beyond every power. As we said, one Wali can make a big change on Earth. What we have to do is accept the reality of Awliya. It is to accept... let us change it: it has been accepted already, so we just need Awliya to open it up for us. With the order that Allah gave them through the shafa`ah of Prophet (s), they can move dunya from its place, and don't think that is too much for them! Still there is more they can do. The Qutb al-Bilad and Qutb al-Mutasarif have that power, they can send it to humanity and people can take it.

So what is that power in that light? Look at the Moon and look at the Sun, are they moving or are they still? There are 80 billion stars in our galaxy. Do you understand as I am understanding that Awliya can move mountains and can move dunya from its place? That power that Allah gave to them enables them to take anything from Haqiqat al-Wali, from the Reality to the Wali, and their reality has not changed. Huwa kullun shayyin, he is everything, we ask help from him.

So mountains can be moved and Mt. Uhud spoke to the Prophet (s) as is well-documented in hadith in Bukhari, and that is through hitting its PIN number. In just the same way we have PIN numbers to access things. ( I give this example because) people can understand it. If you tell them a hadith from Bukhari then they are happy. If someone says something from the Prophet (s) they are happy. Mount Uhud moved from its place, you just need to know the PIN number to move it.

Laa ilaaha illa-Llah`alayha nahya, wa `alayha namoot, wa `alayha nalq ’Llah, inshaa-Allah. There is no God except Allah, on that Word we live and upon it we die and with it we meet Allah by His Will.

So the Mountain can be uprooted from its place and implanted in another place. Who can do that ? Angels can do that. When they plant, they plant on Earth. So Allah (swt) gave Awliya power and made them Awliyaullah on behalf of the Ummah and He put them to look after human beings.

You are looking at me and I am looking at you and shaking my head.

So it is well known that if you have a pen alone, every drop of ink in this pen has a secret, and that power comes to those who are repenting. What is the work of the saliheen, these pious people? They teach us what we need to know. Everything around the world is turning anticlockwise. If you look at the watch, you will see which direction it is moving. And Allah made the turning anti-clockwise, why we don't know. And there is an infinite number of circles (rotations) and each circle has an infinite number of aspects which can be seen. And every circle, as we said, has its own power. So as it is moving in circles how many circles can we collect? From their movement, how many circles are they producing?

The circulation that they do, that energy is clean, because that energy does not have any mistake, it only makes hasanaat, goodness. So, no one told me how many times it circles? It will happen when you check about servants in dunya and Akhirah, but Awliya know, because they have to use the power that comes out from those circles. When Allah (swt) created Prophet (s), He put his Light in the Ocean of Power and that light was continuously turning, producing things you can never understand and you never heard about, except for now.

Wa kulluhum min rasoolillahi multamisan, “Everything” created is a production emerging from the Prophet's Reality (s).

So that Power is now in the hands of Qutb al-Mutassarif. Alhamdulillah that is Tariqah. Qutb al-Mutassarif has all the power in his hands.

Allahumma salli `alaa Sayyidina Muhammad!

Be Happy! Everythng is in the hands of Habeebuna Sauyyidina Muhammad (s), so we are getting maghfirah for sure as Ummat al-Islam is getting and we will be moving in a proper direction.

So how many circles? [Infinite.] Who told you? (Laughter.) It is correct. It is an infinite number and it is always in dhikrullah producing that Light and energies.

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, `Azeez Allah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Subhaan Allah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Kareem Allah

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah.

Inshaa-Allah we finish our suhbah this way. In California, the hippies there have a trademark that keeps them standing up. When I was living there, they used to come to see me, they have very soft hearts and we hope that inshaa-Allah one day they will mostly come to Islam. Don’t think that this is too much, this is less than an atom! With Noor al-Ilahi, Allah (swt) put His Perfect Servant turning in that Ocean of Power and producing energy, a kind of energy that from which Allah (swt) created the body of Sayyidina Muhammad (s). There are Awliya who know more, may Allah grant us more.

Allahumma salli `alaa Sayyidina Muhammad, wa `alaa aalihi wa sahbihi ajma`een.

Wa min Allahi 't-tawfeeq, bi hurmati 'l-habeeb, bi hurmati 'l-Fatihah.


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