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Love Is the Energy of Existence

Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

27 January 2013 Madrid, Spain

Sufi Music Festival

As-salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi ta`alaa wa barakaatuh.

I was in Chile and I sat like this one in front of the miners (on floor).

(Translator misunderstands and thinks Mawlana is talking about chilis; everyone laughs).

What is this? Sit well, don’t fall! He ate too much chile today! (laughter)

It’s an honor for me to be here tonight with our beloved Spanish people and many others from different backgrounds who are here, and I want to thank `Ali Keeler and Rabi`a and Mu`aaffi, Ahmad Yayha and `Ali Elsayed, Abu Shu`ayb (the translator) and especially all of you here tonight.

I am now like you (takes off turban and hat, the translator follows). I am not different, we are all equal, we are all on the same page, we are all under one Heaven, we are all on one Earth, may God bless you all!

Too many prophets came, from beginning to end, 124,000 prophets. Now I put it back (turban) because we mentioned the name of the Prophet (s). For every prophet there must be an inheritor and for that reason there are 124,000 saints. Every saint is at the feet of every prophet and when a saint leaves this world for the next, when a saint leaves from this dunya to the other world, immediately another saint will replace him on his chair (position). That’s why there are 124,000 saints, but they are more in number because when they die they are replaced, and that (actual) number no one knows it except our Lord!

Who believes in Jesus, for sure, there are many saints in that religion. Who believes in Moses, too many saints, who believes in Prophet (s) too many saints. Total 124,000 saints. Might be there are too many here, we don’t know. Might be he is a saint (points to the translator), translate that! He didn’t translate... he ate too much chile today, that’s why he cannot talk!

So what is important, what unites us, what unites the whole world? The world is one, in this solar system, not in other galaxies. So what unites us? What unites this solar system, it is very unique?

If the Sun moved one fraction of a second, everything would be burned. If the Earth moved one fraction of a second, a disaster will fall. The Sun produces heat and many know in the core of the Sun the temperature is around 50 million Centigrade. It is burning, so if it moves a little bit, that heat will boil human beings.

This Earth that we are living in is always turning around the Sun. Who makes it to turn? What kind of power? Petrol, gas, diesel, kerosene, helium? If it produces helium, it will fly. So what is keeping Earth turning around the Sun? Leave that. The Earth is turning around its axis. That’s our problem in this life: everyone wants to take what the other has in his hand. If someone is eating a sandwich, someone else wants to eat it. That’s the problem, that’s the problem.

So who is making the Earth turn on its axis? Okay, the Earth is turning around the Sun, but why is the Earth turning on the axis? To make day and night. When it is turning and moving away from Spain, Spain becomes night, in America we still have Sun there. So anything facing the Sun will be daylight so when the Earth turns there is a front side and a back side. It means we are a planet, an earth, in our system we are Earth and because we are created from Earth we are in a situation that we are turning around our soul. So we have night and we have day; it means we have darkness and we have lightness.

It turns, not only that, but it creates day and night, and the Moon comes to work also to create the months. That Moon when it turns, it runs around the Earth and both turn around the Sun making the year. Time is imaginary; there is no time, what you are looking at in the watches is an imaginary time, because they understand three dimensions and they said there is a fourth dimension which is time, which you cannot see. Scientists try to understand, but spiritual saints already understand the difference because saints or prophets were speaking about the time.

Time for them, the present, past, future are one. All three are there in one: past, present, future are all the present. Past was present and it became past, the present is present, and the future is going to become present, so it means you are living in that present. Everything past is gone, so really you are living in the moment. So what is that moment? It did not click in scientists’ minds what that moment is. So they checked how much can we divide the second, because time begins with seconds, minutes, hours. So they asked what is a fraction of a second and they began to reduce, break it down by a factor of one, two, three, four, and they found that they can cut the second down until it comes to 10 to the power of minus 22. So the smallest fraction of a second they could define, they found it equal to 0.00000000000000000000001 (22 zeros). Everything, time disappeared, no more time! What happened? They found only energy; power, the heavenly power, the heavenly energy that saints use for healing, they use that energy for advising others, they use that energy to fix your system, to balance your system, to balance the day and the night within you!

I give you an example. There are 124,000 Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (s). When Prophet (s) used to say one word to his Sahaabah, they could hear him without microphones. Now we need microphones. He is a prophet and he can do that, but I was in Central Asia with one of the famous saints of Islam, Imam al-Bukhari (q), who collected the exact sayings of the Prophet (s) in Sahih al-Bukhari, and he had school in Samarkand where he used to teach people. The school, the hall, can take 5,000 to 10,000 students. It was so impossible for everyone to be able to hear him, but that teacher was sitting there and 10,000 people could hear him. In that association in that hall that can take 10,000 people, 25,000 people used to come and sit in his associations every day, and everyone could hear him loud!

They were not using any technology, they were using the power of energy. Energy does miracles. You are here for that musical energy to uplift you and it makes you to listen more and more and be happy and enjoy, then all the bad desires disappear and the good desires come up. That is why music is important in the life of a human being. Some people can hear angelic music; the movement of angels is music and the movement of these galaxies is a music. So 25,000 people could hear him without a microphone and don’t think it so much, it is still small number.

I go to Indonesia every year three or four times and in every meeting there are between a 100,000 to 500,000 people that come from everywhere to listen to the music, because music takes you up; it is spiritual access. These musicians are being honorably, heavenly supported because they make everyone happy, but not you (the translator) and me, we don’t know what we are. He eats oxtail, he can take the tail and play with it. Le rouge attir le toro, “The red attracts the bull.” That’s why he attracted me! So that energy is the power that controls everything. Now you say, what is that energy? It is one source!

Energy never dies, it is in Quantum Physics, must be everyone knows that, but it can change from one level to another, like chameleons change colors. That energy we see in front of us, it is here. Look! Look here, are there any activities going on? Yes, there are. You are seeing them? No answer, no answer? Are there activities here or is it a void, a vacuum? It is full of pictures, it is full of visions, it is full of sounds, it is full of hearing, it is full of everything you can imagine! Because bring a television and put it here and it can, immediately when you open it, it attracts electromagnetic waves and can give you pictures and sound. Correct? [Yes!] Or am I wrong? [Correct.] Correcto! Do I need to repeat? [No.]

Electromagnetic waves are everywhere. If I put a television it can receive these electromagnetic waves; it collects them and turns them to pictures and sound. Television is the invention of whom? Scientists. So what do you think of the King of Scientists, the King of Kings, the Master of this Universe, Master of Heavens and Earth, can He not create a human heart that can see and hear? A television can receive these electromagnetic waves, so why can we not receive these electromagnetic waves through our hearts and through our minds? Do we have a satellite? What does a satellite do? A satellite dish catches every electromagnetic wave. When it was analog it could catch a few, and when it became digital it got thousands of channels through a receiver and you needed a satellite, parabolica. Do we have a parabolica? Where is our parabolica? To where do all these electromagnetic waves come? Can you see them now? Don’t be shy! [No.] Ask the musicians. [Yes.]

One (pulls his ear) and two (pulls the other ear): you have two parabolicas! In one comes the good desires and in the other coming from Satan are the bad desires, and they meet in your heart to produce a picture. Too much electromagnetic waves come on our ear. The outside is the parabolica and the inner center of the ear is the receiver, and it mixes what comes from this side and what comes from that side and sends them to the heart, and the heart turns them into picture and sound, and the mind gives orders through our nervous system to send these eletromagnetic waves through every part of the body! That is why it is said in Islam and in every other religion:

عن ‏ ‏أبي هريرة ‏ ‏قال ‏‏قال رسول الله ‏ ‏صلى الله عليه وسلم ‏ ‏إن الله قال ‏ ‏من عادى لي وليا فقد ‏ ‏آذنته ‏ ‏بالحرب وما تقرب إلي عبدي بشيء أحب إلي مما افترضت عليه وما يزال عبدي يتقرب إلي بالنوافل حتى أحبه فإذا أحببته كنت سمعه الذي يسمع به وبصره الذي يبصر به ويده التي يبطش بها ورجله التي يمشي بها وإن سألني لأعطينه ولئن استعاذني لأعيذنه وما ترددت عن شيء أنا فاعله ترددي عن نفس المؤمن يكره الموت وأنا أكره مساءته ‏

Man `ada lee waliyan aadhantahu bi ’l-harb wa maa taqarraba ilayya `abdee bi-shayyin ahabba ilayya mimmaa aftaradtu `alayhi wa maa yazaalu `abdee yataqarabu ilayya bi’ n-nawaafil hatta uhibbah. Fa idhaa ahbaabtahu kuntu sama`uhulladhee yasma`u bihi wa basarahulladhee yubsiru bihi, wa yadahulladhee yabtishu bihaa wa rijlahullatee yamshee bihaa....

My servant does not cease to approach Me through voluntary worship until I will love him. When I love him, I will become the ears with which he hears, the eyes with which he sees, the hand with which he acts, and the legs with which he walks (and other versions include, “and the tongue with which he speaks.”)... (Hadith Qudsi, Bukhari)

“As long as My servant approaches me through voluntary worship,” which means, “approaches Me through his love, approaches Me through good manners, I love him.” God says, “I love him.” So what is more necessary to us is God’s love.

When I love him, or love her, both are equal, but I think women are better than men, no problem, but we are equal in everything. God says, “I will love them. I will be their ears to hear with, I will be their eyes to see with, I will be their tongues they can speak with, I will be their hands that they can change things with, I will be their feet to take them in the right direction.” So what we need is the love of God. The love of God is what is important in all different teachings today!

So many teachings today bring different ideas to make people feel happiness and to balance their selves and their systems. Love is what? Love can make miracles, because the origin of love is energy! If God gives you more energy than the others then you can move mountains. How? With energy it is simple. The source of energy is one. It can be a microphone to hear or a lamp to see. What goes to the lamp to make it shine, is it not energy? What goes to the microphone, is it not energy? What goes to the TV, is it not energy? What makes these instruments play and we can hear, is it not these different wires?

We have to wire ourselves; when we wire ourselves with that energy then that love will appear! The same energy that gives the light to shine is the same light that can move a mountain. For example, you have a ton of iron here; can you move it? No. But if you bring a small crane, tie that one ton of iron, press the button and the iron comes up. What brought it up? The energy. The plane, how it flies? With energy when the turbine runs, but it can’t run without wings. It has to have two wings, the soul and body. So the plane flies with energy. Energy can produce miracles.

Yesterday they asked questions on the Enneagram; they said many Spanish people love the Enneagram. It’s true everywhere. I used to teach that in order that you balance yourself. That is why Gurdjieff came up with the linear line which we won’t explain now; he used a linear line and geometry and math, but the background is energy. So in Sufism, in spirituality, the body produces energy. If we sleep in bed, after a while you see the mattress is hot, because the mattress is in love with you because you are sleeping on it! Don’t say the sponge doesn’t feel, no; everything in the universe feels. Your body makes a relationship with the mattress, that is why the body needs your relationship, the body and soul need to reach agreement between them to balance your system.

People go to martial arts to balance their system or they go to different ideas and beliefs in order to balance their system. The word “love” in Arabic is “hubb.” Hubb is comprised of two letters, Haa and Baa. These two letters describe your life, because everyone wants hubb, love. Do you love your wife? Be careful, she’s here! Your children? (Asking the translator). Correct or not? He was like Romeo and Juliet in his young life and he used to sit under the window playing guitar for his wife, he told me! (Laughter) So that love is two letters, Haa and Baa, which describes our life, the life of those who are in love with each other, just as you love your community, you love your country, you love your king, your president: it describes everything. “Haa” stands for hayyat, life.

(Translator says “vida,” but it sounds like “bid`a.”)

What, bid`a?

(No vida, vivir.)







So “Haa” is hayyat, life. When your life is perfect, you extend your hand to everyone with no difference. Whether you are Muslim or Christian or Jewish or Hindu or Buddhist, you extend your hand. What is the hand? The hand is a bridge.

Prophet (s) taught us to extend our hand to everyone. So when we extend our hands and the otherparty extends his hand, then we are in peace, we are in love now. When you are young and you like a boyfriend and girlfriend, we say in Arabic that first you look at that lady and smile, then the lady looks at that boy and they smile to each other. So what happens when they smile? Immediately they make a date and end up in a nice marriage in a happy life! We hope for that!

Your life will be a life of love because when you love you establish a family, you establish a relationship, you love your community, you love your country.

Prophet (s) said:

حب الاوطان من الايمان

Hubb al-awtaan min al-imaan.

Love of your countries is from faith.

So that love to the country shows your faith and that’s why you have to forgive; when someone feels love to God you have to forgive the others. So that life needs love; without love you cannot live, your life will be depressed, but when you smile to the world, when you smile to the nature, when you go out to the beach it gives you energy because all of them are producing energy and it takes you from the “Haa” to the “Baa.” What is the “Baa”? It is “Baqaa,” Ever-living. When you have love as has been described in all religions--to love God, His Angels, His Prophets, all of them, His Books, all His Holy Books, in the Last Days and in good and in the Destiny--that is the fruit that brings you to the other life, the life of saints.

All of you here are saints because you are here and not outside spending your time fighting! So everyone here must be a wali, and that light of faith and light of love in their hearts makes them to come here! `Ali Elsayed said it and was teaching me before that this same meeting with the same people happened before in front of the Divine Presence on the Day of Promises, Yawm alastu bi rabbikum, when Allah (swt) said, “Who am I?” and we said, “You are our Creator and we are Your servants.”

Let us say altogether, all of you! Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illa-Llaah, wa ash-hadu anna muhammadan `abduhu wa rasooluh.



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