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Marry the One Recommended by the Shaykh

Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

5 September 2020 Fenton Zawiya, Michigan

[Suhbat in progress]...scholar, she did not know and she couldn’t accept the decision of Allah (swt). So he did not accept, he said, “I cannot marry her, because I don’t have the power to listen to anyone other than myself.” He wanted to follow his own thinking, because he was an `alim.

His shaykh told him, “Don’t be a loser. That lady is not a scholar, she is an ordinary person, but if the shaykh says to you, ‘I am giving you that lady to marry’, accept.”

It was heavy on him, but his mind was driving him towards acceptance of the shaykh’s order. The lady accepted, but she was not happy with the decision and wanted to cancel because she was not up to the level of wilayah. So he left and went home, and there, when he was doing muraqaba, he was inspired to accept another time. He understood Tariqah, so he stopped to make a decision.

He said, “I will go to the shaykh and ask; it is better.” He went to the shaykh and said, “The lady you wanted me to marry is ignorant and I am a scholar. It is better that I follow the orders from that waliullah than lose Tariqah.”

He saw the shaykh at night in a dream telling him, “Accept her.”

He said, “Sayyidee.”

He said, “No ‘Sayyidee’. Your 'Sayyidee' is that lady. Go and study from her, learn from what she is telling you.”

He dropped everything and went to his teacher and as soon as he arrived his teacher said, “For a little bit you would have lost your Tariqah. This lady was sent by Grandshaykh `AbdAllah al-Fa'iz ad-Daghestani (q),” teaching the mureed to listen to the shaykh.

Shaykh Sharafuddin (q) called him the next day and said, “You were going to be a loser, but my Intercession helped you. The Tariqah that you and I carry helped you carry the Power of Acceptance.”

Today you see many people lose their Tariqah and they begin to curse and shout; it's a characteristic all Bani Adam (human beings) carry.

So he said, “No, it is better to accept.”

He went to the lady and said, “We want to marry. I will bring the shaykh of Tariqah to this place and you will follow his teaching.”

As soon as he said that and paid attention to what the shaykh said, he didn't say anything, but quickly accepted the decision, then he was accepted by the shaykh and Shaykh Sharafuddin.

"Maa quddir ya’koon, what is decreed will take place w’Allahu maqaddir wa al-'alam shu’oon, Allah is the Decree-er and creation are His subjects. You cannot change Amrullah, what Allah has decreed. Accept and your heart will be open to the Asraar at-Tariqah, Secrets of Tariqah, because you have accepted my decision and the decision of the shaykh higher than me."

The mureed who initially did not accept, once he accepted his shaykh came to him in a dream and said, “You have attained the highest level of Tasawwuf.”

That lady was not ignorant, but her decisions were. She was, however, given power because she accepted and listened to our noble saints. He was very happy because he was looking for something with which he could learn to open the doors and windows of Tariqah.

By a small good deed, you can be successful. Don’t try to reject, instead accept everything the shaykh says. Today people don’t care what the shaykh says or listen to him; they only consider their own decision.

That lady gave birth to two `ulama. She was pregnant and Mawlana Shaykh said that she gave `ilm to the children who both came to acceptance. She was one of the rare Awliya to whom Allah gave power as they accepted the Tariqah according to what the shaykh said, and what their mother taught them about Tariqah. Allah gave that man power which was accepted by him, her and the shaykh.

When she delivered those two, all the village and the school came to congratulate her because everyone knew her story. So do whatever Allah (swt) inspires you, and you will always be in the presence of Grandshaykh and Awliya, and don’t listen to your ego.

May Allah forgive and bless us, bi hurmati ‘l-Fatihah. [Ameen.]


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