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A`udhu billah min ash-shaytaan ir-rajeem

Bismillahi 'r-Rahman i'r-Raheem


Dastoor Ya sayyidee madad.


Ati` Allah wa ati` ar-rasula wa uli’l-amri minkum


Always, Grandshaykh and Mawlana Shaykh emphasized that whatever happens, don’t show anger.  Whatever are the circumstances, try to show that you are patient and Haleem; forbearing.  Try not to show any sign on your face that you are angry, but keep smiling, because anger is such a very dangerous and bad characteristic that the Prophet (saws) taught the Sahaba how to eliminate it from their lives.  Awliyaullah also want the same: to be able to eliminate it from their lives.

If you look at people from their childhood, whether young ones or older ones, you can see anger on any of them; even on a child because that characteristic has been fueled into the parents so that when the child is born he has already been fueled by the food that his father and mother were giving, so he carries those characteristics.  Everyone in every generation has that anger so you see that anger going from one generation to another.

The Prophet (saws) said to Abu Bakr, “Al-ghadabu kufr, ya Aba Bakr. Anger is disbelief.”  It makes you lose control of what you are doing.  You see people fighting with each other and then one stabs the other with a knife.  Both are responsible, even the one who is stabbed because if he had a knife he would have stabbed the other one.  It is very important to eliminate the anger from our hearts.  Awliyaullah say, sometime you have black fly coming on you.  You try to push it away the first time.  Then it comes on your face and you try to push it a second time and then it comes onto your nose.  Then you try to hit it.  Then it goes and comes back, circling around you.  What do you do at the end?  You get angry from a fly; from a black fly…Is it not true?  It’s happened to you in your life?  Yes.  How many times?  - Too many times.  Then what do you do?  You go buy a flyswatter and you are running after the fly to kill it.

It’s happened?  How many times?  [Too many]  Even to the extent that anger is dominating and possessing you.  That black fly is not even harming you; it doesn’t bite.  We can understand killing something that bites - you have an excuse.  You are after something that doesn’t bite, doesn’t do anything, to kill it.  That will show you how much anger is controlling your life.

Don’t look at that as something small.  No, there is much wisdom in of it.  It shows how much we are suffering because of anger.

Everyone has anger; everyone gets angry.  That fly doesn’t harm, you but Allah has created that fly.  When you get angry with that fly it is as if you are getting angry with Allah’s creation.  Allah created all creation in order to keep raising human beings.  The creation of all that is around you from nature; trees, rocks, mountains or animals, is for our benefit.  All of that has been made for our own benefit.

Allah made them under our control.  Why?  - To raise our levels higher.  All of them are praising Allah .  Allah said that everything is praising Him, wa in min shayin illa yusabihu bi-hamdihi was laakin la tafqahoona tasbeehahum shayin illa yusabihoo bihamdihi.  Even you yourself as a human being, even involuntarily, every cell is praising Allah for sure, because Allah said that everything is praising Allah .  Animals are praising and their praising is being written for human beings.

Grand-Shaykh said it is sunnah to kill a mouse, because it is contagious, it might cause harm, but you have to remember that if the praising of that mouse is going to be written for you.  If you finish its life it means that its praising is not coming to you anymore.  Even to that extent awliyaullah are very careful.  That is why you see that awliyaullah never killed a mouse.  But to eliminate the mouse what did they do?  They brought their cats.  You go see their homes; they are full of cats.  They don’t run after the mouse, they let the cat run after the mouse.  It is not them.  They try not to harm.  Allah gave the mouse to the cat as food.

Today they play with mice, these hamsters.  They play with them – they say that is a mouse.  But they say no, that is not a mouse.  It is a hamster.  They changed the name.  Others are also mice, so what is the problem with them?  Do they bite you?  Awliyaullah know the hikmat that they are praising Allah , but because we are angry, out of anger we run after them to kill them; even after the black fly.

Allah gave all the praises of animals to be written for Ummat an-Nabi (s) for rewards.  These trees: they are green trees and every leaf of these trees is praising Allah .  When they stop praising Allah they fall down - they go - they are finished; even the trees.  So imagine how many millions and billions of animals are hidden in rocks or in soil or above-ground, and all of them are praising Allah and it is written to us.  Everything that is other than Allah is his creation, ma siwa Allah Grandshaykh called it.

Allah’s creation means it is His naqsh.  It is His imprint; His engraving.  He carved them.  He engraved them.  Everyone that Allah created from this creation has been created with Allah’s imprint; His blue print.  There is a blueprint for everything that praises Allah .  Even a rock has a blueprint.

That is why the Prophet (saws) made prohibited for someone to move a rock from the street with his foot; you must move it with your hand.  To remove something from the main road that might make people fall down, is from faith.  You remove it with your hand.  It is showing disrespect to use your feet.  Who created that?  Allah’s imprint, Allah’s touch is on these rocks.  Allah created them.  So when you move it with your feet, you are not respecting that one which is praising Allah .  That rock is praising Allah , it is … and if you push it with your feet you are not respecting Allah .  If you step on it by mistake it is ok.  If you walk on the rocks of the road, it is ok, but if something is in the road, you have to remove it with respect.

Allah honored us.  Who?  He honored us.  Animals need to eat and humans need to eat.  How do animals eat?  They have to put their head down to earth.  It means they have to reach their food with their mouth.  Allah honored human beings by the food coming to their mouth.  That is enough honor to show us how much Allah loved us and created creation for our safety and our reward.  He said more; he said that if anyone gets angry from anything then that anger goes to Allah and that is disbelief.

Ma asaabatkum min museebatin illa bi idhnillah - No affliction befalls you except by the will or permission of Allah .  That means that any affliction which comes to you cannot come without permission.  It means that Allah knows what is coming to you and that is why he sent the Prophet (saws) and other prophets.  He did so in order to teach us patience.  He is telling us that no problem comes except with permission of Allah .  This, perhaps, is to raise your levels.

Many people come and say we have this problem and that problem; that is true.  That is why Allah made awliyaullah to inherit from His Prophet’s (saws) knowledge or inheriting sincerity, that when they make du`a it is accepted.  When these people come with their problems they are seeking a vehicle that Allah will take that difficulty away from them.  And Allah gave that to Sayyidina Muhammad (saws).

Wa law annahum idh dhalamoo anfusahum… when they become oppressors to themselves, when they have a problem, they come to you Ya Muhammad (saws), and you ask on their behalf for Allah to lift that problem.  That means he asked forgiveness for you, and when he asks forgiveness for you it means all your problems will be taken away.

That is inherited by awliyaullah.  That is why their visits are important.  They can take your burden from you and send it to one who can carry it.  You become free from all these burdens.

All these burdens come from anger: Ghadab.  That is why, when you are angry with your wife or your wife angry with you, don’t talk.  They tell you, “Come, let us discuss the issue.”  Don’t discuss the issue.  Don’t listen.  Don’t debate.  Go take shower, prayer 2 rak`ats and make dhikrullah.  The other partner should do the same until things cool down.   

But they teach you that no, you have to argue.  They tell you to argue.  They like argument.  They tell you to argue to come to a decision; what decision?  Anger is going to make a decision?  Ok, when you cool down, you will discuss it.  No, when you leave the house they run after to make you speak.

“Give me my space; let us solve the problem easily.”  !No, we have to discuss it now or I will call the police!”  

Eh, call the police.  Who are the police? - the two angels on you, right and left.  They know who is to be blamed.  Allah knows who is to be blamed,  who is bringing issues to fight about under anger.  The one who has highest level of anger is contaminating human beings.  Why?  - Because he got angry at Allah .  Why did he get angry?  - because Allah told him to make sajda to Adam.  Instead of getting angry at Adam, he got angry at Allah .  Allah ordered you to do sajda, so do sajda. But when the ghaflah comes it doesn’t know anyone.  Even though he was the highest ranking of angels, Allah cursed him and threw him out, because he was angry at Allah .  “I am better than Adam; you created him from clay, and you created me from fire.  Fire is better than him.  He did not like Allah’s decision.  He was jealous, so jealousy and anger came together fueled each other.  If you are jealous you become angry.  If your husband or your wife is successful in what he is doing and the other is not so successful the other one gets angry with the first.  Then he wants to put everything on him or he wants to put everything on her.  So from jealousy people get angry.  And Iblees got jealous with Sayyidina Adam and he got angry at Allah .  That is why anger is disbelief: because you are not accepting the situation that Allah put you in.  It is very difficult to be patient and forbearing.  That is why you have to do Ya Haleem 100 times every morning before fajr, standing towards qiblah to make sure you are patient in that day and Allah will send special angels under that name that will come to make protection for you on that day.

Ask how many people are doing Ya Haleem 100 times every day.  There are those Naqshbandis that Mawlana ordered to do it.  Are you doing it?  You do it?  [Sometimes]  For that one everyone is saved, especially our brother Khan.

So they said to do Ya Haleem 100 times before qiblah.  Allah will keep you soft all day; he will give you forbearance.  Then say Ya Hafeedh 100 times.  Are we doing it?  Mezian, are you doing it?  Ya Hafeedh 100 times will protect you that day from any affliction.  Don’t come and complain; go and do that.

People come and complain .  Don’t complain; go and do that - 100 times Ya Haleem and 100 times Ya Hafeedh.  Do Ya Haleem to protect you from any kind of anger and Ya Hafeedh to protect you from any kind of affliction that is coming from the earth or the skies.  If you don’t want to do it is up to you, then you are to be blamed.

Then you can see how your problem will be solved.

I know people who were not doing Ya Haleem and Ya Hafeedh and then began to practice it and their lives changed; they became happier husbands and wives or men and women.

Ya Haleem: Allah said that from every time that you say Ya Haleem, Ya is from two letters and Haleem is from four letters so it is six letters.  That means it is six stations.  For every time you say “Ya Haleem” Allah manifests on you from first heaven, the meaning and light of that Beautiful Name.  When you mention the second letter, Allah will manifest to you] from the second heaven what is from that Name: that light that comes from that Name from the second heavens.  The third letter you mention from that Name, Allah will manifest to you what comes to that Name from the third heaven;  The fourth letter you mention from that Name, Allah will manifest to you what comes from that Name from the fourth heaven; the fifth letter, you mention from that Name, Allah will manifest to you what comes from that Name from the fifth heaven; the sixth letter you mention from that Name, Allah will send that manifestation of that Name from the sixth heavens. You will be reaching the level of seven heavens which is maq`adi sidqin `inda maleekin muqatadir.  You will be at the border there.  You say Ya Haleem, and you get the manifestation of six different heavens.  

Don’t let these words go in one ear and out the other; take them into consideration now.  I say Ya Haleem so now I get these six manifestations from different heavens.  If you say it a second time, you get six manifestations from a higher heaven, because each one leads to higher station.

Allah created from those letters six angels and as soon as you say Ya Haleem these six angels will be created for you saying Ya Haleem until Judgment Day.  And the third time you say Ya Haleem six more angels are created in a different manifestation, a higher manifestation, and they are doing tasbeeh Ya Haleem at a higher level now.  Every time it is a manifestation from six heavens and every time it is from a higher level.  Every time they are created and their tasabeeh is made for you.  If one of these angels will appear the whole universe will collapse from the beauty of that Beautiful Name.  So think: 100 times you are mentioning that per day, so 100 times six means that 600 angels every day will be granted to you with a higher manifestation and their praises will be given to you and if you continue that these angels will begin to appear and you begin to visualize them.  They will begin to appear depending on the purity of your heart and you will smell them.

If you miss then you have to begin from beginning.  You have to go back, because one door opens another door.  We cannot give examples like that, but we are obliged; what can we do?  If you put these bottles one on the other, they fall, one after another.  I didn’t give that one example.  One pushes the other and the other pushes the other until they are completely  annihilated.  So Ya Haleem takes you to complete annihilation in the Divine Presence.  That is why awliya ordered Ya Haleem first thing in morning.  That will take you to maqaam al-fana.

Don’t say, “I cannot do it.”  Do it at any time.  If you cannot do it in the morning (although that is the best time, the pin code is in the morning), if you missed it anytime you wake up, make wudu and do Ya Haleem 100 times and then pray fajr.  Then Ya Hafeedh… when you mention, “O Allah, you are the forbearing and protect me.  Why it comes second is because Allah is the one who protects.  When you mention his name Ya Hafeedh then Allah will protect from any kind of affliction and he will create six angels from paradise not to be polluted from negative energy and to be protected during that day and their tasbeeh will be written for you.  Then you can visualize these angels.  There are young kids that have soft pure hearts and they see things.  Some say I saw someone light or dark or someone moving around and has jubbah and bread, coming and walking around.  These are either saints or angles passing, and children can see them and Allah gave to those who have soft hears, pure hearts.  So Ya Hafeedh will protect us and Ya Haleem will keep you from anger.  You tell people to do that and you write it in a book of awraad and they don’t do them.  They come instead and say, “We have problems.  These two awraad Ya Haleem and Ya Hafeedh, will protect you during the day.

Allah said the good and the bad are coming by Allah’s permission.  Don’t get upset.  Go and do Ya Haleem and Ya Hafeedh.  Allah will take that away.  There is badness on earth, and there are problems.  These are made by human beings from one generation to another by parents that created the sicknesses in their hearts and pass them on to their children.  There are problems and to solve them Allah gave you these name to recite in certain codes.  That is why our guide will tell you to recite in this way and in that way in order to take care of your problems.

We wanted to speak about the other from different stations, but inshallah next time.

And this is not recording also?